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Thread: Sunset in the Silk Road

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    Post Sunset in the Silk Road

    Hi All,
    This is my first wu xia story. Please let me know what you think of it.
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    Actually I got the idea to write this story since one and half years ago when I read about Silk Road. Besides my deep interest in wu xia story, I also have a deep interest in history of ancient China and particularly Silk Road and multi-ethnic relationship in ancient China.
    So I try to combine all of my interest in this fiction. I hope that you can enjoy it and give me input on it.

    Thanks a lot!

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    It was a spring sunny day in March , 1123, during the reign of Emperor Huizhong from Song Dinasty. In the inner courtyard of the General Yang in Lin An (now Hangzhou), some maids and servants were busy preparing a big feast for the family. That day, Mr. Huang, the richest man in Chang An will go to Yang Mansion to propose the youngest daughter of General Yang for his son. It was said that the youngest daughter of General Yang was the most beautiful girl in Chang An. Actually nobody ever saw that girl face. As a daughter of a nobleman, she was raised in the mansion and never left her house for the rest of her life.
    Rumor said that General Yang wanted to wed that girl since that girl was too smart that in 3 years General Yang had to hire 7 teachers to teach her art and literature. It is said that once she made a poem competition and she defeated the imperial teacher. Of course the imperial teacher feel embarrassed. Luckily the imperial teacher Lu Chin Kang was an open minded person. He didn’t feel insulted and instead of being embarrassed or angry, he saw this girl as a smart girl and he was eager to make the girl his student.
    General Yang had no objection with this, in fact he was really grateful since he himself had no idea on how to educate her stubborn little girl.
    That is how Liu Chin Kang an imperial teacher became a teacher of General Yang’s youngest daughter. He taught that girl for three years until he retire a few months ago. If only General Yang knew what kind of teaching Liu Chin Kang taught to his daughter, probably he would never let Liu Chin Kang became his daughter’s private teacher.
    Two maids have been knocking on the Little Miss Yang’s room. It’s already eight o’clock and the Huang family would come to propose Miss Yang at nine o’clock. But nobody response from the room. The maids became worry and reported it to Lady Yang. Lady Yang hurriedly came to her daughter’s room and knocked the door.
    “Li Ching get up!! It’s already eight o’clock and you have not waken up yet. You really disgrace your parents. Huang family will come to propose you and you want to show your laziness to them? Come out now or I will break into your room and shower you with cold water”, shouted Lady Yang. It seemed that she had lost her patience. Her face turn into pale and she looked panic.
    Still no answer from inside the room, Lady Yang gave a sign to the servants there to break into the room with force. Nobody was in the room, the bedroom still neat and clean, no one slept on it the night before.
    That day, another rumor spread in Lin An : General Yang’s daughter run away from home on her engagement day.

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    A young scholar man wearing a white gown was sitting on the pavilion on the river bank. He was painting a calligraphy while his servant sleepily fanned him with a folding fan. It seemed that he was very absorbed with his calligraphy.
    It was quiet and peaceful at that time, when suddenly they hear horses galloped from the west direction.
    “What a noise”, said the servant.
    Suddenly the horsemen stop in front of the pavilion. A one eyed man, with a brutal face entered the pavilion, looked at the calligraphy work and laugh so hard.
    “Hey Sissy, you’d better get out from here and continue your work outside. Otherwise I will capture you and give you as a present to my brother Wong Man Siu”, said the one eyed man.
    “Hmm”, said the young scholar “First I’m not a sissy and second calligraphy is not a silly work, and third: I don’t want to be forced by a man like you. So please Gentleman, let me finish my work here and don’t stand in front of me, you are blocking my view”, said the young man nonchalantly.
    Then one eye man laugh so hard and said, “You kid, you really don’t know how deep is the sea and how high is sky. You really don’t know whom you are talking! Ha…ha…It’s okay. I guess my brother will like your pretty sissy face. I’m sure he will treat you nice as a concubine. Ha,…ha.. What do you think brothers?”, asked the one eye man to his henchmen.
    His henchmen laughed and they all agreed with the one eyed man.
    “Gentleman, you are not only impolite, but you are also very indecent in your speech”, the young scholar raised his eyebrow.
    “Ho..ho…looked at him, don’t you think he looks cute if he raised his eyebrow and angry like that?”, said the one eye man heckling the young scholar.
    “No need to talk with uncivilized men like you all”, said the young scholar grumbling.
    Suddenly, from the distance, they heard another group of galloping horses approaching them."
    “Pretty boy, I will finish my business with you later!”, said the one-eyed man blinked his only one eye to the young scholar.
    The second group of horsemen consisted of 7 men wearing black gowns with red scarves on their heads.
    They’re known as the Black Scorpion Sect, a bandit group who usually roam around the border and desert. The group was led by a man who has a scratch on his face. He’s in his forties,
    “Hey brother Wong, you’re here!” said the man with a scratch on his face.
    “I keep my promise and be with you! You made me have to leave my beloved young maid at home. What’s so important brother Ma?” said the one- eyed man whose name called Wong.
    “I want to make an important business with you. I’m sure that you will like this deal. It will bring a lot of money to you. You can buy hundreds of maids you like!”
    “ha..ha…I always love money and women. You really know me, brother Ma!”. “Tell me what is it!”
    “It’s an important business. Is it safe here to talk?”, said Ma. He looked around with his cunning eyes. And when he looked at the young scholar, he looked at the young man suspiciously. “Who is that young scholar, brother Wong?”
    “Ah, no need to care about that sissy. He’s just a pretty boy scholar. I want to kidnap him and make him a present for my Old brother. He must be delighted if I give him that pretty sissy.”
    “Ha….so Wong Man Siu still has not changed after so many years! He has a beautiful wife like that but he still prefers a pretty boy rather than his own wife!” said Ma with bitter face.
    “Let’s get out from here to another place. I still want to introduce you with the other gang who will join our mission”, said Ma.
    “Okay let’s go”, said Wong. “Hey, you guys, take that sissy to come with us”, said Wong, gave order to his henchmen.
    “No, just let him go!”, said Ma suddenly. I don’t want you to mix up our business with your pleasure. If you want you can take the boy some other time, but not now when we want to discuss this matter with Madame Flower. You will only make a trouble if you take that boy and meet Madame Flower”.
    “Ah….that devil woman will also join this mission?” said Wong alarmed. He could not assume what kind of mission Ma was offering so that the devil woman wanted to join the mission.
    “We go now!”, said Ma. He galloped his horse to the north, followed by his henchmen and Wong’s group.
    “Ah…they’ve gone…at last!, said the young scholar. He’s still busy with his calligraphy. “Now be prepared A Yung! We’ll go chase after them. Anyway…do I look sissy?”, asked the young scholar seriously.
    A Yung, the servant, laugh so hard until he rolled on the floor.
    “Hei, you don’t answer me,” says the young scholar with serious tone.
    “Sorry Master, but you’re the one who take it seriously. Of course you don’t look sissy. You are just good looking with scholar look. You are indeed handsome! Just ask Madame Liu if you don’t believe me…she’s very eager to matchmaking you with her niece!” said the young servant teasing his young master.
    “Urgh…if you mention her name again then I will knock your head!,” hissed the young master angrily.
    Then the young scholar and his young servant A Yung rode their horse and chased Wong and Ma hordes.

