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...or perished heroically in the final bombardment:

The defence of Xiangyang came to an end in 1273, with the introduction of the counterweight trebuchet. Because the Han Chinese commander Guo Kan [note: one has to think this guy was the partial inspiration for Guo Jing!] fought with the Mongols under Hulagu in the Middle East, Kublai had heard of siege engines of great effectiveness. Experts Ismail and Al al-Din were sent by Abagha, Ilkhan of Persia, to China by the decree of Kublai Khan in 1272. They built the powerful mangonels under the Uyghur general Arikhgiya by March, 1273. These counterweight trebuchets had a shooting range of 500 meters, and could launch projectiles weighing over 300 kg. On top of their power, these new trebuchets were much more accurate than the old ones, and were the only artillery capable of reaching the walls of Xiangyang.

I think over the next 30 to 40 years we will get to see just how well the PRC's strategies, combined with the technology that China didn't have when they faced Japan and the Western powers, work...
1. Pardon me if I were wrong, didn't this "Guo Kan" guy fought against the Sung?
2. Hopefully, not "military" wars.