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Thread: Was Lin Zhen Nan Aware that Lin Yuan Tu Once Beat Qingcheng Sect Chang Qing Zi?

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    Default Was Lin Zhen Nan Aware that Lin Yuan Tu Once Beat Qingcheng Sect Chang Qing Zi?

    As i watched the State of Divinity series recently, one fact got me wondering..

    Does Lin Zhen Nan know that his grandfather Lin Yuan Tu once bested Yu Cang Hai's teacher, Chang Qing Zi?

    But in the story, Lin Zhen Nan seems to be not aware of this matter, in fact, he had initially want to suck up to Qingcheng Sect to increase his Fuwei Manor business..

    Also, as his followers started dying, and all clues point to Qingcheng Sect being the culprit, Lin Zhen Nan was actually perplexed why Qingcheng Sect will take action against them. He in fact stated that he did not offend Qingcheng Sect, and had no idea why they are targetted by them.

    While it is understandable that Lin Yuan Tu would deliberately hide his past from his descendants, but him defeating Chang Qing Zi ought to have been a well-known incident throughout the entire Wulin. That was one of the feats that parachuted Lin Yuan Tu's fame, and also cemented the reputation of Bixie Swordplay.

    Given that Lin Zhen Nan had many friends & acquaintances in the pugilistic world, there seems to be no reason why he could be unaware of his grandfather's accomplishments.

    What do you think? Is this a plot hole in the novel?

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    It was not that LZN was unaware of it, he just did not expect YCH to go so far.

    LYT was a well respected pugilist and his fight with CQZ was fair and square, so in accordance to wulin rule the most YCH should do was challenge LYT's descendants to a duel, thus when QC Sect did attack they did it in secret.

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    I think Lin Zhen Nan was no longer a pugilist as time went by. He ran his escort agency more as a businessman, lost touch with the wulin and grew delusional, believing that his agency had a cordial relationship with Qingcheng Sect when in fact, Yu Canghai had been harbouring a grudge and an agenda against him.

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    I think LZN knew about it but the fight was fair and square. According to rule of Wulin, the Qingcheng Sect can't go after LZN for it. LYT also won many fair fights against other elite fighters and none of them seek revenge as there is nothing to revenge about. If I were YCH, I would leave LZN alone and want nothing to do with them. I would rather focus on the martial arts of Qingcheng and teach my kids and students to be upright person in Wulin. Life is short and precious.

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