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Thread: Legendary Book of Sun-Moon Swordplay

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    Characters appearing in this chapter:
    Annie Man Chung Han---So Sui Han a.k.a. Ching Ching
    Gilbert Lam Wai Sun---Lam Yik Lun a.k.a. Big Brother
    Adam Cheng Siu Chow---Emperor
    Angie Cheung Wai Yee---Cheung Yim Na a.k.a. Concubine Cheung
    Louis Koo Tin Lok---Koo Yat Fei

    Blissfully unaware of Lun's discomfort, Sui Han, being an "active sleeper," wiggles ever so slightly on top of her human pillow every few minutes, unknowingly keeping Lun in a constant state of arousal. Finally, unable to take this torment any longer, he wraps his arms snugly around her to prevent further sinuous movements. Gradually, as fatigue overcomes him, he drifts off and silence fills the room, save for quiet breathing. As Lun sleeps with Sui Han's heart beating close to his, he drifts off to a time long ago, when two other individuals' hearts also beat as one…


    Elms, maples, and firs stand tall and proud, their green leaves and needles glistening with morning dew, their roots thirstily drinking drops of excess moisture that drip onto the forest ground. Weak sunrays penetrate through the spaces between the blanket of leaves covering the forest ceiling, struggling to illuminate the forest at the hour of dawn. Every so often, a gust of wind would send the leaves waving, shaking pollen off the treetops and sprinkling them over the forest ground. Squirrels scurry about the ground, their furry tails thrust high up in the air as they scrounge the area for newly fallen acorns.

    In the middle of nature's setting stands a small straw hut. Each morning its makeshift straw door would cautiously swing open and a petite young woman would peek out to check for dangerous wild animals before venturing outside. Delicate and gentle in nature, she has lived alone in the woods for as long as she can remember, with only the plants and the small animals for friends. She loves butterflies. Every morning, right at the touch of dawn, she would spend hours watching the fragile creatures dance about in the air, their bright-hued wings fluttering delicately as they hover around the soft petals of wild flowers. Each time, this young woman would attempt to touch those dainty wings, yearning for even the slightest physical contact with another living thing.

    And every night, she would hide in her hut, quivering with fear as she curls tightly under her blankets, listening to the howls of wolves echoing through the forest, like the cries of the dying that she has heard so many times in her dreams. Day after day, night after night, she lives in isolation, for she is shunned by the human world because she possesses the gift - or curse - to see events that are yet to come. While content with her peaceful life in woods, she is never truly happy, for she longs to love and be loved by another human.

    One day, overcome by loneliness, she decides to venture into the marketplace, just for a little peek of the humanity she yearns for. Full of excitement and fear, she sets off at the crack of dawn, her heart pounding wildly with anticipation as she half-skips and half-runs her way to town.

    Upon arrival, she hides in a dark, obscure alley, peeking out at the busy street, peering curiously at the vendors calling out to the passersby to come examine their wares. Oh, how she longs to walk out and inspect each and every piece of merchandise and to taste the hot, steamy noodles being devoured by the fat man seated at a nearby food vendor stand. She stares at a little child who toddles by, fascinated by her drooling, toothless grin as she munches on a piece of soft rice cake. She sighs wistfully as a couple strolls by, the man placing his arm protectively around his pregnant wife's shoulders as she waddles awkwardly toward a vendor stand selling bolts of colorful fabric. She winces as a delusional elderly beggar crouches at a corner and croaks out a song about old loves and new flames. As this beggar finishes her song on a high, ear-piercing note, the young woman hiding in the alley giggles, her laughter so light and airy that it attracts to the attention of several townspeople nearby.

    One townsperson initially smiles at the tinkling sound of laughter but then shouts in horror as he recognizes the young woman and points accusingly at her. "It's that witch girl with the evil eyes!"

    Quickly, another townsperson grabs a long stick lying on the ground. "Get away from us, you evil creature!" He takes several swipes at the young woman, who dodges, her eyes filled with fear.

    He and two more men chase after her, armed with large wooden sticks. As the terrified woman runs by the townspeople, several of the village women fling rotten vegetables at her, screaming obscenities.

    Village women run up to the young woman, beating on her arms as she tries to dash by. "Witch! Witch! Witch!"

    Frightened and confused, young woman tears away from the horde as quickly as possible. She trips in her haste, but ignores the sting from her scrapped knees and immediately picks herself up as she vanishes around the curb, running back to the safety of her hut in the forest.

    Once she reaches the sanctuary of the woods, she slows her pace, breathing heavily as she glances longingly back toward the direction of town. Heart heavy with sorrow, she heads back to her hut. Suddenly, she lets out a surprised squeak as she notices a trail of blood leading from the door of her straw shack. Heart pounding with part fear and part curiosity, she approaches and cautiously swings open the door with one hand. From behind the door, an unconscious man, his long white gown saturated with bloodstains, falls over the threshold.

    The young woman leaps back with fear and gasps. "Ahhh!"

    Slowly, she advances toward him and lightly pokes him in the shoulder with a finger. When he makes no sign of movement, she breathes out a sigh of relief and ventures closer to inspect this strange being. Looking at his face, she could tell that he is a human, just like her.

    Quickly, she drags his unconscious body into her hut and onto her bed. Using a damp rag, she cleans away the grime from his face. Curious, she glances at the twin swords strapped to his back, one with a gold tint and the other with a blue tint. After a few minutes, she loses interest in the two pieces of metal and returns her attention to the human in front of her. Having never seen another human this close up before, she sits by the bedside and simply stares at him, mesmerized. Fascinated, she hesitantly reaches out and touches his face with her fingertips, tracing the eyebrows, the cheekbones, the nose, the lips. Her eyes stray to his chest, and she frowns in confusion, wondering why his appears so flat compared to hers. She pokes at her own chest, feeling the soft round breasts. Then she pokes at his chest, her brows furrowed in surprise when she encounters hard muscle. Perplexed, she pokes at his chest with more force, worried as to why she is different from this other person. Awakened by her jabs, the man moans from the pain from his injuries and slowly opens his eyes to stare at her.

    Startled, the young woman leaps back. "Ahhh!" She looks at the stranger with big, round eyes, ready to run if he bites her.

    The young man stares up at his rescuer's face, his pain making his vision hazy. Blinking several times, he finally focuses in on the most angelic face he has ever seen. For a minute, he thought he has gone to heaven upon seeing this vision with snowy white skin, large innocent eyes, a perky upturned nose, and ruby red lips slightly parted into an "O," as she stares at him in shock.

    The young man struggles to sit up and leans against the bedpost. "Miss, did you save me?"

    The young woman examines him cautiously for a few minutes before deciding that he is harmless. "Yes! Yes!" She nods excitedly and runs back over to his bedside. Then, as if a new thought occurs to her, she suddenly frowns. "What is Miss?"

    The young man smiles kindly. "It's a polite way of referring to someone like you."

    The young woman claps her hands excitedly. "Miss! Miss!"

    She dashes over to the table to choose an apple for him and shyly presents him with the fruit. She pushes the apple in his hands toward his mouth, smiling at him expectantly, as if waiting for him to take a bite and compliment her on the delicious taste.

    The young man stares at his pretty rescuer, who has the face of an angel and is dressed in clean rags. "Miss, do you live here alone?"

    The young woman nods her head happily. "Yes! Yes!"

    He smiles at her childish enthusiasm. "What is your name?"

    The young woman suddenly saddens. "Name? I don't have a name."

    Upon hearing this, the young man frowns, sad that such a lovely young lady is living in the woods like an animal. "Well, I can't keep calling you Miss. You are so beautiful and pure. Do mind if I call you Ching Ching?"

    The young woman claps her hands joyfully, thrilled to finally have a name. "Ching Ching! Ching Ching!" She nods her head enthusiastically, indicating her assent.

    The young man grins at her innocent joy. "You may call me Big Brother." He reaches toward her and gently strokes her soft cheek.

    Ching Ching regards her new friend with awe, breathing the words softly. "Big Brother." She stares at him solemnly for a while and then suddenly leans in and hugs him, thrilled to finally have found a human friend. She happily chants his name repeatedly. "Big Brother! Big Brother!"

    He wraps his arms around her and turns his head to look at her. At the same time, she turns her head to look at him. Both of their lips accidentally brush against each other. He draws his head back slightly, his heart pounding against his rib cage for some odd reason. He has never experienced love at first sight, but he is positive that this is what he is feeling right now. On the other hand, she simply stares at him curiously, innocent of the ways between men and women. Drowning in the deep, swirling pools of her eyes, he slowly leans forward and softly touches his lips against her eyelids…


    A strong gust of wind hammers at the inn room's window, causing the window shutter to bang loudly against the wall, waking the room's occupants up from their sleep. Sui Han jerks awake, looking at her surroundings with a disoriented expression on her face. Suddenly realizing that she is on top of some man, she shrieks and quickly scrambles off him. Without waiting to determine the identity of the man, she slaps him on the cheek before her blurry vision clears and she is able to focus in on his face.

    Sui Han gasps as she realizes that she has just slapped her young master. “First Young Master! I am so sorry!"

    Lun rubs at his stinging cheek, unsure of what just happened. "Sui Han, why did you slap me?"

