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Thread: Unpopular but true-YD was a bigger jerk than HYS was.

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    Default Unpopular but true-YD was a bigger jerk than HYS was.

    HYS was a dick to his disciples, but he did saved them from very wretched living conditions in the first place. And for most part, he treated them very well. Even after he crippled them, they still love him a lot. Speaks volume of how HYS actually treated them.

    YD let an innocent baby die because of his selfish pursuit of becoming number 1. Yes, you can argue that it was a love child. But HYS also had to deal with his beloved MCF running away. HYS crippled 3 disciples in a fit of anger. YD let a baby die after consideration.

    HYS attempted to make amends by creating a skill to help his disciple deal with the disability. YD made no attempts to seek out Yinggu and ask for her forgiveness.
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