View Poll Results: If GJ had cut off GF's arm, would you respect him more or less?

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  • Respect him more: proves he's a man who puts principal ahead of family ties.

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  • Respect him less: no matter how wrong GF was, a parent should not punish his child so brutally.

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Thread: If GJ had cut off GF's arm, would it increase or decrease your respect for him?

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    Default If GJ had cut off GF's arm, would it increase or decrease your respect for him?

    Gwok Jing intended to sever the arm of his eldest daughter Gwok Fu as punishment after she severed the arm of Yeung Gor. The punishment never got carried out due to the intervention of Wong Yung, but had Gwok Jing gone through with it, how would this act have affected your view of him?

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    I think it is no different from me. I respect gj and hr for their willingness to defend xiangyang, not how they bring up
    or treat their children.

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    I would lose respect for him, but that is because I've never believed in the "An eye for an eye" philosophy.

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