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    In the desert, a dust cloud rising as a large desert caravan moving. The caravan consisted of dozens of camels with some horses led the caravan, all ridden by men with high noses and sunken eyes. They had thick beards on their faces and white cloths tied around their heads.
    Foreigner traders were a common sight in the central area. A lot of traders from Central Asia and Persia traded in China, they bought ceramics, silk and tea and sold the goods in their country.
    Suddenly the horses had to stop, since they saw some corpse neglected in the desert. A young man with brown hair jumped from his horse and checked the dead bodies.
    “They are killed, Uncle! I think we should avoid this area and find a safer place to stay tonight!’ said the man using a foreign language to his uncle, a man with beard and cloth in his head.
    “It seemed they are not robbed. There’s no sign they carried goods or something. Probably they’re killed by bandits”
    “Let’s go, to another route! It seems that this route is not really safe”, said the old man with the thick beard.
    “Hei, this old man is still alive,” said the brown hair man who checked the corpse. “We have to save him!”
    “I think we should let him, who knows that he’s a robber of a fugitive? We should not interfere their people’s business. “
    “But we can’t leave him like this. He’s still alive……What should we do Uncle?” asked the brown hair man to his uncle.
    “I guess we have to take care of him while we can. He’s badly wounded. He will die if we just leave him like this”, said the old man. Those who save one life, save the whole world”, said the old man wisely. It seemed that he’s respected by all of the men there
    So the young man carried the wounded man and treated his wound.
    Later on, the brown hair man put a bandage on the wounded man at his tent. We was stunned as he opened them wounded man clothes and saw that the man has a kind of tattoo with Chinese character written on his chest. It must be something secret, thought the brown hair man.
    The wounded man suddenly opened his eyes. He’s about sixty years old, looked smart with his white hair and beard. He tried to sit down and the brown hair man helped him to sit down. The man pulled a little knife from his pocket. The brown hair man was alert, he was ready in case the wounded man suddenly attack him. He stepped back and watched the wounded man. Suddenly the wounded man, scratch his chest skin with the knife that his blood bled a lot of blood. He then gave his chest skin to the brown hair man. He whispered with his heavy breath in Chinese.
    “Sir, I don’t really know Chinese, please wait a moment, I will call someone who can speak Chinese so you talk to him freely,” said the brown hair man. Now he knew that the wounded man wouldn’t hurt him. He take a cloth and put it on the wounded man’s chest.
    The wounded man gripped the brown hair’s wrist, speaking with his heavy breath to the young man, and gave the brown hair young man his chest skin which was now looked like a map made of skin.
    “It’s a secret. Be careful with this map. I gave this map to you since you are a good man. Give this map to General Yang in Lin An!” General Yang, Lin An,” said the wounded man. His breath was very heavy and it seemed that he’s about dying. He still tried to say something, but the brown man didn’t speak Chinese well. He didn’t really understand what the man was talking about.
    “Don’t tell it to anyone… It’s a big secret in the martial art world,” said the wounded man. “Swear for the heaven sake that you won’t tell anyone about this, stranger!
    I will be a ghost and haunt you if you ever tell this secret and if you don’t deliver that skin to General Yang!”.
    “I won’t swear to you. But I will keep my promise to you and deliver that stuff to General Yang. But don’t intimidate me like that. I hate being intimidated like that. But I can only deliver that stuff after I finish my own business,” said the brown hair man.
    “No problem with that. I can see from your eyes that you are an honest man. I’m sure you will keep your promise!” said the wounded man. He could smile in pain now. The brown hair man was once again put a bandage on the man’s chest.
    “What is your name young man?” asked the wounded man.
    “My name is Yacov Levi,” the brown hair man replied.
    “Ya Ke Le Wi?” asked the wounded man again.
    “Yacov Levi!”
    “Ya Ke Le Wi……ah..what a difficult name to pronounce,” the wounded man mumbled with low voice.
    “And what is your name, Sir?”
    “My name is Liu Chin Kang. General Yang is my friend. His daughter is my pupil. General Yang will welcome you if you mention my name and give the map to him,” said the man again.
    “Where do you come from?” “And where do you intend to go?” asked the wounded man curiously.
    “We come from Persia. We’re Yu Tai (Jew) people from Persia and we’re heading to Kaifeng. We have some relatives who have already settled there. Do you ever go to Kaifeng uncle?” asked Levi.
    “Of course I know Kaifeng. I stayed there for a long time before I moved to Lin An. I know that there’s a community of Yutai there,” said the man again. He looked very tired and pale.
    The wounded old man sit and watch the brown hair man bandage his wound. He took a deep breath and muttered in Chinese language several time. The brown hair man didn’t know how to speak Chinese well, so he just listened to that wounded man without any comment.
    “Hei……you are a handsome young man!” said the wounded man almost laugh. “You really have to go and find General Yang. Later on, who knows that he will give you Li Ching as your wife. Ha..ha..ha…,” the man laughed that he coughed several times since he was really had a bad injured.
    The brown hair man shook his head. “You should take a rest,” he laid the wounded man on the mattress. But the wounded man refused him. “Why should I rest? So I can die with my eyes close?” You know that with this wound I can not survive,” said the man with slow voice.
    “Just keep your promise to me stranger!”, said the man.
    “I’m a stranger, and I just know you a few hours. This map must be something precious that you have to redeem your life to protect this map. Why do you trust me?” asked the brown man with curiosity.
    “Good question stranger!”
    “I trust you,…….since this afternoon, you’re the one who suggested to your troupe leader to save me. I believe that you are a good man,” said the man. “And I see that your face is an honest face!”
    “Brown hair, when you go to Lin An and meet General Yang, you have to see his daughter, Yang Li Ching. My pupil is a nice and smart girl. I will suggest you to take her as your wife!....ha..ha…. Li Ching must be very angry if she heard this!” The wounded man coughed again.
    Levi, the brown hair man grinned when he heard that. “He’s badly injured but still eager to be matchmaker,” said Levi with his own language and shaking his head.
    “Keep your promise to me. And I’m sure that you will get the best reward for you!” The wounded man now just sit and stared with absent mind. He took a long deep breath and suddenly he poped up his eyes and stop breathing. He died with his eyes open and smile on his lips. He was very convinced that the brown hair young man will keep his promise to him.
    The brown hair man was shocked, he never thought that the man would die so fast. He said something in his own language, a kind of prayer and he close the man eyelids.
    That wounded man died and buried in the dessert. Nobody in the caravan entourage knew his name or where did he come from. No inscription in his tombstone. The brown hair man who accompanied the dead man, inscribe some letters in his own language. It is written: “A Chinese man with a map on his chest”.

