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Thread: A Legacy of Secrets

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    Chiu Man: Soon enough...perhaps later today or in the next one or two hours...can you wait? Thank you for reading my fanfic...Its great to know I've earned another reader here.
    I just love how you Captivate My Mind

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    .:Chapter 5: Return of Gau Yeung San Gong (Grand Solar Nine Manual):.

    A hundred miles from The Lost Woods...

    Cheung Mo Kei and Chiu Man had merrily made their way up Mo Dang Mountain where they encountered a boy around the age of ten, dressed in rags, laying on the ground with one hand clinging tightly to a jade flute. The boy was asleep. The whole time, a small pack of hungry wolves hovered around him, sniffing. Instinctively, Cheung Mo Kei went over and ignited a broken tree branch fire and scared the furry wolves away from the boy with the flames.

    "Brother Mo Kei, you are truly a hero! Long time no see," said a woman.

    Cheung Mo Kei turned around to see a couple with two familiar faces smiling back at him with joy due to their pleasant reunion.

    "Bat Fui Mui Mui, it's been eight long years since we last saw each other!" said Mo Kei with excitement as he stepped over to examine the boy for any injuries.

    "Has it really been that long?" asked a man.

    "Sixth Uncle Yan, I missed you," said Mo Kei as he reached over to take hold of the boy's wrist while talking to Yan, Luk hup (Yan sixth hero of Mo Dang).

    Yan Lei Ting nodded and smiled at his wife by his side. "So, Mo Kei, what's wrong with the child?" asked Yan Lei Ting.

    "His pulse seems normal. However, his heart seems to be beating irregularly fast. Those hungry wolves must have scared him before we arrived," said Cheung Mo Kei.

    "So what brings Yan Luk Sook (Sixth Uncle) and Bat Fui down from Mo Dang Mountain?"

    "We..." said both Lai Ting and Bat Fui in unison. Then Yeung Bat Fui gestured her husband to continue.

    "We were planning to go buy some presents for Sifu's 128th birthday in two days. We would have bought presents earlier, but our son, Ting Yee, was sick. As soon as he was well again, he was running around the school. I swear he's exactly like his mother."

    "Luk Go!" said Yeung Bat Fui with a pout.

    The three other adults laughed at Yeung Bat Fui while the child who had been lying quietly on the ground was still clenching his jade flute tightly with his right hand. Undoubtedly, he had always been conscious. He only pretended to lay their unconscious in the hope that the wolves would be uninterested in him and leave. The wolves left after the stranger chased them away with the fire. But, as he lay there on the cold moisten ground, he could feel ants or some other insects crawling under him.

    'Aiya! When are those people going to leave? These ants are going to bite me! First, I was going to be wolf bait. And now, ants are starting to crawl all over me!' the panic stricken boy thought to himself as he winced his eyes.

    Chiu Man, the most alert person in the group, who kept her attention on the boy the whole time, noticed that the boy's eyes had opened and then quickly shut, in the thought that no one would notice him curiously wondering who the four adults standing around were. Chiu Man then smiled and knelt down besides the boy.

    "I know how to get the boy conscious again," said Chiu Man as the others stopped talking and watched. With the prodding of her fingers all over his body, the little ten year old began rolling on the ground, laughing uncontrollably.

    "Please!… hahahaha!... stop!… hahahaha!" said the little boy.

    "So the little rascal had been awake all this time," said Bat Fui.

    Yan Lei Ting smiled and thought 'Once again, Chiu Man was able to see right through someone else's cover.'

    "We must be going. I am sure Sifu will be very happy to see you again, Mo Kei. We'll return later tonight," said Yan Lei Ting as he nodded slightly and bid Mo Kei good-bye. Yeung Bat Fui followed behind him as he continued down the mountain.

    "Man Man, I think the boy may have had enough, " said Mo Kei, trying to control his own laughter from escaping.

    "Aww... and spoil all the fun, dear?"

    He nodded and Chiu Man reluctantly poked the boy once again, releasing him from his uncontrollable laughter. The boy relaxed for a moment, got up and started to walk away.

    "Come back. I didn't mean to tease you like that," said Chiu Man.

    "Yeah, my wife just has a funny sense of humor. Her intentions are very harmless. Where are you headed, little boy?"

    The boy turned around and started scratching his neck and then his chest.

    "Do you know of there's a lake nearby? I think some ants may have bitten me," replied the boy.

    "I have a better idea. Why don't you come with us and we'll take you to a place where you can bathe and get some new clothes to change into? How does that sound?" asked Chiu Man.

    The boy hesitated to take the offer because he thought he was doing just fine with the old clothes that his mother had made for him before the events that led to his present wandering around like a body without a soul. Besides, he thought he could probably find his way to a lake somewhere if he tried hard enough. Then a growl of hunger was heard coming from his stomach. Cheung Mo Kei looked at the ten-year-old boy and smiled.