    Sui Han looks at him with wide, remorseful eyes. "I am sorry. I woke up and found someone with his arms around me and acted on reflex." She trails off, blushing intensely. "I am an active sleeper and tend to roll around when I sleep. That is why no one in the servants' quarters wants to share a bed with me." Sui Han ends her last word with a whisper, her eyes downcast, ashamed of her conduct in bed.

    Lun chimes in helpfully, trying to cheer her up. "I'll sleep with you anytime!"
    His cheerful smile freezes on his face as he realizes what he has just blurted out. Silence descends on the room, as Sui Han looks at Lun strangely while he flushes.

    Lun clears his throat nervously. "Ummm… Ummm… What I mean is… Ummm…" He gestures with his hands helplessly, wishing he could just dig a hole and hide in it.

    Sui Han finally giggles as she notices his adorable discomfort. "That is all right, First Young Master. I understand what you mean." Suddenly, she becomes somber as she remembers slapping him and looks at him remorsefully. "I am sorry for slapping you."

    Lun grins forgivingly, trying to ease her discomfort. "Don't worry! I am a heavy sleeper. My brother and sisters always slap me in the mornings to wake me up."

    Sui Han giggles at his lame excuse to ease her discomfort. "But it's not morning, yet."

    Lun gives an exaggerated frown. "Oh. Well, will you do me a favor and slap me again in a few hours?"

    Sui Han laughs at his silliness. "Okay."

    Lun retrieves the dislodged pillow at the foot of the bed and places it longitudinally at the center of the bed. He urges Sui Han to lie back down and then takes the dislodged blanket and covers her with it.

    Sui Han smiles sweetly at him as she closes her eyes. She immediately drifts off to sleep again, all the while thinking that he is such a dear man and wishing that he were her brother.

    Meanwhile, Lun lies on his side of the bed with his eyes closed, hoping to recapture his dream in which he is kissing a young woman with Sui Han's face…


    An elaborately carved marble statue of a dragon sits majestically at the middle of large circular fountain dominating the center of royal gardens, its mouth spewing a continuous stream of water that splashes gently into the pool, creating concentric ripples. The cherry blossom petals floating on the surface of the water shift around the pool, riding on the rippling waves.

    Surrounding the fountain, millions of flowers sway gently in the breeze, splashing the landscape with an array of colors and sprinkling the night air with a sweet floral fragrance. The moon stretches its long, luminescent rays into the garden, transforming the blooms into heavenly creations of velvety, silver petals.

    A tall, distinguished man in his late forties, garbed in a long yellow gown fashioned from the finest silk, stands in the royal gardens, gazing at the full moon with sad eyes, as he remembers his most favored concubine, Sui Yuk. Even after twenty-five years, he recalls clearly every detail of her perfect features, her sweet musical voice, and her gentle nature. He walks over to a violet and lightly touches its petals, recalling the first time Sui Yuk saw the royal gardens. Oh, how her eyes glowed with awe. Then she turned and looked at him with a beautiful smile gracing her lips, and he felt like the most fortunate person on the earth.

    The Emperor sighs forlornly. "Sui Yuk, are you happy right now?" He looks up at the clear night sky, as if the heavens hold the answers to his questions. "Do you still think of me as I think of you?"

    The last twenty-five years have been sad and lonely for the Emperor. Although surrounded by beautiful court ladies eager to please his every desire, his heart continues to long for the love of the one woman who does not return his feelings. Out of stubbornness and pride, he has deliberately refused to keep track of her whereabouts all these years.

    In addition, as if the fates enjoy toying with him, he has been blessed with many daughters but has unfortunately been without an heir for the throne these past twenty-five years.

    The sound of soft footsteps interrupts his reverie. He looks over to the east gardens and sees Concubine Cheung, one of the concubines whom his is quite fond of. She walks over to him with a trace of smile on her ruby-painted lips, the train of her extravagant light-purple gown trailing behind her soundlessly.

    Concubine Cheung curtsies to her royal husband. "Long live Your Majesty." She speaks in a husky voice as she places her hands on the Emperor's arm seductively. "Your Majesty, why are you standing out here alone in the middle of the night?"

    He sighs as he pats her hand. "Today is Sui Yuk's birthday. I wonder what she is doing right now…" He stares off into space, buried in memories of the past. Then he laughs to himself, the sound hollow and sad. "She is probably sound asleep and certainly not thinking of me."

    Concubine Cheung's facial muscles tighten ever so slightly, the only outward sign of her anger and jealousy toward Chan Yin Yuk. Immediately, she relaxes and puts on a serene and understanding look, smiling winningly at the Emperor. "Your Majesty, if you miss Sister Yin Yuk so much, why don't you go find her and persuade her to come back with you? I am sure your true love for her will win her heart."

    The Emperor shakes his head with discouragement. "She does not love me. No matter how much I beg, I know she will prefer to stay with him." He longingly touches the fragile petals of a lily. "Twenty-five years ago, I had these lilies planted in honor of her beauty. At that time, it never occurred to me that she would no longer be here with me at the palace to enjoy their beauty twenty-five years later." He asks a rhetorical question. "Isn't it funny that the lilies continue to bloom year after year, even though their namesake has long since left the area?"

    Concubine Cheung smiles charmingly, although she longs to scratch the absent Yin Yuk's eyes out. "Your Majesty, it is late and chilly out here. Why don't you let me take care of you tonight?" She wraps her arms around his waist seductively and looks up at him with hooded eyes.

    The Emperor sighs and gently sets her away from him. "I am not tired. I would like to be alone for a while longer. Concubine Cheung, why don't you get some rest?" He walks up to a sprig of lilies peeking up from the moist earth. He stares at the blooms, lost in thought, already dismissing Concubine Cheung from his mind.

    Concubine Cheung smiles and curtsies prettily to her husband. "All right, Your Highness. I will see you in the morning." Once her back is turned, a stony expression immediately replaces her smile, her eyes alight with fury.


    Concubine Cheung paces her room, casting her eyes over to the door every so often. Suddenly, a person dressed in black somersaults through the window and lands in front of Concubine Cheung.

    The man in black kneels down on one knee. "Your Highness, we have discovered that Royal Physician Chun Ying still lives. He is disguised as a common peasant, but he never stays in one location for long periods."

    Concubine Cheung, eyes blazing with anger, spats, "What?! The old man still lives? If word leaks out that I have bribed the Royal Physician twenty-five years ago to conceal Concubine Chan's pregnancy from the Emperor, then I will be executed!" She paces the room, as she mutters to herself. "But what else could I do back then? If he knew that she was pregnant at that time, he would have never let her go, and I would have had to live in that hussy's shadow forever!"

    The man in black stands up and attempts to reassure her. "But nobody knows whether or not the former Concubine Chan's baby survived. Maybe she had a miscarriage."

    Concubine Cheung turns to look at the man in black. "But we don't know whether or not she had a miscarriage. If the baby has survived and the child happens to be a boy, then the Emperor will have an heir, and our plans to usurp the throne will be ruined!"

    The man in black comes up behind Concubine Cheung and starts massaging her shoulders intimately. "Don't worry. We know Concubine Chan's eldest son fits the age requirement and therefore may in fact be the prince. All we have to do is kill her son and Royal Physician Chun and nobody will be able to stop us from becoming the next rulers."

    Concubine Cheung smiles evilly as she thinks this over. "Yes… And while you are at it, send someone to murder that hussy, Concubine Chan, also. I am sick and tired of hearing that stupid, lovesick Emperor lament about how much he misses his 'gentle lily.'" Her mouth twists into an ugly sneer, but immediately changes into a seductive smile as she looks up at her companion.

    The couple exchange sly smiles before kissing passionately.


    Sunlight streams through the opened window of their inn room. Lun opens his eyes and immediately squints against the bright rays. He blinks several times and spies Sui Han looking out the window, enthralled with something on the streets below.

    Lun gets up and walks over to curiously look over her shoulder. "What is going on down there?"

    Sui Han is nearly hanging out of the window, engrossed with the street parade, since she has never seen one before. Upon hearing Lun's approach, she turns to him excitedly.

    Sui Han brims with enthusiasm. “First Young Master, look at that lion dancer!" She points at the entertainer in the streets and claps her hands together with awe.

    Lun gives her an indulgent look. "Would you like to go downstairs for a better view?"

    Sui Han nods happily. "Yes! Yes!"

    Not wanting to miss any minute of the parade, she grabs his hand and drags him quickly out the door of their room and down the stairs.


    Awaken by the loud clamor of footsteps running by his room, Fei opens his door to investigate, thinking that Keung has returned from purchasing breakfast.