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    Two men was entering a restaurant. The first man was a handsome young scholar, while the other one looked like the young man’s servant.
    “Waiter, bring us all the best food here for my master!” said the servant.
    “Plak”, a folding fan was hit on the servant’s head. “No waiter, just bring us rice and some food!” said the young man politely.
    “A Yung, do I have to tell you again and again not to draw attention from other people? “ frowned the scholar.
    “My father told you to accompany me and take care of me. But you always make trouble and last time you almost make our disguised revealed with your careless action!” said the young scholar again.
    “I’m sorry Master Wen,” A Yung moaned while he’s caressing his swollen head.
    They were eating their food when a group of men wearing black gown with red scarf on their heads stepped down from the second floor. It’s the Black Scorpion Sect again.
    “A Yung, don’t make any move that can draw their attention!“ said the scholar whose family name is Wen.
    “I know,I know…..” A Yung pouted. “You always think that I’m a dumb don’t u?”
    “Waiter, give us all the best food here!” shouted one of the men from the Black Scorpion Sect.
    “Yes masters, we will bring you all the foods you want,” said the waiter while he pour some tea for the henchmen.
    “Hei brother Li,” said one of the henchmen, “Now what else should we do that our Leader asked us to return to headquarter?”
    “I don’t know. I only know that Liu Chin Kang and his entourage was attacked by Wong Man Li and his gangs. Liu Chin Kang was badly injured by Wong Man Li, but the map still not been found. I guess our next task is to find the map,” said the one who called Li.
    “And what about the man upstairs? What is his connection with Liu?” asked one of the men.
    “Wong Man Li was badly wound when he left the desert. He ran away from the site where he took the battle. But later on he regret that he left the desert in a hurry. So two days after he thought he killed Liu Chin Kang, he returned to the site. He was surprise that Liu’s body was no longer there. The body was missing. So there’s only one possibility: that Liu was still alive. That man upstairs was caught by Wong Man Li who ride a horse along the desert to find out where Liu is. He caught the man not far away from here. And because of his poor condition, Wong Man Li asked Madame Flower and our master to take care of this case and find out where Liu Chin Kang is,” Li replied.
    “Wong Man Siu and Wong Man Li are famous bandits. Madame Flower and our sect also not an ordinary peoples. So this map must be something very important,” said one of the man.
    “It is said that those who have the map, will conquer the world,” said the other man. “Is it a treasure map or something, brother Li?”.
    “I don’t know either. I really have no clue on this case,” said Li with absent mind. “I really don’t know what kind of treasure is in the map. But I’m sure it must be something really precious.”
    Suddenly they heard a sound of chariot stopped in front of the restaurant which also a hotel in its second floor.
    A beautiful woman, about fifty years old stepped out from the chariot. She’s wearing a yellow gown, with flowers decorating her hairs. Although she’s not a young girl, she looked pretty with her simple hair and flowers on her hair.
    “She must be Madame Flower,” muttered the scholar. “That devil woman really involve in this case. So the treasure may not just a rumor,” muttered the scholar quietly. He pretended didn’t see her coming.
    The four men from the Black Scorpion stood from their seat as Madame Flower entering the restaurant.
    “No need to be so formal,” said Madam Flower when the four men gave her salut with their fist. “Where’s the man? I need to talk to him now!”
    “He’s upstair,” said one of the men. “Please Madame!”
    The four men and Madame Flower stepped up to the second floor of the restaurant which also a hotel.
    The scholar then called the waiter, told him that he wanted to stay at the hotel that night. “A Yung I go up stairs first, you show me where’s our room,” said the scholar and he blinked an eye to give code to A Yung.
    “Okay Mr Wen, I know what to do,” said A Yung.
    The scholar sneak out to the second floor. He used his ginkang, so his steps could only be heard by those who have trained ears.
    He saw one of the men from the Black Scorpion sect just entered one of the room. The man looked at the scholar suspiciously but the scholar looked like a weak scholar. He ignored that scholar and entered the room.
    The scholar tried to overhear the conversation inside the room. So he examined the room next to the room where Madame Flower just entered. He’s lucky that the left side of the room was empty. So he sneaked out to the room and he listened to the conversation in the next room. He heard feeble conversations in the next room.
    He heard a female voice speaking:
    “Young boy, you are so lucky that you can get alive until now. I will spare your life if you can tell me where Liu Chin Kang is.”
    “Now you tell me where he is, otherwise, I will cut off your tongue and cut you into pieces before I kill you,” said Madame Flower. Madame Flower had a beautiful pretty face. But everybody in the Wu Lin world knew that she was a devil woman. Rumor said that she killed her husband ate her husband flesh after she knew that her husband betrayed her.
    Someone with slow voice, probably that man got a bad injured, speaking with weak voice, “I didn’t know where the hell Liu Chin Kang is. I didn’t even know that his real name is Liu Chin Kang. I knew him as Liu Chao. That’s all I know. I’ve been asked hundred times by these men about the map. But really don’t know what kind of map you’re talking about.”
    “I was just trying to earn some money. That is why I worked for the Dragon and Phoenix bodyguard agency. I joined the trip with Mr Liu about six months ago. I never thought that my entourage attacked by bandits. And the worse is that I’m the only one who survive on the desert. All of them are dead. And when I just …..from death, another man caught me and brought me here. And everyday you all ask me the same questions,” mumbled the man.
    “All of your entourage are dead? You lie to me! Liu Chin Kang is still alive isn’t he?” asked Li with high tone.
    “auw….stop beating me! I really don’t know about that. When I wake up from my unconsciousness, his body still there. Just stop beating me……”, said the man moaning.
    “Listen to me young boy. Probably you’re right that you know nothing about where is Liu now. But I’m sure you know that Liu Chin Kang brought a map with him before he was defeated in the desert by Wong Man Li,” said Madame Flower.
    “What map?I know nothing about the map. Even if you asked me a hundred thousand times I will answer that I know nothing about the map,” said the man. He’s holding his pain stomach because of the beating.
    “Probably Mr Liu didn’t bring the map with him or probably he gave the map to someone else. Who knows?” said the man with angry, but desperate voice.
    “Hmmm…that is a logic argument also. Liu Chin Kang supposed to know that he face a dangerous mission. He might have given that map to someone else. But who?” muttered Madame Flower.
    “Did Liu Chin Kang meet someone before your group attacked by Wong brothers?” asked Madame Flower.
    “I will spare your life if you tell me honestly and also this will be your…..” said Madame Flowers.
    She showed some gold money to the wounded man. And the wounded man no longer moaned again. He looked at the gold money with his eyes wide open.
    “Now….this is only one tenth of the gold I’m going to give you. Just answer my questions honestly. And I will give you these gold,” said Madame Flower again.
    “Each question means one gold. Be prepared!” said Madame Flower with melodious voice.
    “Did Liu Chin Kang meet someone before your group attacked by Wong brothers?”, asked Madame Flower.
    “No. He didn’t meet anyone since we left Kaifeng six months ago,” said the man.
    Cring…a golden money was poured from Madame Flower’s hand.
    “See…I keep my promise! Second question: Did Liu Chin Kang has a personal belonging that he used to take good care?” asked Madame Flower.
    “As far as I know, Liu Chin Kang only has a kind of silk pocket. He used to watch the pocket at night. But as far as I know, the pocket is empty,” said the wounded man.
    “What a traitor,” the scholar mumbled with low voice.
    “Is this the pocket you mentioned?” said Madame Flower. She showed a green silk pocket to the wounded man.
    “Damn, I can’t see what kind of pocket she’s showing,” muttered the scholar.
    “Yes. That is the pocket that my master used to watch,” said the young man.
    “Cring…” another gold money was poured.
    “Did Liu Chin Kang ever do something suspicious or unusual?” asked Madame Flower.
    “No. He’s a very simple man. I followed him for more than 6 months, but I had never known that he was an Imperial teacher. He always did anything in routine.”
