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Intended Love
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    Default Intended Love

    Sorry about posting the wrong thing here, because I misunderstood the reason for this forum. I decided to post my story here anyway, hoping that someone would enjoy my writing and give comments. Thanks beforehand!!


    Hey, this is greeniceflower with a story once again! I know I know, I have another story to finish. Have you seen that lame excuse somewhere before? If so, I'm sorry. But I'm kind of stuck on that story, and this story is a romantic story. It won't be comedy, and it'll focus on four people. I'll stop blabbering and go on with the story.
    - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - -_ _ _

    Annie Man
    Charmaine Sheh
    Julian Cheung
    Louis Koo

    - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - -_ _ _

    They intended to love each other forever. But what they intended were wrong. They lost a really important thing. Trust. They intended to forget each other and move on. They intended to stay with their new love. But were what they were doing correct? Do they love each other, or is it just a temporary feeling? Nothing is intended anymore, but who knows if they will end up together again?

    - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - -_ _ _

    Dear diary,
    It's me, Annie here again. Today was the worst day of my life...

    Note: Written in Annie's point of view.

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    Default Chapter One

    Love at First Sight

    Dear Diary,
    I am so excited, diary! As usual, I would go pick up the laundry and today I met HIM! I never would have guessed that I would meet a guy there. He's so cute with those dimples! And guess what, diary! He smiled back at me! Ohhh is this love? I wanted to talk to him and ask him some things, but I see he has a girlfriend meeting her there already. I heard him calling her Charmaine. That's a nicer name than mine huh? I know I couldn't compare to her, but I'll still have hope, right?

    - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - -_ _ _

    Oh my gosh, it's my first day of high school! Why is this school so large? It's giving me a heart attack. Okay, maybe I exaggerate, but there are so many people in here! I couldn't walk around without people nudging my glasses at my eyes. It hurts, you know! I heard so many things about high school. Like how there are gangs and raping. But now, I could care less about it. There are enough problems for me already. When I stepped into my first class, I could feel a pair of my teacher's eyes glaring down at me. And I didn't even do anything! How much of a nerd could I be?! I was so nervous I bumped into the desks all the way to the seat at the end. I so don't want to be embarrassed even more.

    "Are you okay?" a voice of concern asked. I looked up and I saw HIM!! I did managed to mutter something, but that only made my face burn.

    "Uh huh...” He seemed to see my face burning and he touched my face! Oh my gosh, I think I'm going to faint!

    "Are you okay? Do you have a fever or something? Your face is hot, maybe you need to go to the doctor or something." Oh my god, he is so kind also! That Charmaine girl is so lucky to have him as a boyfriend. Then, I did something very unbelievable.

    "What's your name?" I can't believe I asked him that! I could actually hear some snickers. I messed up my hair in confusion. God this is so embarrassing! "Never mind." I said, and then I managed to calm my nerves a bit. He didn't seem to notice. I have heard that boys are oblivious.

    "Hi, my name is Julian Cheung. What's yours?"

    "A...Annie...Man” Oh man that was lame. I couldn't even stop that stuttering. Gladly, the tardy bell rang and the start of the first class started. Sometimes, I would steal glances at him, but he would concentrate on his work, and the lectures of the scary teacher. I could feel myself falling in love already. Annie Man, I don’t think you’ll ever get over this guy.

    - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - -_ _ _

    Dear Diary,
    It’s been a year already. I can’t believe how fast freshman year was. I really don’t want to move. Today is the day I graduate, and I have no time to be nervous. We had to bring all the boxes out to the truck that’s coming tomorrow at 7 in the morning. Do, you know? There is only one page left for me to write in, for this year. Maybe I should title this year, “freshman”. Of course, I’ll start another book, and I hope next year would have a better memory. I have to go get ready now. The next page will be about my graduation day! Seniors will no longer pick on me again!

    - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - -_ _ _

    Now that I have time, I’m nervous. I don’t even know what I’m nervous about! I should be happy! At least I’m not a senior that has to make a speech yet! I think I’m just too nervous to see him. I mean, I feel weird after what happened. I could face him, even if he gave me the stairs to walk off the stage of dignity. But avoiding him seems to be the right idea right now. One more day and I leave this place. Next year would be a whole new school once again. But I guess I won’t be nervous. Oh, whom am I kidding? When am I not nervous?? Oh oh oh, he’s walking over here! Should I get off the stage now? No, that would be embarrassing also. I pretended to look at the audience.

    “Hey, Annie.”


    “Have you been ignoring me?” I hate it when he’s so straightforward. It gives me the chills. Now do I have to answer straightforwardly also? But of course I won’t.


    “You’re lying.”

    “If you think I’m lying, then why were you asking me?”

    “I don’t know. I feel the need to ask you.”

    “Okay. You finished asking. You can go now.”

    “Just to let you know…I’m back with Charmaine again.” I looked at him, shocked. I knew I once thought that boys were oblivious, but I didn’t think they were stupid! Does he need to hurt me more? He really thought I was okay?

    “Just leave me alone!” He stared at me for a minute with sorry eyes, and walked to the back of the line. Great now I have red eyes on the last day of school. This is killing me. I don’t want to ever see Julian Cheung ever again.
    - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - -_ _ _
    Thanks, please leave some comments! If you're confused on what's going on with Annie and Julian, I'll explain later. And Louis will be coming soon. Let's see who's going to be with who...
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    Default Chapter Two

    If Only

    Before I start the chapter, I hope hope hope you guys won't make the assumption with who will be with who. It won't be expected at all. Don't worry, I made this story so all fans like JA, JC, LA, and LC fans will get to read them both together. But however...the ending I won't know . Thanks for the comments!!

    - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - -_ _ _

    A drop of tear cascaded down my soft brown eyes, as I sat on the floor. I just couldn’t help being emotional at times. But this is ridiculous. I know I’ll remember him as my first love that broke my heart. If only nothing happened. If I could have shut my mouth from telling him the truth, we would still be good friends, and this one sided love would stay forever. But I had to ruin it. But this could be for the best. It wouldn’t be so hard for me to part with him. I walked to the front of the door, and stepped out. Everything is packed and ready to go. The truck is already driving to its destination, away from this horrid place. I know I’ll miss the smell of the pine trees, and the green nutritious grass. I stepped into the car silently, and waited for my parents to drive me out of this land.

    Five years later…

    Dear Diary,
    I finally get to celebrate my 20th birthday in my new apartment! I’m so excited. Okay, I don’t sound really excited, because my parents are on vacation, and guess what? I get to celebrate alone! How nice, I could buy my own cake and give myself a surprise party. I can’t believe my parents totally forgot about it. I mean, how many birthdays do you have in a lifetime? I know they’ve been stressed about work, but this happens once a year! I know I shouldn’t be whining, oh well. I’m 20 now. I should act more mature. Now I have to go to work. Geez, what a nice birthday. ::groan::

    I stepped into the elevator and pressed the lobby button, as usual. As I walk out, it starts to rain. Could you BELIEVE my luck? Give me a break here. Now I have to go get my umbrella, since I have to walk to work and my parents won’t buy me a car! Okay…I was the one that suggested buying my car with my own money, but did they have to listen to me? When I turned back, someone had to bump into me. Papers were flying everywhere.

    “Watch where you’re going!” a voice yelled out. I couldn’t believe it. I was turning around; did he expect me to have eyes behind my head? Even if I did, hair would cover it anyway.

    “Well, déjà vu!” and okay, I know that was lame, but I just don’t feel like arguing today. It’s tiring.

    “Psht, what kind of lame comeback is that?” he laughed wholeheartedly. I groaned. Now that is the open line, saying he wants to argue.

    “I don’t have time for you. I have to go to work, you’re making me late, mister!”

    “You’re not going anywhere unless you pick the papers up for me. And in order!” Why is he commanding me like that? He’s the one who doesn’t have eyes, though he has 4 eyes!

    “What if I don’t?” I crossed my arms, standing there. I pretended to look somewhere else, but my side vision showed an angry dark face. Well, he is dark naturally. It doesn’t matter, but I couldn’t help but laugh at his face.

    “If you don’t,” he grinned. Oh no, I knew he was the mischievous kind of guy, “then I’ll sue you.” I felt relieved. But that got me in a fit of laughter. Sue me for not picking up paper? Is he kidding?! “Oh, you don’t need to laugh, I’m a lawyer and you wouldn’t want to mess with me.” I stopped abruptly. I tried to swallow my anger. I didn’t know anything about the law, and what if he did have a reason to sue me? I’m not ready to go to jail yet. But I don’t think I could go to jail just because of that, maybe a fine or something. I just rented this apartment; I couldn’t afford to lose even a penny!

    Louis’s POV
    Oh man, this is so funny. It’s hard to stop my laughter. This girl actually believes I could sue her for that? When I see her expression, I know what she’s thinking. Then, she sighed and bent down to pick the papers up. “Be sure they’re in order.” I used my high authority voice.

    “Uh huh…” She is so funny! She’s kind of cute in a way. Too bad she doesn’t have eyes. When she tried to sort it out, I couldn’t help but feel pity. She’s hopeless. Oh well, I’ll let her go for being rude this time.

    “I’ll sort it out, bye.” And then I rushed out with the papers. The rain had stopped sometime ago. I hope I’m not late for work. I ran down the street in case the light turns red. Whoa, I almost missed the bus right there. I’m so stupid, I don’t even have the time to get out my fare because of that girl. I had to stand there like an idiot while the driver waited for me to pay the fare. Then I sat down as some people stared at me. This is so embarrassing. I just managed a smile and they all returned to their business. Finally, it’s my stop! I ran down the steps hurriedly. I want to go to work earlier today.

    “Hello Mr. Koo.” I heard a voice say. Who would call me Mr. Koo? They always called me “see yeh jai” (a guy that learns from a lawyer, and later tries to get a degree). He turned around, and it was Ada. God, she looks so pretty. She seems like the only one who has manners here.

    “Hello Ms. Choi.” I greeted politely. I managed to rip my eyes off her and go to work.

    “Hey, buddy!!” I hear a familiar masculine voice.

    He turned around and slapped him on the shoulder. “Julian! What are you doing here?”

    “Can’t a friend visit his buddy?”

    “Oh come on, everyone on the flat knows you want something when you call me buddy.”

    “You’re going to help me, right?” He put his arms around me and led me to my small desk.

    “Depends on what it is.” I muttered.

    “Let’s talk this over, buddy!”

    “Will you stop calling me that!!”

    - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - -_ _ _

    Comments please, thanks!
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    Default Chapter Three

    Getting to Know Her

    I sat on the chair, taking a drink. Julian was constantly pleading me for a favor. It wasn’t the first time he asked, and what makes him think that I will accept it this time? Any sensible guy would not go ahead and date an annoying girl just for his friend. But too bad, Julian knew my weak points.

    “Remember that time about Ann-“

    “Of course I remember. You remind me every time you need help, which is close to one million times?” I asked with my eyebrow raised. I’m sure Julian wouldn’t give up easily. He’s like Pooh Bear and honey. There are many Pooh Bears attracted to his honey face. I know that’s a lame simile, but my sister likes watching that show. Hey, we’re 15 years apart. She’s just like my real sister. Anyhow, as I’m daydreaming, I hear a faint noise that is constantly blabbering. I snapped out of it, and saw Julian’s disappointed face. Oh no, I know his second phase in pleading.

    “You don’t care about me, do you?”

    Like I always say, “You talk like a girl.” I knew his next line.

    I mouthed his words as he said, “I’d rather be a girl if it means you’ll help me.”

    “Oh come on, Julian, stop using those old lines.”

    “I’d rather use those-“

    “Shut up, just shut up.”

    “I will if you help me.”

    “You’re lucky to have this friend of yours.”

    “Thanks buddy!”

