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Thread: A group of sub-Kiu Fung fighters from DGSD to defeat Kiu Fung?

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    Default A group of sub-Kiu Fung fighters from DGSD to defeat Kiu Fung?

    Kiu Fung isn't invincible in DGSD. The Janitor Monk should be able to easily kill him. The three Siu Yiu Sect Elders were also likely his superior. His father Siu Yeun San, Mo Yung Bok, and Kau Mor Tze were his equals.

    Even so, his one-man takedown of 200 wulin warriors at Tsui Yin Manor was the stuff of wulin legend. Most impressively, it was said that at least 40 of the individuals among those 200 were of a higher martial arts level than Great Evil # 4, Wan Tsung Hok.

    That being the case, what do you think of this group taking on Kiu Fung?

    (Deun Yin Hing + the other three Great Evils) + (Deun Jing Ming + Four Dali Imperial Guardsmen) + (Mo Yung F'uk + his four henchmen) + (your pick of EITHER Shaolin Chief Abbot Yeun Chi OR Kiu Fung's Shaolin teacher Yeun Fu) + Yellow-Eyebrowed Monk.

    What do you think? Can this group succeed where the 200 at Tsui Yin Manor didn't?

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    Well it's say that XF could "handle" 4 DYQ level fighter so 5 DYQ would destroy him..

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