One point of puzzlement in Jin Yong's wulin legends was how a figure such as Dook Goo Kau Bai, who supposedly dominated wulin for a generation, was completely forgotten as soon as the generation that immediately followed his own: e.g. the generation of Central Divinity Wong Chung Yeung and the L/ROCH Greats.

Even more puzzling, perhaps, is how nobody other than a few Cheun Jen Sect elders (e.g. Chow Bak Tung, Yau Chui Gei) knew anything about Lam Chiu Ying and the Ancient Tomb Sect until Lee Mok Sau began terrorizing wulin during the years between LOCH and ROCH.

Lam Chiu Ying was said to be the equal of Wong Chung Yeung, who was publicly renowned as the world's top martial artist after defeating the other Greats at the First Mt. Hua Sword Tournament. If LCY could rival him, then she too could claim the title of co-top martial artist in the world. How strange it is, then, that nobody else in her own time even knew of her existence. Before she founded the Ancient Tomb Sect, she didn't necessarily keep a low profile, fighting the Jin Empire alongside her lover Wong Chung Yeung. She would not have been a shrinking violet and nobody with martial arts as powerful as hers could have maintained a low profile for long if she decided to become active, which she did for a time before founding the Ancient Tomb Sect and eventually dying there in seclusion.

So somewhat similarly to Dook Goo Kau Bai's situation, Lam Chiu Ying's aura of mystery isn't sustainable.