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Thread: Why ZWJ Insist on Breaking the Du Formation?

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    Default Why ZWJ Insist on Breaking the Du Formation?

    One "logical fallacy" I felt watching the latest adapation - why the repeated attempts by ZWJ to "free" Xie Xun?

    First of all, this is against XX's wish. XX already declared his intention to stay behind right after the first attempt and show it clearly to ZWJ.

    Second, the reason that ZWJ fear for XX safety really doesn't hold.

    1) ZWJ knows the Du Monks are enlightned monks with integrity, and they have no intention to harm XX
    2) The 3 Du monks promised ZWJ that they would definitely defend XX.
    3) ZWJ knows how powerful and capable the Du Monks are

    XX is in fact MUCH safer staying under the custody of the Du Monks.

    The worst was when ZZR won the tournament and the rights to challenge the Du Monks. ZWJ would know, for sure, ZZR have no chance of breaking the formation.

    What did he do? He went to beg ZZR not to harm XX... Wouldn't it be better for him to let ZZR challenge the Du Monks alone and gets destroyed?

    Instead, he did the exact opposite by teaming up with ZZR, knowing full well beforehand that it would exhaust himself + the du monks, which again he knew was exactly what Cheng Kun wanted.

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    I think zwj just want to make it safe because he does not know what ck may be up to.

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    I don't think there's logical fallacy involved; more like emotional thinking by Zhang Wuji along with a couple of good reasons.

    1. The place his beloved godfather was kept in was a dank underground cavern, it's pretty hard not to want to rescue him from that.

    2. The Ming sect had a reputation to uphold, and they couldn't just let one of their Guardian Lords be held captive by Shaolin without rescuing him, especially when Shaolin openly declares it to the world.

    3. The Du monks promised to protect Xie Xun, but even they admitted they had to listen to the Abbot even though they were his elders. If the Abbot suddenly decided to execute him or hand him over to someone else, there's nothing they can do. I think this is the main reason they wanted to rescue him as soon as possible. Cheng Kun could do something to the Abbot and harm Xie Xun.

    The reputation thing was also very important to them, because in the novel they also said if they failed to win in a fight against the Du Monks, they could use the 5 Flags to easily rescue him, but they wanted to do it the "honorable" way. Which again annoyed me to no end because most of the wulin events in HSDS and trying to defeat the Mongols was more or less useless as the army they recruited did all the work.
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    tape is right. The monks only promised to protect XX UNTIL the day of the main event. If by then, Kong Wen ordered them to hand over XX, they would have to obey. Besides, there's just so many people out there wanting to harm XX, both from those seeking the Dragon Sabre and those seeking revenge. Remember that the 3 Du monks almost lost against the band of 8 high-level fighters if not for ZWJ's intervention? The only safe place for XX is to be by his side and under Ming jiao's protection.

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