    “Okay. So you and your master and some of the men from the bodyguard agency was heading north. Do you know where is the destination of your journey?” asked Madame Flower.
    “I don’t know. Nobody knows it,”
    “Even the bodyguard agency also didn’t know about it. Mr Liu was the one who gave instruction where we should heading to,” said the man. His voice sounds more relaxed now. Perhaps the gold money made her wound healed just in second.
    “So your entourage knows nothing about where’s the final destination?’s strange. Tell me about your trip. Did you found something odd during the travel or something?” asked Madame Flower. Her sounds has no longer as enthusiastic as before. She probably never thought that her question will lead into an answer she’s been searching for.
    “Nothing odd during the travel. Besides that Mr Liu’s chest was bleeding a lot when we’re in Kaifeng. We had to delay our trips for 3 days because of it. He bled a lot and I still don’t know why and how he became bleeding like that,” said the young man frowned.
    “Could it be……that he made a tattoo on his chest?” asked one of the men.
    All of them stunned. Madame Flower was so excited to hear that. She grabbed the young man’s neck. “Tell me, did Liu Chin Kang has a tattoo on his chest or other part of his body?” She asked enthusiastically.
    “I don’t know Madame. But one of my friend told me that once he saw that Mr Liu has a strange painting on his chest. Mr Liu was very angry when my friend entered his room without permission. He almost killed my friend because of it. My friend told me that Mr Liu didn’t kill him after knowing that he is illiterate,” said the young man again.
    “Liu Chin Kang must have made a tattoo on his chest! No wonder no one can find the map when we search on his clothes last time!” said Madame Flower almost shout.
    “Damn. If only I knew it I would not left him dying on the desert,” Madame Flower spoke with panic voice.
    “If he died, then the map will disappear forever! “ she said again with almost desperate voice.
    “We still have a chance! Now we’re not really far away from the desert. We may be able to reach the desert in 18 days. All we have to do is to find out where Liu Chin Kang dead or alive. If he died in the desert, who knows that we still can find his corpse and took the map,” said on the men.
    “I’m sure if he’s dead, beasts and crows have already eaten all of his body and left nothing for us,” said the other man.
    “Ah…I know,” said one of the men with enthusiastic voice. “I think we really should go to the desert and find Liu dead or alive. A beast or a crow, will never eat skin part. The worse case if Liu’s really dead in the desert and his body being preyed by beasts, his skin will remained there. And also the hot temperature in the desert will preserve his skin,” said the man again.
    “Wow…you are right brother Ma!” said the men. Madame Flower also agreed his opinion.
    “So it’s better that some of you go back to your headquarter and tell this issue to your master!” said Madame Flower. “Me and this man, and two of you should come with me to the desert!”
    “Okay, then we should take a rest in this city today and tomorrow morning we will go to the desert,” said Li.
    Suddenly they heard the waiter spoke with aloud voice : “Hey Mister, your room is not here. Your room is in front of this. You and your servant are really annoying! I told him already that your room is in there, but you won’t listen........,” the servant still mumbled with his odd voice.
    Madame Flower and the men from the Black Scorpion didn’t pay attention to that incident anymore. They were thinking another more important issue.
    Later on that night, almost everybody in the hotel were sleeping. But the young scholar still sat on the chair, with his books and pen. He seemed to be alarmed.
    “Young Master Wen, please go to bed now! We will continue our trip tomorrow early in the morning and until now you have not slept yet!” said A Yung sleepily.
    “A Yung, perhaps on tomorrow trip you can’t come with me. It will be a dangerous mission and I don’t want to make you involve in this case,” said the
    The scholar’s name was Wen Hai Lung. He was the second son of Minister Wen. Minister Wen was known as a loyal and honest minister. Not only that, Wen family also known as someone who cared a lot to poor and needy people. People in Kaifeng respect and honor Wen family.
    As for Wen Hai Lung, he has been taught by Chao Wan Ling, the Thunder Swordman. Not only Wen Hai Lung is good in martial art, but he also good in literature. But people in Wu Lin world never heard about him, since this is his first experience traveling in Wu Lin world.
    Hearing that, A Yung began to worry. He knew his master’s skills. But he also knew people who they might dealing with were also not ordinary people. Madame Flower, Wong brothers and his gangs, Black Scorpion Sect, all of them were cruel and have high skills.
    “Master, I know this mission will not be easy for us. But I can’t and won’t leave you alone. I will accompany you wherever you go!” said A Yung wholeheartedly. He’s no longer sleepy now.
    “You know A Yung, I myself know nothing about this map. But it must be something really precious that my father and even my teacher asked me to find out the map whereabouts,” said Hai Lung again.
    “You know how my father is. Even a mount of gold he will not accept if is not derive from the right path. So I guess that this map is not a treasure map,” said Hai Lung. He tried to think of the best possibility about what kind of the map he’s searching.
    “Could it be..a martial art book? A sacred martial art book that can make someone who master the book invincible?” asked A Yung. His eyes wide opened and he didn’t sleepy anymore.
    “Could be…. Yes..I think that is the most logical possibility. If it is only a treasure map, then my father would not care like this,” said Hai Lung.
    “Now the situation in our country is not really safe. Maybe your father and your teacher afraid that some bandits find the map and control the martial art and bring calamity to the martial art and society,” said A Yung passionately.
    “Yeah yeah…you probably right…but slowdown your voice AYung!”
    Now the two men just sit when they heard a sound from the roof. Wen Hai Lung has been trained in martial art for so many years. His ears was very sensitive that he could hear even a small steps in the distance. And although A Yung was not as good as his master, but his skills was not bad also. They both looked at each other. They knew that something was going on in that inn that night.
    Hai Lung gave a sign to A Yung. He opened the window slowly that only skillful ears can hear it. He saw that the man who just walked on the roof was now sliding on the ground and knock slowly to Madame Flower’s room. Hai Lung peeped behind the pillar and saw Madame Flower opened her door room.
    Hai Lung sneaked out approaching Madame Flower’s room. He tried to listened their conversation.
    Inside the room, Madame Flower’s voice sounded panic.
    “Mr Wan, how’s the situation?” asked Madame Flower.
    “Hmm…what kind of situation you are asking?” the man scoffed. It seemed that the man was Madame Flower’s superior. “You, Wong brothers and Black Scorpion Sect are useless!”
    “I’m sorry Mr Wan. But you know that we’ve already tried our best. Liu Chin Kang is very tricky, the map was not with him. We just knew that probably Liu Chin Kang write down the map on his body….that is why Brother Wong couldn’t find the map when he defeated Liu,” Madame Flower explained.
    “We plan to go to the desert to find out Liu’s body. Hopefully no beast eats his body,” said Madame Flower again.
    “Huh,… are all just useless. You even don’t know that Liu Chin Kang was not dead when Wong Man Li left him on the desert! I went to check out the spot a day after Wong Man Li told me that he had killed Liu Chin Kang and found no map on him. There’s no Liu’s body when I went there. I’m sure that Liu’s has already escaped. I think that he’s still alive.”
    “Brother Wong is really careless. It is good that Liu is not dead yet, so at least the map is not destroyed or missing. So now our main task is to find out where he is now,” muttered Madame Flower.
    Suddenly the man stunned. His skillful ears heard something odd. It was Hai Lung’s leg who stepped at a branch. Hai Lung realized that the sound can lead him in a trouble. So he tried to run away from that place immediately. But then he saw a cat passing him. So Hai Lung used his gin kang, grabbed the cat, and threw the cat in front of Madame Flower’s room while he himself jump to the ground floor and try not to breath.
    In the same time, the man inside the room jumped from the window. He expected that he would meet someone who peeped or overheard his conversation. Instead, he just saw a cat pranced in front of his window.
    “Just a cat,” said the man with relief voice.
    In the ground floor, Hai Lung can now took a breath since the man upstairs believed that it’s just a cat
    Hai Lung used the stairs and walk like a normal man to his room. He brush pass with some of Black Scorpion Sect on his way to his room. None of the men suspicious since Hai Lung walked like a weak scholar.

