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    Default Inconsistent Site


    In an inconsistent cosmos, live many unexpected events. People for over thousands of years have believed in many things that have never been seen, but is that true? One person is on the mission to find the truth to what her curious mind leads her. But choosing this path sacrifices love and increases the knowledge of life. But little does she know, technology has feelings also…
    Mixed with drama, lessons are learned with each discovery. Let’s hope you could learn more from each case, and how it relates to the knowledge of nature given.

    Do not underestimate the actions of people…

    Two fraternal twins…and only one could survive.

    Filled with suspense and mystery, do stop reading, or the plot will haunt you in your dreams. Who will be the victim? Who will be the suspect? Who is the murderer? What is the unexpected case?

    ? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿

    Annie Man Chung Han
    Edison Chen Goon Hei
    Louis Koo Tin Lok
    Jessica Hsuan Huen

    Guest stars

    Shawn Yue Man Lok
    Ada Choi Siu Fun
    Myolie Wu Hung Yee
    Mark Kwok
    Edwin Siu Ching Nam
    Charlene Choi Chuek Yin
    Gillan Chung Yan Tung
    Maggie Cheung Ho Yee

    One story’s main characters, based on true story:

    Sharie- Girl, Dee, Cheung Ho Ka (sorry, but do you notice the one character difference of Maggie and my Chinese name? Haha..sorry)
    Viki- Girl A, Dude, Luong Ka Yun
    Poly- Girl C, Deed (although she doesn’t like it)
    Dina- Girl B, Dud
    Jordan- Girl D, Dead

    Note to the four other girls: I was rather reluctant on adding a certain “person” on one of the cases, but since she’s “our” story, I put aside the differences and put her in the story. I hope you don’t mind me putting you on the story, and if I offend you in any way, I’m sorry. The main plot is included as you will know, but I add things to spice it up. Hope you guys enjoy, and it’s in memory of our friendship.

    ? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿

    Credit goes to the author, George Selden of “The Cricket in Times Square”. Surely, you have a slight idea of what the first case is going to be about. I am replacing the usual characters with the characters of the above.

    Introducing the first case (summary of the story, in my own words and revised):

    Shawn sat on the newsstand, his hands shaped like a fist against his chin. His bored mind led his elbow to create a dent on the newspaper. He looked outside, the subway of New York at its cold times. It was completely empty, with no sound except the little taps when the scraps people littered, picked up and down on the ground from the wind. The rush hour wouldn’t be here until a while, and Shawn was left with nothing to do.

    Meanwhile, a mouse and a cat were in the drainpipe, filled with the same emotions. Both of them walked deep in the drainpipe, with turns and twists, finally lying down on the huge space for both of them. Suddenly, in the silence, they heard a little chirp mixed in. Usually, it would not be very surprising, since crickets would try to get in somewhere warmer. But this time, the three mammals swore they heard a melody they have never heard of. The soft music drained into their minds, quickly erasing the bored-ness of their emotions.

    Shawn walked over to see what was the cause of the melodic chirps once he awakened from his trance. He stepped out the newsstand temporarily to explore, his ears opened for any noises. He would move every time there was a single movement. Suddenly, a loud chirp was heard, and Shawn abruptly turned the other direction. He walked over. Nearby, he saw a pile of dirt with coupons from newspapers at the corner. Shawn stood there to closely observe it. The wind blew softly, wavering the pile of dirt a fourth of a centimeter. He saw something black that moved, but it wasn’t the way that the wind blew it.

    Finally, he walked over to the pile and lifted some of the trash up. He saw a small cricket, with its wings moving, this time allowing a small chirp to release. Shawn carefully bent down and picked the fragile insect up. With the creature on his fingers, he walked back in the newsstand and sat on the small stool. He looked around, and caught a glimpse of an empty matchbox in the trashcan, on top of the trash. He picked it up, pulled a piece of Kleenex to stick in the matchbox. He put the small creature inside, and closed it halfway. He smiled at his discovery and tried to find the cricket something to eat. He found a piece of chocolate he had left for a dessert for lunch. He broke apiece off the chocolate and sent one in the matchbox. The cricket chirped in gratitude, this time louder than before.

    The two creatures inside the drainpipe could hear the chirp, and walked back to the edge of the pipe. Once they were there, they saw Shawn caressing an insect, as he slowly put it down. The mouse and the cat nodded at each other, both deciding something together.

    ? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿

    Septemeber 20, 2003. 7:34 pm Pacific Time.
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    Default Chapter One

    Cricket, Mouse, Cat

    That night, while it was silent, the day left the cricket to lean on its wings. It was not sleeping for some reason. To express its mood, it climbed out of the matchbox and made a slow song, full of sorrow. It stopped when it heard a rustle near the drainpipe. When silence took over again, it continued playing. When it was done composing, it stopped. Its antennae drooped low, but quickly went up stiff when the rustle was heard the second time. The curious cricket jumped down to the stool and onto the pile of newspapers, and then descended down the floor. It hopped over near the drainpipe and strained to hear for any noise. Suddenly afraid, it hopped back towards the newsstand, but it was too late.

    Suddenly, a squeaky voice erupted the silence. The cricket was too afraid to turn around, but it stopped in its position. Feeling the really soft blaring of the airs, the insect felt shaken up. Its mind praying and reasoning that it has no necessities of having more trouble. Then, another voice started the cricket, making it hop a little to the right. It sounded like a meow of a cat, but how could it be possible? It had heard Shawn talking and how he wanted a pet badly. Also, it heard that Mrs. Yue is allergic to cats. For the rest of the day, Shawn spent his time talking to this little cricket that could not leave any of his thoughts to the outside world. At least that’s what Shawn thought.

    The cat’s meow came again, as the cricket tried to slowly inch away from the sound. When it heard the squeak, it stopped trying to escape. The cricket, no longer afraid, turned around, staring at a mouse and a cat. The mouse gave a squeak again, and the three of them managed to get up to the counter of newspapers. As soon as the three different creatures were there, they were in a conversation at once. If any human being would walk by, they would just hear chirping, squeaking, and meows of a cat’s call.

    ? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿

    A few days later…

    After breakfast, Annie went to her daily schedule. Walking down the stairs of the building and entering the parking lot, she pressed a button with her large batch of keys. Hearing a beep, she walked over and opened her car. In a fast pace, she was able to rev her engine and speed out the lot. Annie is usually early, but in this traffic jam, she was only able to be on time. Suddenly, the phone rang. She pressed the on button and her headphone was immediately put to work. “Hello? Annie speaking.”

    “Hey Annie, we have a new case this time.” She heard a familiar deep toned man’s voice. She smiled as she has more work to do. “This time it’s in New York.”

    “Meet you at the airport?”

    “Yes, I booked the tickets already. The flight leaves at 7 am sharp.”

    “Good, I don’t want to be in a helicopter again.” She heard a slight chuckle. She turned serious almost at once, “Is anyone else following the case?”

    “It would help if you call Jessica and I’ll call Edison”

    “Okay, I’ll be doing that right away. Bye.” Louis returned the greeting of goodbye. She glanced at the red light and quickly dialed the number to contact Jessica. Almost immediately, Jessica answered.

    “Hello, Jessica speaking.”

    “Don’t steal my greeting.” Annie joked. Jessica chuckled and they both turned to business.

    “I’m sure you’re not calling me to tell me I’m stealing your greeting, Ms. Man.”

    “No, I am not. Another job for us.”

    “Okay, any information?”

    “Of course. We meet at the airport, the flight leaves in about an hour. Louis will be at the airport, and Edison is at the job with us. It’s New York this time.”

    “Got it. I’ll be there on time.”

    “Okay, bye.” They both hung up. Annie took a U-turn swiftly and drove at a faster rate to the Hong Kong airport. Although she was only wearing a blue suit with a small amount of money, she was sure their head; Bobby would be ready like he always was. They were all amazed at his expertise and had a lot to learn from him. As usual, Annie figured she would work with Louis, Edison, and Jessica all along, since they were together for sometime. Their knowledge would lean more on one subject, and combined, they have never left a case unsolved. Though even if they solve all cases they were assigned, they would take their time doing it, because as their level of fame increases, the people hiring them would have jobs harder and harder.

    Finally, she arrived at the airport, with plenty of time to spare. When she stepped into the main entrance, she immediately spotted a familiar dark toned face. She remembered that they always would tease Louis’s skin tone, although it makes him look handsome. Louis would use an excuse such as traveling to many different places and getting dark because of it. But of course, that was not an excuse at all, because they would travel to many places often, but they didn’t get as dark. Annie walked over to Louis, standing in front of him. “Early as always, Annie.” Louis chuckled. Annie just smiled and they stood there, motionless. Jessica and Edison arrived shortly afterwards, when they walked over calmly.

