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Thread: Kung Fu Zombies!

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    Default Kung Fu Zombies!

    Which main character would fare the best if they had been hit with a zombie swarm attack?

    No teamwork, just them by themselves.

    Also which skill would you want to have?

    No qin gong or running away skills!

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    cannot use sword to thrust zombie, they are invulnerable , so the best is Duan Yu, suck the inner energy of zombie or chinese vampire (jiangsi) until depleted

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    Not strictly speaking a main character but Jiumozhi with his 'Fire Sabre' would be very useful. Not only is fire effective against zombies but he also has the advantage of keeping his distance.

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    Anyone with fast moving sword skills and just chop off their heads.

    DGQB with his DG9J or LYT with pixie sword.

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