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Thread: What is the background of Fung Hang (Wong Yerk See's wife; Wong Yung's mom)?

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    Default What is the background of Fung Hang (Wong Yerk See's wife; Wong Yung's mom)?

    Aside from the fact that she is the wife of East Heretic Wong Yerk See and the mother of Wong Yung, very little is known about the background of Fung Hang. Though not (as far as we know) a martial artist, her overall talents are not inferior to those of her husband, and she might even surpass him in some areas (such as complete and instant recall). What else is known about Fung Hang?

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    Given HYS personality we can infer the following about FH:

    She was beautiful
    and most of Saintly patient.

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    Am I dreaming? - I read that HYS basically snatched his wife from someone?

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