    “Okay, we’re all here.” Edison spoke.

    “We still have Bobby.” Jessica pointed out, her fingers brushing upon her hair.

    “Who said my name?” a voice spoke out, and in stepped a chubby man in his late thirties.

    “Oh nothing, just saying something bad about you.”

    “No wonder I was sneezing.”

    “Don’t blame this on us, blame it on your immune system.”

    “Or the polluting people of Hong Kong.” Annie added in.

    “Okay, okay, back to business people.” Bobby raised both hands, signaling them to be serious. They returned to their usual face when they work, and listened intently.

    “Shawn Yue has been killed in New York. They reckon he has been killed because of the loss of blood. He appears to have many scratches and bruises on his body, and the people over in New York are waiting for the report of the exam.” He handed a file of what he has so far, and Louis took it. The five of them discussed this thoroughly, and when the flight was ready to be boarded, the four of them left with a sense of seriousness. There are going to be long days of New York ahead of them.

    ? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿

    A few days ago…

    Shawn was walking home after the discovery of the cricket. He smiled faintly; happy that he finally had a pet, whether it was considered “real” or not. He had gained the right to finally talk to someone or something about his feelings. He was in a dazed mood while walking past allies and rude writings. Then, his smile faded when he saw a gang with men and women gaining up on Myolie Wu, the girl he had a crush on for many years. He didn’t dare make a move without knowing what’s going on, so he moved behind the wall and peeked at the dirty alleyway. “Where’s the protection fee we needed, huh?”

    Myolie managed to whisper, “What…what protection fee?”

    “Stupid girl, the protection fee for your bookshop. If you don’t pay now, we’re going to trash your damn book store.” A tall man showed his fist several inches from the quivering Myolie.

    “But brother Mark, we barely have money for the rent of the store…and-“

    “Who cares about the rent of that damn store? Just hand some money over, or you will have to pay a damage fee for the store, little girl.”

    “Brother Mark, why don’t we have fun with her first…and then think about the shop…” a skinny man rubbed his hands together, trying to scare Myolie into bringing the money. Shawn’s fist tightened when he saw the gang harassing the timid Myolie. He is going to give them a lesson even if they would overthrow him.

    “Shut up, Edwin. You’re so perverted.” Charlene wrinkled her nose in disgust.

    “The way I like it.” Gillan said in a mocking flirty tone.

    “Are you guys done being noisy?” Mark’s thundering voice scared the gang. The number one rule was to never mess with the leader. A leader’s number one rule is to be scary and in control. “Now…Edwin’s idea was pretty good, wasn’t it, Myolie?” Mark said in a terribly calm, slimy voice. His tone was a lot scarier than Edwin’s, making Myolie cry and shiver.

    “No…no, please don’t.” her small voice requested.

    “Then hand over the freaking money!” Mark’s voice turned fierce and impatient. Shawn couldn’t take it anymore; he rushed over, surprising the gang. He punched Mark’s face; his head still not registering that Shawn was punching him. Finally, they all snapped back out of it, and immediately pinned Shawn down to the ground. “What do you think you’re doing, puny boy?” The gang laughed, causing Shawn’s temper to rise too high. He struggled to get up, but Mark was too strong. Shawn lay their helpless as ever, with Myolie crying next to him. He knew he was in definite trouble.

    ? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿

    September 21, 2003. 2:38 pm, Pacific Time.

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    love the plot and storyline
    this story has lots of potential!
    Eric Bana= Hot
    Brad Pitt= GOD

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    Thanks, I love the plot also. I just thought of it out of the blue haha...anyway, thanks for reading!

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    Default Chapter Two

    Release Tension

    Note to readers:

    kim has found a nice way to develop and make the story more appealing, and that is to put clips in here, and if you have real player, you could here it if you paste the link on the address bar. If you don't have realone player and you want it, here is the following link to download it (be sure to click ok and follow the procedures):

    If you have realone player already, or just downloaded it, and when I state a link, then you could paste it on the address bar above, and if there is music, that means you have it. If the clip is over before the section, then you could click "Go" next to the arrow of the address bar, and it would play again. Hope you could enjoy it this way!

    ? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿

    Annie, Jessica, Louis, and Edison sat at the first class section, enjoying a good dinner. By now, if you slide the window open, you could see the darkness of the sky, and the vast areas of the blue ocean below you. It could be green, though it depends on how you would look at it. No star was in sight, while the window was shut once again by Edison. By this time, the shutting and opening of windows, which was done throughout the time by Edison, already annoyed the three of them.

    “No matter how many times you look down, it’s going to be ocean on the bottom. I thought that so much education would make it clear to you.” Louis crossed his legs while chuckling. One way to ease the atmosphere was to tease, the thing they were all good at.

    “I wasn’t checking for the ocean.”

    “Hm, so you are looking for a mermaid?” Annie teased, knowing she had just hit the point. Remembering a game of truth or dare a few years back, Annie had asked a question that hit right to the point. She had asked him if he had a childhood crush, and being the youngest of them all, he spoke the truth. Not only did they tease him throughout the years, but also after the game, it took them a week to get him to talk to them again.

    Edison turned crimson while trying to sound important in front of the giggles of laughter. He couldn’t believe they still laughed about it after so many years. “I was thinking about our newest case.” Receiving the subject of the case, they stopped laughing while Jessica took out the folder Bobby had handed to them.

    “There isn’t much information here. It’s better if we wait for the further results of the body exam. We couldn’t do anything if we don’t get to New York.”

    “Why don’t we get a recap of the subject first?” Annie asked. She was the determined one, the girl in the group that saved many cases because she would look through the information. Usually, she would find some flaws of the murderer, and eventually solve the case. Jessica was the logical thinking one; she would find the clues and piece the clues given by Annie together. Louis is the observant one, who would look through the places for evidence, and usually would never leave a place without all the evidence needed. Edison is the brainiest, which would be the only one using the scientific method, figuring the challenges and puzzles that the murderers would bring to them. Basically, Annie and Louis could work together, while their information would transfer to Jessica and Edison. These were still learning from each other, but they know sooner or later, they would separate and no longer work together.

    Jessica sighed, “Okay, Annie. I can’t believe they write everything in here. Shawn Yue has secondary education, he’s age 23…” Jessica continued to mumble while Annie tried to listen to her fast and low talking. Finally running impatient, Annie snatched the folder from her. “Annie!”

    “Jessica! How could you help me if you are mumbling and talking so fast? You know I have to read it and analyze this slowly.”

    “For your information, I’m tired! I’m going to sleep, goodnight.” Like a fast reflex, she quickly slouched down and leaned her head on the pillow. The good thing for Jessica is that as long as she is tired, she could sleep anywhere, no matter how uncomfortable it is. The three of them stayed awake, while Louis eventually slept with a magazine on his lap. He wore an expressionless look on his face while sleeping, a hard to describe trait.

    The two were still awake, Annie deeply buried into the information left with her. Edison however, was playing with a game. When he saw Annie, he shook his head. It was just like Annie to be deep into the case, and completely concentrated. He was sure the rest of the three would never be able to have an attention span like that. Usually, people would lose interest in something if something didn’t catch their eye in three seconds. The four were higher than average, but Annie was the highest of them all. He smiled, and without noticing, he too fell asleep.

    ? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿


    The night of Shawn’s death…

    Mrs. Yue is really worried for Shawn, her precious “little” son. Especially after the late night when Shawn came back later than usual, bruised and deeply injured. His face was full of fury, an expression you would not usually see in a young man like him. She paced around the room, mumbling and comforting herself. Mr. Yue waited patiently, understanding Mrs. Yue’s impatience and worry. He himself was worried, since Shawn would never be this late. “Can we go check for him at the newsstand?” Mrs. Yue yelled desperately. Considering this a rhetorical question, Mr. Yue just took a jacket and followed Mrs. Yue out the door quickly.

    The breezy night cut through the jacket of the parents’ and causing them to shiver automatically. They held on to their arms and practically ran to the cold night near the subway. Twisting and turning curbs, they were near the dirty allies of where Shawn was when he defended Myolie. They shivered, the cause not because of the wind. They stopped in an alleyway, something stopping them from going further. He stood there, different angles of their faces viewed their confused, lost situation.


    This went on for a while, until Mrs. Yue took up all the courage she ever had in her life together and walked inside the alleyway. Mr. Yue slowly and cautiously followed, unable to see clearly at all with the dark way ahead of them. They heard the dripping of pipes, caused by the previous hours of constant raining. The whole world stopped in front of them. You could hear the shallow breathing of the father and mother, sensing something was wrong with their son. Suddenly, they stopped dead, unable to go any further.