    "I think we can solve that problem as well. So what's your decision?" asked Mo Kei.

    The boy couldn't help but feel obliged, for having some decent food is better than having salty fish and sweet potatoes everyday.

    Later that night...

    Cheung Sam Fung and Cheung Mo Kei were busy discussing some important business. The boy that Chiu Man had brought with them up the mountain was taken in to bathe and change into clean clothes. After the boy had a decent meal and was full, he joined Chiu Man in the main hall where she was talking to Mo Kei's fourth uncle, Cheung Chung Kai (Felix Wong). The boy's constant gnawing on a chicken leg made Cheung Chung Kai take note of him.

    "Chiu Man, is this your son?" asked Cheung Chung Kai as he smiled slightly while stroking his beard.

    "No, Mo Kei rescued this boy from a pack of wolves at the foot of the mountain this afternoon," said Chiu Man as she looked and laughed at the boy who was still enjoying the chicken leg.

    "What's your name?" asked Cheung Chung Kai.

    "My name is Chiu Tin Hung (Louis Koo), " said the boy proudly as he waved the chicken leg in one hand and his jade flute in the other, as if he were in an opera show.

    Meanwhile in Cheung Sam Fung's meditation room...

    "Man Man and I were talking about how we missed Grand Sifu and everyone else, and we were talking about how Gau Yeung San Gong (Grand Nine Solar Manual) was stolen, and…" paused Mo Kei.


    "And... I decided to write down a copy of Gau Yeung San Gong and, on be half of Grand sifu, I wanted to finally return it to the Shaolin Temple, it's rightful owner. But, I wasn't sure if it is a good idea. So I decided to visit you and ask for your opinion in person," said Mo Kei.

    "I think it's a good idea. And perhaps all the misunderstanding between our two sects may be resolved," said Cheung Sam Fung as he sat down and drank some hot tea.

    "Then it's settled. Chiu Man and I will stay for Grand Sifu's birthday and we'll leave to return Gau Yeung San Gong," said Mo Kei.

    When Mo Kei and his grand sifu finished talking and joined the others in the main hall, where everyone there was happily talking.

    "Mo Kei, do you mind if I take Tin Hung (Thien Hang) as my student?" asked Cheung Chung Kai (Felix Wong).

    Mo Kei looked amazed, for he was only gone for a while to talk with his grand sifu, Cheung Sam Fung.

    'How could the boy get Fourth Uncle to like him so much? They just met,' thought Mo Kei. "Sure, but it is entirely the Tin Hung's decision," he said as he patted Tin Hung on the head.

    "Mo Kei, for an eight year old, your son is very big!" exclaimed Cheung Sam Fung.

    "No, no, this isn't my son, we found this boy at the foot of the mountain and he looks about ten to me. Chiu Man's and my first child has not been born yet, Grand Sifu," said Mo Kei, laughing at the thought that everyone else would think that the boy was his son.

    "Yes, I misunderstood young Chiu Tin Hung to be their son as well. Chiu Man and Tin Hung have the same surnames. However, they both come from very different backgrounds," said Cheung Chung Kai as he laughed. So after, everyone else did too.

    "So, Tin Hung, do you want to be my fourth uncle's student and have me call you Si Hing?" asked Mo Kei.

    "Umm... yes," said Chiu Tin Hung (Louis Koo). The four adults laughed loudly and merrily, for they wondered if he had to agreed because he really wanted to be Cheung Chung Kai's student or because he just enjoyed the thought of having someone that was nearly his father's age be his junior martial brother.

    "I have an idea, and I think Grand Sifu would like the idea as well, "said Chiu Man.

    "What's that, dear?" asked Mo Kei.

    "I think we should wait until Grand Sifu's birthday and also have Fourth Uncle's ceremony accepting Tin Hung as his student," said Chiu Man.

    "That sounds like a great idea! Triple happiness!" exclaimed Cheung Chung Kai with agreement.

    Mo Kei immediately turned to his wife. "Triple happiness? Man Man, did you tell him?" asked Mo Kei, surprised that his fourth martial uncle had guessed that Chiu Man and he were going to have a child soon.

    "No I didn't tell fourth uncle. He sort of just guessed," said Chiu Man

    "Mo Kei what are you to talking about?" asked Cheung Sam Fung.

    "Sifu, our Mo Kei and his wife are going to have a baby soon," said Cheung Chung Kai as stroked his long beard again.

    "Really? That's good to hear, Mo Kei! Your mother and father would have been very proud and glad to see that you've married such a smart, beautiful and talented wife and had finally had a family of your own."

    Mo Kei nodded in agreement. He was happy that for once, of all Grand Sifu's birthdays he's attended, this would be by far his happiest.

