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Thread: Can you recognize this movie?

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    Default Can you recognize this movie?

    I searched for a thread where we can ask the names of the Asian movies that we remember. I couldn't find one. So I have to create my own thread. If it shouldn't be here, I'm kindly asking the mods to move the thread to the correct place...

    I actually have 3 ghosts movies from the past but I'm starting with the one which has been invading my mind the most. There's this Asian movie where there's a theater with people in full make-up. It tells about a love story. One of the viewers is a fat guy who is in love with the actress but she doesn't want this stalker. She's in love with her co-actor. The movie ends happily, as expected from a comedy. The lovers unite. The fat guy is punished in a funny way.

    If I can learn the name of this, I'll ask about the other two too.

    Thanks in advance.



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