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Thread: 草原重逢相拥,策马浪迹天涯 忌敏完结篇 Fanfic by LaurenPanna

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    Default 草原重逢相拥,策马浪迹天涯 忌敏完结篇 Fanfic by LaurenPanna

    This is my very first Fan fiction , hope it's not badly written.
    Please feel free to provide your feedback so that I can improve

    Based on HSDS 2019

    草原重逢相拥,策马浪迹天涯 忌敏完结篇

    我以为你不会来了。 靠在无忌肩上的敏敏终于抬起头,开口说话了。

    敏敏,我说过无论天涯海角,我都会回到你身边的。。。。。。这几年,你是怎么过的? 我无时无刻不挂念着你,恨不得尽快完成对天下苍生的承诺,飞奔来找你。一路上,我不放过任何线 索,无论艰辛 万苦,就算是丢了性命,也要找到你。


    安葬了爹爹后,我便寄宿于外婆家。外婆非常疼我,我留下来陪她, 她甚是欢喜。从此而后,我便过着自己一直很向往的生活,放马牧羊。。。。但不知怎么地,始终快 乐不起来。

    因为你惦记着我,为我担心,对吗? 说到这儿,无忌不禁露出了幸福的微笑。

    敏敏没答,还反问道: 无忌,你有没有想过,若是我死了,或是爱上了别人,又或是我根本不在蒙古,而你永远也找不着我 ,到时,你 又当如何?


    若你真的死了,我就到黄泉路上与你相会。当日,我以为你已被处死,曾在你坟前承诺,完成我该办 的事之后, 不会再让你孤单一人。。。

    若你爱上了他人,那我便会留在你周遭守护着你,不会让任何人欺负你。 说到这里,无忌已哽咽并眼含泪光。


    说完,看着无忌痛苦的表情,又忍不住留露出怜惜之意,问道, 那若是一辈子都找不着我呢?


    对了!我的发簪还在不在? 敏敏羞涩又顽皮的望着他。无忌看得傻了,她真的好美。

    当然还在,簪子和手绢代表着我对你的承诺,给了我撑下去的力量,怎能丢失呢?我给你戴上,好吗 ?



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    Translation to my best ability

    Reunion in Grassland, from this moment on, We shall wander the world together.
    - Ji Min Finale.

    I thought you are not coming Leaning on his shoulder, Minmin raised her head and started to speak.

    Minmin, I told you, no matter where I am, no matter how difficult it is, I will still come back to you how have you been doing all these years? There isnt a moment I stop thinking of you, missing you badly. I cant wait to fulfill my promise to the country and come back to you. I searched frantically for you . I wanted to come back to you so badly, even if it means losing my life
    Wujis eyes filled with love, touched Minmin.

    After Burying Father, I had been staying with my Granny. She dotes on me a lot and is very happy to have my accompaniment. After returning to Mongol, I started living the life I yearned for. But I am not happy at all

    Because you missed me, you are worried for me. I know Wuji Smiled, beaming with happiness.

    Minmin didnt answer. She asked, Wuji, What if I was dead, Or What if I fell in love with someone else? What if I was not in Mongolia at all? And you never get to find me for the rest of your life? What would you do?

    Hearing what she said, Wuji suddenly frowned and look despondent. He ever thought of all these possibilities but did not have the courage to face his fear.

    If you are really dead, I will follow you. When I thought you were killed by your dad, I promised you upon your grave that, Once I fulfilled my mission, I will not let you be lonely again.
    If you fell in love with someone else, I will still stay by your side to protect you, I would not let you be bullied by anyone. Upon finishing his sentence, his eyes filled with tears uncontrollably.

    Suddenly, Minmin laughed and said: Who else would bully me, except you?

    But the moment she saw Wujis tormented face, she stopped laughing and look at him lovingly. She ask, Then, What if you cant find me for the rest of your life?

    I dont know, I dare not even think of that. I will keep searching for you, till the day I died.

    Minmin is very touched to hear that.

    Suddenly, She shyly and playfully asked, Is my hairpin still with you?

    Facing her, Wuji look into her eyes and was mersmerized by her beauty. He replied, Yes, the hairpin and handkerchief are still with me, They represent my promise to you and They give me strength to live and move on. How can I lose them? Shall I put on the hairpin for you?

    Yes , Minmin smiled.

    Minmin finally feel a deep sense of relief. She hugged him tightly after he put on the hairpin for her. Her Wuji has finally come back to her safely. He is still the innocent boy with a Pure heart. There is nothing more she could ever ask for than this. From this moment onwards, they can finally hold hands and wander the world together.
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    Grandma? Interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wkeej View Post
    Grandma? Interesting.
    Thank you for reading
    There is nothing else i could think of , in case she need someone to turn to.
    hahaha so I created a Granny

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