    “I told you to stop calling me that.” I fell for it again. Damn it, why do I have to be such a nice guy? Louis, be mean next time! Can you believe it? He’s practically pulling me outside to solve his problems. I always end up in a mess after this happens. “Don’t I need to go get my contacts or something?” Those girls who are in to Julian are shallow. It’s the usual, but I enjoy wearing the glasses more. They’re not that dry and you save some money on eye drops.

    “No need this time, she says she doesn’t care about looks. The first time she said she fell in love with me was you know…THAT time.”

    ‘What? Oh…that time…” He didn’t like to talk about it since that event gave him nightmares for months. So this admirer liked him for months before telling out the truth. Then, Julian stopped.

    “Wait, I changed my mind. It’d be better without those glasses.”

    “You just said I didn’t need the contacts.”

    “Okay, you can take the glasses off without the contacts and be a blind man instead.”

    “I’m wondering…am I helping you so that you could make fun of me also? You know I hate dry eyes.” His eyes became pleading, and I couldn’t help it. “Fine, fine!” He became happy once again. He pulled me off again, this time heading a different direction.

    - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - -_ _ _

    Annie’s POV
    “Oh no, I’m late!!” Damn that man, if only I knew some laws. Then maybe I could sue him for something else…but what are the odds of that? Maybe I could, and he’d pay me ten dollars or something. That’d be totally worthless. I better run in there fast. Good thing the rain had stopped, but I wish it would stop dripping everywhere! There are a few wet dots on my outfit already. Today won’t be as perfect as I wished it would be. I knew it wouldn’t be perfect since the day I woke up. It’s hard to run in skirts!! The car rushed past me in such force and speed, the dirty water splashed against my white suit. This is surely my perfect twentieth birthday. Happy birthday to me. I’m taking a day off just to treat myself, or to the horrors of more troubles if I take one more step away from my home sweet home.

    Dear Diary,
    I’m home early. Today is supposed to be my birthday, yet it’s a bad day. Why can’t God give me a break on such an important day? Nobody is going to celebrate with me, and I’m all alone on this. I’m stepping out of my teen ages and nobody is there to congratulate me. Only you, diary, is with me. Maybe Angel of Faith will come to my presence. But until that angel comes, I’m feeling very lonely.

    I called back to my office, trying to sound as cheerful as possible. Lying is never one of my techniques, though I don’t want to have that technique if I had the chance. Lying doesn’t seem to be a comfortable thing at all. “Hello? Mr. Lam? Yes, could I take a day off today? You know, since it’s my birthday and I want to celebrate with my parents.” She paused as she heard her boss’s nagging voice. “Yes, I’ll leave my work to my co-workers.” She hung up as soon as possible. Pretending to be happy and responsible was a hard thing to do.

    - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - -_ _ _

    “Have a great birthday and…” he trailed off as he heard the click of the phone. She didn’t even want to hear his voice for one second to say something nice. He just wished she would know. Outside, they were busy planning a surprised birthday, hoping they would ease the unhappiness that her parents weren’t celebrating with her this year. Charmaine had told them. He stepped out of his office and all eyes turned to him. Annie has never been late. “Umm…Annie isn’t coming here today. She said she wants to spend her birthday with her parents.”

    “But we all know her parents-“

    “She doesn’t know we know.” Another voice cut in.

    “Oh yeah…”

    “Well, what can we do now, Mr. Lam?” Charmaine asked. She seemed like the only sensible one around the office.

    Frankie the boss shrugged, “I don’t know.”

    “Why don’t we surprise her at the doorstep???” Everyone groaned. They knew Charmaine isn’t the kind of person to give up, especially if the situation includes her friend.

    “Charmaine, I think we should leave her alone.”

    “The only reason she’s sad is because she’s lonely! Come on!” Nobody looked at her except Frankie. Deep down, he would have agreed 110%. But his sensible side battled over.

    He sighed, “We’re not her parents, there’s nothing we could do.”

    “She would feel worse if nobody is here for her!”

    “Charmaine, it’s just a birthday.”

    “I know it’s important to her. She had always imagined so many parties and celebrations for her day to become an adult. To her, twenty is the official adult age. I know how much it means to her.” Frankie didn’t know how to respond. He wanted to help Annie, but somehow, something was stopping him. Angrily, Charmaine yelled, “Fine! Nobody cares about friends anymore! I’m doing it myself!”

    Frankie snapped out of it, “I’ll help you.” Seeing their boss supporting her, they finally agreed to it. They rushed to get everything ready in bags, and then plan on how to surprise Annie.

    - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - -_ _ _

    Louis’s POV
    I grumpily stepped in the building with Julian. He’s still dragging me there, making me run like I have two left feet. “Enough! Stop dragging me now!”

    “Well walk faster!” He finally let go of my hand.

    “Looks like you’re running, not walking. It’s not even lunch hour! Would you expect a stranger to barge in and ask you for lunch which is hours away?”

    “We’ll think of the plan as we go.”

    “You do the thinking. Sacrificing is enough of a big part. I don’t want to involve thinking since that would make me run away from a friend like you.” He stood there and crossed his arms.

    “Fine, I’ll think, you just follow me really quick. Oh wait, walk slower, I have to think of a plan.” That’s totally like Julian. He changes his mind in one second. We walked slower afterwards. As we enter the flat, I began to prepare for the future beatings. I know that sounds harsh, but one girl really did that to me. Can’t believe Julian sent me to that freak. But then, Julian had no idea. “Okay, now listen and follow along to whatever I say, okay?” I nodded. We walked in. This office is weird. Everyone is rushing everywhere, and they seem to be all carrying balloons. That doesn’t make sense at all.

    “Okay, we’re ready.” They all seemed to say.

    “Good, now come here and we’ll discuss this.” A man with a suit said. He motioned them to come over, and he seemed to give a hint of smile if you looked closely.

    “Hey Shirley.” He casually called out. I blinked furiously to replenish some liquid in my eyes. A girl looked over and blushed slightly. Then, her eyes were on me curiously.

    “Hey Julian, and who’s this?”

    “He’s Louis, and he has something to tell you.”

    “Could it be later? I’m kind of busy right now.”

    “Sure, meet you at lunch at Raffles Café?”

    “Okay, see you!” Julian pulled me away. He smiled successfully.

    “What are you planning?” I asked suspiciously.

    “No need for you to worry!” Then he stopped. “Wait, rewind! Who was that girl in the group? She seems familiar…” He pulled me back like a doll. I was about to scold him about it, but he looked too surprised. His eyes widened. I looked at the direction, which was at the group. “Charmaine…?” he muttered weakly. Another girl turned around, and she seemed to be in a shock also.

    “Uh, could you excuse me for a minute, Mr. Lam?” the girl asked. The so-called boss nodded and he concentrated on talking to his workers again. The one called Shirley peered curiously, but couldn’t hear a thing. “It’s been a long time, Julian.”

    “Yeah…” Julian’s voice sounded so weak. Who was this girl? Why did she have so much effect on him?

    “And…who is this?” It’s as if she wasn’t listening to us before.

    “He’s Louis.”

    “Oh, hi Louis, nice to meet you.”

    “Nice to meet you too. Hi.” That was a pathetic way of greeting someone. I said it backwards. But I’m just too shocked about the way Julian is acting.

    “Could we have a talk, Charmaine?” he looked at Charmaine intently. “Alone.” He added in.

    “Uh, yeah, sure.” She nodded.

    “Let’s go.” He pulled her out without looking back at his “buddy”. Fine, I don’t need him. I walked out also.

    - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - -_ _ _

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    Default Chapter Four

    One Problem Solved

    I know I know, I’m trying to sleep at six pm, but you could call that a nap, right? I would’ve expected my twentieth birthday to be partying all night, and sleep at six am! But I guess things are never to be expected…I’m bored out of my mind, argh!! I think I’m going to hit myself, so I faint. But is that called sleeping? No, I don’t think so, maybe I’d get a head injury and then be mental or something. And to think I’m mental already to think or do that. This is so stupid; I’ll just try to watch some T.V.

    - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - -_ _ _

    Shirley, “When is Charmaine coming back?”

    Frankie, “I don’t know. It’s okay, I got it all covered, and she looks like she’s pretty busy.”

    Shirley, “Busy? Busy with my boy?”

    A man laughed, “YOUR boy? Are you sure? It’s so obvious he’s trying to bring a man in to replace himself!” Shirley couldn’t utter a word, so she just crossed her arms and huffed and puffed.

    Frankie, “All right, stop laughing, Benny, and stop fuming, Shirley.”

    Shirley, “I’m not fuming!!” She fumed.

    Benny, “Hahaha, now you are!”

    Frankie, “Geez, you guys, just shut up. It’s six already, and maybe she’s going to be asleep soon.”

    Benny snorted, “Annie, asleep at six? I’d like to see that day happen.”

    Frankie, “Just go get your stuff.” He held his head, tired from seeing the people at work over an hour than usual. An hour makes a big difference, and they are capable of making anyone look twenty years older in five hours. He wants to get this over with soon. They all had the things, and then Frankie stopped them. “I’ll call Charmaine first.” He picked up his cell phone and then he dialed the numbers. It ringed twice before the owner picked up.


    “Hey, Charmaine?”

    “Yeah, this is she.”

    “We just want to tell you we’re heading to Annie’s house. Do you want us to wait for you?”

    “It’s okay, you guys go ahead.”


    “Bye.” Frankie was a bit surprised that Charmaine would miss her best friend’s surprise birthday party. This wasn’t like her at all. He told himself not to nose into other people’s business and cleared his throat to get attention.

    “We don’t have to wait for Charmaine, let’s go now.” They all nodded and walked out of the office, while Frankie stayed behind to lock the doors.

    - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - -_ _ _

    Julian stirred his coffee for a while now, trying to think of a way to put his words. He actually didn’t even know why he dragged her here. She looked pretty patient, but he wasn’t at all, though he wasn’t the one waiting. “So…how are you doing?” Charmaine looked up from her orange juice, as if surprised that he actually knew how to speak.

    “Um, fine..yeah.” She certainly sounded and looked uncomfortable. But that was fairly normal for people that had experienced the same thing. It’s been for a while now, but the memory still came back either in their dreams or when they had time to think. They didn’t expect Hong Kong to be a small world, but turns out that Hong Kong isn’t small, just that fate wanted to tie them together, to solve the unsolved. “So, how about you?”

    “Same with me.” They continued sitting together in silence. They both knew they didn’t know what to say. The thing that kept them apart now, was the awkwardness, and the difference that made them drift apart. They knew they couldn’t be together anymore, but they still had a weird feeling. They couldn’t describe it. Julian kept on stirring and staring at the foam, as if interested, and Charmaine looked at the orange pulp, as if studying how many molecules in it. She kept her stare on it, as if concentrating. But if you read minds, you would know her mind is completely blank and confused. Finally, a waiter broke their silence.

    “Want anything, sir and madam?” He didn’t need to hold a pad since there are two people. They didn’t seem to pay attention, but they began to stir and slowly looked up, staring at the waiter. The waiter felt a bit nervous. He was thinking he did something wrong. Just when he was about to apologize for something he didn’t know, they spoke up.

    “A Caesar salad.” Julian said, with a blank voice. It showed no emotion, just like when he’s thinking.

    “Extra dressing.” Charmaine added.

    “Clam Chowder.”

    “Extra crackers.”

    “A New York style steak.”

    “Extra A1 sauce.” The waiter managed to remember that. Now it’s Charmaine’s turn to order. “I want a chicken salad.”

    “Extra Tomatoes.” Julian answered.

    “Seafood soup.”

    “No shrimps.”

    “Lamb chops.”

    “With two cheesecakes.”

    “More strawberry sauce.” Now the waiter was nervous.

    “Hold on, I’ll go get a pad to write it down, wait for me, please!” You could tell he was new. Charmaine and Julian didn’t seem to notice the problem and nodded. They weren’t really paying attention. When the waiter came back with a notepad and pen, the same situation happened. They stirred and slowly looked up, then stared at him.