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    Hey, great!!! <IMG SRC="smilies/clap.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/clap.gif" border="0">

    Lots of fresh ideas here...., with Jewish character etc..

    Update soon!!!! <IMG SRC="smilies/thumbsup.gif" border="0">
    back w/ a vengeance ^_^

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    <IMG SRC="smilies/bow.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/bow.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/bow.gif" border="0"> thanks Floo.
    As I told you this is my first story....but it seems that you are the only one who read this story <IMG SRC="smilies/smooch.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/frown.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/bawling.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/bawling.gif" border="0">

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    Naaaah.... as I seeing that cute little page that revealed what you're doing, I saw WK reading ur Sunset. Mebbe s/he's too busy to comment? <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">
    back w/ a vengeance ^_^

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    <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">! I thought that nobody read my story here. I post my story on Winglin and I got more comment there. least somebody read my story.

    Thanks a lot Floo...and we've been waiting for your update 9 Colors of Rainbow

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    Meanwhile, in the desert Levi, the brown hair man was watching the skin map. He was lying on the mattress on the sand and thought about the skin map. He just couldn’t understand the Chinese man who made a tattoo on his body.

    He couldn’t sleep that night. His mind was wandering. It had been almost two years since he left his hometown. His father and mother died three years ago. And then he decided to go with his uncle who used to do trading in a country called Middle Kingdom (China).

    During his trip from Persia to China, He had tried to learn Chinese language. He had no other families but his uncle. Living in a new country wouldn’t be such a big problem for him. He often met Chinese traders when he still lived in Persia. But his imagination about China was never be the same again after he met Liu Chin Kang.

    Levi wondered about this man. Deep in his heart Levi believed that Liu Chin Kang was not a bad man. But how could he be so sure? He even knew nothing about this man. What if he helped someone who was bandit? He kept on thinking about it until he slept under stars.

    Suddenly he heard some noise. He thought that he’s dreaming. But then Levi awake. He realized that it was not a dream. It’s a sound of horses galloped toward his caravan. He put his ears on the ground to listen and this time he was so sure that dozen of horses were approaching his caravan. He predicted that the horses may reach their position now in about half an hour.

    Levi woke up immediately. He ran to one of the tent and took a kind of trumpet made from a ramp horn. He blew up the horn to wake all of his troupe.

    In a few minutes, all of the men on his troupe came out from their tents. They are preparing their weapons while the women and children were packing their tents. They faced that kind of trouble before, although they were afraid, but they were trained not to be panic.

    Levi and his caravan had experienced several times bandits attack during his journey. When he left Persian two years ago, there’s 389 men and 125 women and children on their caravan. But now, after several bandit attack and disease, there’s only 172 men and 83 women and children.

    In less than half an hour, the Persian Jews were ready to leave their camping ground. In that dark night, they galloped their camels and horses and fled from the bandits. Levi, and some young men led their caravan. The women and children were evacuated using horse and camels. They only brought some food and clothes with them.

    Levi and some men had to guard their caravan carts. They brought a lot of valuables goods in their carts. That’s why they had to try their best to protect the goods. They were all carrying swords or sabers on their hand.
    Some men who ever visited China before led the women and children to go to a safer place. Suddenly the quiet night became a busy night for them

    Levi never felt so worry like this before. This time his instinct told him that the enemies they’re facing were not easy to be defeated. About fifteen minutes later, they heard dozen of horses galloped approaching their troupe. His heart was beating so fast.

    Now Levi and his troupe were surrounded by dozen of horses ridden by men wearing black gown with red scarf on their heads. It’s the Black Scorpion Sect. They began excited knowing that Levi’s troupe only consisted of around 100 men. The Black Scorpion Sect only consisted of 75 men. But they’re all skillful and had a lot of experience in robbing, looting or did other crime.

    The bandits besieged Levi and his troupe. The two groups spoke in their own language, and they both tried to make strategy to defeat the other. It’s lucky for Levi that he understood some Chinese language, so he could catch the bandits trick to defeat them.

    The bandit leader, the man with a scratch on his face, ordered some of his henchmen to plunder the Yutai’s carts while some of them fight the Yutai who tried to defend and protect their belongings.

    Levi and some of the men who knew Chinese language made a strategy to face the bandit. Levi ordered one of his men to protect a small wooden box, contained a scroll of their holy bible. For the Yutai people, it’s better for them to loose their money and belongings than to loose their holy bible.

    That’s why Levi ordered one of the men to hide the small box near his horse’s saddle, while another five men protect this man.
    After they did that, the Yutai people were ready to fight and protect their belongings if possible.

    The leader of the bandit then raised his sword in the air, shouted and ordered his men to attack the Yutai people.
    Levi also ordered his troupe to attack the bandits.

    Although Levi’s troupe had more men to fight, but they’re fighting skills were not as good as the bandits. In less than half an hour, all of the carts has been plundered. Some of the bandit had left the battle and run away. The bandits were only focus to plunder, so they just left after they got all the carts.

    They’re still fighting, and half of Levi’s troupe had been killed. Levi kept on focusing on his friend who hid the small box on his saddle. His friend was one of the best fighters in their troupe, so Levi didn’t worry too much about him. Almost all of the bandits had run away when Levi’s eyes catch at a glance that two bandits killed the men who protected the box and arrogated the small wooden box. All of the five men who protected the man also had been killed. The two bandits took the small wooden box and galloped their horse and fled.

    Levi wanted to chase that two bandits. But another three bandits attacked him. He had to kill them all before he galloped his horse and chased the bandits. After he killed three bandits who attacked him, he chased the bandit who brought the small wooden box.

    The two bandits who took the box knew that Levi was chasing after them. So they turned to another direction toward a dead end cliff. They planned to trap Levi there.
    The three bandits stop their horses. Levi had to pulled his horse’s rein when he saw the two bandits stop immediately. He realized now that he has been trapped.

    “Please return the box to me, “ said Levi with his halting Chinese.
    The two bandits grinned. It was moonlight, and Levi could see the bandit face clearly. The bandits had scary and cruel faces.

