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Thread: Do you think Yeung Gor would have agreed to lead the Beggar Union for a year or two?

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    Default Do you think Yeung Gor would have agreed to lead the Beggar Union for a year or two?

    When Yeung Gor learned the Dog Beating Stick Technique (the strokes from North Beggar Hung 7 Gung; the verbal formula eavesdropping on Wong Yung and Lo Yau Gerk), he became the first and (to our knowledge) only person to ever learn the Dog Beating Stick Technique skill without serving as Beggar's Union Chief.

    During his sixteen-year wait for Little Dragon Girl, Yeung Gor was bored out of his mind. That was partly the reason that he invented the Sad Palms technique and went to do good deeds as the Divine Condor Hero. Do you think Wong Yung could have gotten Yeung Gor to agree to serve as the Beggar's Union Chief for a year or two, just to make things legit with the Dog Beating Stick Technique? He wouldn't even need to serve full time (both Hung 7 Gung and Wong Yung spent long periods of time away from the beggars during their tenures as Chief). If he's going to be doing good deeds in wulin anyway, having hundreds of thousands of beggars to be his personal flunkies would make things more convenient.

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    I don't think WY willing let him do that and YG doesn't seem to have that much time to get bored because he has to train his arse to be stronger than when he holds whatever what is his heavy sword called so he don't need to carry the sword with him everywhere. I recall the martial arts he learned from WY's father take at least 2 or 4 years to master and that Dog Beating Stick Technique too. He has to master every martial arts he knows and fuse them to create Sad Palms and he has to go here and there to help people while doing all that training.

    Same as WY, I don't think he enjoys being spat saliva to the face .

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