    The next evening…

    In a secret and mysterious looking manor which was heavily guarded day and night, a man in his mid thirties, with a strongly villainous appearance, paced back and forth angrily, in the main hall before his throne. Each step was faster than the last, expressing his nervous frustration.

    "Nothing! Absolutely nothing!" said Bak Hung Tin furiously as he stopped and threw the manual on the floor, walked to his throne and sat down, grumpily.

    Another man in his very late twenties stepped into the room. Although he and Bak Hung Tin were both brothers born from the same parents, Ying Pui possessed a kinder and more scholarly look with his height. Yet his facial features gave him a more carefree appearance compared to his brother's angry face.

    "Big brother, what's wrong? I thought once you got the White Crane Sword Manual you'd be happy," said Bak Ying Pui (Eddie Cheung) as he walked towards the manual and picked it up and cleaned it with one of his long green sleeves.

    "Yes, Big brother. What's wrong?" asked Bak Bing Sau as she paraded across the room in her newly tailored maroon colored silk robe with many delicate designs of blossoms sewn intricately onto it.

    "I can't believe how cunning that Yip Chi Tin is! This isn't the Yip family's White Crane Sword manual. I curse you Yip Chi Tin! Even in death, you will never see your beloved wife again!"

    Bak Ying Pui opened and read through the manual. The so called manual was a fake.

    "Little brother, where is that brat?" Hung Tin finally asked coldly.

    "I checked on her this morning. She must have hit her head very hard because when she woke up, she seemed disoriented. I think she has amnesia, Big Brother," reported Ying Pui (Eddie Cheung).

    "Is that so? Let me be the judge of that. Bring her to me," commanded Bak Hung Tin.

    "Yes, have her brought in immediately," said Hung Tin as he gestured someone to do so. He was tired because he had been carefully reading the fake manual throughout the night because he felt that all the effort of that went into stealing the manual and killing for it should not be in vain.

    Soon, a personal maid of Ying Pui (Eddie Cheung) brought Wai Ying before Bak Hung Tin so that he could question her about her memory loss.

    "Tell me, what is your name?" asked Hung Tin with his eyes looking suspiciously at Wai Ying.

    "My name?...I don't know what my name is and who are you?" said Wai Ying innocently as she looked curiously around the room.

    Annoyed, Bak Bing Sau went over and twisted Wai Ying's arm around her back, making Wai Ying cry out in pain.

    "Bing Sau, that's enough. The girl has suffered too much already. You don't need to cause more suffering! You've got your revenge, haven't you?" said Ying Pui as he clenched his sister's hand tightly, emphasizing his anger at all the suffering their Bak family had already caused the Yip family.

    "Brother Hung Tin, look at Second Brother. He'd rather take the side of strangers than family! It already happen once before with that Chiu couple's son," Bak Bing Sau said in a ruthless tone.

    "Bing Sau Mui is right. Brother, I can't understand why you would let that Chiu couple's son get away and why you're letting this girl live. If it wasn't for you, I would have either thrown her down the cliff or cut her up for dog food," said Hung Tin, cruelly.

    Bak Ying Pui closed his eyes, trying hard not to picture such images, yet all he could think about was to show mercy on the innocent girl. Suddenly, a beautiful and very graceful woman glided elegantly into the room like a goddess from Heaven. She then sat onto a smaller throne, next to Bak Hung Tin.

    "Who's talking about killing unmercifully? Such talk is giving me a headache," said Bak Hung Tin's young wife.

    Everyone besides Bak Hung Tin knelt down until she gestured for them to stand up. No one dared to show disrespect for Bak Hung Tin's wife. She was the most beautiful woman in the family, aside from Bak Bing Sau. Unknown to Bak Hung Tin, Bak Ying Pui and his wife were once childhood friends and lovers before one fateful day when his brother saw Dong Li Mei in a meadow filled with flowers, dancing in circles. After that day, it was the end of Bak Ying Pui and Dong Li Mei's friendship and love for one another. Now, they can only look in each other's eyes and pretend to be strangers, keeping their respect for each other.

    "Sister-in-law, we are trying to test this girl to see if she's really lost her memory. But so far, she pretends to act dumb and questions us instead," said Bing Sau politely. Even if she was normally rude to almost everyone else, she was never allowed to act inappropriate towards Big Brother's wife.

    Dong Li Mei's (Melissa Ng) eyes looked down at Wai Ying. She then smiled warmly.

    "Hung Tin Go, as a big brother, you hate to displease either one of your siblings. I think it would be most fair if I decide what punishment she will have," said Li Mei as she looked at her husband earnestly for agreement.

    Bak Hung Tin considered the idea for a moment and nodded in agreement. Although, agreeing to her idea would go against what he had planned, he didn't care because he would agree to anything that Dong Li Mei would have said. He gave Li Mei a mesmerizing stare for a while before he cleared his throat and nodded the second time.