    They saw their son, dead with his eyes opened with horror. Scratches, bruises, and blood were visible over his body. Mrs. Yue fainted.

    ? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿

    Annie woke up first, with the clatter of plates, and when she opened her eyes, she remembered her confidential file and quickly went in a startled position. “Ah!” she yelled so suddenly, mostly people turned over to observe. “Where…where is the file? Oh my god, ah, where is it? Do you know where it is?” she turned over to shake Louis on the sleeve of his sweater. Louis stirred with a confused expression.

    “What…?” he asked. Abruptly, Annie woke up from her devastated state and realized she was holding the folder tightly.

    “Um, never mind, you could go back to sleep.” She waved with her hand. All she cared about was the case, and she was trying to hide her embarrassment, which worked because Louis was back to sleep immediately. She carefully put the folder away in her backpack. She had read the long drone of the victim’s biography the whole night, leading her to fall asleep a little more than halfway of reading it. Annie decided to read it when she’s in New York. She turned back to look at the time right at the back of the plane next to the bathroom. Using her poor math skills, she managed to count a few more hours until landing.

    Annie stretches her arms as the assistant made way for a breakfast. She decided not to eat anything while she shook Louis again, this time demanding him to call the rest of them for breakfast. “Miss, do you want anything for breakfast?” Annie shook her head with a polite smile, and sat there waiting for Louis to rub his eyes with one hand and shake the tired crew with the other.

    “Wake up,” he paused for a long and loud yawn,” Edison.” “Call Jessica.” He too demanded him.

    “I don’t know how you get to work on time everyday if you’re still not awake.” She shook her head when the three were finally waken up at once.

    “I’m not the early bird, you are. So it’s easy for you to say.” Jessica yawned and slumped back in her chair.

    “Do any of you want breakfast?” the woman asked patiently.

    “Um, can I have a coffee and a cinnamon muffin please?” Jessica said, with a hint of excitement. Her most eager meal was breakfast, although she never stops complaining about airplane food. The other two just shook their heads while the woman jot down her notes. She continued on while the four started their morning greetings. “So, did you find anything interesting?”

    “No. It’s just boring stuff from a usual boring life. I may have to analyze it again, since I was kind of bored and sleepy.” She patted her mouth to make her description more effective. Jessica just shrugged in response while her mind was on breakfast. Annie chuckled on her impatience, while she was in an urge to study the case over. “Um…” she muttered, knowing she would annoy the three. Eventually, they gave up and talked about computers instead. “We’re just a bunch of computer geeks.” Annie said while frowning. Jessica just shrugged and they all laughed it off. They needed to release their tense before the work begins ahead of them.

    ? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿

    September 24, 2003. 10:00 pm, Pacific Time.

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    I love your plot! Keep it rolling..
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    Default Chapter Three

    SPCNET- Thanks, honey nut for the comment. Also, sorry for the postpone in updating, I forgot to post it up here too, heh


    Note to readers: Some may not know, I made a new fanfic- http://www.winglin.net/fanfic/DiscoveringRisk . Hope you check it out! Oh, and like the poster? Thanks to Trini for making it =P..

    Annie yawned loudly, as she observed that it’s two hours until arrival. She became worried that as the days and minutes go by, Shawn’s death will be more of a mystery. “Stop worrying so much, Annie, it’s always the same crisis over and over.”

    “Like Annie would change because of what you say repetitively, Jessica,” chuckled Louis. Annie did not notice the antics of the two, because she was continuing her search of the long and “useless” file.

    “I’m up to the recent news, this may be interesting,” Annie mumbled to her partners. They shook their heads in dismay, but Annie reacted right after. “Hey, listen to this!” she shook Jessica’s shoulder with a sudden move. “Shawn recently found a cricket, receiving it as a pet. He also reckons that the cricket could chirp pretty melodies, and often found talking to it at night.” Jessica laughed at what she heard.

    “This kid, no wonder his death is a mystery.”

    “Don’t joke about someone’s death,” Edison quietly advised with caution.

    “Okay, okay, just trying to lighten up the atmosphere, but seems like Annie is thriving to do the opposite.” She looked over at Annie, who was fortunately, already buried deep into the folder.

    Suddenly, Annie looked up, “Shawn was found missing a few days before he died, but later returned home with many exterior injuries. His parents were too scared to call the police or contact experts. After the second time missing, which is the night of Shawn’s death, his parents found him dead in an alley way.” Annie stopped reading out loud and protruded to reading to herself.