    Slowly, they said, “A set lunch.” The waiter was staring at them this time. He had completely embarrassed himself over nothing. Were they playing him? Is this a way to treat a person that has a family to feed? He gulped down his anger and nodded.

    “Thanks.” They didn’t answer and continued studying their beverages. The waiter shook his head and went into the kitchen.

    Julian looked up abruptly, “Let’s go now.”

    “To where?” Charmaine looked up, as if nothing had happened.

    “Old place.”

    “Okay.” With that, they left. Usually, when you are hungry, you would think that the meals arrive soon. Too bad, when actually, the meals arrive fast; the people weren’t really intending to eat it. The waiter came back with two plates, only to stare at the two empty chairs.

    He grumbled, “Very funny!” He stomped his foot and trudged away angrily.

    Julian took the long drive, and finally stopped at the Arboretum Garden. They were an assorted set of flowers, trees, and other plants. That’s why it’s called “Arboretum”. They went in and stepped out of the car. Like always, they would exaggeratingly smell the fresh air and then continued walking towards the path. They sit back at their old spot, under the pine tree they shared many memories with. They seemed to have lost that emptiness between them. “So really, how have you been doing? Are you achieving your goal as fashion designer?”

    “Yep, I now were at a firm that makes many designs for Macy.”

    “So, you fulfilled your dream.”

    “Did you?”


    She laughed, “I knew all along you’re not the kind that would stay in your dream world. You’re three minute heated (translation: changing their minds really quick).”

    “Actually, it’s not that. Just that I couldn’t go to law school or college and support my family at the same time. Oh well, my friend had my dream. At least he’s on his way to being a lawyer.” He shrugged with his cute smile. They laughed and talked, when they were at this memorable place again. Somehow, they would be comfortable no matter what, when they sit here. Charmaine and Julian had changed a lot, and they learned more about each other.

    They ended their conversation and started standing up by saying, “Friends?” They both laughed and knew the answer right away. They walked back, and Charmaine looked at her watch. It’s was eight already! “Oh my gosh, my friend! Could you give me a really fast ride?”

    He shrugged again, “Sure.”
    - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - -_ _ _

    Louis’s POV

    That Julian! Is he pulling my leg or something? He completely forgot and let me wait for him at Raffles Café for hours. I thought he would come, but I guess even that Shirley is smarter than me. She didn’t come. I guess Charmaine is more important now, huh? I wonder if they settle the mess they had in high school. I heard all about it. I have to pay the stupid bill and walk out, looking stupid. I had sat in the café, not ordering anything but drinks, go to the bathroom a few times, and end up leaving. Thanks a lot, Julian. Maybe I should go and jow fou hei (revenge) on Julian, since he’s one flat above me. All right, I’ll do that! I waved for a taxi. Quickly, the ride ended, and I paid my fare. I walked up the building and pressed the number, 23. I waited patiently as I tapped my foot. Okay, I’m being sarcastic, but I have had enough of Julian standing me up. Last straw, I tell myself like always. I hope I’m not too weak again. I heard the ring I wanted to hear and rushed out the elevator. Great, now I bump into a bunch of people. I’m going to be the crab that’s going to be dead from a big rock (meaning a lot of people overwhelming a small amount of people or person). I’m used to rude people in Hong Kong now. Whoa, it’s that group of balloon people. What are they doing? Don’t tell me Julian’s crush is planning a party for him! They seemed like they were in a huge rush like they are late or they are really mad. They rushed to the other side of the door. Phew, that was close. What are they doing anyway? They knocked the house several times. There were no answers. They knocked and rang the bell impatiently and there were still no answer. I wonder what’s wrong?

    - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - -_ _ _

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    Default Chapter Five

    An Attack

    I dedicate this chapter to RoseCrystal since it RC mui's BIRTHDAY!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Thanks for the comments, readers, and as a reward, I update really soon! Hope you enjoy.

    - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - -_ _ _

    Frankie was really worried for Annie, “Maybe she’s really asleep.” They knew it wasn’t true, but Frankie was just trying to convince himself.

    Shirley, “It’s all your fault, Benny! If it weren’t for you saying you know where Annie lives and sent us to the wrong address, we would have been here two hours ago!”

    Benny, “No, it’s Charmaine’s fault, she wasn’t here to direct us.”

    Shirley, “Yeah, it’s her fault!”

    Frankie, “Stop blaming each other! Annie’s safety is the important thing here!” Frankie was flaming angry, and he couldn’t take one more argument out of the two of them. They were silent, since they have never seen their boss get this mad before. Suddenly, a girl rushed in and charged towards them. They collided and fell. “Charmaine, where have you been?!” Frankie scolded angrily. He was the only one standing.

    “I’m sorry, I’m really sorry! I lost track of time!”

    “Because of your mistake, we lost two hours, and we’re not even sure if Annie is safe!”

    “What do you mean?”

    “There’s nobody to answer the door!”

    “What?! Is she okay?”

    “That’s what WE want to know!” Frankie kept on ranting and raving like a mad person. He seemed to be nowhere near sensible.

    “ALL RIGHT! I get the point and I said sorry! Now do you want to go in and check her out OR NOT?”

    “You should have said this earlier!”

    “Just shut up!!” Charmaine was mad and worried for Annie. She really isn’t in the mood to be polite to anyone blocking her way of checking out her best friend. She’s afraid it’s one of her attacks again. Charmaine pushed Frankie away and she felt under the carpet. As expected, there was the spare key. She opened the door. The house was silent, except for the air conditioner blaring softly. Each step they took sounded thunderous and anxiety was in the air. This feeling made Charmaine uncomfortable, and she knew something was definitely wrong.

    - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - -_ _ _
    Louis’s POV
    Something must have happened to whoever is in the apartment. Somehow, I have this tingling sensation, saying, “Protect her…protect her…” My mind keeps on chanting the same thing over and over. Is that a girl living there, and how could I protect her? Since they left the door ajar, I figured I’d go check it out. When I walked in, I felt a chilly feeling, and I could see the nervous people in front of me. They didn’t even notice my presence. They slowly walked over to the first room of the small hallway, and I followed. The girl I saw Julian walk away with opened the door slowly. I could tell she’s trying to calm herself down, and she increased the time she has to face what happened. Finally, the door creaked open from the olden hinges. When they saw what was inside, they went pale. I was really curious, so I walked over, and there, I saw the girl that bumped into me this morning. I was in a trance. The woman who had once used a lame comeback on me was lying there, as lifeless as ever. The girl cried and ran over to her.

    “You can’t die, Annie!!” She shook her lightly, and suddenly, she lifted a finger to feel if she’s breathing. Her hand went under her nose, and she let out a breath of relief. Seeing that reaction, everyone else seemed to have calmed down. “Her breathing is weak, but at least she’s alive. Somebody drive us to the hospital! Quick, she may lose her breath any minute!” The man quickly ran over and picked her up. He ran past me and out the door as we followed. They didn’t notice me at all. So I just followed. He ran down the parking lot, and his car was right next to Julian’s. Figuring the capacity of the car and the possibilities they will accept a stranger in the car, I ran up the stairs and was heading towards Julian’s apartment.

    - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - -_ _ _

    I feel so weak and vulnerable, but I could still hear voices. I could tell they’re trying to reassure me, but I couldn’t process any words to my brain at all. I could feel less and less oxygen to my body, and weaker and weaker. It’s been one of my asthma attacks again after so many years. I couldn’t believe it came back. I was totally not ready for it, and I just collapsed after lack of air. I’m partly glad someone found me, but I’m partly unhappy because of my unhappiness. But I know I should fight to live instead of otherwise. I held on as much as I could, until I heard the halt and the slamming of doors. When I feel that I’ve been picked up again and when I hear the curtains slide in front of me, I stopped holding on. This is the best I could do.

    - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - -_ _ _

    Louis’s POV
    I ran up the stairs, and while out of breath, I yelled at my stupidity. I would have been up there if I took the elevator. The only thing I could hope is that Julian is home. But since that girl he was with came back, maybe he is back. But why wasn’t he with her to come back if it’s the same flat? Argh, I have no time to think now, just run up fast!! Finally, I’m up here. As I hear the same ring, and out stepped the person I wanted to see, I yelled out, “Julian!!!” I was breathless but I managed that one name. He turned around in surprise. “Come…co- with me…” I motioned him to the elevator to my right. He nodded and walked over to the elevator seriously.

    “What’s wrong?” he waited as I was catching my breath.

    “Drive me…to the…hospital”


    “Explain…later…” I held my chest as I kept on breathing hard. Maybe I should exercise more often. I’m really out of shape. He nodded again and stepped in as the elevator doors opened. I followed and by the time we were at the parking lot, I was breathing normally. Then, we stepped into the car and I put my seatbelt on.

    “So, why are we going to the hospital?”

    “There’s this girl next door to you that fainted, and I don’t have a car so I’m asking you to drive me there.”

    “Really? I didn’t know someone moved in.”

    “You’re never home anyway.” I teased. It’s actually because he had night shift at work and he comes back in the middle of the night and then sleep until afternoon.

    “Very funny. Anyway, why are you so concerned over this girl? Dig her looks?”

    “Of course not! I just have this feeling telling me to protect her.” He snorted. “I’m serious!”

    “Yeah, whatever, just admit it! What do you think you are, an angel?”

    “At least I qualify as one more than you, devil.”

    “You’re going to be a devil for saying that.”


    “I’m going to strangle you and then we have a car crash all because of you. Then I’m going to become an angel and you’re going to be a devil.”

    “How could it be that I started it? You’re the one who strangles me. You’re trying to either kill or hurt me.”

    “That’s just because you said I’m a devil and triggered my inner feelings.”

    “Trigger your inner feelings? I didn’t know devils had feelings. Anyway, you said I was a devil after I said it.”

    “First is worst. You said it first, therefore, you’re the worst.”

    “That is a lame children’s comeback.”

    “Better than no comebacks.”

    “Psht, you’re pathetic at fighting with the mouth. Why don’t you strangle me instead?”

    “Whatever.” I laughed because that’s his meaning for he gives up. The ride was over, and he had to find a space to park. I stepped out of the car to look for the girl instead. As I rushed in, I was lost immediately. How could I find her if I’m over fifteen minutes late? I ran over to the desk after some thinking.

    “Excuse me, did you see a group of people and a man carrying a woman?”

    The nurse rolled her eyes, “Mister, there are many groups of people with a man carrying a woman. And, we couldn’t remember all the patients. Do you know her name?”


    “Then I’m sorry, I can’t help you.” I walked away, despaired. Somehow, I just have to find her. But this hospital is so big, how could I find her? Maybe she’s in the ER (emergency room). I ran over, looking at the signs as I followed them. Soon, I was there, seeing many red-eyed people and doctors rushing everywhere. This must be the place. I ran around, trying to search for that bunch of balloon people. They were at an orange set of chairs, standing anxiously. A man paced around and the girl covered her mouth, crying. I ran over to them.

    “Hello, is that girl okay?” They stared at me.

    “Who are you?” the girl still crying asked.

    “My friend is her next door neighbor. I’m just checking if she’s okay, she looked like she was about to-“ I cut myself off in case I say something wrong. The girl cried even more, and then slowly, she controlled herself.

    “Thanks for caring, we’re still waiting.” I nodded and just sat on the orange chair. Then, a white curtain was pulled to the side, revealing a doctor. They rushed over, and I figured the girl was in there. I ran over also. “So, how is she?”

    “Well, we saved her, but…”

    “What, WHAT??” she asked impatiently.
    “She lost a lot of oxygen, but she held on just enough for us to send some oxygen in her. But due to the fact that she came in late, she’s very weak and we’re not sure if she’ll wake up from her weak lungs. We’re going to send her to the ICU (intensive care unit). She still has hope though. Hold on. I could tell she has the will to live.” Nobody could say anything. The girl was still crying as she followed the nurses to the ICU. I followed also, but I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t even comfort her, since I was too surprised to see a lively person turn into a person so pale, lying on the bed. The phone rang, and I picked it up quickly.