    "Little girl, come stand beside me so I can talk to you better instead of yelling across the room," said Dong Li Mei, gesturing the little girl to come closer and closer until she could reach out to take hold of one of Wai Ying's hands.

    Wai Ying did not know why she obeyed the lady's command. Perhaps it was the nice smile on her face or the friendly gesture of reaching out to take hold of her hand. Both actions greatly unlike that of the other lady who twisted her arm violently and yelled at her.

    She then held Wai Ying closely by her side and faced the happy and angry faces of Ying Pui and Bing Sau respectively and said "I've decided that this girl will study martial arts under Brother Ying Pui's care. And since she has lost all her memory, she will be called Sui Fa(Lucky Flower)."

    "But Sister Li Mei...," said Bing Sau before she was stopped in mid sentence.

    "Don't worry Mui Mui. I haven't forgotten you and I did say I will be fair about my decision for you both. From now on, Sui Fa will be the personal maid of Suet Lung (Derek Kwok) and myself. Does that sound okay with you two?" said Dong Li Mei in a confident voice.

    "Whatever you say, Sister Li Mei. No one would dare question your decision," said Ying Pui as he cupped his hands and raised it in a respectful manner.

    Bak Bing Sau (Irene Wan) was still considering the idea of Yip Wai Ying being a student under Bak Ying Pui's care and also Dong Li Mei's personal maid. Everyone knew that Dong Li Mei was a very fair person and also a very clever person. She knew that her big sister-in-law had made her decisions solely in favor of Ying Pui. But, with one look from Hung Tin, she had to drop her hesitating and agree reluctantly to her sister's decisions.

    After that, Ying Pui, Li Mei and Sui Fa left the room, leaving Bak Bing Sau alone to talk with Bak Hung Tin.

    "Big Brother, are you really going to let Yip Wai Ying live peacefully after her father had tricked you to believe that you had gotten the sword manual?"

    Bak Hung Tin stood up from his throne and laughed happily.

    "Of course not, she is the last link to the White Crane Sword Manual. I believe in time she will remember her true identity and when she does, I will let you handle her any way you so please, Bing Sau Mui!" said Hung Tin.

    Realizing Bak Bing Sau's capacity for utter cruelty against all Yip family members, both began to laugh uncontrollably as they thought of "Sui Fa's" fate.

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    I like this chapter. Very well done. <IMG SRC="smilies/clap.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/clap.gif" border="0">
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    ahh, something to read tonight. <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">
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    <IMG SRC="smilies/eek.gif" border="0"> ...Mui Mui sure is working fast and hard on her fan fic. <IMG SRC="smilies/cool.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/azzangel.gif" border="0">
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    NOOOOoooo... <IMG SRC="smilies/crying.gif" border="0">

    That tramp, Bak Bing Sau, stabbed Chor Wai Sam in the back!!! <IMG SRC="smilies/mad.gif" border="0">

    Okay... I know many of you already knew this 'cus I'm still behind on my reading... <IMG SRC="smilies/angrystick.gif" border="0">

    But that was a major surprise for me. My compliments to the author. "Reunions & Farewells" was VERY well done! <IMG SRC="smilies/beerchug.gif" border="0">

    Just keep up the great <IMG SRC="smilies/typin.gif" border="0">ing!... <IMG SRC="smilies/bow.gif" border="0">
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    .:Chapter 6: The Letter:.

    In a fairly large bamboo house, carefully hidden from view in the heart of the Lost Woods....

    Tong Sou Ching (Suet Li) and her husband had successfully and safely brought Yip Wai Ming (Noel) back to their home in the Lost Woods. Unfortunately, Lam Shing had previously been injured by Bak Bing Sau’s poison palm. Tong Sou Ching searched in vain for two days to find a cure for her husband. Yet all attempts to heal Lam Shing were useless because the injury was too severe. There was little chance for a definite cure since the poison had traveled throughout his body and caused irretrievable harm to his internal system. Nonetheless, Sou Ching loved her husband greatly and hated the thought of losing him. So she continued to search for a healing method all night long until she was just too tired and fell asleep on a pile of books laid out on the wooden table.

    Concentrating on finding a cure for the poison, Sou Ching had not had time to take care of her si mui's (junior martial sister) daughter. She sent her only son, Lam Ting Yip (Jackie Lui), to keep Yip Wai Ming company in case she were need anything. What wouldn’t she need now? Wai Ming was overwhelmed with discomfort and sadness. Her mother was killed, her big sister could be either dead or badly injured and her father, who went off to fight with the people in black, has not return to find her. She grew more and more worried for her father and sister that for the past two days she’s refused to leave the new room that Ting Yip prepared for her. Wai Ming slept soundly at night, but dreams of her family would always float into her mind. She would often wake up disoriented and scared in the midst of the same beautiful dream of being united with her parents and sister. She would then hide securely under her blanket, hoping that the blanket would be as warm as her mother’s hugs or the body of her, with whom she used to sleep next to her. Nothing! Nothing will ever be the same for her! All has changed!

