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Upcoming Traditional Wuxia 2020
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Thread: Upcoming Traditional Wuxia 2020

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    Default Upcoming Traditional Wuxia 2020

    Traditional Wuxia is declining , overshadowed by xianxia style or romantic-focus wuxia , we dont have much option, after Handsome Siblings , what to watch? what to wait?

    i found this list from a chinese website .
    i dont know mandarin , so i just use google translate and google search engine to help me, there are repetation titles on the list (like chu liuxiang and lu xiaofeng) , which i dont know why.


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    1. One Inch of Yearning
    2. Chu Liuxiang
    3. Demi Gods and Semi Devils
    4. The Return of the Condor Heroes
    5. Revenge and Sacrifice
    6. And The Winner is Love
    7. New Six Fingered Devil (by Ni Kuang)
    8. Legend of Awakening
    9 Hua Jianghu Bu Liang Ren
    10. Heroic Legend / the wanderer chronicles (by Liang Yusheng)
    11. New Full Moon Scimitar (by Gu Long)
    12. New Dragon Gate inn (by King Hu)
    13. Face to fate (by Wen Rui An)
    14. Wudang Yijian (by Liang Yusheng)
    15. The Legend of Fei
    16. Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain (by Jin Yong)
    17. Sentimental Swordman, Ruthless Sword (by Gu Long)
    18. The unofficial History of the Wulin (by Gu Long)
    19. Hero Shed no Tears (by Gu Long)
    20. Kunlun
    21. East Evil West Poison (spin-off of the condor heroes)
    22. Tianya Ke (the Faraway Wanderer)
    23. Qian Qiu Ling
    24. Xiao Li fei Dao (flying dagger Li)
    25. Xiao Dao Qi Tan Jun
    26. Pian Pian Yu Shan Bu Sheng Feng (jade fan is not windy?)
    27. Bu Xin Qi Xia Wu Yi Zhi Bai Yu Tang Chuan Qi (the legend of bai yutang?)
    28. Wu Lin Guai Chuan
    29. The Legend of Lu Xiaofeng
    30. White Fang Zhen Mei (by Wen Rui An)
    31. Hero of the Times (fong sai yuk)
    32. Nocturne / Ye Xing Ge (yu zheng's drama)
    33. A Deadly secret (by Jin Yong)
    34. New 7 Swords of Tianshan (by Liang Yusheng)
    35. Tian Long Jiu Yin
    36. Be Careful, Sweetheart (remake of 1984's wuxia drama)
    37. New Biography of Chu Liuxiang
    38. Legend of Lu Xiaofeng
    39. Legend of Lu Xiaofeng
    40. New Biography of Chu Liuxiang
    41. Chu Liuxiang: New peach blossom legend
    42. Chu Liuxiang: midnight orchid
    43. Ji Xiang Wen Lian Hua Lou

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    Wow. Quite impressive. There are three? Lu Xiaofeng?

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    Anything airing now?

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    Anything that is actually good in either Story, Action or Acting. May not have to be traditional Wuxia.

    But either of these 3 that Is very strong?

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    DGSD and ROCH? There are countless versions of those two series.

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