Ah Fei and Ging Mo Meng dueled twice in SENTIMENTAL SWORDSMAN RUTHLESS SWORD, and each man won once. On both occasions, however, the losing duelist was not at the top of his game. During the first duel, Ah Fei was two years out of practice, addled by Lam Sin Yee's drugs, and had lost his killer mojo and self-confidence after Lam Sin Yee had softened him with the easy life. Not surprisingly, Ah Fei in such a condition lost to Ging Mo Meng. Later, Ah Fei had regained his form after throwing Lam Sin Yee out of his life and defeated Ging Mo Meng, but at that point, Ging was so rattled by the unexpected death of his boss and benefactor Seung Gwoon Gum Hung at the hands of Dagger Lee that he was mentally off his game.

If we were to take Ah Fei and Ging Mo Meng at premium condition (e.g. their first appearances) during the timeframe of SENTIMENTAL SWORDSMAN RUTHLESS SWORD, with both at the top of their physical and mental game, who would actually win?