As you guys know that in Journey to the West, Yang JIan have a pet animal companion known as Howling Celestial Xiao Tian Guan. Also in Ode to Gallantry, the main character Shi Po Tian have a pet animal companion name Ah Huang.

Someone have writen a nice suggestion about how DaWang should be in the next Ode to Gallantry TV series remake on my forum page WuXia Mist link at wuxiamist dot boards dot net.....
Don't write dot but write the dot like a real period of course..... That is an s after board.

Since I don't want to take what the person have already wrote in my forum page and write it on this Spcnet forum. However I want to say more thing about my thought into it.

WK recently said there have been too many remakes however.....
I want to say.....

At the prime age that DaWang is and at the height of his popularity, don't you guys think it would be great to have him in WuXia TV shows that we know and love and perhaps bring the popularity of WuXia Martial Art Heroes Drama series to new height because since there will be new people fans of DaWang wanting to watch him on TV?

And what more prominent role for DaWang to be playing as other than being the great pet animal companion friend of Yang Jian in Journey to the West the great famous novel and plus being play as Ah Huang the great pet animal companion friend of Shi Po Tian the main character of the great novel Ode to Gallantry.

Don't you guys think if Jin Hao Ying Xiong were to know of DaWang, he would probably write more WuXia novels with character pet animal companion so that DaWang can be part of in a WuXia Drama TV series?

What do you guys think?