    Levi drew his sword. He was beleaguered by the two brutal bandits. The two bandits attacked Levi hand in hand. Levi’s sword skill was not bad, but somehow he only had two hands to fight four hands. He began tired and weak after some time.

    Suddenly when Levi was busy avoiding a sword which was pointed on his chest, another sword was pointed at his throat. Unable to avoid the stroke, he raised his sword to block it, and the two blades clashed in a shower of sparks.

    “Crang,” Levi’s sword clattered on the ground. The other bandit used that chance to hit Levi on his chest. Levi fell on the ground. He’s so tired but he tried to get up and fight again. He breathed heavily and sweated.

    “Huh….that’s all your skill, white man?” asked the bandit while his sword in Levi’s throat. “Beg to me and I will let you live, desert dog!” said the bandit again.

    “I would rather die than begging you!” said Levi. He looked very tired and pale, but still not lost his courage.

    “Huh, you’re the one who ask your own death!,” said the bandit. He walked and stood behind Levi’s back, pulled Levi’s hair like a butcher and ready to slash Levi’s neck.

    Please comment
    <IMG SRC="smilies/bow.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/bow.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/bow.gif" border="0"> thanks for reading!

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    the story looks promising, keep on.

    I will continuing reading and you can go on writing. <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/catroar.gif" border="0">
    "History's third dimension is always fiction."
    -- The Glass Bead Game, Hermann Hesse

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    I like Levi character already...

    Li Ching will have a hard choice between him and the scholar maybe. <IMG SRC="smilies/wink.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/tongue.gif" border="0">
    "History's third dimension is always fiction."
    -- The Glass Bead Game, Hermann Hesse

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    <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">Hi Goofy. You are right, Li Ching will have to face a hard choice between Levi and the scholar. <IMG SRC="smilies/confused.gif" border="0">

    <IMG SRC="smilies/beerchug.gif" border="0"> thanks for your comment Goofy

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    Levi opened his eyes while his mouth whispered a prayer in his language.

    “Hiat………,” shouted the bandit, he used all of his power to slash Levi’s neck.

    “ouch..’” the bandit groaned a few second later.

    The three of them were surprised, since the bandit sword which supposed to slash Levi’s neck was now broken into two pieces. The bandit’s hand was bleeding because of the pressure caused by a stone which was used to hit the sword.

    Levi was so amazed. What kind of human power could break a sword using a small stone like that.

    In a flash, they saw a young girl, wearing a leprosy dress, starred at them.
    “Black Scorpion! How dare you make a trouble around here killing innocent men?” said the girl. She’s in her seventeen or eighteen and had a cute face although she looked dirty and she had leprosy.

    The two bandits were scarred as they knew that the girl had a high martial art skills. Only those who has a high martial art skills can broke a sword with a stone like that.

    “Miss, please forgive us. We only do what our master told us to do. Besides, an honorable lady like you, why do you have to help such a foreigner like that?” said one of the bandit begging the leprosy girl.

    “Actually we wanted to let go the people we just robbed, but this man chasing us because of this small wooden box. Please, let us go!” the bandit said again.

    “Yes Miss. Please let us alive. Take this wooden box and we will also let this foreigner go. No one will loose on this deal, huh?” said the other bandit.

    ‘Oh..I see. What a great idea, you scoundrel!” said the girl with snubbed voice.

    She took the wooden box, and threw it to Levi. Levi was very surprised. She never thought that the girl would return the box to him.

    “Listen you bastard!,” said the girl to the bandit again. “I won’t kill you this time. But I will not let you go easily,” said the girl with strange eyes look.

    The girl made a flash move like a thunder. In a second she hit some important blood point and disabled the bandits’ kungfu.

    “Aow..aow,” screamed the bandits in pain.

    “Coward! Shut up you amoral people!” said the girl again. “I just disable your martial art skills so you won’t hurt other people but you already scream like that,” said the girl with angry voice.

    “You robbed a lot of people and killed many more people, yet you laughed and enjoy the time when you slaughtered other people, now you’re groaning just because I disabled your skills?” mumbled the girl.

    “Thanks to your ancestors that I don’t want to kill you today. Now go and don’t do any crime again!” said the girl. She kicked one of the bandits who knelt on the sand.

    The bandit ran away like mice. They even forgot their horses.

    The girl now noticed Levi. She was amazed when she was Levi’s face. That was the first time she saw a foreigner. She looked at Levi without blinking her eyes. Levi was a good looking man. He’s tall, with tone body, hazel and sunken eyes, brown hair, high nose and cute lips.

    Levi knew that the girl was amazed to see him. He smiled at her and said, “Hey Miss, don’t look at me that way! Do I look like an evil that you looked at me that way?” Levi laughed.

    “Thank you so much for your help. If not because of you, I won’t be talking and standing right here now!” said Levi again.

    The girl saw that Levi’s hand was bleeding. She took out an ointment from her pocket and she grabbed Levi’s hand. She intended to apply that ointment to Levi’s hand. Levi spontaneously drew his hand as the leprosy girl wanted to touch his hand.

    The girl was surprised with Levi’s action. But she could understand why Levi wouldn’t want her to touch his hand.

    “I’m sorry…I didn’t intend to…,” said Levi. He felt guilty since he refused the girl’s hand.

    “It’s okay. No problem,” the girl replied and smiled.

    Levi felt sorry for the girl. “This girl seemed to be a nice girl. Basically she’s also cute. What kind of sin she or her ancestors made that she has this kind of leprosy?” said Levi in his heart.

    The girl didn’t know what’s in Levi’s mind. But she knew that everybody will be afraid with her. She lowered her head and took a deep breath.

    “Take this ointment to stop your bleeding!” said the girl waving her hand. She ran, took one of the horse and galloped the horse left Levi alone.

    “Hey Miss, what is your name?” shouted Levi. “How I can pay your favor?” shouted Levi. He ran and tried to catch the girl. But the girl’s horse had run away far away from him.

    “I will always remember you! May God bless you and keep you for the rest of your life!” said Levi again. Suddenly he felt something empty in his heart. He really regretted that he hurt that girl feeling.

    Then Levi galloped his horse back to the battle site. There, his friends were burying those who died on the fighting. There are 45 men died on the battle. And all of the caravans were plundered.

    “That’s Levi!” said one the man.
    “Levi, glad to see you safe! What about the wooden box?” said the men who surrounded Levi.

    “Here’s the box,” said Levi with empty mind. “God sent an angel to help me and gain this wooden box!”

    Comment please <IMG SRC="smilies/bow.gif" border="0">

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    Hi Andrea,

    Sorry for not commenting earlier. Wellz you're fanfic heading to prettie nice start, even though there are some grammar and spelling errors, I think you're story is prettie good. Type your story in MsWord or word processor if it helps. But anyways, very interesting characters you have here. <IMG SRC="smilies/handball.gif" border="0">
    I just love how you Captivate My Mind

    Self reminder - Update blog more often and continue editing/writing for TOV fanfic.

