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Thread: Ye Gu Cheng vs Ximen Chui Xue....who would win

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    Default Ye Gu Cheng vs Ximen Chui Xue....who would win

    at the end of the novels?

    TWFX was already the pinnacle of YGC's art and XMCX, although was unable to overcome it at the Duel, he had a close fight. By the end of the novels, he improved a lot so if YGC didn't, XMCX is likely to be able to best YGC.

    So the question is...did YGC "max out" by the Duel?

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    If Ximen could improve over the next few novels, it is inconceivable that Ye, had he lived, would have stayed at the same level as he was during the Duel. He may not have stayed ahead, though, as improvement might encounter diminishing returns - Ximen did ask that Su Shaoying return to challenge him in 20 years or so, and knowing Ximen's character he must have really thought that Su would have been a good match for him by then despite the great gulf between them during that first fatal meeting.

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