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Thread: Why was Huashan part of Wu Yue Jian Pai?

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    Default Why was Huashan part of Wu Yue Jian Pai?

    Huashan has since become a Qi faction sect! They essentially drove away half of their own sect in a schism but they are willing to be part of a sword-wielding alliance?!!

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    The Qi faction valued the Qi cultivation over the form of the sword skills, but they were still predominantly a sword art faction. They had no unarmed skills of note, nor any other weapon skills. Yue Buqun himself, while lacking the sword skills of Feng Buping, still used a sword. His "Life-taking Chained Three Immortal Sword" didn't seem to be anywhere near as good as Feng's "Gale Fast Sword", but I guess he backed his Qi to support the strokes. The factions only disagreed on which bit was more important - Feng Buping himself would later try to beat Linghu Chong using Qi when he realised his sword skills were no match for him.

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