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    <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0"> thanks White Krane.
    Anyway I use MS Word, but yeah...English is not my native language. What can I say? <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">

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    Several hours later, when it was already dawn, Levi’s troupe continued their journey and met the rest of the troupes.
    The entourage welcomed Levi and his troupe as heroes. Especially Levi, since he’s the one who brought back the holy bible scroll from the bandit’s hand.
    Some people were happy since their holy bible could be saved, while some women and children cried knowing their husband or father died on the battle.
    “Levi,” said Levi’s uncle, a man with thick beard, “You have to talk to Hannah! Her brother and father just died. She’s very shocked. You have to comfort her!” said Levi’s uncle again.
    Levi nodded his head. Then he walked towards a tent. A young was weeping, while some other women calmed them down.
    “Hannah, please don’t cry! Your father died since he protected our holy bible. He’s a real hero,” said Levi to comfort the girl. “Actually, I’m the one who should be blamed! I was the one who asked your father to protect the box,” said Levi with low voice. He touched Hannah’s shoulder and said, “Please forgive me!”
    “I have no one but you now, Levi,” said Hannah. Levi caressed her hair and held her. Hannah’s body was tremble as she cried aloud.
    Levi was very tired and sleepy after the previous night battle. Therefore after Hannah was no longer crying, he went to his own tent and took a rest. When he took off his clothes, a small bottle dropped from his pocket. It’s the ointment bottle from the leprosy girl. Again, Levi felt guilty with his rude action toward that poor girl. “Where is she now? Is she fine?” asked Levi in mind. That morning he slept and dreamt about the leprosy girl. He dreamt of kissing the girl and when he kissed her, the girl suddenly turned into a very beautiful girl.
    At the same time, not far away from there, there’s a small city with two or three major roads, two hotels and restaurants and a market. A young leprosy girl was sitting near the city’s gate. Some people and hissed at her and drive her away.
    But the leprosy girl seemed to be deaf or something. She’s been there sitting near the gate for almost ten days. Nobody knew where she came from. She even never spoke to anyone. Every night she would leave the city, and early in the morning she would sit in the same place. Some people who took pity at her would throw some money at her. But she didn’t really care about the money. All she did just watch the city’s gate and watch the hotels and restaurants which located near the main street which lead to the city gate.
    Her eyes were alert as she saw a one-eyed man with black robe entered the city and headed to the nearby restaurant. The man was Wong Man Li.

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    Wong Man Li didn’t eat at the restaurant. He booked a room upstairs the restaurant and ate at his room. He was accompanied by two of his men.

    Wong Man Li had a high martial art skills. His name as a desert bandit made a lot of people trembled as they heard this name. But nobody will guess that a leprosy young girl who was unknown, could creep exactly on the roof above the room where Wong Man Li booked. She overheard Wong Man Li’s conversation from the roof.

    “ Brother Sing, do you know that Madame Flower will arrive today in this city,” said Wong Man Li with a low voice. “You know that Mr Wan think that I’m careless that I didn’t examine Liu Chin Kang’s body carefully. But if you were me..I’m sure that you will do the same thing like me. You will just examine his clothes, his bag, and all of the carts he was carrying. “

    “Yes. I myself will do the same thing if I’m in your position, “ replied the man sipping his wine.

    “Who knows that Liu Chin Kang had drawn the map on his chest! That bastard is really cunning,” hissed Wong Man Li.

    “And who thought that he could survive and not dead with that kind of wound. You know that my brother use his Killing Tiger palm when he fight with Liu Chin Kang. I saw with my own eyes how Liu Chin Kang had a blood vomit before he released his breath!” said Wong Man Li.

    “But he’s not dead, huh?’ said his speaking opponent with snubbed voice.

    “He brother Sing, you also don’t believe me don’t u?” said Wong Man Li with high tone. It seemed that he felt insulted.

    At the same time, they both heard a servant shouted: “Hey you! What are you doing at the roof like that? Get down or I will call police to catch you!”

    Wong Man Li and his friend, Sing, looked at each other. They just now realized that somebody was hearing their conversation. In a second, they both jumped from the window and jumped on the roof. The roof tile clattered on the room.

    Now the two man stood on the roof facing a young leprosy girl.
    “Who are you?” “Why did you overhear our conversation?” said Sing.

    “Huh, who am I is not your concern. You’re both are not good people anyway,” the girl pouted.

    People in the hotel and those outside the street heard the noise. Now almost the whole city were watching what will happen on the roof top of the hotel. The servant and the hotel owner were panic and calling the police. But even the police couldn’t do anything to stop the three people above the roof. All the could do just shouting and told them to get off from the roof.

    “A leprosy girl like you seemed never had a good education huh!” hissed Wong Man Li. “Today I will teach you a lesson and send you to meet the Earth God”.

    The leprosy girl drew her sword from her ragged robe. Her sword was a very beautiful and precious sword. Wong Man Li and Sing were amazed as they saw the sword.

    “Who can kill the girl can take the sword!” said Sing.

    “Agree!” Wong Man Li replied.

    They both attacked the girl in the same time. Nobody will guess that the two men who seemed to be brutal and macho men could not defeat the leprosy girl. The girl seemed to be very vivaciously like a phoenix.

    Every time a sword is almost thrust on her body, she could avoid it easily. In return, although she could not defeat those men easily, but the two men could not do much to hurt her also.

    They’ve been fighting on the roof top for almost one hour. The roof tiles were scattered and the hotel owner, his servants and the police were shouting the three person to stop. But nobody listened to them.

    Suddenly a shadow jumped in the air approaching and …”Blam!”

    “Ouch,” screamed the leprosy girl. She had been hit by the shadow which was a woman who was wearing flowers decoration on her hair.

    It’s Madame Flower who came at the right time to safe Wong Man Li and Sing Tao.

    “You bastard! Can’t you fight in gentleman way?” asked the leprosy girl. She’s blood vomiting and had a bad injured inside.

    “I’m not a gentleman! Why should I fight in a fair way huh?” said Madame Flower again.

    The leprosy girl knew that she couldn’t fight these three people. She would die in vain if she stayed there. So she decided to leave.

    She took something like a marble from her pocket and threw it on the floor. Suddenly a blue gas appeared and in a flash the girl disappeared.

    Comment please <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0"> Thanks <IMG SRC="smilies/bow.gif" border="0">

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    Andy7974: Hey, update soon! BTW, since your story on winglin is more advanced, I'll leave my comment there!!! It develops veree nicely <IMG SRC="smilies/kiss.gif" border="0">
    back w/ a vengeance ^_^

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    Wong Man Li and Sing intended to chase after the girl, but Madame Flower forbid them.

    “No use to chase that girl! Who knows who’s behind her. If a young girl like that has that kind of skills, then her master must be someone skilled,” said Madame Flower. “We have to play safe and not make any trouble.”

    Meanwhile among the crowds, two men were watching the fighting. They were Wen Hai Lung and his servant A Yung.

    “Master, that girl’s skills is not lower than yours. Do you have any idea who has such skills? “ asked A Yung. He couldn’t believe his eyes that such a dirty leprosy girl had such kind of kungfu.

    Wen Hai Lung shook his head, ”I don’t know. I don’t even heard that there’s a leprosy girl fighter in the martial art world. “

    “Her master must be someone very skillful. And also, I think that she’s not an ordinary girl. Her sword is a precious sword. I’ve never seen such a beautiful sword like that before. That can kind of sward can cost more than a thousand taels of gold,” said Hai Lung. He was amazed and curious about that girl.