    “Hey, where are you?”

    “Hi Julian. I’m heading over to ICU.” The girl looked over when she heard the name. But she turned back and looked blankly at nowhere.

    “Whoa, that seems serious, is she okay?”

    I lowered my voice, “She’s okay for now, they said her lungs are weak and she may not wake up.”

    “Whoa, I’m coming over.”

    “Okay, bye.”

    “Bye.” I continued walking. After she was laid in the room, looking scary with so many tubes stuck into her, we stood outside the glass window. We didn’t say anything; we just looked at the human being inside. It felt unreal to see someone I didn’t know much to just lie there. After a while, Julian came. “Hey.” He waved to us, but nobody answered. He looked over to the place we were looking at. He couldn’t get a clear view of who was in it, so he was the first to walk in the door. He seemed braved at this point, but then, he was a stranger, how could he feel the sorrow from a close view of your loved one? He walked in, and then walked to the next door since inside was a room with a nurse in it. He grabbed the second door open, and he walked in. When he looked at the person on the bed, he dropped his keys. What happened?

    - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - -_ _ _

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    Default Chapter Six

    No Reassurance

    I felt a jingle, and then sudden silence. I tried to open my one hundred ton eyelids, but I’m too weak. I feel like I know this person. I’m absolutely sure this person is shocked, since I didn’t hear any movements involving picking up the fallen object. I even tried to move my eyes to show that someone I was okay, but too bad, it’s like I’m in another world. It’s the world of death, halfway from hell. I guess you could say I don’t have much will to live. I could hear the door opening once again, this time more footsteps. “What’s wrong?”

    “Nothing…” That voice sounded oh too familiar. I know exactly who is in the room. This shocked person is Julian Cheung, the person I once loved and hated. I fell one step closer to Earth, but yet, I wanted to step back towards hell. Two invisible hands were pulling me to each side. I could feel the pain ripping my heart and lungs. I start gasping for air.

    “She looks like she’s struggling!”

    “Hurry, call the doc…” Everything else faded away eventually.

    - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - -_ _ _

    Louis’s POV
    It was a gruesome sight, watching the doctor shaking his head and giving some more oxygen to her. She was waving her arms madly, pulling at anything near her. She grabbed her chest. I was in pain, watching her like this. Her asthma must be really terrible. Slowly, she calmed down, and she went back to her lifeless sleep. I could see everyone looking downwards, trying to suppress his or her scared feelings, all except for Julian. He was staring right through the window, tears brimming. Why is he in pain like this? Does he know this girl also? I would have asked him if I wasn’t so desperate of the results from the doctor. Finally, the doctor stepped out. This time, the girl was too heart-broken to ask. So Julian spoke up. “How is she doing?” The doctor sighed softly.

    “She’s in a very bad condition, and if she doesn’t continue to fight back, she may die any minute. We couldn’t always come in time to give her air. You will be a great help to her, and try to make her optimistic.”

    “Could we go in?” she asked.

    “Only two at a time, she needs all the air she can get.” Before anyone could move, her best friend and my best friend rushed in. I have nothing to say, except that I’m really curious. Did he leave a part of his life away from me? I’ve never seen him being so sullen and worried. I stepped closer to the window and the two of them rushed to the left and right side of her bed. They grabbed her hands and held it tight. I can’t believe what I’m seeing. Julian is crying.

    - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - -_ _ _

    “Annie, don’t leave me here, you’re my only hope. You’re the spark of light that makes my day. Wake up, Annie!!” Charmaine cried uncontrollably. She was washing her face with the salty substance. It dripped one by one on Annie. She then went to her angry state. “Why is life so unfair? You’re a nice girl, you shouldn’t die.” Her voice changed as she sniffed and hiccupped. Then she blamed herself. “It’s all my fault, I should have taken care of you. It’s all my fault, I’m sorry, Annie, all my fault, Annie, sorry…fault…” She no longer made sense as she broke down. She kneeled on the floor, her head against the railing of the bed.

    Slowly, Julian finally spoke, “Annie, remember me?” Charmaine slowly looked up. She was in no mood to bring back the remembrance of the past again. She just observed as she continued to sob. “I’m the person you hated, but I know how you feel. After you left, I really tried to find you. But after graduation day, I found out you moved. Why, Annie, why didn’t you tell me?” Tears started rolling down his moisturized face. “I kept hoping I’d see you again, but not in the state you’re in right now. Annie, wake up. I need you.” The last sentence Julian said triggered Charmaine without warning. She stood up abruptly, unable to take it anymore.

    “Have you ever thought of MY feelings? Oh, that’s right, you never did. Why are you doing this to me? She’s my best friend; I don’t want her to be my rival also! Why can’t you just leave me alone? I thought you changed, Julian! But that talk this afternoon turned out to be nothing, NOTHING!!!” Charmaine shouted with a piercing voice. She let out all her anger all these years finally. “Why can’t you just leave us alone? Didn’t you cause us enough pain? I thought we could be friends again, but after hearing those words, I found out I can’t. I could not forgive you. I guess you could say I’m selfish.” She whimpered and slowly slid down on the floor, clutching her hair. She messed it up confusedly. She continued sobbing with all the pressure. Julian just stared at Charmaine, unable to find any words.

    “Sorry.” He said a barely audible word. Charmaine looked up and chuckled melancholy.

    “Sorry is what you said to me throughout high school. I think I’ve heard enough of it. I’m tired of accepting your apologies reluctantly. You would think an apologize would help, but that only gave me more pain. You have no idea what I’m thinking. You only know how one person is thinking.” She pointed at the still body.

    “I know I haven’t given you much. I know I owe a lot to you, and I could never pay you back.”

    “I know you know! I know you know how I feel after confiding to you a few years ago! I just told you how I still feel!! But it doesn’t help if you KNOW! The truth still exists!”

    “Do you hate Annie?” He mumbled softly.

    “Yes, yes, I hate Annie! I’ve never hated anyone more than my life! She caused me all this pain, yet she gave me happiness! She is the cause of all my mixed feelings! I don’t even know if I love or hate her! I’m just so confused…” She clutched her soft hair, and began pulling at it, as if to torture her. A drop of tear ran down Annie’s cheek. She had heard everything, and she couldn’t believe all these years, she had been the cause of Charmaine’s incurable headache. She couldn’t express her sorrow, and she couldn’t even say a sorry. More tears ran down, as the crew outside watched. They all had wet eyes, because they had seen mostly everything, and they saw the pain in the three of them. Who knew two cheerful girls were hiding themselves all along?

    “Annie?” Charmaine looked up, and she saw the tears running down.

    “Annie?” Slowly, Annie woke up. “Annie, you’re awake, great, I’ll call the doctor right away!” She started towards the door, but was stopped.

    “Charmaine…” She stopped, not wanting to face the fact. She forced a smile.

    “What? Let me call the doctor first.” One tear ran astray. She quickly wiped it away and smiled again.

    “Charmaine, I’m sorry. I never knew you had so much unhappiness inside you.” Annie said weakly, while her eyes continued leaking.

    “What are you talking about? I’m perfectly happy, especially when you’re awake!” Charmaine again tried to smile, but this time, she couldn’t bring herself to it.

    “Charmaine, I heard everything. Although I was unconscious, I could hear everything perfectly well. I didn’t know you hated me.” Annie called out, while her forehead wrinkled in pain. Her lips quivered and slowly, she clutched her chest.

    “Annie, you should just rest, you woke up.”

    “Julian’s right, go rest, you were probably just dreaming.”

    “Are the red and puffy eyes lying to me? Are the loud words lying to me? I know perfectly well when you’re lying, Charmaine. Please don’t do it again.” Annie said, and she clutched her chest even harder. Louis, outside saw Annie grabbing her chest, so he called the doctor right away. Soon, the doctor rushed in once again.

    “Please go out right now.” The doctor said urgently, as he observed Annie’s state. When they were outside, they saw Annie calm down, and then she was peaceful once again. Louis looked at Julian accusingly, but he was only concentrating on Annie. He was going to find out about the three of them for sure.

    - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - -_ _ _

    August 31, 2003. 11:08 pm, Pacific Time.

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    Default Chapter Seven

    Eight Hundredth Reason

    Okay, don't throw things at me because this chapter sucks! Haha, personally, I tried my best, but it came out this way...hope you like it anyway

    - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - -_ _ _

    I couldn’t face them anymore. My breathing would become rapid again, even if I just think of them. I could still remember the day that caused all the pain all these years. It was a measly thirty minutes that gave the three of us torture all these years. I thought I could easily avoid it, but every time I think of it, my attacks would come again. Since then, Charmaine had had a headache caused by a psychological problem. I didn’t know of course, since I moved, but when I met her in Hong Kong at the same firm, we became fast friends. Somehow, when I met her, my attacks came again, and then she was the one that saved my life. Maybe it’s because of Julian’s presence that gave me an attack again. Nobody could explain why this happened, and I didn’t have any cardio (heart) or respiratory (breathing) problems. I even had a psychologist check me, but I didn’t have any problems there either. Maybe it is God messing with me. I’m so confused and messed up!! I grabbed my head and shook it violently. Somebody ran over and stopped me. “Are you okay?”

    “No, no, no, no, no, no!!!” I wasn’t about to calm down.

    “I’ll go call the doctor!!” I stopped and looked up.

    “Who are you?”

    “Remember this morning? I bumped into you.”

    “So now you clashed into me. I didn’t bump into you.”

    “Oh well, that was a long time ago anyway. Friends?” He took his hand out. I shook it. What else is there to do? It’s better to make friends than enemies. “So, how are you feeling?”

    “I’m fine, but how did you know I was here?” I grabbed a glass of water.

    “My friend is your next door neighbor. When I was visiting him, I saw a bunch of balloon people going crazy when nobody was answering.” I spurt what was contained inside my mouth all over the floor.

    “Ba…balloon people??”

    “Yeah, I have I feeling they were planning something for you or with you.” I thought for a while and then it hit me. It was my birthday. Tears streamed down my face facilely. I wouldn’t care for my appearance anymore. At least I know the bunch of “balloon people” was planning something for me. I remember Charmaine asking if I would go to work last night continually. This guy in front of me seemed to be consternated at my reaction.

    “Are you okay? Is something wrong? I’ll go call the doctor.” I shook my head tumultuously at his constant prattle.

    “You don’t need to call the doctor for everything. Everyone cries, and the doctor needs more time to save other people in need.”

    “Sorry.” He looked away. He seemed to be concentrated on something else, a tactic I always used in high school when I’m embarrassed about something. The thing to make him as comfortable as possible is to let him be. We sat in silence as I wondered.

    “What’s your name?” He looked up suddenly. He didn’t seem to remember we didn’t exchange names.

    “I’m Louis, and what’s your name?”

    “I’m Annie.”

    “Nice name.” Even though that sounded plain, I nodded anyway. This guy is really weird, but he gave me an easeful feeling. Just when I thought things were getting better, someone had to step in. I didn’t even dare look up.

    “Annie! You’re okay?” I smiled in relief at the voice.

    “Charmaine, I’m fine.” She sat next to me in a distraught expression. “I’m sorry. I caused you all the pain.”

    “No, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said the things I said earlier. I didn’t mean it at all. It’s just that after all these years, the air seems to burst out of the balloon.”

    “From now on, tell me how you feel. We’re best friends, or even better, sisters, right?”

    “Yes, we are like sisters. Promise you’ll tell me everything also?”

    “Promise.” We just smiled and looked at each other. All problems were always resolved this way, and I hope she could keep her promise, and that I could also.

    - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - -_ _ _

    Louis’s POV

    I walked out since I didn’t want to bother their sisterly love. At first, I was mad at the girl called Charmaine, but her appearance did make Annie smile for once. I guess their bond was greater than many close sisters, at least closer to my sibling. When I was out of the second door, there stood Julian staring past the glass window. I could see the longing in his eyes, and I couldn’t help but feel sorry and curious about him. The best friend I have known for years has had something he did not tell me before. What was his reason for not tell me anything? His usual self has gone off somewhere beyond Earth. His only concentration seemed to be on Annie. I walked up to him and stared at him. It was an unblinking stare that would pierce into anyone’s eyes. But this is the symbol the two of us had, signaling that there is something one another does not know. I could feel him knowing that stare, but he ignored me. That’s a sign that he would not tell me. I can’t believe our bond closed down for once after these years. I could no longer communicate with him. “Sorry.” He muttered.

    “When do you decide to tell me?”

    “When the time is ripe.”

    “To what I know, it must have been in high school. I thought you told me everything. It’s been such a long time, don’t you think the time is right?” Julian looked at me, like I was a nosy person! If I wasn’t his friend, I could care less if he didn’t tell me anything about him! I just want to help them. What high school problem could lead to years of pain?

    - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - -_ _ _

    “It’s been a long day, let’s go home.” Julian said, although his mind has drifted into the room. Louis nodded even though he wanted to stay, but he was sure Charmaine could take care of her. They walked in a dilatory way. When they finally reached the parking lot, out of this horrid place, then gave a sigh. Today seemed like such a long day. Julian led Louis to a long journey to towards the end of the parking lot. Julian stepped onto the passenger’s seat while Louis stood there and gaped at him. He took his hand out, and Julian reacted to it by handing the keys. Louis stepped in and he drove the car from a remorseful night. The expedition of the car ride only gave sounds of buzzing of cars and the sound of the radio that was never turned off. By the time they were at their apartments, it was three in the morning. Both were in no mood to sleep, but they went in their room anyway. Julian’s room was right on top of Louis’s and sometimes Julian would stomp on the floor loudly to get his attention. This time, it was silence. Louis laid on his bed, thinking over the events that happened today. It seemed so unreal to see a person so near death. He was on a daydream when he snapped out of it because of a slam. He slowly ran towards the door, and out to the small hallway. He stepped towards the main door and creaked the door open. There, he saw Julian running down from the window of the door. The door was the entrance to the stairway. Figuring the elevator must be broken; he also wondered why Julian would go out this late in the night. If he followed now, it would be too late.

    “I’ll question him tomorrow.” Louis thought. Little did he know, he would not see him tomorrow.

    - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - -_ _ _

    Charmaine went to get me something to eat at the cafeteria, as my stomach grumbled. I had one meal today, and that was all. Having my appetite back was the greatest thing on Earth. Eating would always drown my sorrow away. I sat with my back against the pillows. I sat up when I felt the railings pushing my spine inward. I put my elbows on the table as I sighed. It’s only been five minutes but it felt like forever since Charmaine left. Suddenly, I felt my heart beating faster. I didn’t have this feeling for a long time, but I would never forget it in a million years. Why is he coming back? Just when I’m relaxed, he has to come back. “Go away, please don’t let it be you. Go away, please don’t let it be you.” I chanted as the heart beating went faster and faster by the minute. Then, in stepped Julian.

    “Hi.” I looked away, unable to say anything in front of him. I’m afraid I’ll get my attacks again if I get too emotional. “Sorry if I’m bothering you, but I just have to say what I have to say. It’s been in my heart all these years.” I looked at him, but quickly looked away while blinking my tears away. I feel so sensitive, and I hate myself for that. One side wanted to hear his explanation, but the other side wanted him to leave me alone. But the other side overpowered.

    “Leave me alone.”

    “Please, just let me say it.”

    “What, you felt the need to say it?” I asked in a mockery tone, hoping to drive him off, but I should have known better. Julian does not easily give up.

    “No, but if I don’t tell you, I would regret.”

    “Just say it quickly and leave.”

    “Annie, did you know when we first met?” I didn’t answer him, because I knew his answer would be wrong. “It was in at the dry cleaners.” I looked at him with a funny expression. How would he know? “You thought I didn’t know? I saw you, and I remember I saw you there when you had first period with me. It was funny how I embarrassed you.”

    “Will you just get to the point and leave?” I’m afraid my heart will weaken once again. I wouldn’t be able to withstand that.

    “I just want to ask, do you remember when I talked about the eight hundred reasons?” How could I ever forget the moment my heart fluttered upwards? How could I forget the feeling I had when I thought I had a chance? I thought it was romantic, but everything had to turn out wrong.

    “Hey, do you think that boy is cute?” Julian pointed over to Benny Chan, one of the popular guys at school.

    “You talk like a girl.” I snickered at his remark.

    “Hey, I’m just trying to find you a right boyfriend.” I stopped and stared at him. Him, find me a boyfriend? Did I hear anything wrong?

    “You must be kidding.”

    “I’m not.” He gave a serious look that made me laugh even more. It seems weird to see him in a serious look. “Really! I’m serious; it’s time you get a boyfriend so we could have a double date! That will be fun.” I snickered again. He sounds just like a girl. But deep down inside, I felt hurt at the mention that he has a girlfriend. I know I won’t have any chances with this faithful boyfriend. I don’t want to be a third person or anything.

    “Stop with those double date things. I won’t make a good girlfriend anyway.”

    “Sure you would! I believe you will make a great girlfriend!”

    “How would you know? Give me reasons why I would make a good girlfriend.”

    “Okay then, how much do you want?” He never seems to drop the subject. I figure I’ll give him a hard time so he’ll stop thinking about giving me a boyfriend.

    “Hmmm…how about eight hundred reasons?” As expected, Julian’s eye bulged.

    “Eight hundred reasons? I’m not sure boys need that many qualifications for a girl.”

    “To any girl, eight hundred reasons is the least there is. Usually, it’s about a thousand to a million.” I said jokingly. He took it seriously.

    “I could do it. I’ll give you eight hundred reasons!” I paid no attention to him. Yeah, like he would get eight hundred reasons that I’m good girlfriend for a girl like me. I laughed it off and the bell rang just for fifth period.

    Two days later…
    Dear Diary,
    It’s been so weird; Julian wasn’t here all day again! I wonder if he’s sick or something. I better go check out on him later today.

    I walked the fifteen-minute walk to Julian’s house when I had a bad feeling about this. I’m worried for Julian, but when am I never worried for him? By the time I’m at his doorstep, my heart pounded uncontrollably. I rang the doorbell several times. Julian should be the only one home today. There was no answer, and I became more worried each second. After a long time of ringing, I finally stopped and looked downwards. I walked back home as despaired as I could be. I have no idea where he is!

    Dear Diary,
    I funniest thing happened. Remember yesterday when I said I couldn’t find him the last two days? Guess what he was doing? He was writing the eight hundred reasons that I make a good girlfriend! Here’s what happened…

    “Julian! Where have you been these two days?” Julian had bags under his eyes and a light shade of gray around his eyes. He shoved a stack of papers onto my hands. “What’s this?”

    “Look” was what he merely said. As I read the papers, I was smiling uncontrollably. He actually took me seriously and wrote eight hundred reasons. He numbered them, and I could see from the first to the next page and the next becoming sloppier. As I progressed, the reasons became weirder and weirder.

    “Because my name is Annie? Why would my name be a reason I’m a good girlfriend?” Julian gave me a “give me a break” look. I chuckled and I skimmed through the whole thing until I reached the last page. The eight hundredth reason was smudged, and it seemed to have been crossed out many times. “Hey, what’s the eight hundredth reason? You crossed it out!”

    He just said, “Couldn’t think of one.” Surprisingly, he looked away while saying this. It’s like he’s avoiding eye contact with me.

    “Ha, so you admit I don’t qualify as a good girlfriend.”

    “Whatever.” He crossed his arms and looked away. It sure seems like he gives up easily. He just says “whatever”, when he wrote seven hundred and ninety nine reasons. One more reason wouldn’t be hard, would it?

    “What were you saying on the last reason anyway?”

    “Nothing. It didn’t make sense.”

    “A lot of your reasons didn’t make sense, I don’t mind. Just tell me!” I began to be more curious after seeing his reluctance.

    “Nothing important!” He started walking away with a mysterious look. I raised my hands at him, wiggling my fingers. “Oh no…” He ran out the door as I chased him and tickled him. After some time, I was tired.

    “Ah, ah, just tell me. I’m tired!”

    The sweaty Julian replied, “I’m even more tired! I swear I lost a few pounds because of this. And I’m not telling.” He gave a smirk and ran to class. I chased after him, but it was time to go to class.

    Aren’t you curious also, diary? I really want to know what he wrote on the eight hundredth reason. Maybe he just wants to torture me by not saying it. Anyway, I’m so glad he is okay, and he actually wrote the reasons!!
    *End Flashback

    I didn’t answer as the tears formed again. I don’t want to cry again. Why is he bringing back the memories? “What about it?” was all I could say.

    “Do you want to know the eight hundredth reason?”

    “No.” I lied to him, and my heart.

    “It’s because I love you, Annie Man.” I heard a crash, and when I looked down on the floor, orange juice was all over the floor. I looked at Charmaine, who was clutching her head.

    - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - -_ _ _

    September 7, 2003. 3:00 pm, 2003.

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    omg, your story is very good. i wonder what gonna happen nextt. hehehe, up date soon!

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    Default Chapter Eight


    Thanks for the support, reader! Here's chapter eight =D

    I saw the splitting bowl, spinning around and around until it reached its stopping position. I stared at it like I was in my own little world. I didn’t dare look at Charmaine and the sight of her headache coming again. I clutched the sheets softly, afraid that if I pressurize myself, my attacks would come again. I left the chance of screaming and being in shock. I just sat there and stared into the nonexistent space. When I finally came out of my shell, I looked at Julian first thing. It was an angry piercing stare. “GET OUT OF HERE!” I yelled loudly, making myself cough. I tried to suppress it, while pointing to the door. “I SAID GET OUT!” when he stayed rooted in the position. I understood how he felt. Who would be more shocked than himself? But I have to let him know, and to stop him from hurting Charmaine. He looked down and left. I saw a slight ripple as he stepped on the orange juice flooding the floor, as it gets thinner and thinner. Leaving little prints on the floor, the door stood ajar without any purposes of closing.

    A nurse ran into the room. “What’s going on here?” She looked at Charmaine. “Are you okay?”

    “She has a headache!” I answered quickly as my stomach lurched. I want to puke at this unluckiness. I want my emptiness to go away. Hopelessness is driving me from sane.

    “Is this a typical headache?”

    “I don’t know…she has it when she’s reminded of something.” By now, Charmaine lay on the floor. Half of her back was on the cold foundation. She moaned and screamed softly in pain. I pulled my sheets towards my chest when I saw her moaning. The urge to stop my tears was no longer there. We both cried loudly as the nurse didn’t know what to do.

    - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - -_ _ _

    Louis’s POV

    I sat against the doorway as I slept uncomfortably. This long night is wearing me off, but God has to let me endure more of it. Sliding down more and more, I suddenly slid down to a sleeping position and tried to open my eyes on the harsh underpinning. My heavy eyelids drooped lower and lower, until my eyelashes met the skin under my eyes. Sleeping peacefully, I didn’t know what was happening.

    “Gor? Gor!!” (Translation: brother) I heard a voice calling. I sat up and tried to open my eyes, but the bright lights were not adjusting to my eyes. I gave up easily and fell down, only to hit my head hard against the ground. I sat up and held my head in pain. I felt wetness when I felt the back of my head, and I yelled in terror. “Oh no, I’m going to die!” A familiar voice laughed.

    “You’re not going to die, Louis.” Trying to adjust to the light, I groaned at the sight of my sister. When I looked at my hand, I see no signs of red on my hand. She crossed her arms and giggled.

    “Don’t laugh, Sharie! You’re not the one who just woke up and hit your head on the ground.”

