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Thread: New Forum Guidelines--Please Read!

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    Default New Forum Guidelines--Please Read!

    Hello everyone,

    In the hopes of making this forum more organized, Pemberly and I have come up with some new rules. I hope that you guys will take the time to read them and follow them.

    1. Please make sure that a thread for your actor doesn't already exist. It helps prevent filling up the forum with the same threads on the same person. Questions pertaining to a specific actor may be asked in the corresponding thread. If you create a new thread on an actor that is not in the index, please pm the mods so we can put it in the index.

    2. From now on, there will be only one thread on actors in general. In the past, there have been too many threads on popularity of actors. I'm hoping that those can be placed into one. I'll be closing the current one soon, due to the page limit, and I will start a new one; please hold all ratings there.

    3. As with all forums, please refrain from spamming and personal attacks. Criticism of an actor is allowed, but please refrain from making derogatory remarks that intentionally insult members. Joking comments are not included.

    4. Please refrain from drawing the discussion TOO off-topic. I understand it will happen, and that's ok. I know that I'm at fault for doing that too, especially in the Alec thread where we sometimes talk of subjects not pertaining to him at all. Just try to draw all conversations back to the topic.

    5. Pictures are welcomed. Very welcomed. But please understand that some users have slower connections (me included), therefore, try to refrain from posting a large amount of pictures. Attaching and linking may be a bit for hassle for the viewer, but it will keep threads clean and fast loading.

    6. Please respect copyrights! Always give credit when posting articles and pictures. There are certain sites that only allow pictures to be posted when specific permission is given. I know is one of them. Please follow those rules, or else just provide links and directions to the pictures. I hope that in the future, I will not receive any more notices from webmasters about "stolen" pictures.

    Thanks everyone for their cooperation!
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