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Thread: Round Robin #2: Secret of the Sword

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    Default Re: SUMMARY!!

    Originally posted by MYF

    Floo - feisty girl, psuedoflirts with Andrea

    ... and what do u mean by that......
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    erm.. sorry floo... didn't mean it personally - just meant the floo (the character in the fic) was quite a spunky character who seems to be sending out strange messages to andrea (or andrea is just imagining them....)
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    Hahaha, I'm pretty sure it'[s Andrea that imagining things...
    back w/ a vengeance ^_^

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    I am in naughty mood so I think I will torture the despicable pair a bit....

    An hour, two hours passed, and finally, Floo wiped her forehead. "It was fun, but I am tired now." She smelled food from a restaurant and turned to look at Andrea coyly. "How about a dish of shrimp dumplings and a pot of shark fin soup?"

    Andrea winked at her with a charming smile. "If that is your invitation to a date, then I am honored."

    Floo's pink cheeks shed a deeper hue of red. She didn't answer but flew down from the pagoda and walked to the restaurant. Andrea chuckled quietly and followed her swiftly. They left the two mother-son dangling there.

    By now, Wong Jing had gone unconscious so many times that his mother was tired to wake him up. She was exhausted herself, so although her position was not very comfortable, it was still a relief to be still for a change. Her feet felt sore, and her body was all black and blue. She secretly wished for the young couple to be run over by horses but had no energy left to even curse them aloud as her wont.

    Yet, being a yoyo was not the only thing that fate had in store for her that day. Half an hour later, Wong Jing woke up from his stupor and groaned, "oh, my bones, my body!"

    Before he could have launched into listed all his casualties, he heard a snicker. It came from a beautiful maiden who looked up at him curiously and fascinatingly.

    "What are you doing up there?" She was gorgeous looking, and if Wong Jing had not been tied up at that moment, he would probably have grabbed her with his fat sweaty arms. Even so, he was practically drooling, while his mother's eyes lit up. She saw a potential rescuer and cooed out with the sweetest voice she could manage. "Dear daughter, we were robbed by the bloody bandits and left here to die. Please help us down and we will forever be grateful." Of course, the first thing she would do was to rob this fine looking girl for she spotted a nice hairpin on the latter's lustrous hair. Besides, she was an ugly old hag and could never abide any women who were prettier than she was.

    The girl's brows creased. She shook her head slightly. "Then, I'd better not mess with you. I don't want to be an enemy to those kind of people." She started to walk away, and Madam Yang yelled out desperately. "No, don't go." She then started to tempt the other with all kinds of promises, but the young maiden shook her head. "I don't want any of your money." She looked at the pair doubtfully. "But for the goodness, I will let you down. However, my kungfu is not so good, so I can't fly up there to untie the rope. You just have to be a bit patient."

    She untied her bag and took out a small dagger. Then she shouted. "I have a knife here, and I will throw it to cut the rope. Just stay still or don't blame me if you are cut."

    Wong Jing squeaked and immediately fainted, while his mother regretted asking for help. However, she had no choice now but to braced herself as the dagger swiftly flew toward her. It just missed her right ear but did cut a substantial amount of her hair. Then it fell down to the ground.

    The young maiden sighed a little. "Seem like I need to practice a little more." She walked over to pick up the dagger and threw it again - this time with a new dagger that she brought out from the bag. The two daggers missed the rope but did not miss the bigger targets. Wong Jing suddenly felt pain and he came to with a shock. One dagger just cut a piece off his ear lobe, while the other sliced off the hair from his crown, making him half balded.

    The terrified mother-son could hear a soft curse from the young maiden as she picked up her weapons and brought out more knives from her bag. "It is logical that the more daggers I throw, the more chance they have to hit the robe." She said and did just that.

    Wong Jing was too scared to even whimper or to faint. His large flesh seemed to bulke out from his clothes more than ever, making the taunting target for the flying daggers. Before long, he was cut in several places; those wounds were not critical but were painful. As for his mother, she was the one who fainted this time as soon as she felt one of her ears was cut. The thought of being uglier than she was happened to be too much for her.

    Wong Jing screamed, but the young maiden below didn't seem to hear him. She only scolded with serious face. "How can I rescue you if you fidget around like this. A few cut here and there are to be expected, but I don't think they will kill you. So buck up, and keep quiet. You are distracting my concentration, and I might throw the dagger to the wrong place."

    The last sentence really shut Wong Jing up. He didn't dare to breathe and only prayed that this torture would end.

    a bit out of practice but hope it is all right.
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