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Thread: (Just checking) Has anyone stopped watching wuxia series?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Athena View Post
    I have completely stopped watching and reading wuxia. I can occasionally watch an adaptation of Louis Cha's works, but that is about it.

    I love Louis Cha, but I don't think most wuxia novels and wuxia series are of good quality.

    With all due respect to those who still love the 1970s to 1990s TVB adaptations, I can't watch those without laughing uncontrollably. To me, they have not aged well.
    EXACTLY!!! lol

    only new jin yong adaptions are watchable. i tried other adaptions from other writers but just dont feel the same and i quit midway
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stance View Post
    Actually there was a scene where QF (Felix wong) pulled off his shirt to show the wolf tattoo on his body... That was a bad scene haha
    It wasnt a full shirt out. Just the chest. That was lame.
    Its BIxie Jianfa Gawdammit you guys!!!!

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    Plenty of good non traditional wuxia series to watch these few years.

    Nirvana in Fire is one of the best series with minor fighting elements in it.

    There is only so much remakes of JY materials one can take in tbh.

    Good web novels converted into series are best bets these days. Some popular ones like Ever night & the untamed are pretty good.

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    I've transition from wuxia into fantasy novels over the last few years. Once every couple of years, I would re-read all the great wuxia translations here but for the most part, I'm spending my time listening to Brandon Sanderson, Drew Hayes, Larry Correa, and others. I know there are a lot of new translations available and a part of me do want to pick them up, but there's only so much time in the day that I can spend leisurely.
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