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Thread: Writing wuxia fiction: sublimation of wuxia writers' own violent tendencies/urgings?

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    Default Writing wuxia fiction: sublimation of wuxia writers' own violent tendencies/urgings?

    Wuxia writers write about violent people doing violent things. It's the nature of the genre.

    Would you say that wuxia writers write wuxia fiction partly as an outlet for their own violent urgings/tendencies? I'm not saying that wuxia writers are secret sociopaths or psychopaths. Sociopaths/psychopaths are those who act upon their violent urges without consideration for the consequences upon themselves, others, and the law, but wuxia writers, as far as I know, do no such things. WRITE about them, yes, but perform them themselves, no.

    Human beings, however, are animals, and thus, violence is part of our animal nature...something nature provided our ancestors so that they could survive in the wilderness, and something that we agreed to get under control so that we could live as civilized people.

    That violent urge must go somewhere, however, so perhaps writers such as Jin Yong, Gu Long, Leung Yu Sang, and others wrote wuxia fiction partly as a safe outlet for the violent urges that all people have at times? I mean: WRITING about fictional people slaughtering other fictional people with abandon is better and more socially acceptable than going out and knifing people for REAL, right?

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