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Legend of Fei 《有翡》2020+ 赵丽颖 ​​​​王一博 ​​​​
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Thread: Legend of Fei 《有翡》2020+ 赵丽颖 ​​​​王一博 ​​​​

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    Arrow Legend of Fei 《有翡》2020+ 赵丽颖 ​​​​王一博 ​​​​

    Rumored to start filming Sept16
    the official weibo promo account have finally confirmed the 2 main cast

    we have to settle for this since there is no sequel to 楚乔传


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    it's good too see a wuxia drama that not focus on romance , like a popular one lately

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    OMG I can't wait!!!! ZHHAO LI YING AND WANG YIBO casted!!! The queen is back!!! Can someone refer me the link to the novel? Is there any Eng translation?

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