    Because of the incident, Madame Flower, Wong Man Li and Sing Tao decided to leave the city. They had to pay a lot of money to the hotel owner. At first Wong Man Li didn’t want to pay all the detriment caused by the fighting. But Madame Flower paid all the bills to avoid more attention. They leave the city immediately short after they paid the hotel owner.

    Wen Hai Lung and A Yung split their job. Hai Lung trailed Wong Man Li and his friends, while A Yung stayed at the city waiting for an informer who would come to give them some information.

    That night, near the forest outside the city, Hai Lung met a men who covered all his face with black veil. The man was one of the informer who was sent by his father to help him in finding the map.

    “Young Master Wen,” said the man gave a salut with his fist.

    “No need to be so formal Uncle Chao,”
    replied Hai Lung. “What’s the news?”

    “Master Wen, at this moment, the Kim is building their army. I’m afraid that they’re planning to attack our country,” said the man. “I’m afraid that all of their activities has a close relation with the map. Maybe the map is about a hidden treasure which in the end can support Kim army or something. I heard that Black Scorpion Sect even want to give a lot of money for those who can find Mr Liu whereabouts.”

    “Hmm. Maybe you are right. So my father knew about the map and he was afraid that the Kim got the treasure, that was why then he decided to send some men for a mission to find the map. That’s a logic explanation,” said Hai Lung.

    “But what about Liu Chin Kang? Do you know how he did get the map? “ asked Hai Lung curiously. His father sent him on the mission with only a very brief explanation, and the man in front of him seemed to have more information than him.

    “I heard from Wong Man Siu that Liu Chin Kang got the map two years ago from the North Devil Swordman who also got the map from an old man in the desert. The old man told North Devil Swordman that those who can get the map which lead to the greatest treasure will conquer the whole world. North Devil Swordman is a weird man who didn’t like money or anything else but martial art. Since the treasure has nothing to do with martial art, he gave the map to Liu Chin Kang when they both met two years ago in Kaifeng,” said the man again.

    “Those who have the map, will conquer the world,” mumbled Hai Lung. He felt tremble when he heard the explanation. If the map fall to a wicked person, then there won’t be any peace again in the country.

    In this past few years, sometimes the Kim from the north often attack Chinese cities in the north. And the current government was very weak and corrupt. Hai Lung took a deep breath.

    “Master Wen, I heard about Minister Wong who often discredits your father,” said the man with deep concern voice. “I hope that your father can survive and continue to be Minister in this country. Without a man with such integrity like your father, this country won’t lasts long,” said the man again.

    “Hiya…… What can I say? Everybody knows that Emperor is surrounded by those corrupt ministers and officers. If only my father was one of them who corrupt, maybe my father won’t feel any pressure from those wicked men,” answered Hai Lung.

    “Anyway, I just knew that my father and Liu Chin Kang were friends. What do you know about them?” asked Hai Lung again.

    “Liu Chin Kang was a straight and honest person. He has a good integrity and loyalty to this country. That is why he and your father can be friends. But of course they can’t show their friendship freely,” explained the man.

    “Liu Chin Kang was a teacher in the imperial palace and he taught Emperor’s children in literature and government law. But those prince and princess only knew about having fun and didn’t really take a notice on their study. Liu Chin Kang once mentioned about his concern that maybe someday this country will fall since none of the Emperor’s child who had eagerness to learn. With that kind of statement, he is considered as subversive person. That was why a lot of minister tried to kill Liu using that statement,” the man sighed and shook his head.

    “If not because of your father who remind the Emperor of Liu Chin Kang’s merit , maybe he would be beheaded at that time”

    “Ah..I see. I guess that is why Liu Chin Kang then left Kaifeng and move to Lin An. Is that true?” asked Hai Lung again.

    “Not exactly right!” replied the man. “So actually Liu wanted to travel around the world and teach his teaching to anyone who want to learn from him.”

    “Wow…that is a very good idea. A man like Liu is someone deserved to be respected,” said Hai Lung nodding his head.

    “Yes. But when he reached Kai Feng about 4 years ago, he stopped at General Yang’s house and he changed his mind,” said the man.

    “Why did he change his mind?” asked Hai Lung curiously.

    “It’s because he met General Yang’s daughter,” said the man while now he’s touching his thin long beard.

    “You mean…Liu Chin Kang falling in love with the girl or something?” asked Hai Lung more curiously.

    “No! Of course not. General Yang’s daughter was still about 13 years old at that time. But her knowledge of ancient books and philosophy made him amazed. So Liu Chin Kang decided to stay at General Yang’s mansion and be the teacher for the girl,” said the man again.

    “It is said that Liu Chin Kang praised that girl to have a high intelligence which can be compared to Empress Wu. That is why he was so enthusiastically to teach the girl,” he added.

    “Wow…..the girl must be someone special. But now she must be around 17 years old and not a little girl anymore,” said Hai Lung.

    “Yes indeed. But what can a girl can do? Unless she has opportunity to become an Emperor’s concubine and be a ***** like Empress Wu,” said the man again.

    “Yeah…if only she’s a son of Emperor, then maybe we should not really worry about this country,” said Hai Lung again.

    “And what do you know about Liu Chin Kang’s whereabouts?” asked Hai Lung.

    “Aiya….I’m really ashamed with this Master Wen,” said the man shaking his head. “I only know that Liu Chin Kang was not dead when Wong Man Siu and Wong Man Li attacked him last time.”

    “I know that too,” said Hai Lung. Then Hai Lung told the man about his experience when he overheard Madame Flower’s conversation about two weeks ago.

    “Who do you think Mr Wan is?,” asked Hai Lung. “It seems that Madame Flower, Wong brothers and the Black Scorpion Sect work for him to find out about the map,” explained Hai Lung.

    “I’ve never heard about him. Maybe he’s a high skills martial art” replied the man. “But I’ve never heard about somebody name Wan who is highly skill in martial art.”

    “Hmm…that’s strange. Or could it be that he’s a man who use his money to pay the bandits to find the map?” asked Hai Lung.

    “Yes, that is not impossible. But who is he?” asked the man.

    “Maybe….one of our corrupt minister? Or even a Kim or Mongol who knows about the map?” said Hai Lung.

    He just realized how intricate the situation was.
    During that time, Mongol under the reign of Genghis Khan has broaden it’s territory in the north and west. At that moment, although Song Dynasty and Mongol were not allies, but they’re not enemies too. That time, Song dynasty had two big enemies, which were: its own corrupt government and the Kim from north.

    “Okay Master Wen. I think I’d better go now,” said the man asking permission to leave.

    “Thank you Uncle Chao,” said Hai Lung gave a salut with his fist. “Please update me if you have any new information about Liu Ching Kang or the map.”

    “Sure Mr Wen. I’m sorry that I couldn’t give information about Liu Chin Kang today. But I will try my best to find out more about him,” said the man.

    The man then leave Wen Hai Lung in flash.

    Chao Che Wei was a man in his fifties. He had been an informer for Hai Lung’s father for more than twenty years. He’s a dedicated and faithful man, so that Hai Lung’s father trusted this man so much.

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