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Wuxin the monster killer Season 3 《 无心法师Ⅲ 》2020+
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Thread: Wuxin the monster killer Season 3 《 无心法师Ⅲ 》2020+

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    Arrow Wuxin the monster killer Season 3 《 无心法师Ⅲ 》2020+




    completed filming in Q2 2019
    the thailand genie is gone

    season 1 was good , season 2 was bad because it's tailored to give a specific young actress more screentime and ruined the whole story flow

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    Hi1 I think Tongren is plagued with talent leaving so it is hard to continue on from the previous storyline with the same artistes. This time, the story will go back in time to Tang Dynasty rather than move forward to modern times. Sounds cool. I initially didn't like Season II but happy that that Wuxin did not love her and forget about his wife.
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    There are a few new photos released ,

    timeline is Tang Dynasty era

    looks disgusting to me , not gonna repost here.

    The white genie is still in the story but different actor.

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