    As he swings open his door, he catches a glimpse of the rear view of a young woman who suspiciously looks like Sui Han. His eyes narrow dangerously as he realizes that she is intimately holding another man's hand…

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    <IMG SRC="smilies/shocked.gif" border="0"> oh man can't wait to see what happens!!! oh this going to get interesting! <IMG SRC="smilies/sweating.gif" border="0"> can't wait to see how she reacts!!! <IMG SRC="smilies/sigh.gif" border="0"> oh man now i have to wait for another update!! oh well keep up the good typing <IMG SRC="smilies/typin.gif" border="0"> -danielle <IMG SRC="smilies/wink.gif" border="0">

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    Characters appearing in this chapter:
    Annie Man Chung Han---So Sui Han
    Gilbert Lam Wai Sun---Lam Yik Lun
    Paul Chun Pui---former Royal Physician Chun Ying
    Wong Suk Yee---Lai Hong (Royal Physician Chun Ying’s wife)
    Louis Koo Tin Lok---Koo Yat Fei
    Kenix Kwok Ho Ying---Kwok Mong Yuet (Royal Physician Chun's granddaughter)
    Kevin Cheng Ka Wing---Cheng Sai Chung

    Guest appearance in this chapter:
    Kitty Lai Mei Han---Kwan Suet Lin


    A crowd has gathered outside the entrance of a restaurant across the street from the Golden Phoenix Inn to admire the celebration of the restaurant's grand opening. Two lion dancers expertly move to the rhythm of the drums and cymbals as they maneuver their way toward the ladder leading them up to the dangling batch of cabbage attached to a red scroll. In the background, the townspeople cheer the dancers on, clapping enthusiastically to the beat of the drums. Several long strands of lighted firecrackers leap and pop furiously, adding to the cacophony of noise.

    Enthralled, Sui Han stands at the one end of the crowd, her wide eyes focused on the festivities, her hands clasped together with childish glee. Small pieces of red confetti from the firecrackers float haphazardly in the air, a few bits landing on Sui Han's hair and shoulders. Lun gently brushes the red bits of paper off her hair and shoulders and stares adoringly at her, admiring the twinkle in her eyes and the soft smile gracing her lips. Both are so engrossed that they do not notice the darkly handsome man standing at the entrance of the Golden Phoenix Inn glaring across the street at them, his face stony with rage and his hands tightly fisted.

    As the lion dancers conclude their performance, heavy applause floods the street. The restaurant owner, a short chubby man, grins proudly as he invites guests into his new restaurant. Noticing Sui Han curiously peering into the interior of the restaurant, the owner rushes over toward Sui Han and Lun, ready to procure more customers.

    The owner smiles winningly. "Miss, Sir, please come in and try out the specialties that my humble restaurant offers." He makes a sweeping gesture with his arm.

    Lun looks at Sui Han. "We might as well eat breakfast here before continuing our journey."

    He takes hold of Sui Han's hand and leads her into the restaurant.


    The lion dance and festivities have succeeded in luring customers into the restaurant. Townspeople mill around, some occupying the various wooden tables, while others admire the nature drawings hanging on the walls. A young child sits on her mother's lap, drool dripping from the corner of her mouth as she excitedly bangs her miniature fists on the table, her tiny, rosebud mouth pursed as she anticipates the next mouthful of sweet rice being fed to her.

    The restaurant owner leads Lun and Sui Han toward a table near the window. "Please come this way. This is the best seat in the house, as it gives you a clear view of the bustling marketplace. A beautiful view for a beautiful lady." The owner smiles kindly at Sui Han, a gentle grandfatherly twinkle in his eyes.

    Sui Han blushes at his compliment. "You are too kind."

    Lun pulls out the seat for Sui Han before settling onto a bench opposite her.

    The owner hovers over his young customers. "What would you two like to have this morning?" He asks as he brushes at the tabletop with a clean dishrag.

    Lun consults with Sui Han. "What would you like to try out, Sui Han? How about a little of everything?"

    Sui Han smiles at him. "Anything you order would be fine with me." She looks up at the restaurant proprietor and smiles brilliantly at him. "I am sure every dish is delicious."

    The owner beams proudly at her compliment. "Well, then may I suggest the chicken rice porridge? My grandson is an excellent cook and makes the best rice porridge in the city."

    Lun nods. "Then we'll have two large bowls of chicken rice porridge." He turns to Sui Han with a charming, crooked smile. After a few moments, he realizes that the owner is still standing by their table and looks up. "What's wrong?"

    The owner stands rooted to the floor, a shocked, far-away look in his eyes. "Nothing." He shakes his head in confusion. "Sir, when you smile, you remind me of someone I haven't seen in twenty-five years. In fact, your tall stature and proud carriage remind me of him..." He shakes his head again, as if trying to snap himself out of his reverie. "Never mind. I'll be right back with your porridge.""

    The owner slowly shuffles away, his head tilted slightly as if deep in thought. Lun and Sui Han stare after him, their eyes cloudy with confusion.

    As soon as the restaurant owner is out of earshot, Sui Han turns to look at Lun. "First Young Master, what is that about? Do you know that uncle?" She asks, referring to the restaurant owner

    Lun shrugs. "No. Maybe I look like an old friend of his."


    The restaurant owner, his eyes confused and narrowed, wanders slowly into the kitchen located at the back of the restaurant, his mind still pondering Lun's striking resemblance to someone.

    His wife, a kind older woman with gentle eyes, glances at him from her position at the stove.

    The owner's wife looks at her husband questioningly, as she absently stirs the pot of chicken rice porridge. "Husband, what's wrong? You look a bit shell-shocked."

    Former Royal Physician Chun Ying, the owner of the restaurant, frowns as a million possibilities swirl like a tornado in his mind. "Huh?" He asks his wife absentmindedly. "Oh, nothing. I just saw a young man outside who eerily reminds me of..." He sighs as he shakes his head. "But it couldn't be. It's just too much of a coincidence. But if he really is… Then maybe I should tell..."

    Chun Ying's wife, Lai Hong, quickly stops ladling the porridge and rushes over to her husband, her eyes flashing with fear. "No! Husband, if you go back to tell him your suspicion, you will risk the lives of everyone in our family! You know how evil that Concubine Cheung is! Twenty-five years ago, she forced you to withhold the news of Concubine Chan Yin Yuk’s pregnancy from the Emperor. You know that if you reveal to the Emperor that he may have a son, Concubine Cheung would have our family executed on the sly for sure!"

    The old restaurant owner frowns as he is torn between his loyalty to the Emperor and his fear for his family's safety. "But His Majesty has always been kind to us. I am sure he would be elated to find out this news. Once I explain what happened twenty-five years ago, he would surely forgive us for keeping Concubine Chan's pregnancy from him."

    His wife shakes her head vehemently. "No! The Emperor may forgive you, but Concubine Cheung would never rest until she has us all killed for daring to go against her! She will somehow twist the truth so that the Emperor will execute us!" She presses her lips together firmly in determination. "I won't let you put our family in danger! Think of our granddaughter, Mong Yuet! Our daughter and son-in-law died young and left us to raise Mong Yuet. She has already had a difficult life with losing her parents at such a young age. Do you want her to become an outlaw, to have to spend the rest of her life living in fear of capture and execution?"

    Chun Ying opens his mouth, intending to say something, but his wife hurriedly cuts him off.

    Lai Hong looks at her husband beseechingly. "And what about Sai Chung? He may not be related to us, but ever since we rescued him all those years ago, he has been like a grandson to us. Do you want to put his life in danger, too?"

    The restaurant owner looks guiltily down at the floor, mulling over his wife's words. "You're right." He sighs deeply, shaking his head. "Besides, it could be a mere coincidence that that young man outside reminds me of His Majesty. We don't even know what became of Concubine Chan's child." He rubs a hand over his face, as if trying to clear his thoughts before glancing around the kitchen. "Where's Sai Chung? I thought he was in here preparing the chicken rice porridge?"

    Lai Hong sighs in relief upon hearing the change in subject. "We ran out of rice and flour, so he went to purchase more. I wonder what's taking him so long? He left about an hour ago. Hmmm…"

    The elderly owner peeks into the pot of steaming chicken rice porridge. "Do we have enough porridge left to last the morning?"

    His wife nods. "Yes. But if Sai Chung doesn't come back soon and cook another pot, we will run out by mid afternoon." She smiles happily. "This is not bad for our restaurant's first day."

    The elderly couple smiles contentedly at each other.


    Sui Han stares adoringly at the toddler's antics at the next table. Oblivious to her adoring audience, the small child babbles nonsense, her mouth stuffed full with sweet rice, her hands sweeping the tabletop as she randomly grabs at anything movable. The child's mother frantically moves breakable objects away from her daughter, causing the toddler to cry loudly in frustration. Not knowing what else to do in order to quiet the screaming child, the mother offers her a stick of hard candy speared onto a bamboo stick. Sui Han observes all this with a soft smile on her lips.

    Lun, noticing Sui Han's wistful look, leans toward her. "Sui Han, do you like children?"

    Sui Han turns to smile brilliantly at Lun. "Yes, I have a soft spot for children. Aren't they so adorable?"

    Lun clears his throat nervously, his head nodding dumbly. "What a coincidence. I love children, too. Ummm… Hmmm… So we both love children… What I am trying to say is… Ummm…"

    Sui Han looks at him expectantly, waiting for him to finish his sentence. Lun gulps, trying to get the words out.

    Lun clears his throat again. "Ahhh… " He stutters a little and finally blurts out the words. "I would make a good husband and father." With the words finally out, he exhales in relief and glances at Sui Han hopefully.

    Sui Han tilts her head, a quizzical smile on her lips. "Of course you would make a good husband and father, First Young Master."

    Lun his eyes lighting up with hope. "You really think that?"

