After his Khitan heritage was revealed, previously esteemed Beggar's Union Chief Kiu Fung was ousted from his position (technically, he voluntarily resigned, but even if he hadn't, he would very likely have been formally ousted) and became a pariah in Chinese wulin. Ironically, around 150 years later, another Khitan, Yeh Lut Chai, became the Beggar's Union Chief and his Khitan heritage was not an issue.

That makes me wonder: though Kiu Fung's ousting undoubtedly has racist overtones (they called him "Khitan dog" repeatedly and made him a fugitive from the Central Plains), was it more because the Sung Kingdom was, at the time, at war with or at least threatened by the Khitan Liao Empire? When Yeh Lut Chai became the Beggar's Union Chief in ROCH 150 years later, his Khitan heritage was known by all and not an issue for concern...possibly because the Khitan Liao Empire no longer existed, and the new threat to the Sung Kingdom were the Mongols? It seems like the Beggar's Union was open to chiefs of other ethnicities provided that ethnicity was not presently at war with the ruling native regime.