    The next morning...

    Lam Ting Yip (Jackie Lui) was just carrying a tray of some hot rice soup for Wai Ming and proceeded down the long corridor when his mother stormed into his path, nearly knocking the tray and spilling the soup all over him. He was about to ask what was wrong but she had already disappeared around the corner.

    ‘I wonder what’s wrong with mom today...’ thought Ting Yip curiously as he continued to walk towards Wai Ming’s room. Suddenly, he stepped on something that made a rippling noise like that of a dead leaf. He looked down to see a letter from his father addressing to his mother. He was about to read it but thought it would be impolite to read a letter that wasn’t his. So he stuck the letter in his shirt. He spent a few seconds to straighten his shirt and gradually made his way to Wai Ming’s door and knocked.

    “Wai Ming, breakfast!” said Ting Yip. And when there was no answer, he simply walked into the room and placed the rice soup, that once was hot and now was just warm enough to eat, on a small table. He looked around the room for Wai Ming, but instead he spotted Wai Ming’s blanket strangely balled up in the middle of the bed. Ting Yip smiled. For the little girl must’ve had another nightmare. He walked over and nudged the girl hidden beneath the large blanket.

    “Aye! It’s morning. Wake up,” announced Ting Yip.

    When the little figure beneath did not answer, he pried the blanket from the figure to reveal a little girl curled up into a ball and weeping softly, obviously still experiencing the trauma of her nightmare. He nudged her a few times more until Wai Ming shot up in shock and grabbed hold of Lam Ting Yip.

    “It’s okay, Wai just had a bad dream,” he said to console her while patting her back to put at ease her pounding heart.

    “Here… I’ve made you some rice soup. Come sit down and eat some,” he said as he walked over to the table and picked up the bowl. He gently blew into the bowl to make sure that it wasn’t too hot to eat and handed it to Wai Ming as she slowly climbed into the chair by the table.

    “Just white rice soup today?” she asked.

    “Yes, I’m too lazy to add any meat in the rice soup today. Besides, you should learn how to toughen up instead of moping around sadly all the time. Just the same, you should learn how to eat rice soup with nothing added to it,” lectured Ting Yip.

    “Really? Or are you just saying that because you’re really just a lazy person to begin with?” Wai Ming said teasingly.

    “Fine! If you don’t appreciate that I’ve cared for you these past few days by cooking and cleaning for you then I’ll just take this bowl and leave! Humph!”

    Ting Yip took the rice bowl away and pretended to leave. But, just as he reached the door, there was a tug on his waist belt, pulling him back. Wai Ming laughed for the first time in days as she pulled and fished Ting Yip back from the threshold of the door. Suddenly, a sorrowful weeping could be heard somewhere else in the house. At the very moment that the two youngsters noticed the crying, both Ting Yip and Wai Ming stopped their struggle, left the rice bowl on the table and slowly went forth in search of where the weeping was coming from.

    Ting Yip who was older than Wai Ming by seven years and walked faster than she did. The faster he walked, the harder it was for Wai Ming, who was only six, to keep up with him as he paced down the halls. She finally tripped and fell on the cold hard floor and cried out for Ting Yip. When he heard little Wai Ming crying, he stopped, walked back towards her and leaned down to help her up. As he leaned down, the letter from his father dropped from his shirt. Obviously, he did not hide the letter deep enough in his shirt. Now he was going to regret it, for Wai Ming grabbed the letter as fast as her little hands could.

    “Ha...ha...ha..I have your letter!” teased Wai Ming.

    “Hey, that’s not my letter. Give it back!” said Ting Yip.

    Wai Ming definitely added some different to his life , for all thirteen years of his life he had only studied martial arts with his father and had absolutely no friends due to his isolated living environment -- secluded and free of outsiders. Until now, his only friends were the animals in the forest.

    Ting Yip chased in hot pursuit of Wai Ming until she ran into a room that was dimly lit. There sat a woman with the saddest look on her face. The woman was no other than Tong Sou Ching (Suet Li), Ting Yip’s mother.

    Her hair, which was usually very neatly braided and held up, was now tangled, messy and hanging down loosely across her face. As Lam Ting Yip went over to see what was wrong with his mother and the reason why she was crying and in such apparent misery, Wai Ming opened the letter and read as well as she could. Her mother, Chor Wai Sam had always thought it important for her daughters to learn how to read and write from a very early age. Therefore, the letter contained few words that Wai Ming could not understand. She began to read the letter to herself. . .