    Sui Han smiles. "Yes. Any woman would be lucky to have you as a husband."

    Lun, his heart beating excitedly, asks expaectantly. "So… Would you say yes if I ask you to…to…ummm…marry me?"

    Lun stares hopefully at Sui Han, but her attention has already drifted back to the toddler at the neighboring table, who is now sucking happily on her candy stick. Lun's face falls, as he knows that Sui Han did not hear his question.

    Sui Han giggles softly as she observes the child gurgling joyfully. "I love hard candy speared on a bamboo stick. My parents used to buy them for me all the time and I would gorge myself until I was sick." She recalls the fond memories with a wistful expression on her face.

    Lun suddenly stands up. "I'll go buy some of that candy for you. I'll be right back."

    Sui Han reaches a hand out in an attempt to detain him. "First Young Master, wait!"

    However, he rushes out the restaurant without hearing Sui Han's words, his mind set on buying her favorite candy for her.


    A vendor stand, lavishly decorated with an assortment of toys, candies, make-up, hairpins, handkerchiefs, and fans, dominates one corner of the street two blocks from Wind Rain Restaurant. Children of all ages crowd around the stand, excitedly leafing through the toys, squabbling loudly over whom should have which toy. Stressed-out parents stand on the sidelines, their warnings about handling the toys with care falling on deaf ears. The vendor, a kind, elderly woman smiles patiently as her little customers clamor around her, pulling on her sleeve to ask her this and that about various toys.

    Lun slowly walks up to the vendor stand, his eyes surveying the group of kids warily. Cautiously, he sidles up to the section of the stand reserved for sweets and surveys the variety of candies before addressing the vendor. "Do you sell any hard candy speared onto bamboo sticks here?"

    The vendor glances up at him, mildly distracted by the kids. "I'm sorry, Sir, but I have sold out of the type of candy you mentioned today. Why don't you try out these other sweets that I have?" She gestures to the other choices on the table.

    Lun shakes his head regretfully. "No, unfortunately my friend likes this type of candy. Do you know which other vendor stands sell them?"

    A little girl of about three years of age toddles up to Lun and yanks on his gown. Nervously, Lun stares down at the fragile and petite child, afraid to accidentally step on her. He clears his throat nervously as he shifts slightly from one foot to the other, not knowing what exactly to do.

    Oblivious of Lun's discomfort, the small girl tugs commandingly at his gown, her rosebud mouth pursed in annoyance at being ignored. "Wah, wah, wah?" She looks up at him with round, luminous eyes, as if expecting him to understand her babbling. "Wah! Wah, wah, wah!"

    After screaming her incoherent command at the top of her lungs, she smiles charmingly, her dimples flashing adoringly as she stretches out her arms toward Lun, demanding to be picked up.

    Lun, with a trapped and panicked look in his eyes, stutters, "Ummm... Ummm..." He looks helplessly at the vendor, his eyes silently begging her to rescue him from this unfamiliar situation.

    The elderly vendor smiles amusingly at his nervousness. The vendor, finally taking pity on him, casually hints to him. "She wants you to pick her up. I think she likes you."

    Lun gulps. "Pick her up?! I can't do that!!!"

    The vendor smiles amusingly. "Why not? She's just a baby. She won't hurt you."

    Lun shakes his vehemently. "I might drop her!"

    Meanwhile, the toddler tugs impatiently on Lun's gown, huge tears rolling down her cheeks as she screams mournfully at having her wish denied. Anxiously, Lun glances around at the other parents, who glare accusingly at him for causing a ruckus.

    Left with no other choice, Lun glances uncertainly down at the child before bending awkwardly down to pick her up. "There, there. Don't cry."
    He pats her awkwardly on the back, his eyes darting around anxiously, wishing the child's mother would come quickly.

    The little girl squeals happily as she yanks vigorously at Lun's hair. "Ahhh! Wah, wah, wah! Ahhh!"

    Lun winces in pain. "No, no, little girl."

    From behind Lun, someone chuckles amusingly. He turns around to see a beautiful woman in her mid-thirties smiling at him.

    Kwan Suet Lin reaches for her daughter. "I'm sorry, Sir. This is my daughter, Ying Ying. She has a weakness for handsome men." As Suet Lin tries to take Ying Ying away from Lun, the little girl shakes her head wildly, clamping her arms tightly around Lun's neck, clinging to him like a burr. "Come on, Ying Ying. Leave the nice Big Brother alone."

    Refusing to cooperate, Ying Ying stubbornly refuses to give up Lun. "NO!!! No, no, no!!!" She throws her head back and screams at the top of her lungs, fat tears pouring down her cherubic cheeks.

    Suet Lin sighs. "Ying Ying! Behave yourself! Now come on. Your father is waiting for you. He bought you some hard candy speared onto bamboo sticks." She speaks in a coaxing voice. "Don't you want to eat that?"

    Ying Ying sniffs pitifully, looking back and forth between her mother and the tall, handsome stranger, obviously torn between the two adults. "Candy?"

    Suet Lin nods. "Yes, you get to eat candy."

    Finally Ying Ying decides to relinquish Lun in favor of her favorite sweet. She leans over, her arms stretched toward her mother.

    Suet Lin smooths her daughter's hair with one hand before looking over at Lun with a friendly smile. "I remember you. You and a young woman came by Suet Ming's Restaurant yesterday for noodles. I overheard that you want to purchase some hard candy, but they are sold out. I have bought some for Ying Ying. Why don't you take a few?"

    Lun shakes his head. "No thank you, Madam. I do not want to deprive Ying Ying of her treat. Do you know which other places sell these candies?"

    Suet Lin smiles teasingly. "Ahhh… Since you are so determined to buy these candies, then they must be for that pretty young lady who was with you yesterday." She chuckles good-naturedly as Lun flushes. "I recommend that you go to the vendor stand near the outskirts of this city, about five miles south of here. It's a little far, but that place sells the freshest and best tasting hard candies."

    Lun nods and smiles gratefully. "Thanks. Five miles shouldn't be too far."
    He nods to Suet Lin before walking briskly off.

    Suet Lin stares after Lun while she absently pats her daughter on the back. "Funny," She muses. "He reminds me of someone. I just can't seem to place my finger on whom he reminds me of…"

    Using his lightness kung fu, Lun speeds by, his pace so quick that the townspeople stare at the white blur in confusion. Engrossed in his plans to surprise Sui Han with a large supply of her favorite sweet, Lun does not notice another figure following him stealthily, someone whose heart burns with jealousy and fury…

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    danielle: Your comment is so funny, especially the way you use the smilies! <IMG SRC="smilies/laugh2.gif" border="0"> Everyone seems to want Louis and Gilbert to meet and kill each other! I didn't realize some of my readers are so blood-thirsty. <IMG SRC="smilies/laugh2.gif" border="0"> Anyway, thanks for your comment. <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">

    Isis: Hi! I read your comment about my story in the Book and Sword music section. Welcome to my story. Thanks so much for reading and for letting me know that you enjoy it. A lot of people like Kristy and Ekin. This is surprising, because I thought most of my readers are Annie Man fans. Nevertheless, I am thrilled to have so many Kristy and Ekin fans also reading Legendary Book of Sun-Moon Swordplay. Thanks for your comments and support. <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">

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    ahhhhhhhhh....what a great chapter...more on Kristy and Ekin please
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    i just read the update. more more more!!!!!
    the chapter's soooo good.... as well as sooo frustrating.... i bet i won't be able to sleep well tonight <IMG SRC="smilies/frown.gif" border="0"> the suspense' killing me...
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    I love your story.
    I wish i can publish it and make millions.

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    Hi Melanie
    Done reading all 17 chapters, very good story so far. Youre a good writer. Andy Lau and Idy Chan are my fav couple next to Annie and Gilbert here. Love the introduction of Kitty Lai and Tony Leung! Dont know if someone suggested this to you yet, but could you include Margie Tsang and Miu Kiu Wai in your story as a couple? Wow, so many suitors for Annie, interesting character she is, reminds me of Lee Sueng Yee in the Grand Canal. When is Kristy going to wake up? Her and Ekin look like a good couple. Ok cya later! <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">

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    Hello everyone. Happy New Year! I am afraid that I have some unpopular news to announce today. My older brother's computer has broken down. He will therefore be taking my laptop with him back to school and will be using it until he has time to purchase a new computer at the end of January. This means that I will not be able to work on my story until then. Originally, I had planned to post Chapter 18 before handing over my computer to him. However, I caught a cold and that slowed me down, and so the next chapter is only 75% finished. I sincerely apologize to all my readers for this delay. Thank you all for your continuous support and enthusiasm. This story WILL continue at the start of February. I hope to see you all then. Take care.

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    <IMG SRC="smilies/frown.gif" border="0"> Melanie, I was so excited to see your fanfic showing up on Winglin room 1, but only to find out that there is no chapter. hic...hic...I miss your story soooooo much! But I totally understand, I been sick for the past weeks too. Hope you get better soon. And can't wait to read this excellent fanfic again next month! Oh yes Happy New Year, best wishes and luck to ya!

