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Thread: Sad Palms vs Heavy Iron Sword Technique: which was *really* Yeung Gor's best skill?

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    Default Sad Palms vs Heavy Iron Sword Technique: which was *really* Yeung Gor's best skill?

    Between the Sad Palms and the Heavy Iron Sword Technique, which was *really* Yeung Gor's best martial arts skill? Did the Sad Palms represent an upgrade or downgrade for Yeung Gor compared to the Heavy Iron Sword Technique that he used before developing Sad Palms?

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    HIS was the more effective. Sad Palms may have been the route towards a greater mastery had he further developed it to explore the MA theories he was now familiar with, but it wasn't developed for that. It was developed merely as an experimental conglomerate of all he knew out of boredom. In a way, it was already a greater mastery of his knowledge than JLFW had imagined when he gave his breakthrough advice; JLFW gave him sound advice that should have been the basis of his MA mastery, but YG transcended that by showing that it can be done. If YG took this experiment and then focused it as per JLFW's advice, then Sad Palms could indeed have been better than HIS. But past the end of ROCH, it's hard to see where YG would find motivation for this.

    JLFW's advice: don't dissipate your effort on many skills. Pick a few, and concentrate on them. Sad Palms contained elements from just about every skill YG had learned. Some of the ideas weren't even meant to be practical, but were done just because YG wanted to show it could be done.

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    HIS Technique could make YG slighty stronger than Jinlun/QQR
    Then Sad Palm make him ~/> ZBT
    So at the end of ROCH Sad Palm > HIS but if end ROCH YG use HIS he would be more powerful than him with Sad Palm since at that time his internal/external skill have been more refined and profound compare with 16 years ago when he 1st use HIS..

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