    “I’ll laugh at you every time I get the chance.” She stuck her tongue out and dragged me up. I don’t know whether to thank her or scold her. Sometimes, she’s so cute and adorable, but sometimes, she seems like a devil. She’s even worse than Julian.

    “Where’s Julian?” I asked when I was reminded. She shrugged, causing her to brush her shoulders past my arm. Trying to pull me to the door, I stayed. “When were you home?”

    “Fairly early, why?”

    “Never mind, I’m going to check on Julian.” She shrugged and left. One thing I like about her is she isn’t prying. I walked up the stairs to Julian’s apartment with each step I took. Seemingly, I felt more suspense, causing me to be scared. I opened the door and stepped inside, feeling little air conditioning brushing my skin. I let go of the door as it flipped front to back and vice versa. Hearing the small slams repetitively as it slowly fades, I realize the quietness of the flat. I begin to miss my sister’s countless talks. I tried to walk up there as quickly and efficiently as possible. Ringing the doorbell, I began to be impatient. Perhaps Julian is not home? How could he? He left three in the morning. Doesn’t he need more sleep? Finally giving up, I went to logical thinking. Maybe he’s at the hospital. I yawned as I thought, “I’ll take a nap and then go back to the hospital.”

    - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - -_ _ _

    Sharie stared past the window, looking directly at the sun. When she was little, she would always think the sun was always directly shining at her, chasing this little girl wherever she went. She was determined that this huge ball of gas was picking on her, only her. Sometimes, you would look at the smile painted on her face, but you would never see the sullen burden she has in her eyes and mind. She deeply regretting on wanting to grow up. Who doesn’t? Tears blurring her view, she tried to repress those tears that were ushering to fall out. She didn’t want Louis to see her like this.

    Slowly, she heard a soft click and a turn of the doorknob. Painting back her cheerful smile, she walked out of her room to greet Louis. “Did you find Julian?” She already knew the answer as she knew Louis too well. The expression on his face clearly introduced the answer to her question.

    “No.” he answered quietly. She looked down and sat on the recliner. She would never comfort Louis; because she knew what she says will not make a difference whatsoever. She would not lie to tell him she understood. It wouldn’t help anyway. Lying down, she went into her deep thought. Louis sat next to her, and both would listen to each other’s soft breathing, calming down their nerves. Slowly, Louis fell asleep, leaving Sharie to think to her self. She looked at Louis and smiled a genuine smile. She would always be glad to know Louis was fine and well. Being through many things, she has matured for her age, and understood the stress Louis has to go through. She stood up and walked into his room to give him a blanket. Softly padding onto the floorboards, she stepped into the open room. Louis knew she would never go into his room if it were not necessary, so it was always open. She grabbed the large blanket and walked out, but unfortunately, something caught her eye. When she looked at the heart shaped picture, tears slowly replenished her eye. She let out a cry suddenly, because she could not control her feelings as she cried louder and louder.

    Louis jolted in his sleep, and curiously looked at his room, where he heard the noise. Still in his sleepy mind, he just walked over with half opened eyes. When he face was in front of the doorway, his eyes widened at the sight of his sister crying. Though she was thirteen, he had barely seen her cry for many years. She was the kind that would not let anyone see her weakness. Even though they were very close siblings, he would be fooled by Sharie’s act. She was grabbing onto her knees, squatting, and crying heartily. Louis bent down and asked, “What’s wrong?” She looked up, and it pained Louis to see those baggy red eyes. She shakily pointed to the picture. Inside, Louis yelled at himself for not putting his picture away carefully. “Shh…don’t cry, it’s all over now. I’m sure he will not be happy if you are like this.”

    “I have not been a good daughter, I should have been more caring before he left..left us.” She sniffled as she continued to cry. Not wanting to provoke her, he just sat there and patted her back. Seeing Sharie like this was a long time ago, and it was kind of shocking to see his happy sister’s other side. Still crying, she hugged Louis and the salty substance dripped on Louis’s shirt. Seeing the pace of the tears dripping down, Louis wrinkled his forehead in stress. He knew this was a big change in his sister’s life.

    - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - -_ _ _

    September 14, 2003. 8:14 pm, Pacific Time.

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    please update soon!! your story is so good.

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    Default Chapter Nine

    A New Character

    Just to get your attention, I put the announcement that here, that Sharie, Louis's sister is the one and only ME..and the personailty is the same, there are some situations that are the same also.

    Julian drove past the suburbs of Hong Kong with a heavy heart. He wanted to drive away from the shock of what just happened today. He suddenly stopped at a destination and walked up to the grassy hills of the Arboretum Garden. He enjoyed the smells of the assorted scents of the flowers. Walking slowly, he couldn’t believe that yesterday, he had had a great conversation with Charmaine. He thought everything was sorted out, but no, everything had to happen all at once. Sitting against the usual tree, he became peaceful once again. He once said that maybe the assorted flowers were combined to make one’s mind calm down. Suddenly, loud music crashed into his calm mood. “What the hell??” he shouted. He walked with a fast pace towards the music that disrupted his patience. He felt like punching somebody, and this was the perfect someone. Finally reaching the destination, he saw a man playing his guitar while looking at the music. “Stop playing!” he hollered. He ran over to the man who looked up in surprise.

    “Why? Isn’t the music wonderful?” He smirked, as if trying to pick a fight.

    “No, it’s horrible. Don’t break other people’s peace. Play somewhere else!”

    “Dude, is something wrong with you head? Nobody said I couldn’t play here. Now shut up and leave me alone.” Julian’s temper rose as well as the man holding his guitar. They were both in a foul mood and they were perfect punch bags for each other. Leaving their common sense, they started to jump on each other.

    - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - -_ _ _

    Slowly, she allays herself, while sitting down on the floor. Louis sits down also, while looking at Sharie. This new discovery that she could cry was slowly sinking in. Louis finally asked, “Are you feeling better?” Sharie just nodded while looking at the floor.

    “Can we visit him?” she asked. Louis looked at Sharie. She has never requested to visit him. Louis figured it hurt Sharie too much to see his engraved name on the tombstone.

    “Sharie…you don’t have to-“

    “I could take it, Louis. I’m not that weak.” Louis nodded with uncertainness. He looked up at Annie as she stood and walked in her room. Louis was already dressed, as he picked up the blanket and dropped it on the bed. He walked out, this time shutting the door. He stepped into the kitchen to get a drink when his sister walked out. She tends to be the fastest dresser in the family. When they walked out, the usual cheerful atmosphere between the two of them were gone.

    - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - -_ _ _

    Annie was curled up like a ball of yarn, substituting suffocation. She didn’t think it was a bad idea, but then, she had to see how Charmaine was doing. The doctor was now checking on her, but she expected no results, like always. Feeling the soft wool blanket with little stubs of thread sticking out, all tears were drained from her. She has gone from crying herself to sleep, to waking up, crying, and finally waking up. She was tired, hungry, and yet restless. Deciding to take a walk outside, she brushed the blanket away and slipped on a cloak, in case the winter airs would get her weak body in a cold. As she walked through the rooms, she observed different people of different ages having different symptoms. “Why must there be so many people that have to go through the pain and sickness?” she thought to herself. She forgot all about it when she stepped out to the grassy plains. Even though there were many patients and structure on the grass, she could easily erase them in her mind. She didn’t mind people looking at her when she laid her back right in the middle of the grass. She missed where she was in high school. Even though the sad memories brought the three of them pain, she could still remember the happy and loving moments. The moments when her parents would always be on her side, and stay that way. But everything changed after a fateful day.

    That day was any normal day, just a few weeks ago. Annie would come home from work and expecting dinner to be ready, she found to people sitting there, pondering. Her mother would have red eyes, obviously the reaction after crying. Her father was just expressionless. When she would question them what happened, they would avoid the subject easily. Although they had no explanation, and that Annie was clearly suspicious, they would not speak of it. From then on, Annie could tell they were trying to act normally, but she knew something was definitely wrong. Before she had time to question or investigate about this, their parents in a flash, decided to tell her that they were going on vacation. Leaving no choice but to accept, Annie did not understand why. She did not expect that her own parents would miss her birthday. What happened to make them change so suddenly? Not wanting to be on the bad thoughts, she quickly stopped wondering and smiled that was as a real as a sparkling diamond. Closing her eyes, she dozes off…

    “Annie!! Wake up!” Annie sits up abruptly why she opens her eyes. There, she sees herself covered in a warm blanket with Charmaine looking at her.

    “Charmaine? You’re okay?” She rubbed her eyes and yawned. Charmaine nodded urgently, but I was unable to look eager for the urgent news she most likely has. She wanted to go back to sleep to run away from any other bad news. “Uhh..I’m sleepy, Charmaine, let me sleep.” She quickly lay back down on the hard mattress, but was pulled up by Charmaine again. Annie groaned, as her pessimistic side took over.

    “No, you want to hear this! Your parents came back last night, but you were at the hospital! They wanted to celebrate with you after all!”

    “What?” she asked, unable to register the statement in her mind. Ever since she saw the expression of her parents, she lost all the hope she ever wanted.

    “Yes! You didn’t hear anything wrong! Your parents are here!” Charmaine jumped up and down in laughter. She seems more cheerful than her, which made Annie smile. Charmaine’s laughter is what would make her laugh. She stood up and jumped with her also, slowly turning into an embrace. All problems washed away eventually. We stopped our embrace when we heard footsteps walking in, and then in stood Annie’s parents. All she could do was stare at the familiar faces she had not seen for weeks. Tears of joy glistened in her eyes. A tingling sensation of hope washed over her.

    “Mom? Dad?” I asked. She wanted to run over and jump on them, but just when she thought Angel of Faith was here, the angel vanished completely. Her parents stood there expressionless, just like the same parents she saw after the fateful day. Annie frowned when her forehead wrinkled. “You were in vacation, why did you come back?” She asked with no emotion. Inside, she was yelling and crying in pain. She was full of fury and worry.

    “We wanted to tell you something…but-“

    “It’s nothing, Annie. Go get your rest now, we won’t bother you.” Her mother cut in. She ushered her husband out and turned back to give a weak smile to Annie. When the door closed gently, Annie stood there with a confused steel face. Full of shock and fury, she rushed of to the pillow and slapped it with her palms as hard as she could. Hearing the loud “plop” sounds, she hit even harder. Charmaine watched as Annie put all her strength on the poor piece pillow. Annie has never acted this way, but since yesterday, their lives changed to a different manner. In a matter of minutes, Annie lay down on her bed, looked away from Charmaine and the door, and slowly slept once again. This was her only place to escape to.

    - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - -_ _ _

    Louis’s POV

    We walked up the gray steps calmly. As expected, I didn’t know what she was thinking. I never thought I would need to know what she thinks, but now I understand that I do not know anything about her at all. Besides caring and playing with her, I have not done my job as a brother well. Of course, working was my top priority, but even if I had time, I would never actually take the time to actually “be” with my sister emotionally. I guess I could say I do not know her at all. What the heck, I just saw her cry as an adult and I’m so shocked already. While we were still far away from the point, the phone rang. I picked it up from my back pocket and pressed the on button. “Hey, talk.”

    “Hello, is Mr. Koo there?”

    “Yes, this is he. Who is this?”

    “Mr. Koo, Julian Cheung is in the police station right now. Will you please bail him out?”

    “What?? I’ll come right away.” Sharie looked at me with curiosity, as I turned off the phone. “Julian’s at the police station right now, I have to go pick him up.” Sharie nodded in relief, and I had a feeling she wasn’t exactly eager to come. I knew she wanted to try anyway. Running down the steps, I ran to my parked car. We both stepped in, and as soon as I was ready, I sped towards the police station.

    When we ran in and went to where Julian was, we saw his cuts and bruises. There, I saw him sitting there. What surprised me were not his bruises. He had a smile on his face. Giving a relieved look, he talked to another man next to him. They were both talking and laughing. Julian looked over and waved. He pointed to the guy next to him and said, “Hey, meet my friend, Nicholas Tse.”

    - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - -_ _ _

    When I woke up, I felt my face stiff from dry tears. I looked around and I saw Charmaine sleeping on a nearby sofa. Quietly, I slipped out of the bed and walked out once again. This time, I ignored the voices of other humans when I walked out to the grassy fields. I sat down and felt the wetness beneath me when I lay down. Closing my eyes, I felt the wind blowing truth out of me. Suddenly, I felt another person doing the same thing beside me. Instead of being annoyed, I felt a strange sense of closeness when I opened my eyes. There was a teenage looking girl with a green jacket on. She too opened her eyes and turned to look at me. We both smiled as we returned to communicating with the winds. After a moment, we sat up.

    “Hello.” We both said. I don’t know how we could just click like this, but we both indulged in a conversation immediately. This girl is amazing. She understood every word of what I said. Finally, I couldn’t help but ask, “How do you understand what I say?”

    She shrugged, “I just know it. Many people think that I am just a kid who wouldn’t know anything. Even though, I truly believe I do not have experience, and compared to adults, what I have been through is not a lot. I have always told myself, that at my age, it’s enough for me to go through. Of course they would think that my measly little problems is like an ant to a person. Have they ever thought that if they were in my position, what would they do? I’m not saying the whole world owes me something, I’m just saying that why do people always have to say they have the worst problems in the world? Maybe there is one person who is the worst, and that person would have died, because you are lucky to even be living and had happy days. I know this tradition will never end, but I hope one day, I would hope to change the majority of the people, at least as much as I could.” I looked at her, and the maturity of her mind. I replied with my own thoughts, and the both of us would talk deep about life. After the conversation was stopped, we changed the subject.

    “So, are you here to visit a friend?” I asked.

    “Well, we brought my friend here. You would not believe what happened…” then, she started explaining.

    “Then…after introducing the “friend” he had, and how they met, we saw he was badly injured outside. We didn’t know if they had any problems internally, so we brought them to the hospital.” I nodded while laughing. How weird to be friends after a fight, from which both were mad and needed to hit one another. Then, she slapped her forehead whole groaning. “Damn it, I completely forgot about him! I have to go look for them now. It was really nice talking to you. What room do you stay in?”

    “206.” I answered.

    “I’ll be sure to visit you.” She gave a bright smile that she does not fake. I could tell that she has opened the lock to her heart. She also gave me the key to mine. I already know that she is the little sister I always hoped for. I nodded as she turned around and waved as she left. Then, it hit me. I forgot to ask her name.

    - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - -_ _ _

    Okay, the talk with "me" and Annie based on a true story, but I had this conversation with an eighteen year old girl. She was surprsied also lol =P Also...I updated a lot because I had this idea, and because I didn't update much and probably will not more and more in the future. Thanks, latta!

    September 16, 2003. 7:19 pm, Pacific Time.

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    omg, what gonna happen nextt??? update soonn!!

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    To LilxAznxGrlx215, thanks for reading my story! You could check it out in winglin also...http://www.winglin.net/fanfic/IntendedLove . It's more up to date there, but you could choose to read here also! Remember to leave a comment if you drop by winglin !

    NOTE TO READERS: Haha..no Annie, Charmaine, or Nicholas here! Anyway, I just want to tell you, you could check out the music I added in chapter 9, the details are in there...and if you have realone player, you could make the story more appealing! Also, I'm too lazy to add any to this chapter, sorry! Hope this chapter doesn't suck, I'll probably update tommorow because I didn't in such a long time.

    - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - -_ _ _

    Ada sat on the chair. She was eating her sandwich, tasting bitter, sweetness and saltiness, just like life. Her peanut butter jelly sandwich was ruined, but why would one care? Finally putting down the sandwich she nibbled on, she tapped her finger against the glass table. The glass was cracked from the sunlight bathing on the table at all possible times. Scratching against the crack with her long fingernails, she increased the pressure, finally breaking her nail. Because of this, more tears rolled down the smooth surface of her skin.

    In less than a minute, her sobbing grew increasingly worse, causing her to yell and cry out while tears leaked out. Twenty minutes later, her energy died out, due to the crying. Letting out an exempt relief, she slowly slept on the smooth board surface that was polished with care.

    Her body wouldn’t let her pick up the horrible ringing sound nearby her. In her opinion, it was miles away, across a desert with mirages of many oases. Her hallucinating lead her to more hallucination of what she has to go through when if she finally reaches her destination. And if she finally marches up to that ringing tone, how will she pick up? And if she finally picks up the possible heavy handle, what would be awaiting her? Finally, the haunting of her waken up moment led her to ignore that annoying tone, until it stopped.

    - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - -

    Louis’s POV

    “Hey, your sister isn’t picking up.” I looked up from the phone. At that point, Sharie rushed in, almost bumping into the wall. Instead, it was her arms, which she rubbed in pain while trying to question us.

    “Are you okay, Julian?” Upon hearing no response, she began to feel worried. “Is he okay?” she pointed towards Julian, who shrugged at my remark. Sharie, who was curious about what is happening just looked at us back and forth.

    “Ahem…Ada.” I managed to mutter in between the clearing of my throat. Sharie opened her mouth and nodded twice. She took a seat on the sofa and I sat next to her.

    I remember the relationship of Ada and Julian clearly. They would laugh and joke about anything but looking at the sudden change, any stranger wouldn’t have believed they were once close siblings. This is considered a mediocre length story.

    Maybe because of the close age span, the two of them have been two peas in a pod. True, they had arguments and disagreeing moments, but that only brought them to a deeper relationship. I remember always admiring them, but their relationship swiftly fell apart from a huge quarrel. This fight sent them to have different identities, home, and loss in contact or communication. It started when their parent’s relationship started to fall apart. Each night, after a hard day in college, they would drive all the way home to see their father filled with bruises and cuts, and a sanguinary mother, still yelling each with aching throats. Going to the hospital was an oral thing. On the predictable conclusion, they soon signed the divorce papers. When they figured everything was over, another nightmare visited them. The mother and the father ripped the two apart, and each poisoned one child with lies. The father would make stories up to Ada, giving her the thought of a horrible dad, while their mother did the same to Julian. Soon, the two would have different thoughts, and one day, the affiliation exploded. Ada followed her father’s last name while Julian followed his mother’s. After the corruption, they never contacted again, and both shunned each other.

    I tried so many different ways to connect them together once again, but it was no hope. They would never deny their thoughts, and the similarity left them to leave a part of them out there somewhere in the world. They each have the key to each other’s hearts, but I don’t know if it could ever be given back.

    “I’m going to the bathroom.” I said, hiding my true purpose. As I walked out the door, I heard a small conversation of Julian and my sister. I picked up the phone when I was behind the wall and called Ada again.

    - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - -_ _ _

    She heard the annoying tone again. This time, she sat up, looking around the empty beer cans, and broken wine bottles lain on the floor. Her headache throbbed into her brain, making her clutch her head. Her hair was in a mess; her blouse and skirt all dirty from beer and food stains, though she had eaten nothing. Being the usual formal and supposedly perfect Ada Choi, she no longer cared about her exterior. She noticed the silence of the room, and found that the phone had stopped ringing. Before she had time to blink, the ring sounded again, agitating Ada. She walked over in a fast pace, accidentally stepping on the sharp fragment of a wine bottle. She cursed at herself for the carelessness last night, and limped over with one leg. She finally picked up the phone and yelled with an irritated expression, “What”?

    Louis was rather taken aback from her outburst, but slowly recovered. “Is this Ada?”

    “Yes…yes.” She replied while groaning at her headache. She held the receiver with her head and shoulders and then used her thumb and index finger to massage the edge in between the right hand thumb and index finger. She was not listening to Louis much, only concentrating on pressing the spot hard. She only heard one phrase, “Julian is at the hospital.”

    “What?” I’m coming right now! She hung up and grabbed her keys while wincing, forgetting to pulling the fragment out. She sat down on a clear spot of the now dirty floorboard and painfully pulled the glass out slowly. She grimaced as she observed the bleeding. . Worrying about her “former” brother, she quickly limped, almost running into the door. She took a pair of sandals and cringed every time she shambled her way to a taxi. When she is downstairs, she prayed to God for luck, because she had forgotten to ask which hospital. When the taxi was called, she picked the largest hospital in Hong Kong.

    She walked in the rushing places, trying to find a desk. When she reached a counter, she asked, “Do you know what room Julian Cheung is in?” The nurse slowly looked at her frantic and messy face, but turned to the computer, typing something.

    “He’s in room 154.” the nurse said curtly. Ada thanked God and rushed like an insane woman. She forgot all about the pain, and didn’t notice the blood oozing out of the sandals, dripping on the floor each step she took. She looks tearstained, as she walked quickly to every room, glancing at the room numbers. As she walked in a faster rate, she scraped more of her foot, possibly infecting it. When she reached the door, she slowly walked in, creaking the door open. There, she saw Julian propped up on the bed, Louis and Sharie sitting on the couch. They noticed her presence and looked at her.

    “You’re finally here!” Louis said. Julian looked over at Ada. His face was not predictable.

    “Why did you tell her? I don’t want to see any strangers.” The words cut through Ada’s chest deeply, dropping salt to her fresh wound. She wouldn’t let herself cry in front of them, but Julian was too angry to notice the state Ada was in. Louis looked at Julian, shocked to hear him say that. He could notice Ada nearly in tears. Sharie walked over to her, looking at the mess she was in.

    “What happened to you, Ada? You’re a mess!” She finally looked down, and saw a smaller amount of blood, but nevertheless, it was still bleeding. “Oh my god, your foot is bleeding!” But Louis didn’t hear Sharie’s voice, which was too weak to be heard sometimes.

    “Ada, come on! You two really need to talk. Since you came, you’re proving you still care for Julian, right?” Ada was not able to answer, her head feeling both lightheaded, with pain, and she felt weak. She couldn’t speak, or else she would throw up. Julian upon hearing silence, and is still oblivious, was even more furious.

    “Are you sure she cares? She’s just coming to see how I would die. Just like how HER dad taught her.” Ada heard what Julian said, and it became a great challenge to hold her tears. All she wanted to do is to see Julian, when she was worried for him.

    Suddenly, she laughed, “You must be really happy now, Julian. And you know why?”

    “How would I know why? I don’t know how heartless people think.”

    Ada laughed, mixed with melancholy, obviously, “You must be happy now, because father died. Did you hear me? Father died! And you want to know the happiest part? The last thing he said was ‘Julian’. Are you happy now?” Ada almost plunged towards Julian, but Louis was there to stop her. He was about to shake her shoulders, but Ada already fainted in his arms. Sharie stood there, shocked with the news given to her just by Ada. She wasn’t able to do anything, until Louis yelled at her to call the doctor. Abruptly, she ran out to call the doctor, and then quickly ran away to the grassy hills.

    Julian was sitting there, motionless. He has been this way since Ada told him what happened. He was confused and angry. He wanted to yell at Ada for lying, but he also wanted to believe it. He contradicted himself, and soon, he managed to convince himself that Ada is lying.

    - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - -_ _ _

    Louis’s POV

    Ada has a loss of blood, due to constant scraping when she was running in the hospital. She also has an infection, which she has to stay in the hospital to have further check ups. I can’t believe what just happened. One situation happens, and here comes another. And I can’t lead myself to think that my practically real father died also. He was very nice and caring to me, a simple rule that I needed from a person to be a father. I tried to convince Julian, but it was too late, he wouldn’t believe me. Now, he has no chance to work things out. I want him to feel regret, I think he deserves it. The last thing he said was his name, how could he be so heartless? I wish my father had said my name when he died.

    Would this quarrel ever end?

    - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - -_ _ _

    September 28, 2003. 12:13 am, Pacific Time.

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    hehee, louis is sooooo nice. hope u update soonn!!