    Love, Kay <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">

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    Hi Kay. Thanks for your words of encouragement. I hope you have recovered from your cold. Girl, you are fast! <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0"> I just posted my announcement on winglin a few moments ago and you get there right behind me and clicked on it! <IMG SRC="smilies/laugh2.gif" border="0"> Yeah, I won't be able to come online for one whole month, because I won't have a computer at home. That will have to take some getting used to since I am addicted to the internet. <IMG SRC="smilies/frown.gif" border="0"> Anyway, I hope I won't lose any readers by the time I come back in February. <IMG SRC="smilies/frown.gif" border="0"> I'll see you then, Kay. <IMG SRC="smilies/hug.gif" border="0">

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    Don't worry, I know you won't lose any readers, especially ME! <IMG SRC="smilies/newangel.gif" border="0"> And my cold is getting better, I only have the annoying cough now, hehe... Anyway I'll miss you very much too! <IMG SRC="smilies/hug.gif" border="0"> See ya in a month!

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    Characters appearing in this chapter:
    Ekin Cheng Yee Kin ---Yeung Lap Chun
    Kristy Yeung Gong Yu---Lam Suk Yu
    Roger Kwok Chun On---Kong Dai Hei
    Felix Wong Yat Wah---Gentleman at teastand
    Gilbert Lam Wai Sun---Lam Yik Lun
    Louis Koo Tin Lok---Koo Yat Fei
    Annie Man Chung Han---So Sui Han
    Paul Chun Pui---former Royal Physician Chun Ying a.k.a. Wind Rain Restaurant Proprietor
    Gigi Lai Chi---Lam Chi Chi


    A gentle breeze sends the wind chimes hanging on the front porch swinging haphazardly, the motion of the metallic pipes filling the air with a light musical tinkling. At a nearby bush, a rabbit scrounges around, rustling the leaves and disturbing the moist, flat earth. The sharp chirping of birds echoes throughout the forest, the sweet melody blending in perfectly with the continuous gurgling sound of the nearby babbling brook.

    In the midst of nature's tranquility, Yeung Lap Chun, dressed in his usual attire of a long white gown, practices his martial arts, his fan expertly cutting through the air in rapid and precise movements. With a powerful flick of the wrist, he flings his fan toward the grove of bamboo stalks. This move is so powerful that the fan makes a shrill, swishing noise as it slices through several bamboo stalks upon contact before deflecting off the sturdy, ancient willow tree and returning to its owner.

    A few paces away, Kong Dai Hei stands glued to the ground, the stack of firewood in his arms forgotten as he watches Lap Chun's practice session with fascination. Noticing Dai Hei's presence out of the corner of his eyes, Lap Chun swiftly sends his fan twirling in the air toward Dai Hei, who runs away in panic, every now and then turning around to gawk at the rapidly approaching weapon in disbelief.

    Dai Hei screams at the top of his lungs. "Ahhhhh! Big Brother Yeung!" He tears around in circles, his pile of firewood scattered everywhere on the ground.

    Lap Chun chuckles. "I told you to never secretly watch someone while they are practicing their kung fu. That's the rule of the martial arts world."

    Stretching out his right arm, he forms a claw with his hand, sending a shaft of energy that sucks the fan back toward him.

    Dai Hei collapses onto the ground, lying on his back on the gritty earth, his breath coming in tortured spurts. "Big Brother Yeung, are you trying to kill me?!" He glares at Lap Chun accusingly and indignantly. "I was coming back from collecting firewood and just happened to see you practicing! I was not trying to learn your kung fu on the sly!"

    Dai Hei sits up suddenly, a huge grin on his face, his good humor once again restored. Quickly dusting himself off, he excitedly runs to Lap Chun's side.

    Dai Hei grins widely. "So Big Brother Yeung... When do we start my kung fu lessons? I am available anytime! Haha."

    Lap Chun casually walks toward the entrance of the cottage, as he fans himself leisurely. "Since when did you become my student? I don't recall ever accepting you as my student."

    Dai Hei dashes ahead to gather the abandoned firewood before following Lap Chun into the cottage.


    Dai Hei follows Lap Chun to the main room, as he ticks off his good points on his fingers. "Well, I would make a wonderful student. I can cook, clean the house, sew..."

    Lap Chun sits down at a table, shaking his head before cutting Dai Hei off. "I am not looking for a wife right now."

    Dai Hei sits down beside Lap Chun. "Hehe. You know that wasn't what I meant!"

    Dai Hei opens his mouth again, intending to list more of his good attributes. However, he is interrupted as a loud crash is heard from the connecting guestroom. Both men leap up and rush toward the sound.


    Lam Suk Yu lies in a twisted heap on the floor, the light blue satin blanket tangled around her legs. With her brow wrinkled in worry, she pats the floor cautiously with her palms, her eyes staring blindly straight ahead.

    Lap Chun rushes toward Suk Yu. "Miss, you are finally awake! Are you all right?"

    Lap Chun kneels down beside Suk Yu and reaches for her arms, helping her sit upright. Suk Yu turns toward the direction of Lap Chun's voice, as she shakes her head in confusion.

    Suk Yu, her voice a little wobbly, asks, "Where am I? Why is it so dark in here?"

    She pats her hands up Lap Chun's arms and reaches up to run her fingertips lightly over his face, tracing his cheekbones, nose, and mouth, as she tries to figure out her rescuer's identity.

    Suk Yu tilts her head in confusion. "Who are you? Why is it so dark?"

    Lap Chun and Dai Hei exchange worried looks, as they glance at the pale golden rays of sunlight streaming into the room from the opened window, bringing brightness and warmth to the cottage. As an ominous, hushed silence descends upon the room, Suk Yu's heart rate picks up as she senses something terribly wrong. With terror curling slowly up her spine, she shifts toward Lap Chun, her only anchor in this frightening, dark world.

    Suk Yu grips Lap Chun's arms tightly, her knuckles turning white. "Why is it so dark??? Why???"

    Suk Yu shifts slightly to her right, placing herself directly in the sun's warm beams. As the warmth floods around her, warming her skin, her terror intensifies as she realizes that it is daytime and yet she sees only darkness.

    Suk Yu attempts to scramble up from the floor, screaming, "WHY?! WHY CAN'T I SEE ANYTHING?"

    In her hasty scramble up, she trips on the blanket tangled around her feet. Immediately, Lap Chun catches her in his arms, trying to subdue her frantic attempts to break free from his embrace without hurting her.

    Suk Yu screams in terror. "LET GO!!! LET ME GO!!! WHAT IS HAPPENING??? HOW COME I CAN'T REMEMBER ANYTHING ABOUT MYSELF???" Tears stream down her cheeks, saturating Lap Chun's white gown, as she claws blindly at his arms, trying to make sense of her shocking new situation. "WHO ARE YOU???"

    Lap Chun holds her tightly in his arms, stapling her arms to her sides to prevent further clawing. "Miss! Miss! It is all right. I will take care of you! I found you at the bottom of a canyon a week ago. You were seriously injured and have remained unconscious until now."

    However, his explanations fall on deaf ears as Suk Yu continues to struggle against him, while she blinks her eyes furiously, unsuccessfully trying to will her vision back. In the background, Dai Hei shifts his feet nervously around, not knowing how to help in such a situation. He reaches out tentatively, as if intending to help calm Suk Yu down, but then thinks twice and drops his hands back down to his sides helplessly.

    Dai Hei clears his throat nervously. "Big Brother Yeung? What can I do to help?"

    Lap Chun struggles to hold onto Suk Yu while turning his head in Dai Hei’s direction. "Dai Hei, would you please…?"

    However, before Lap Chun is able to complete his request, Suk Yu takes advantage of his slight break in attention and bursts free from his grasp. Dashing blindly away, she crashes into the nearby bamboo table, sending the ceramic teapot crashing to the floor into a million tiny pieces. Dizzy from the impact, she collapses to the floor, her hands landing directly onto the shards of glass sprinkled everywhere.

    Suk Yu cries out in pain. "Ahhh!!!"

    Lap Chun quickly rushes to her side, while Dai Hei uses a piece of rag to sweep aside the sharp pieces.

    Lap Chun grabs her bloody hands and examinees them with concern clouding his eyes. "Miss, are you all right?"

    Lap Chun uses the pads of his thumbs to gently wipe away the blood on her hands while Suk Yu sits docilely on the floor in shock, before collapsing against his chest in a dead faint. Surprised and concerned that she has blacked out once again so soon after regaining consciousness, Lap Chun shakes Suk Yu gently, unsuccessfully hoping to rouse her. Lap Chun quickly lifts her up into his arms and rushes her to the bed. Seating himself behind her, Lap Chun places his palms on her back, transferring his internal energy to her. Dai Hei hovers nervously by the bed in suspenseful silence, the rag filled with glass shards forgotten in his hands as he watches Lap Chun's attempt to revive their guest…


    Yik Lun, using his lightness kung fu, speeds past a small tea stand situated in the outskirts of the city. Because of his fast pace, most of the customers at the stand enjoying their afternoon tea only see a blur of white flash by. One of the customers, a distinguished appearing gentleman in his forties, looks on Lun's impressive display of lightness kung fu with gentle amusement as he calmly sips his tea. One minute after Lun passes by the tea stand, another figure (Fei), with just as impressive lightness kung fu, speeds past, following close behind. The gentleman at the tea stand chuckles to himself, shaking his head slowly, amused by the antics of the youth. Upon finishing his tea and sweet buns, the gentleman places a few coins on the table. Deciding to follow those two youths to see what they are up to, he flips through the air and suddenly disappears from sight.