    “Continue!!” the three said in frustration and impatience increasingly as they saw Annie widening her eyes in interest while mouthing the words.

    “This may not be such a hard case to solve after all, guys. We have the suspects already, who caused Shawn to be missing the first time. A few days after that, Shawn was found dead. There is also another victim that day, Myolie Wu.” She handed them the pictures, along with a self-smile on her face.

    Arrival Time

    “Where are we heading to first?”

    “How about the news stand?” Annie replied questionably with pleasure.

    “No! I need my rest, I’m human!” She rested the case with her severe voice. “Now, we have to find a hotel for us to check in at,” she said while marching out of the airport to call a taxi.

    After much confusion, they were finally in sub divided in four rooms. Annie had insisted on getting four rooms. Louis knowingly followed Annie’s decision, because he accomplished the fact of her “late night sessions”. During dinner, time, Annie had again, insisted on getting a “diet” and staying in her room. Louis had also delayed his dinner, and informed them that he is going in his room. Jessica and Edison ended up sitting there, eating their dinner. “I wonder what’s wrong with them?” Edison asked Jessica, figuring that she must have an answer.

    “Eddie, Eddie, Eddie,” Jessica shook her head at him, “Up until this point, you still don’t understand that they are not actually having a diet, nor in their rooms? They are probably being little mice, searching for clues to get their cheese.”

    “Again? I thought this process would end…but they still end up sneaking out to find clues.”

    “Well, let’s not spoil their fun, let them think we’re oblivious and wouldn’t know their easy minds.” Edison nodded and enjoyed the cuisine instead.

    ? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿

    “Do you think they would know what we’re doing right now?” Louis asked, while crawling on the square shaped metal tunnel, with many forked ways, twists, and turns. However, Annie already knew the way by her map.

    “Are you kidding? Of course they would know. One, they are not stupid. Two, they know us well enough.”

    “Why do we do this anyway? Even I don’t understand, you sneak out, I find out and follow you, while the two of them pretend to be fooled.”

    Annie looked back at Louis after a pause of crawling and shrugged casually, “No idea, just our way of doing things, I suppose. Come on, crawl quicker, and stop talking, people may hear us…”

    “…through the air conditioning,” a voice echoed among the children, giving them a scare.

    “What…what was that, Mommy, Daddy?” the timid children asked, while shivering.

    “Probably the people next door speaking, don’t worry, little Eve and Jason,” comforted the mother and father.

    Annie giggled silently at the sound of the children’s scared voice. Louis laughed along, but they still continued, and it finally reached its dead end. Annie took out the screwdriver readily and immediately put it to work. No longer did that happen, she pushed one side of the plate and as soon as she saw light, and that the coast was clear, she continued to push one side forward, until it was vertical of them. Then, she did this as slowly as possible in avoidance of abrasion and sound. She pushed the plate to the far left, until it was enough for her tiny body to jump out. Slowly, she pushed her head out, until she grabbed hold of the top of the rectangular tunnel and urged her body up, and swiftly and as softly as possible, land on top of the rectangular tunnel. Then, she was able to jump down the ground of the alleyway. She was about to proceed forward, but Louis yelled, “Wai!” (translation: hey/aye!) Louis yelled, trying to capture her attention.

    “What now?” she turned back.

    “If I did your stunt, it wouldn’t work, I’m way heavier, so…”

    “Are you trying to hint that you couldn’t get down? You at least know the basic skills of training, right?”

    “Did I tell you that…I went directly to this department?” Louis looked down, his head dangling in the air and neck against the bottom of the tunnel.

    “Really? And you never told us? So you’re the same as Edison after all! Can’t believe Jessica and I are partnered up with two weaklings!” Annie laughed. Louis while he looked up was full of redness.

    “And you better not tell anyone! Not even Edison or Jessica!”

    “What are you going to do if I tell them? Perform your karate skills on me?” Annie rolled down on the floor.

    “Are you going to help me or not?”

    ? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿

    A few days after Shawn’s death…

    The audience clapped loudly, as the cheers quickly evaded, allowing a soft and melodic song to sink in. In the middle of the large crowd of the newsstand, was a small cage, with a cricket moving its wings. This small living thing gave many people the joy of listening to music, and gave Mr. and Mrs. Yue a fortune.