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    Default Chapter Eleven

    Prophecied Trip and Confessions

    NOTE TO ALL READERS: Thanks for all the comments!! And you know what? The hundredth comment is coming soon...whoever is the commentor of the hundreth comment, CONGRATULATIONS! Only a few entries...so comment after the story while you can...if you want to be the SPECIAL one of course..hehehe =)

    I turned off the phone. As I hid it under my pillow, I heard the footsteps ambulating near me. I propped myself up on the bed and crossed my arms. I was determined to keep a stern face, a characteristic I don’t have. I could laugh really easily, not to mention the embarrassing fact that I’m still ticklish. Facing Charmaine, I’d have to be ready for attacks. When she stepped in, I was facing a woman in deep thought. When she faced me she was about to open her mouth. “I want to go home, and then…” I blurted then trailed off when Charmaine’s voice was in the middle of a sentence.

    “-the hospital.” I opened my mouth and narrowed my eyes in a confused expression. What about the hospital?

    “What?” I asked, with the same expression. I closed my mouth, when I finally noticed.

    “I said, Julian’s in the hospital.”

    “That gives me another reason to leave…” I muttered silently. I wanted to tell Charmaine I wanted to go to Australia, but she’s not in the mood anyway.

    “Um…Charmaine?” I asked, with fear of provoking her.

    “Yes?” She looked over, feeling my awkward moment.

    “I want to go to Australia.” Charmaine stared at me for a minute, and then, she took off her mask and smiled.

    “Cool! When? Could I come? Which part? Sydney? Or is it Canberra?” I stared at her, and shushed her questions by holding a hand in front of her face.

    “Charmaine, you’re talking too much again. I’m planning to go to Perth.” Charmaine smiled pleasurably.

    “It the Mediterranean city, to the west side of Australia, right?”

    “Yes, I’m planning to rent a small resort there, and stay for a while.” I spoke calmly, looking at her, waiting for an answer or expression.

    She asked suspiciously, “How long are you planning to stay there for?”

    “For a few months or so…”

    “You’re leaving work and all that just for vacationing? Annie, you’re just reaching the peak of promotion! You’re this close!” She showed two fingers, a space in between that is barely audible for the naked eye.

    “So? I need time alone.” I looked away and bit my bottom lips. I scrunched my nose, and held my position. I heard Charmaine sigh, and I relaxed my shoulders. I looked at her, and slowly pleaded.

    “Charmaine, do you want to go?” I looked at her with watery eyes with a slight frown and pout. I looked at her intently, while she kept a severe stare, causing me to look away, catching her by glances and side vision.

    “Annie, you really need to think about your future. When you turn old, you would regret…” I looked away while my eyes became teary. You would think I have never thought about my future? I think I’m going to die if I have one more day of work, one more day of thinking. Charmaine looked at my state and being, and quickly changed her tone. “I’m sorry, Annie, are you okay?” I nodded my head while leaving my bed. Charmaine just looked at me, not bothering to ask where I was heading. She knew me too well.

    As I walked down the endless gloomy hallways, I heard a slight sob and sniff, with a door wide open. I peeked inside, not meaning to be nosy, but just informing this person that everybody could hear her crying. I knocked softly, not wanting to startle her, and said in a low volume, “Do you want me to shut the door?” When she turned around, I noticed that familiar face I have seen so many times. I could not name who she is, but it just clicked when I see those red eyes.

    “Are you…” She fell silent again. She closed her eyes to pressurize the last of the tears to fall out, “Are you Annie?” she whispered timidly. Then, I realized the girl crying is Ada, Julian’s sister. I remember that we used to do many things together, and how Ada and Julian would always bicker at each other.

    “Ada?” That’s really you! What’s wrong?” I looked around, and it fell upon the bandaged foot. “What’s wrong with your foot?”

    “Never mind about that…how have you been? Why are you at the hospital? I didn’t know I would see you again here…”

    “I saw your brother here when I was in the hospital. Now he has to stay. Do you know what happened to him?” I asked, trying to be nice and start a subject. I really didn’t know that I would lead her to a fit of crying also. I ran over to her and sat beside her. “Is something wrong with your brother? Come on, let it all out, it’d be easier for you.” She just shook her head.

    “I want to be alone.” She said this gently, while I just nodded and stood up. I looked at her for the last time, and closed the door behind me. I was just pondering about what was happening these days, not wanting to think anymore. Smelling the fresh winter morning smell out in the grassy plains, I lay there. Far away, I saw a figure, out of all the patients walking around, but this time, I walked towards this figure because people were looking at this person. When I noticed this familiar form, I quickly kneeled down to rock Sharie gently. “Sharie, what are you doing?” When I saw her move, I helped her sit up. Rubbing her eyes, she looked worn out.

    “When am I?” she asked with dither.

    “You were sleeping right here. Nobody came for you?” I stopped in case I asked too many questions. Before she could register to the fact, she lay down once again, closing her eyes to hear the winds. I sat beside her to observe.

    “My friend’s father died,” she paused before speaking again, “I lost my real and godfather.” She swallowed the lump in her throat as I saw conflicts building inside her. I kept quiet, as I didn’t know what to say. I certainly am a better listener than otherwise. “I’m going to miss him,” was all she said. I decided to lie next to her and close my eyes, ignoring all possible uncomfortable staring.

    “Do you want to go to on a vacation, Sharie?” I didn’t here an answer, so when I opened my eyes; there was Sharie right in front of me with wide eyes. Of course, due to my surprised reflexes, I am supposed to be screaming. We caught the most attention, when the whole world stopped in front of us, directing everything to me. I feel no embarrassment; I don’t know what to feel anymore. I could not explain my feelings anymore; my mind is too complex for words.

    As soon as I paid attention to my surroundings, Sharie was covering her ears and closing her eyes. “Do you have to yell so loud?”

    “Sorry,” I said, as we both sat up. “You really scared me there.”

    “But you said vacation! I’d really want one of that now.”

    “I’m deciding to go to Perth…”

    “Perth? Really? That’s the perfect weather for me!” Then, her expression changed, “But how could I leave when Julian and Ada are in trouble?” she mumbled. Do I need to wash my ears? Did I hear Julian Cheung? My heart pumped loudly, as I did my best to calm myself down. I had to make sure.

    “Julian Cheung?” I blurted, with no sense of thinking. Sharie looked at me carefully.

    “You know him?” I figured that it was a rhetorical question, so I refrained from speaking. “Since when?”

    “High school.” I replied plainly, but triggering her. She looked at me with widened eyes.

    “You’re...you’re Annie Man?” I looked at her quaintly, but all I could do was nod. My mind was blank, and I don’t care, for once in my lifetime. “Annie…you’re really Annie. Um…do you know Charmaine?” she asked gingerly, as if I am made of glass. Any time, glass could break just because of gravity pulling it to a hard surface, and once it breaks, an inconsiderate one, would be hurt.

    “Yes, she’s my friend. And co-worker.” I don’t know why I dared not to say the word, “best” in front of “friend”. Maybe I’m hesitating to state that in front of her, or thinking of labeling the title again. Perchance, Charmaine feels that way. Every thing has changed since the day of my birthday.

    “You’re…okay?” she asked, breaking my thoughts. “Sorry,” she said, as if she realized she had asked too much, or being overly inquisitive. I had to think for moments, before my tranquility vanished.

    “We were okay, until he came along,” I said tumultuously, unable to blame it on nobody. Sharie didn’t answer, she just looked at a daydream in front of her eyes, as if full of thoughts not needing to concern her, yet it did.

    “He has a lot of pain also…especially when Ada was in the hospital, and the incident last night.” I was glad to drop be able to drop the subject. I truly do not want to hate anyone, but I have to find someone to blame and have fury against, before I explode, and Julian is the perfect victim.

    Finally, I informed, “I saw her crying.”

    “Yeah, Julian really hurt her, I could tell…” and then she started telling me the whole story. I listened attentively, each word sharpening into my mind. When she finished, I just nodded at her, not knowing what to say. So not only did our friendship break, their sibling bond broke apart also. I don’t know whether to feel sad for him or not. I decided to stay neutral. “Annie?” I looked at her and gestured for her to continue. “Could you tell me what happened between you and Julian? I remember how Julian changed after his freshman graduation day…although I was young, I know.”

    I looked at her, and with no hesitation, I began, “This has been stuck in my mind for years. I could not find anyone to talk to, or anybody to open up to easily. I really was able to talk to you about anything, Sharie, so I’m going to tell you about our ugly past, although it’s not really anything amazing. It just caused us pain. I’m not going to tell you all the details, but I’ll make the long story short,” I paused and took a breath, swallowed, and continued, “I remember vividly, that day when I met him, I immediately fell in love with Julian. Maybe it’s love at first sight, I still inquire about it, until now. I don’t know how it happened, we just became friends in a click, like you and I. Of course, at that time, he had his girlfriend, Charmaine, as I remained to crush on him. People would tease us, positive that a girl and a boy could not just be friends. I had once told him about how Billy Crystal had once said that a man and a woman could not just be a friend, and Julian said he never believed it. Maybe it’s up until now, that I know. I don’t know why, why I told him.” I stopped. I don’t know how to go on anymore.

    “You told him what?”

    “It was that day, when he had a huge argument with Charmaine. It wasn’t the first time, they had never agreed upon things, and saw in a different view. But each disagreement grew more intense, more contradicting, and soon, it led to arguments. After the last wrangle, they agreed to be apart peacefully, as it didn’t work out. Of course, I was happy, as I didn’t really know Charmaine that much at the time. The truth is, she still loved Julian. Finally, one day, I had the courage to tell Julian. That day was a really bad day. When I finally said it, I didn’t expect anything, I even imagined him slapping me. But it only turned out that Charmaine was there, right behind me. I had no idea…I had no idea that she considered me as her friend. She didn’t expect me to do that to her, she just cried and cried right in front of me, while Julian stared at me in a way that I would never forget. Those were piercing dagger eyes, flaming in the dark brown pupils. The three of us stood in our position for hours, or is it because it was that feeling of the worst moment of your life thing, that makes you feel that it’s eternal? And there is also something unexplainable…I don’t know how my asthma attacks came back chosen at that time. I had asthma when I was younger; I was in a car crash, making my lungs harder to expand and breath well, causing it a great difficulty, sometimes very austere, but it had stopped when I took up swimming. I don’t know how I got into the hospital that day, but since then, I avoided the two, but my attacks still came in frequently. My parents were very worried, so we moved. They’re very superstitious. My attacks really didn’t come back, and no medical experts could explain the actions of my body. Once, it came again, the day when I saw Charmaine again, and I found out she had headaches since then also. I don’t know whether it’s funny, or sad about a small situation of that day, would make such a big difference in our lives. It’s just unforgettable; maybe God is signaling that the event is not over yet. There is no ending to anything, until you die.”

    “I don’t know what to say, except that.” I just nodded at her, giving a sigh of relief with the story I tried to shorten as much as possible. My body seemed less heavy, as I gave out more exempt relief. “Now, I understand how you have a need for vacation!”

    “Yes,” I gave a smile.

    “Could I really join you? If…Louis comes also?” I nodded; glad to have more company, which would be able to fill up my loneliness. She pointed to the door, as I signaled her to go ask now. It’s a natural communication for us. She ran over to the entrance, as I shook my head at the excited young girl.

    - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - -_ _ _

    Sharie ran in, immediately going to Julian’s room. She silently peeked in, spotting a sleeping person, with nobody else around. She went to check Ada’s room and found the two talking to each other sullenly. She knocked on the door, as the two looked over. “Hey Sharie, didn’t see you in a while,” Ada managed a weak greeting and smile. Sharie smiled back, while looking at the two, forming a good idea.

    “Hey, do you guys want a vacation…”

    - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - - _ _ _ - - -_ _ _

    October 8, 2003. 8:13 pm, Pacific Time.

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