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Thread: Why didn't Hung 7 Gung use Dog Beating Stick Technique to duel Gwok Jing?

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    Default Why didn't Hung 7 Gung use Dog Beating Stick Technique to duel Gwok Jing?

    In the canonical, novel depiction of the Second Mt. Hua Sword Tournament, North Beggar Hung 7 Gung and Gwok Jing both used Hong Lung 18 Palms during their duel. In TVB's 1982 LOCH adaptation, however, Hung 7 Gung specifically ruled out Hong Lung 18 Palms because he felt it'd be rather pointless for he and Gwok Jing to duel using the same skill. Therefore, they elected to go for a weapons duel.

    Though non-canonical to Jin Yong's original novel, I found Hung 7 Gung's reasoning in the adaptation sound. Why not use the Dog Beating Stick Technique to duel Gwok Jing?

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    He did. He used DBS against Guo Jing's iron flute, lent to him by Huang Yaoshi. IIRC Guo Jing used sword techniques from 9 yin, and was purely on the defensive. Hong Qigong wasn't getting through, so he deliberately left himself wide open, which puzzled Guo Jing, who was additionally unwilling to attack his shifu. On his hesitation, Hong Qigong kicked him and knocked his flute away, after which Guo Jing admitted defeat. Hong Qigong wouldn't accept his submission, as he'd used trickery which in any normal competitive fight would allow the opponent a free hit.

    So the contest resumed with bare hands, Hong Qigong's Dragon Palms versus Guo Jing's Vacant Fists and Dragon Palms. In technique and stamina Hong Qigong was going to lose (Vacant Fists is very energy efficient), so he threw his full weight into a Proud Dragon Repents with the last stance, against which Guo Jing replied with his own, thus entering into an internal contest.

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    “Not too fast! Not too fast!” Hong Qigong said, “I won’t necessarily win. Could you lend your iron flute to Jing’er, please?”

    Huang Yaoshi’s jade flute was already broken, so he wielded an iron flute on his waist instead. He pulled the flute and gave it to Guo Jing.

    Hong Qigong turned to Guo Jing and said, “You use a weapon. I will fight you barehanded.”

    Guo Jing was dumbstruck, “This …”

    Hong Qigong said, “Your bare hand techniques came from me. If you use your hands and feet, how can we call it competition? Come!” His left hand’s fingers forming a hook, showing off his grabbing skill, trying to snatch the iron flute in Guo Jing’s hand. Guo Jing did not understand his intention; he let the flute go without any resistance.

    “Dumb kid!” Hong Qigong scolded, “We are competing martial arts skill!” With his left hand he gave the flute back to Guo Jing, while with his right hand he tried to snatch it one more time. This time Guo Jing moved his flute to evade the attack. Huang Rong started counting, “First move!”

    In the battle between experts, using weapon or being barehanded did not make too much difference. Hong Qigong used his ’18-Dragon Subduing Palms’ attacking ferociously; the gust of wind could be felt a ‘zhang’ [10 feet/3 meters] away. Even with the iron flute in his hand, how could Guo Jing get close to him? Moreover, Guo Jing was not used to use weapon until in the western region he was forced to battle Ouyang Feng on the stone cliff. It was then that he started improving his sword technique. Even then he did not put too much emphasis on the offense; his swordsmanship was 80% for defense, and only 20% for offense.

    The weapon techniques he learned from the Six Freaks of Jiangnan were inadequate to battle an expert; it was after he learned the Nine Yin Manual that his weapon technique improved greatly. Actually it was inside that stone building in the west he started learning many defensive techniques in using a sword to defend against Ouyang Feng’s snake staff. This time he was using an iron flute as a sword to ward off Hong Qigong’s fierce palm attacks; and he was able to defend himself quite well.

    Hong Qigong could see his strong defense line and was delighted, he thought, “This kid made a tremendous advancement; I did not teach him in vain. But it won’t look good for the Old Heretic Huang if I defeat him in under 200 moves. I’d better wait until after 200 moves then I am going to increase my power.” And so Hong Qigong kept using his ’18-Dragon Subduing Palms’, from the first variation to the ninth; with gusts of wind so strong surrounded Guo Jing completely.

    This was where Hong Qigong made a mistake. Guo Jing’s weapon skill had not reached perfection yet; if he kept pressing Guo Jing with a heavy hand, Guo Jing would not be able to withstand, but he wanted to wait until after the 200th move. Initially Guo Jing’s strength was already profound; after completed the ‘yi jin duan gu pian’ [changing muscle forging bone chapter], his internal strength increased by leaps and bounds. On the other hand, Hong Qigong had advanced in age, plus he had suffered a heavy injury under Ouyang Feng’s snake staff. It was true that he had completely recovered, but his stamina could not compete with Guo Jing’s in an endurance race. To make matter worse for him, the ’18-Dragon Subduing Palms’ required a lot of energy; so after 9 rounds (or 162 stances) even if his attacks were still strong and fierce, but his stamina was gradually decreasing.

    After about 200 moves not only the iron flute in Guo Jing’s right hand increased in offensive power, but he was actually getting better in coordinating the right sword technique with his left hand palm technique. Hong Qigong was secretly groaning; realizing that he would not win relying on his brute force, he had to use strategy to defeat this dumb kid, so immediately he changed the way he fought. He opened his hands wide.

    Guo Jing was startled, “Shifu has not taught me this stance yet,” he thought. If it was a fight against an enemy, he would attack toward the chest since it was wide open, but the opponent he faced was his own benevolent master, how could he use a killer strike?

    While he hesitated, Hong Qigong smiled and said, “You are tricked!” His left foot swiftly moved upward to knock the iron flute in Guo Jing’s hand down, while his right palm slanting downward, attacking Guo Jing’s shoulder. He only used 80% of his strength on this attack since he did not have any intention to hurt Guo Jing. He only wanted to knock Guo Jing down, and thus achieved victory.

    Who would have thought that these past several years Guo Jing had endured wind and frost; his body became resilient. This heavy blow made him stagger and caused him to suffer a severe pain, but he did not fall down.

    Hong Qigong was surprised Guo Jing was able to withstand his palm, he busily said, “Quickly spit three times and breathe in, breathe out; see if you suffer an internal injury.”

    Guo Jing followed his advice, and his chest was not constricted, anymore so he said, “Disciple has lost.”

    “No,” Hong Qigong said, “We have to keep fighting. If you admit defeat, the Old Heretic Huang won’t accept it. Come!” Immediately he sent his palm to attack.

    Guo Jing did not have any weapon in his hand anymore, while the incoming attack was fierce, so he used Zhou Botong’s Vacant Fist to parry the attack.

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    Mea culpa, I remembered wrong. I remembered the iron flute, but I thought H7G used DBS against it.

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