    Outside the newsstand was a newly built gate, with a neon sign, saying, “Admission: Adults- 10 dollars, Children and Seniors- 5 dollars, and Babies- FREE.” The crowd was evident, causing some passer bys to be curious, while hearing famous songs being played. They would wonder why so many people would enter to listen to music, when they could turn on the radio at home to relax. Due to the fact that the audience was too much, they were left to rush here at an earlier time the next day to satisfy their curious minds.

    Suddenly, a gang rushed in, with a hammer, breaking the lock instantly. This loud noise caused the audience’s peaceful mind to be arousing. “Get out of here immediately!” Mark laughed at the widening of eyes, when they saw the gleaming sharp hammers each member held. People screamed and yelled, while running around. Soon, all were able to run out, as the gang waved and swung the hammers around. When the newsstand was left with nobody but the gang and the Yue family, they hid down behind the counter and were shaken terribly. “So, there’s the cricket we heard about all over New York.”

    “Let’s jack it to make big money!” Edwin exclaimed with a sense of excitement.

    “Shut up, Edwin!”

    “Yes, brother Mark.” Edwin answered while looking down, not daring to say another word. Mark walked over, his hand on the cage, when sirens were heard.

    “Damn, the police! Run quick!” Mark ran, his hand still on the cage, but the chains were attached to the desk below it. “Uh, it’s locked! We don’t have time! We’ll get it another time, let’s go!” Mark motion with his hand. They ran out, when moments later, the police came in, all armed with guns, scaring Mr. and Mrs. Yue once again.

    ? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿

    Annie and Louis finally reached to the newsstand after the stuck situation of Louis. When they were in front of the gates, Annie took a comb out of her backpack. She slipped the comb between the slits of the door, and when she pressed the button, lights immediately went off, flashing everywhere on the material Annie possessed. A click was heard, while Annie took the comb like structure out and slipped it in her backpack once again. She opened the now unlocked door and slipped in quietly. “Now we’re like robbers, Annie. How low could we go to solve a cause, especially on a first night, Annie?” Louis asked with curiosity in a whisper.

    “Trust me, Louis, I have a feeling this case isn’t just any murder case. We have to search quickly, we’re already really late,” she replied rapidly. Louis just nodded and they noticed a small light beaming upwards from behind the counter. They slowly sneaked on their knees to the backside of the counter. Surprised, they gasped.

    ? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿

    Suspense..WhOO! lol =P

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    Default Chapter Four

    The Gift of Patience

    Note: Hope I don't disappoint any of you, I tried my best with my limited time!

    “Madam Choi, we lost him.” A sigh was heard traveling out of the holes of the phone, which was against a man’s ear.

    “May I ask how could you lose him?” asked a slightly aggravated woman who was getting impatient for her fellow rookie co-workers.

    “Um, um,” stuttered Bosco, who motioned for an answer from Ron.

    Ron snatched the cell phone from his grasp and replied briskly, “You don’t understand, Madam Choi, while we were following him, we saw the prisoner that escaped from jail last night, and then-“

    “What prisoner?” snapped an impatient woman. She had heard enough nonsense for the day. Steven Ma had found a way to step on her in front of Superintendent Lam again, and if she hears another excuse from the two of them again, she would corrupt. “Ada, you have to act calm in front of others, now breath slowly…” she thought to herself while she sustained her correct breathing method.

    “I remember his name as Mark Kwok, but he tore of his number, so we don’t know which prisoner he is.”

    “Mark Kwok? He’s a suspect of the FBI! What are you doing, trying to catch their criminal?”

    “But…it’s still a suspect, Madam Choi…”

    “Get this into your brain, the last time we caught their suspect, the FBI was not actually nice about it. You could say they’re our rivals, because of their stupid racism. Do you hear, me, mind your own business if you want to be alive. Do you know why we’re here? Do you know why you have to come all the way to New York to catch a murderer? It’s because the FBI wouldn’t deal with it, even if it were their place. Now keep that information in you!” Ada sighed as she heard silence through the phone. She has probably scared them, through her shouting and reasoning.

    “Sh…should we release him then?”

    “No! Argh, even if we want to abide to the survival skills, we’re still the police.”

    “Okay, what should we do now?”

    “Why don’t you ask me how to breathe later?” she asked sarcastically at their naïve ways. She turned off the phone before she yells at their stupidity.

    When Ron and Bosco were sure than Ada is off the phone, they mimicked her tone and said, “Why don’t we?”

    ? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿

    The small beam of light lay eerily, shining their faces that contained all elements of surprise. Louis’s mouth was slightly ajar, two wide eyes, as if frozen by a remote control. Annie just stooped low to look with her face in a curious mode. Abruptly, they heard voices coming closer to the newsstand.

    “Oh my god. I forgot to close and lock the door!” Annie whispered while covering her mouth.

    “Annie! A person with your expertise shouldn’t really be making that mistake. We’re going to be in big trouble now!”

    “No time for lectures, let’s blow!”

    “New slang term?”

    “Shut up, let’s hide.”

    ? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿

    Jessica and Edison were in the hallways, almost to their rooms when a puff of smoke smothered their vision. Like a reflex, both of them were alert to their surroundings. When their vision was clear again, they saw Annie and Louis huffing, with soot clinging onto their clothes.

    “Don’t even tell me what happened between you two.”

    “Tell me!”

    “Okay, Edison, since Jessica doesn’t want to listen to our phenomenal experience the happened just then, let’s go in your room.”

    “What? I was being sarcastic!” Jessica blurted out, once she heard the word “phenomenal”.

    “Yeah whatever…” Once they were in a room, which needed constant opinions and bickering of which room they were to pick, they finally concluded on Annie’s room.

    “I can’t believe that you still need to argue about things like that with those supposedly large brains of yours,” chuckled a giggling Annie.

    “Like you didn’t open your big mouth either!” snapped an impatient Jessica who wants the recap Annie and Louis’s expedition. “Now hurry.” Jessica seems to think this is more crucial than anything else.

    “Wait, don’t mess up my bed!”

    Jessica looked at Annie, causing the room to be silent while Louis started. “We were climbing on the air conditioning while we attempted to simmer down our vigorous compassion to explore the conclusion of Shawn’s sanguinary death. As we approached the gates of the Yue’s newsstand, Annie took out the code detector with a heavy heart, slowly clicking onto the crimson button, as every second passed and the length of the button reaching down in fractions of centimeters, decr-“

    “Louis,” Jessica said quietly, as she slowly spoke in a crescendo manner, “stop with those mysterious book narratives and cut to the chase!”

    “Then when the coast was clear we ran for our lives while trying to be cautious about it. We did the same thing as we did when we reached the newsstand and somehow got covered in soot.”

    “Louis, just get serious this time,” Edison asked with a squeaking impatience sparking to the surface lightly.

    Louis chuckled in amusement and cleared his throat. “Okay, okay. I’ll be serious this time. We got into the newsstand, and when we saw a beam of light behind the counter, we were curious with our inquisitive minds,” Annie snorted as Louis paused, “so we peeked behind the counter. What we saw left us to be careless about the fact that we’re open to the attacks of a cricket, mouse, and a cat with a flashlight sitting in a circle.”

    “Stop kidding us again,” Jessica said in disbelief, almost up to an annoyance state.

    “I told you not to joke that much, now they don’t believe us.”

    “That’s the point. We could research about them while they think we’re crazy insane cigarette sniffing animals!”

    “I think you’re getting a little too hyped up there, Louis,” Annie said dilatorily while feeling his head. Louis brushed it away while grinning and looking at the facial expressions of Jessica and Edison.

    “Okay then, explain why you would be here so quickly? Judging by your nosy personalities, you wouldn’t leave until you brought them in bags as they suffocate and suffer a long and tiring death!” Jessica said with exaggeration and emphasized on the word, “nosy”.

    “Do you three have to always be that harsh towards each other? Louis seems to never be serious, not to mention he’s crazy right now, “ Edison took a glance at Louis in disgust as a joke, “and there’s Annie giggling like mad, and always snorting and cutting off people. She never gives us enough sleep because of her never ending stubborn personality.” Annie laughed even more at that point, while almost falling on the floor, but Jessica held on to her unintentionally, “Don’t even make me mention Jessica. Bad tempered and impatient, and she’s about to slap me right now, so I’m going to add smart and pretty.” Instead of abusing Edison, Jessica is reduced into a smudge of laughter, slowly growing louder.

    “And you, Edison…you’re not the smartest, you don’t have the best experiences, and you only read out of the book. But you always make us laugh, Edison, always.” Louis grinned at Edison while the two hysterical women were nodding in agreement and dropping on the floor with no signs of pain, which they will experience as happiness wears out.

    ? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿

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