    “Dearest Sou Ching,

    “I’m sorry to have left you suddenly. Just make believe that you never met or married me. The poisoned palm that Bak Bing Sau attacked me with has deeply injured my inter...nal sys..tem…”

    Wai Ming continued to read slowly and silently to herself as she struggled with some words. . .

    “and I know that I will not live much longer. The pain incre...ases in my body and is now starting to affect my heart. Yet I use by last words to let you know how much I love you. Though I now go to the next world, because of your love I know that I’ll never be a lonely spirit. Please forgive me!

    “I love you, Sou Ching."

    “Lam Shing.”
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    btw, I like the new poster. Very suspense building! <IMG SRC="smilies/drool.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/smokin.gif " border="0">
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    Nice addition, Sister Krane. <IMG SRC="smilies/peek.gif" border="0">

    So the actor playing Bak Hung Tin is a secret, huh?! Should be interesting, 'cus thus far he seems like a pretty nice guy despite his evil brother and sister. Especially that Bing Sau! <IMG SRC="smilies/mad.gif" border="0">

    Too bad she looks so attractive in her pic. <IMG SRC="smilies/tongue.gif" border="0">!

    Been busy lately... <IMG SRC="smilies/redface.gif" border="0"> But, I'll catch up by this week end. <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">
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    Good webpage. <IMG SRC="smilies/bow.gif" border="0">

    In no time, you might have your own fanfic website. <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">
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    Southern Crane:

    Bak Hung Tin is the bad brother along with Irene Wan is a baddie. Eddie Cheung plays Bak Ying Pui is the goodie in the Bak family.
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    Yes, you're right... I got the brothers' names confused. <IMG SRC="smilies/redface.gif" border="0">
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    .:Chapter 7: The New Leader:.

    Patrick Tam as Yeung Kwok Fung
    Kristy Yeung as Bak Yim Lin
    Nick Cheung as Kwok Bing
    Wong Wai as Yan Jung Kwai

    Twelve years later...

    Reflections of the bright sun glistened like gold upon the water as a boatman entered his boat and detached its mooring from the pier. After setting off with two passengers onboard for destinations up river, an old man came running down the pier to where the boat was previously docked yelling “Wait!” several times at the top of his voice. But it was too late. The boat was drifting further and further into the distance. The old man grew very frustrated because he knew he could not afford to miss what was the last scheduled boat bound for Sim Sai Province.

    The old man decided then that there was little point in dwelling any further on his sudden misfortune. With great agility, he somersaulted into a small boat docked nearby. This boat had an arch covering made entirely of straw -- the perfect place to change into his regular attire in privacy. Before he could open the curtain and enter to change, he sensed a presence from behind and turned to see a very startled man standing on the pier. From his demeanor, it was immediately clear to the old man that this must have been his boat and that he could possibly take him to his destination up river. What fortune!

    The boatman watched from behind as this very agile old man put to use his expertise in kung fu to gracefully enter his boat. He was frightened to have to confront him, but any fears that he may have had were soon turned into great joy.

    “I just missed my boat for Sim Sai Province. Whatever your regular price is for ferrying me there, I will triple it if we can depart now!” said the old man.

    “Yes! Yes! Of course! I just returned from up river, but I would be happy to take you,” said the boatman gleefully.

    The old man smiled and paid the money for his boat ride and then disappeared behind the curtains to change into his usual attire, while the boatman piloted the boat up the river. The young boatman was growing bored with the silence and decided to talk to the old man.

    “Elder, you are very nimble and healthy for a person your age,” said the young boatman.

    The old man could hardly contain his laughter when the young man called him “Elder.” He quickly took off the old man disguise, including the gray wig, beard, and wrinkled mask. After taking off the disguise he felt completely at ease and refreshed from all the extra warmth that the long beard had gave him in cold weather and in hot weather the previous years. ‘It sure takes the load off my poor face,’ he thought to himself as he stroked his chin. Now, out of habit. ‘Ah! I forgot! Hehe! Without the beard, I have no need to act old and to stroke my long beard.’

    “Elder, Elder, are you okay? How come you’re so silent?” asked the boatman.

    “I’m fine. You’ll be surprised to learn what old people can do,” said the man from behind the curtains as he laughed with enthusiasm. ‘I’m not much older than you are,’ thought the young man to himself.

    “Why are you laughing? Is there something funny?”

    The boatman was oblivious to the reason why the man was laughing and decided to laugh along with him in order to be polite and in order to make someone of his great age and experience feel comfortable.

    The young man walked out from behind the curtains and made the boatman replace his laughter with a look of confusion and astonishment. The old man standing before him was not old at all. The young man whom had emerged from behind the seclusion of the curtains was not much older than the boatman himself.