    Lun continues his fast pace. However, because he has noticed the presence of another person trailing him some distance back, his ears remain alert as he waits patiently to see what this person would do. Deciding to lead his pursuant on a merry chase, Lun heads straight into the nearby woods, intending to use the thick foliage to his advantage.


    Lun executes several flips in the air, using the tree trunks as springing boards to propel himself from one part of the forest to the next. He takes a zigzagging path, attempting to confuse his follower. Close on his trail, Fei matches Lun, leap for leap, flip for flip. Exacerbated with Fei's persistence and wanting to end this silly game, Lun kicks against a nearby trunk and lands easily onto a low-hanging branch. Using leaves as darts, Lun flings them toward Fei, who deflects them with his sword, sending them flying back toward Lun, who, in turn, flips off the branch and kicks the leaves toward an opposing tree trunk. The leaves insert themselves into the tough bark with such force that they make a loud, cracking sound as wood splits apart. Lun lands facing Fei, who has his right hand placed casually on the hilt of his sword, which is inserted vertically into the ground.

    Lun crosses his arms across his chest, his sword sandwiched between his arms and chest. "Who are you and why are you following me?"

    Fei picks up his sword and imitates his Lun's pose. "I hear you are the Chancellor's eldest son, the most likely successor to this prestigious position once your father retires. I would like to challenge you to a duel."

    Lun chuckles in amusement. "Unfortunately, I have more pressing matters right now and therefore have no time for a duel. Your challenge will have to wait."

    Lun turns his back on Fei and begins to walk away, but Fei flips through the air and lands in front of Lun, thus blocking his departure.

    Fei unsheathes his sword and points it toward Lun. "Too bad for you. I want a challenge and I want it now."

    Lun smirks at Fei's bold declaration. "I only accept a challenge when I want to. Now get out of my way before you get hurt."

    Fei stretches out his arm horizontally to block Lun's departure. "What? Are you too cowardly to accept my challenge? Maybe your kung fu prowess is just a rumor. Maybe you can't fight well at all and simply hide behind your father's name and station in the martial arts world."

    Lun chuckles amusingly at Fei's taunt. "Look. I don't know who you are, and I have absolutely no interest in finding out. My advice to you is to move out of my way immediately before you get trampled."

    With that said, Lun flips up into the air, his feet lightly skimming the treetops as he races away from Fei. Not to be deterred by Lun's rejection of a duel, Fei flies after him, and grabs Lun's foot mid air, attempting to pull him back towards the ground. In counter attack, Lun twists vertically in the air, forcing Fei to loosen his hold. Angered, Lun aims his sword directly toward Fei's chest. Fei thrusts his sword forward in retaliation. A clang of metal reverberates throughout the tranquility of the forest, disturbing a flock of birds nearby, causing a flurry of wings to frantically flutter away to safety. As the two opponents race across the sky, while exchanging sword thrusts, the small animals below scurry for cover.

    As the battle ensues, Lun and Fei each hook their arms around a tree trunk, leaving their other hand free to continue the sword fight. After twenty minutes and over a thousand sword stances, both show no sign of weakness or fatigue. Sending his sword twisting into the air toward Fei, Lun uses that one split second when Fei is trying to evade the approaching sword to palm Fei on the chest, thus causing Fei to lose his hold on the tree and crash backward. Quickly recovering from his minor loss in concentration, Fei grabs hold of a low-hanging tree branch and loops under the bough to circle three hundred sixty degrees back toward Lun. Seeing Fei's approach, Lun flies straight toward his opponent, his sword raised in attack…


    Sui Han sits at the table, keeping herself occupied by staring at the wall paintings as she waits for Lun to return. Her gaze strays to the restaurant entrance every so often, as she wonders what is taking Lun so long.

    Sui Han, with her chin cupped in the palms of her hands, looks around the restaurant dining room in confusion as she mutters to herself. "What's taking First Young Master so long? Maybe I better go back to the Golden Phoenix Inn to check if he has returned there…"

    At that moment, the restaurant proprietor walks out with two steaming, large bowls of rice porridge.

    The eldery proprietor sets the bowls on Sui Han's table. "Here you go! Two hot servings of chicken rice porridge." He looks around, his brows knitted in bewilderment. "What happened to your young man?"

    Sui Han looks at the two bowls of porridge distractedly. "I'm sorry, Uncle, I have something important to do. Why don't you serve the other customers first with these bowls of porridge? I'll be back later."

    Without waiting for the restaurant owner's response, Sui Han darts out the restaurant and across the street toward Golden Phoenix Inn, her heart heavy with a strange sense of doom…


    Chi Chi sits on the bed inside the room she shares with Grandmother Fa, struggling against the ropes tying her hands and feet together. Grandmother Fa and Koo Yat Keung have left early that morning to purchase breakfast. With nobody around, Chi Chi focuses on loosening her ties and making her escape before the Sun Moon Sect members return. With her teeth clenched in concentration, she slowly maneuvers her left hand out of the tight loop of rope, as beads of perspiration collect on her forehead. Biting her lip against the pain caused by the abrasion of the rope on her tender skin, she successfully slips out her left hand. With that accomplished, her right hand easily comes out of the now loosened loop. Breathing a soft sigh of relief, Chi Chi quickly reaches down to untie the restraints around feet.

    Now free to move about, she tiptoes to the door and gently pushes it open to peak into the hallway outside. Spying nobody in the hall, Chi Chi cautiously steps out of the room and begins to run down the hallway toward the stairs, while glancing back frequently to assure herself that she is not being followed. Not paying close attention to her path, she collides right into another person running up the stairs…

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    What a great chapter. I wonder who did Chi Chi bump into. Also, who going to win in the fight between Tin Lok and Wai Sun? It was so sad seeing how Gong Yu have become blind after falling off the cliff. I feel sorry for her. But if she didn't fell of that cliff, she wouldn't have met Ekin. So I guess that's a good thing after all. When is Ada and Frankie going to appear? Hope you get your laptop back soon so you could post more chapters up for us to read. I can't wait.

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    Everybody should read this fan fiction! Melanie is a great writer. <IMG SRC="smilies/hatoff.gif" border="0">

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    go melanie! <IMG SRC="smilies/thumbsup.gif" border="0"> we'll be your forever avid supporters! <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0"> i also left a msg for you in winglin <IMG SRC="smilies/wink.gif" border="0"> i want to see frankie!!!! and i guess the person chi chi bumped to is none other than annie! yeah, definitely! don't think that i didn't notice your little clues in the chapter... <IMG SRC="smilies/wink.gif" border="0"> keep up the good work! i want to see chapters 19 and 20 asap!
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    great chapter, mel. <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0"> i agree with cherrie, the person gigi bumped into is annie! finally,felix makes his appearance <IMG SRC="smilies/clap.gif" border="0"> wonder what role he plays...
    update soon. <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">

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    Fantastic grammar and vocabulary!!! Bravo!! Ok one more post.... <IMG SRC="smilies/sweating.gif" border="0"> But really, Melanie you are doing a great job. Even swisher loves it!
    Your panties are on too tight.

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    Mel! Where the heck are you? Come back and post another chapter! I want more updates <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">

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    Characters appearing in this chapter:
    Gigi Lai Chi---Lam Chi Chi
    Annie Man Chung Han---So Sui Han
    Gilbert Lam Wai Sun---Lam Yik Lun
    Louis Koo Tin Lok---Koo Yat Fei
    Andy Lau Tak Wah---Lam Siu Tin
    Idy Chan Yuk Lin---Chan Yin Yuk
    Frankie Lam Mun Lung---Lam Yik Wah
    Felix Wong Yat Wah---gentleman at tea stand

    Guest appearances in this chapter:
    Margie Tsang Wah Sin---mother of toddler
    Sean Lau Ching Wan---father of toddler

    Not paying close attention to her path, Chi Chi collides right into another person running up the stairs. Reeling from the impact, both parties fall backward, landing on the ground in a tangle of arms and legs. Shocked, both women look up at each other, their eyes round with surprise.

    Chi Chi bursts out in a surprised, breathless voice. "Sui Han! What are you doing here?"

    Sui Han scrambles up and reaches down to assist Chi Chi. "Fourth Young Mistress! What are you doing here? Your parents have been searching for you!"

    Both young women stagger to a standing position and regard each other with bewilderment, as they absently dust off their gowns. Suddenly, Chi Chi remembers the Sun Moon Sect members and her dangerous situation. Grasping Sui Han's arm, Chi Chi pulls Sui Han urgently over to a dark corner of the hallway.

    Chi Chi peeks furtively out toward the stairs to see if any Sun Moon Sect members have returned. "Shhh! I was captured by the Sun Moon Sect ever since that night when Lam Mansion was attacked. My captors happened to be gone this morning, so I was planning to escape when I bumped into you."

    Sui Han lowers her eyes guiltily upon hearing about the Sun Moon Sect. "They didn't harm you, did they, Fourth Young Mistress?" Sui Han scans her eyes over Chi Chi worriedly as she looks for bruises. "Are they close by?"

