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Thread: Did learning one of the six Divine Swords put Deun Jing Ming ahead of Deun Yin Hing?

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    Default Did learning one of the six Divine Swords put Deun Jing Ming ahead of Deun Yin Hing?

    Before he went to the Heavenly Dragon Temple and learned one of the Six Meridian Divine Swords to help out in the resistance against Kau Mor Tze, King Deun Jing Ming's martial arts were already approximately equal to that of his kinsman and enemy, Deun Yin Hing (Great Evil # 1). After having learned that one Divine Sword, did Deun Jing Ming's martial arts level definitively surpass that of Deun Yin Hing (e.g. the advantage clearly went to DJM)?

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    Can't get through reading DGSD it just felt so boring, but I seem to remember someone saying that when the monks used 1 of the 6 Meridian Swords instead of their usual martial arts, they were actually weaker when fighting JMZ because they hadn't mastered it, but he came specifically to challenge that art so they felt they had to use it. So immediately I don't think he gets much improvement, but he might in the future; he could beat DYQ in a fight anyway even though DYQ's mastery of 1 Yang Finger was superior.

    Still, not sure if 1 Sword is better than a complete 1 Yang Finger technique. We see Guo Jing substantially improve once he learned the final 3 Dragon palms, and it wasn't because the last 3 palms were stronger, it was because the complete art allows you to deal with all situations instead of having to use a palm that wasn't meant specifically for that purpose (i.e. protecting your back).

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    yes, i believe 1 meridian sword is more powerful than yiyangzhi.

    does anyone know which one has a longer LDA range?

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    If "full" 6 finger it's indeed stronger than Yiyang Zhi but if only "1" finger I don't think stronger than Yiyang Zhi..

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