    The young man’s eyes were filled with the determined righteousness and his masculine frame projected youthful strength. His smiles had an aura of playfulness and projected a laid-back personality.

    The young man continued to laugh as he saw the surprised reaction from the boatman’s face and then stopped.

    “I’m sorry for the deception. I had a disguise on before. I apologize if I’ve confused you. But it was very funny to have someone call me ‘Elder.’ I’m honored to be addressed with such a high title,” said the young man as he continued laughing.

    When the boatman finally understood that there never was an old man to begin with, he soon joined the young man in laughter as a cool breeze continued to blow by, providing the two men with some fresh air beneath what was an obviously hot summer sun.

    At a inn in Sim Sai Province...

    In a dark room that was faintly lit by a small flickering candle, a man in his early to mid twenties sat on the side of a round table, waiting impatiently for someone to arrive. As he waited, flames of hatred grew ever-larger within his eyes. Finally a shadowy figure flew in through the opened window and knelt down before the man.

    The seated man then took a paper out of his sleeve and threw it onto the floor and began to talk. The kneeling man reached for the paper and saw that it was a drawing of a man.

    “His name is Yeung Kwok Fung. Before he can reach Wah San Sect (Flower Mountain Sect), make him disappear,” said the man in a distant and cold voice as his lips curved to form a smile.

    “Here is your payment,“ he said as he opened a box of gold taels.

    After taking a good look at the drawing, the figure in black rose from his position, opened the chest of gold taels and nodded. He then immediately flew out the windows in the same swift manner in which he entered, leaving the other man and his hatred for Yeung Kwok Fung alone in privacy. The candle continued to flicker in apparent silence as its light reflected off the man’s face to reveal his joyful laughter at the thought of his arch-rival’s impending demise.

    The next morning...

    The sun had approached high noon as its rays of light peeked through an opened window and shined right into the young man’s face. After a long journey up the river, the young man had finally reached Sim Sai province.

    The previous night, he decided to have a bath and a good night’s rest before make his way up Wah San (Flower Mountain). The young man had hoped to be awoken by the serene chirping of birds, but instead he was rudely stirred from his peaceful sleep by the yelling of a married couple downstairs. As they argued back and forth, the wife seemed to be winning. From the tone of his voice, it was obvious that her husband was very much afraid of her.

    The young man finally crawled out of bed when he couldn’t stand anymore of the bickering happening just below his room and went to wash his face.

    “Yeung Kwok Fung (Patrick Tam), after four long years, you’ll finally get to see your sifu and everyone else,” the young man said to himself as he wet his face with the cool water and stared into the mirror.

    ‘Too much noise! This is the last night I’m staying at this inn,’ Kwok Fung thought as his stomach growled out of hunger.

    He packed his belongings and went downstairs for breakfast.

    “Waiter, bring me some tea and buns,” he said as he settled down at a table that conveniently allowed him to watch people pass by the restaurant. There was a busy crowd outside on the streets with numerous stands selling puppets, candy, meat, tofu, and vegetables. Ladies walked in and out of fabric and jewelry stores, busily bragging about whose husband spoil whom more.

    Out of the noisy streets, four men walked into the restaurant. Each had a scar somewhere on his face. A waiter was bringing out Kwok Fung’s tea and buns when one of the four men demanded some food to be brought to their table. This immediately brought Kwok Fung’s attention to the four.

    These were not merely ordinary men with scars on their faces. These four were collectively known as the Scar Face Brothers of Red Tiger Mountain, assassins for hire. They were skillful killers and took great joy in their work whatever the hiring price may be.

    The gaunt waiter sheepishly walked over to their table and nervously asked, “What… what… uh… what would you four misters like?”

    “Ahem... Bring us some fried food and four bottles of Red Maiden Wine,” said one brother.

    “Uh… yes, sir. Soon after I deliver this order.”

    The Scar Face Brothers watched with great interest as the waiter delivered Kwok Fung’s order.

    ‘The Scar Face Brothers don’t travel together unless it’s job related and someone can soon expected to lose their life. I wonder who their next victim is,’ thought Kwok Fung curiously after receiving his order.

    After filling himself, he went by the counter to pay for his meal and immediately left. Not long after he left, the four Scar Face Brothers began to follow him. For miles, Yeung Kwok Fung tried in vain to elude them by walking through the crowded streets and down the back alleyways. No matter what he did they were right behind tailing him. Kwok Fung took the chase to the countryside, where he made his way to Wah San (Flower Mountain).

    “Yeung Kwok Fung, this chase is over. We have orders to kill you,” said the oldest Scar Face Brother.

    Kwok Fung turned around and met his predators. However, he was no easy prey. He unleashed his sword from its scabbard and was ready to fight the four men.