    Chi Chi shakes her head impatiently, whispering frantically. "No, they didn't hurt me. In fact, they basically ignored me throughout the journey. But the two brothers who captured me have powerful kung fu. We have to leave quickly before they return!"

    Chi Chi hurries toward the stairs, dragging Sui Han along, not realizing that Sui Han is only following reluctantly.

    Sui Han frowns as she allows herself to be pulled down the hallway to the stairs. "What do the Sun Moon Sect members look like?"

    Chi Chi looks back at Sui Han, her tone a bit preoccupied. "Well, two of them are brothers. The older brother especially stands out, with his stern, tanned looks. And I guess he COULD be considered handsome, if he would stop glaring at everyone who walks by."

    Grumbling a little to herself, Chi Chi tiptoes to the top of the stairs with Sui Han in tow and peaks down into the lobby of the hotel, her eyes scanning for signs of Sun Moon Sect members.

    Chi Chi speaks in an excited whisper. "Sui Han! There are no Sun Moon Sect members around! We have to run now before they return!"

    Before Chi Chi could leap out, Sui Han pulls Chi Chi back. "Fourth Young Mistress, wait! If these people are as powerful as you say they are, then we should come up with a plan just in case we bump into one of them while trying to escape."

    Chi Chi looks thoughtfully at Sui Han, then breaks into a beautiful smile and remarks teasingly. "You're right, Sui Han! Clever, graceful, and beautiful! I always knew Eldest Brother has great taste in women."

    Chi Chi, her eyes twinkling mirthfully, winks teasingly at Sui Han. However, as a new thought occurs to her, she frowns worriedly.

    Looking uncertainly at Sui Han, Chi Chi frowns. "But uh…I don't have a plan. And we don't have time to wait around thinking up plans, because they could return any minute."

    Sui Han smiles winningly. "Don't worry, Fourth Young Mistress. I have a way to elude those Sun Moon Sect members." She pulls Chi Chi toward the room she shares with Lun, speaking as she walks. "Here is what we should do…"


    Taking the fight to the ground level, Lun and Fei land in a cloud of dust, swords clanging together in such power that orange-red sparks spew from the metal to metal contact. Bushes rustle nearby as a doe and her baby fawn crash through the shrubbery, escaping from the humans who are disturbing the tranquility of the forest. A majestic, white eagle circles the sky above, it's sharp eyes catching the glint of sword metal before swooping in a graceful arc and disappearing into the clouds, the echoes of its faint cry blending in with the discordant clash of swords.

    Thrusting his sword forward, Fei aims the tip toward Lun's throat, intending to kill. In defense, Lun angles his body slightly sideways to evade the approaching weapon and, simultaneously, stops the advancing sword by sandwiching the blade between his index and third fingers. Transferring a burst of inner energy to the tip, Lun snaps the blade in two, the impact of the breakage causing Fei to backflip several times away from the force field.

    Lun flings the sword tip away, sending it shooting through the air toward Fei. "Here's your sword tip back. I've won the duel."

    Fei adroitly snaps the sword tip between his fingers. "Not so fast. I haven't lost."

    Lun slides his sword smoothly into its scabbard and gives Fei an appraising look. "Your sword technique is pretty good. But I don't have time for your games. Go home and come back to Lam Mansion another day if you want a challenge."

    Fei extends his arm out to block Lun's exit. "What's the rush, Hero? Are you too tired to continue the fight?"

    Lun halts midstride and stares at Fei coldly. "Do you have a problem with me? Do I even know you?"

    In response, Fei glares at Lun. "Let's just say that I don't like you. Your voice grates on my nerves. Your face irritates me. Just seeing you around makes me violent."

    Lun his mouth twisted in a smirk. "You crazy man. Why am I wasting my time speaking to you?" He gives Fei a condescending look.

    Throwing his broken sword away in disgust, Fei rubs his palms together, his eyes focused murderously on Lun. A flicker of flame rises from his clasped hands, enlarging rapidly to become a licking ball of heat.

    Lun, eyes narrowed as recognition dawns on him, remarks knowingly. "I've seen this fireball kung fu before." He chuckles mockingly. "So it's you, the coward who had to resort to blinding me that night in the forest near Lam Mansion in order to gain the upper hand."

    Fei, his eyes glowing, their ferocious glint mirroring the dangerously licking flames in his hand, twists his mouth angrily. "We'll see who the coward is. You'll be begging for mercy once I am finished with you."

    With that said, Fei hurls his fireball straight upward. He then somersaults through the air and kicks the fireball toward Lun. As Lun executes a back flip to avoid the fireball, Fei flies straight toward his enemy, arms outstretched, intending to palm him. Missing its target, the fireball crashes into the grove of trees behind Lun, turning the greenery into a huge bonfire.

    Seeing Fei's approach, Lun stabs his sword vertically down into the earth before leaping upward to meet Fei's palms head-on. As their palms meet in mid-air, a resounding clash reverberates throughout the forest. An internal energy field surrounds the two combatants as explosions shatter the silence of the woods. Pigeons scatter in a flurry of wings, and tree leaves quiver before falling to the ground.

    Oblivious to their surroundings, Fei and Lun continue their battle of internal energy, their eyes locked on each other, their jaws clenched tightly. For ten intense minutes, a deadly silence descends upon the woodland. Suddenly, several smoke bombs fly toward the two combatants, the hissing of poisonous gas from the bombs echoes loudly throughout the eerie silence of the forest.

    Sensing grave danger, Fei and Lun immediately break free of their struggle, each executing a series of backflips away from the collection of bombs lying on the ground. Sitting cross-legged on the ground, both meditate, focusing their inner energy into closing out the sickenly sweet scent of gas encompassing the woodland in a thick hazy mist. But the poisonous gas seems to be too strong to block out, as its cloying fumes curl around Fei and Lun like fingers of death. With beads of perspiration collecting on their foreheads, both spew out a mouthful of dark, red blood.

    At that instant, a rain of arrows shoots out from the depths of the trees, heading start toward Fei and Lun…


    Squinting against the hot, golden rays of sun, Lam Siu Tin tramples through the tall weeds gently undulating in the soft breeze. Holding his hand up to his forehead to block out the bright beams, he scans the wide expanse of field, noting a small stream gurgling behind a collection of medium sized rocks a few feet away. Turning around, he looks back at his wife and his son.

    Siu Tin takes a few steps back toward his wife and son. "Sui Yuk, there is a stream up ahead. Why don't we rest there for a few minutes and take a drink of water?"

    Yin Yuk, her hands holding onto her son's arm to support him, follows her husband's gaze toward the stream and nods happily. She looks at her son, who appears pale and tired. "Yik Wah, honey, let's get you some water to drink." She peers at Wah with a worried frown, before reaching up and touching his forehead with the back of her hand. "How are you feeling?" She suddenly pulls her hand back in shock. Brother Siu Tin! Come quickly!"
    Hearing the urgency in his wife's voice, Siu Tin quickly rushes over, his eyes scanning the distressed look on Yin Yuk's face.

    Yin Yuk takes Siu Tin's hand nervously, her eyes brimming with tears. "Brother Siu Tin, Yik Wah is feverish!" She gently cups her palm against her son's cheek, as she glances up at him. Yik Wah, why didn't you tell us something was wrong? We could have stayed for another day at the last inn. You could have gotten some more rest. We could have called for a doctor…”

    Wah interrupts his mother's frantic string of sentences. "Mother, I am fine. I just feel a little tired, but that is all." Forcing his pale, dry lips upward, he cracks a brave smile for his mother's benefit. "You and father didn't raise me to be a weakling. I refuse to be thwarted by a little poison."

    Stubbornly refusing to be coddled by his mother, Wah gently shrugs away from her hold and walks stiffly toward the bank of the stream, his jaw clenched tightly against the pain coursing through his entire body with each agonizing step.

    Looking after her son's painful movements, Yin Yuk makes a move to go after Wah, intending to assist him. However, Siu Tin holds her back, shaking his head slightly as he stares at his son's straight, proud back.

    Siu Tin places his hand on Yin Yuk's shoulder, detaining her. "Don't, Sui Yuk."

    Yik Yuk opens her mouth to object. "But Brother Siu Tin…"

    Siu Tin interrupts her gently. "Let him be. He is a grown man and very proud. We are only making him uncomfortable by hovering over him like a child."

    Yin Yuk nods reluctantly, with tears glistening in her eyes. "Yes, you are right. I wasn't thinking clearly. It's just that I hurt so much to see my baby like this…"

    Siu Tin gathers Yin Yuk into his arms, tucking her head underneath his chin, his hands soothingly rubbing her back. Looking into his wife's distressed eyes, he sighs, "I know, Sui Yuk, I know. Shhh…"

    Tenderly, he brushes aside her bangs and places a soft kiss on her forehead, before gathering her close again. In the distance, he sees Wah gingerly and slowly bends his knees to sit down on the grassy bank, his pale complexion a stark contrast to the deep, royal blue of his gown. Sighing, Siu Tin diverts his attention back to his wife.

    Siu Tin takes Yin Yuk by the hand, leading her over to a cluster of large rocks conveniently situated under a willow tree several feet away from the stream. "Sui Yuk, come on. Let's go sit in the shade over there and give Yik Wah some space and time alone."

