I've been watching this new drama series Great Song Bei Dou Zone.

Everything seems about great like how an ancient martial arts TV show should be except for the opening theme song of which I don't seems to much understand..... Although the ending theme song is pretty decent.

It seems some of you guys like Hiro Da Xia concerns are very realistic that these series producer are looking to more things that isn't part of the ancient beautiful cultures.

I hope in the future film/tv series making of ancient drama series, these producers/directors would looks more into the ancient musical instruments like the GuZheng, ErHu, GuQin, Xiao Flute and ect... ect.....
There shouldn't be any reasons for them to keep producing strange music like the opening theme song of this series.

Otherwise, the show seems to be very popular and some of the comments from the international community are saying that they would like to watch the show with English subtitles and it looks like the producers are trying their effort at making it available with English subtitles.

The show isn't top notch or anything but since the new Yi Tian Tu Long Ji is ending now, you guys might want to take a look into this?