    Reluctantly, Yin Yuk glances worriedly back at her son one more time before docilely allowing Siu Tin to take her to the tree. Gracefully spreading her gown around her as she sits on the rock, she looks up gratefully at her husband, who hands her a container of water.

    Yin Yuk smiles wanly at him. "Thank you. I hope we find a cure for Yik Wah's poison soon. I feel that our internal energy is no longer benefiting him as much anymore." She frowns. "I think the poison is getting deeper into his body and doing more damage as time passes."

    Siu Tin crouches down to stare Yin Yuk in the eyes. "Listen to me, Sui Yuk. Everything will be fine. I won't let anything happen to my family." He takes her hand into his. "Trust me, all right?"

    Yin Yuk covers her other hand on top of Siu Tin's hand and nods at him. "All right."

    At that moment, another family of three traveling by stops near Yin Yuk and Siu Tin as they, too, seek some rest and shade from the hot sun. The husband looks adoringly at the toddler in his arms, as his wife coos at her son from the side. Basking in all the attention, the toddler swings his body over toward his mother, squealing happily, reaching his arms out in a demand to be carried. Laughing at her son's cute antics, she transfers him into her arms and jiggles him playfully.

    The young woman places a light kiss on her son's soft hair as the toddler plays with the loose thread on the collar of her simple, light green gown. "Hong Yee, are you hungry? Here, do you want a piece of rice cake?"
    She waves a small rectangle of soft, rice cake in front of him, and the child excitedly grabs at the delicious treat, greedily stuffing the entire piece into his mouth, grinning at his mother. Laughing softly, she brushes the corners of his mouth with a threadbare handkerchief, while her husband looks on adoringly.

    The young man smiles at his son. "Careful, Hong Yee. You might choke on the cake."

    Sitting quietly on her rock a few feet away from the lovely, young family, Yin Yuk looks at them, mesmerized, her body held stiffly, a longing expression on her face. Suddenly she jolts out of her reverie as she feels Siu Tin's hand on her shoulder. For one silent moment, Yin Yuk stares into her husband's eyes, as if looking straight into the depths of his soul. A single tear rolls slowly down her cheek, glistening like a jewel against her porcelain complexion.

    Siu Tin gently shakes Yin Yuk. "Sui Yuk? Sui Yuk?"

    Breaking free from painful memories of old, she leaps up suddenly and rushes into Siu Tin's comforting arms, which close protectively around her.
    Yin Yuk sobs softly against the front of his gown. "Brother Siu Tin! I…I…" She sniffs delicately and burrows her face deeper against his chest, shaking slightly from her sobs.

    Siu Tin tightens his arms around her. "Shhh… I know what you are thinking about. Just let it go. We cannot change what happened in the past. He is now in a better place, and we must believe that he is happy."

    Yin Yuk nods reluctantly against his chest. "I know, I know. But hearing that couple call their baby Hong Yee brings back all those old memories… It has been more than twenty years, and yet there is not one day that I do not miss OUR Hong Yee!"

    Siu Tin rubs her hair comfortingly. "Don't, sweetheart. Don't make yourself sick by dragging up old memories. Let it go. We have to be strong for Yik Wah. He needs our internal energy to survive. And don't forget Chi Chi and Suk Yu. We still have to find them, right? And what about Yik Lun? He is on a dangerous mission to steal the antidote for Yik Wah. We have to catch up with him if possible to offer help."

    He, too, relives the past in his mind, as he stares off into the distance. Shaking off the terrible memories, Siu Tin blinks rapidly to prevent his tears from falling.

    Yin Yuk takes in a shaky breath. "Yes, there is so much we still have to do. I cannot break down at this point. We still have to find the Seer."

    She smiles bravely at Siu Tin, who starts to lead her to the edge of the stream to meet up with Wah. As they walk past the young family, Yin Yuk gives them a big smile. She pauses before finally deciding to walk over to them.

    Yin Yuk goes up to the young family, smiling at the parents before glancing sweetly at the innocent face of the child. "You have a very lovely son here."
    She runs her fingers lightly against the toddler's cherubic cheek, eliciting a delighted gurgle from him. Taking in a deep breath, she looks back at Siu Tin, reaching for his hand for comfort and support.

    Yin Yuk tries to keep her voice from choking up with tears again. "It's Hong Yee, right? We have a son by the same name. He used to love sweet rice cake just as much as your Hong Yee does. He would stuff his mouth full of that cake, and his cheeks would puff out like a chipmunk."

    The young father laughs amusingly. "Yes, our Hong Yee is quite a handful. It sounds like yours is, too. How old is he?"

    The smile on her lips freezes for one split second before Yin Yuk recovers and quickly answers. "Oh, our Hong is grown up now, in his early twenties."
    Throwing one last longing look at the child, Yin Yuk nods politely and excuses herself and Siu Tin. As they walk away, the young couple exchange confused looks. The toddler, worn out from the excitement of meeting new people, now lay his head sleepily against his mother's shoulder.

    The young woman pats her son's back absentmindedly, as she stares after Yin Yuk and Siu Tin. "They seem like such a nice couple, she so beautiful and he so handsome. But don't you think the lady looks so sad? I have the feeling that their Hong Yee is no longer with them…"

    The young man pats his wife's back, as she leans into him, their son cuddled in her arms. Both stare into the distance, watching Siu Tin and Yin Yuk's retreating backs with puzzled expressions…


    Seeing the approach of hundreds of arrows, Fei and Lun, with blood staining the corners of their mouths, somersault into the air, dodging the projectiles as best as their injuries would allow them. Both execute a series of air-borne flips, knocking several arrows away with their feet.

    Listening closely to his surroundings, Lun estimates about thirty men hiding in the surrounding bushes. Grabbing a few of the arrows as they shoot toward him, he throws them forcefully back into the shrubbery. Within seconds, several men dressed in black flip out from their hiding spots, screaming in pain as the arrows burrow into their skin.

    Taking Lun's cue, Fei kicks off from a tree trunk and launches himself toward a grove of trees. Within the leafy depths, he grabs out two assassins and flings them ten feet forward, causing them to crash into a trunk.
    Immediately, the remaining assassins fly out from their hiding places and charge toward Lun and Fei, who stagger slightly as the inhaled poisonous gas begins to take effect, making their movements slow and their eyesight blurry. Using his fireball kung fu, Fei unleashes a rain of heat and flames toward his enemies, killing several men and severely burning a few.
    Meanwhile, Lun sends his sword shooting toward the assassins, fatally slashing several more across their chests. However, as Fei and Lun valiantly fight off the men in black, twenty more flip down from their hiding spots in the thick foliage, flooding the forest with battle cries.

    After ten minutes of combat, both Lun and Fei, weakened and groggy from the poisonous fumes, begin to show signs of fatigue. One of the men in black, the only one wearing a red belt around his waist, appears to be the leader of the group. Seeing Lun and Fei disoriented from the effects of the gas, he flies directly toward Fei, intending to deliver a fatal blow to his head. In defense, Fei throws the man he is fighting with forward, using him to block the leader's palms. Undaunted, the leader flings away his dead underling, and flies toward Fei again, who flips forward to meet his palms. A contest of inner strength takes place, while in the background Lun attempts to fend off the rest of the assassins.

    Unfortunately, as Fei begins to use his internal energy, the poison starts to circulate faster through his bloodstream, causing pain to tear throughout his body. Weakening, he staggers backward a few steps. The leader, sensing victory, advances and delivers a huge surge of inner energy from his palms into Fei, thus causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood.

    From behind, Lun flies toward the battling duo and hits his palms against Fei's back, combining his internal strength with Fei's. Several more minutes tick by, but Lun and Fei are fighting a losing battle, as the poison circulating through their systems significantly compromises their strengths.

    Ruthlessly advancing forward, the leader in black sends Fei and Lun backing up several more steps. Using all their reserve, Fei and Lun, with beads of perspiration collecting on their brows, concentrate on channeling their internal energy into a force field, hoping to use this surge of energy to knock out their opponent. Unfortunately, at that moment, five of the other assassins charge toward them, slashing Lun on the arm and injuring Fei in the ribs.

    Vomiting up blood, Lun uses his right arm to ward off the attacks of the other men in black, while keeping his left palm on Fei's back, so as not to disrupt the force field they are generating. But ten more assassins fly toward Lun and Fei, intending to disrupt the transfer of energy and cause them to have fire deviation.

    Just when all hope seems to be lost, multiple small pebbles shoot out from the depths of the forest and hit several of the assassins exactly on the forehead, causing immediate death. From a grove of trees, the gentleman from the tea stand flips out and heads toward the trio, who remain locked in a battle for supremacy. The gentleman slaps his palms onto Lun's back, transferring his tremendous internal strength into Lun and Fei. The sudden addition of such power sends the leader in black crashing backward into the bushes. Placing one hand on Fei's arm and the other on Lun's, the gentleman flies off with both of them. While in flight, the gentleman laughs deeply, causing the forest grounds to shudder and ring with explosions. Then in the blink of an eye, the three vanish from sight, leaving the leader and the few remaining assassins to stumble to their feet as they stare in shock…

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