    Suddenly, five figures swooped down from out of nowhere and landed between the four Scar Face Brothers and Yeung Kwok Fung. The five mysterious newcomers were all dressed in white and without warning they started a swordfight with the Scar Face Brothers. The group of five fought with immense speed as the white veils on their straw hats swayed back and forth in the breeze and with each stroke of their swords.

    ‘It looks like the four brothers are too busy dealing with their own enemies. Well... I‘ve better not waste any more time,’ thought Yeung Kwok Fung as he put his sword back into its scabbard and continued on his way up Wah San.

    Although it was a long and tiresome journey up Wah San, Kwok Fung made his way up with ease. The route up and down the mountain is one he’s traveled many times before. Immediately upon arriving at Wah San Sect (Flower Mountain Sect), Yeung Kwok Fung was asked to enter his sifu’s room.

    “Ah... Fung Yee! Come in! Come in! I’ve been waiting for your return,” said his sifu as he smiled and stroked his long gray beard. “Close the doors behind you,” he continued.

    “Yes! Sifu,” said Kwok Fung as he entered his room.

    “Keep silent and follow me,” said Kwok Fung’s sifu.

    Kwok Fung did as he was told and followed his sifu into an inner room that served as his sifu’s writing room.

    Back at the foot of Wah San...

    In the midst of the fighting between the four Scar Face Brothers and the five new comers in white, a smoke bomb was thrown down and foggy mist was formed, blinding the sight of everyone for a short moment before the surrounding air was clear again. The four Scar Face Brothers waved their swords and sabers around to clear the smoke faster and as it got clearer, they noticed that the five in white they were fighting didn’t seem surprised at all by the smoke bomb. In fact, among them now stood a sixth person.

    “Aye… what gives?” said one of the Scar Face Brothers.

    “How dare you white moths interfere and allow our valuable assignment to get away!” said the youngest Scar Face Brother. Unlike his older brothers, he had a smaller scar that ran from above his eyebrow down to his temples. With or without the scar, his handsome aura still shined through, in contrast with his rougher looking brothers.

    There was a short pause before a young maiden with a beautiful smile on her white porcelain face, dressed in a lacey white robe stepped forward. Her beauty could make men fall and gravel before her, and she was proud of it.

    “What makes you think your assignment is more important than mine,” said the young maiden coldly.

    “Because we’re the four Scar Face Brothers of Red Tiger Mountain!” said all four brothers proudly in unison.

    “Well, even the likes of you will have to kowtow to my White Fox Clan,” said the young maiden as she crossed her arms.

    “White Fox Clan?! Dai Go! She’s from the White Fox Clan!” said one of the brothers.

    “If you’re from the White Fox Clan, then why would you even help that Wah San disciple? Plus, I can hardly believe such a young girl as yourself would be able to control the warriors of the White Fox Clan, “ said the oldest Scar Face Brother doubtfully.

    “It’s by request of my cousin that I stop you fools from killing Yeung Kwok Fung. Killing him would only create unwanted attention and hinder my cousin’s plans for Mo Lam (the pugilistic world),” said the young maiden.

    “And just who are you?” asked the youngest brother who was obviously mesmerized by her beauty.

    “You are truly a fool,” she replied before pausing to laugh mockingly. “My name is Bak Yim Lin,” she continued.

    The four brothers looked at her in disbelief. In their minds, it was hard to believe that she could be related to the previously known White Fox Clan leader, Bak Hung Tin, rumored to have disappeared mysteriously and, according to some, having died. The new clan leader, whose appearance was even more of a mystery considering no one had ever seen him in person, was thought to be the son of Bak Hung Tin and Dong Li Mei. He had always sent his followers to carry out his plans.

    There was a long pause again as the four Scar Face Brothers stood in bewilderment until Bak Yim Lin (Kristy Yeung) took out a flag with the word “Bak” sewn neatly on it. Everyone who was not part of the righteous mo lam world had always shown respect and fear for her whenever they saw the flag of the White Fox Clan. This is so because over the years the White Fox Clan has worked to create a formidable name and position in Mo Lam. Upon seeing the white flag, all four of the Scar Face Brothers of Red Tiger Mountain immediately knelt down in respect.

    Meanwhile, back at the Wah San Sect manor...

    Yeung Kwok Fung’s sifu, Kwan Si Biu, led his student into his writing room in the fear that someone would eavesdrop on their conversation. Yeung Kwok Fung passed on the information he had been able to gather about the White Fox Clan while he had been disguised as an old man working in the vicinity of the clan’s home. In the past four years, Yeung Kwok Fung had discovered that ten years ago the previous clan leader, Bak Hung Tin, had left the clan mysteriously. The clan’s leader leadership was left in the trusted hands of his only son. During the time that Kwok Fung had been conducting his investigation, he had never seen anyone who could be considered to be the new clan leader ever step out of the White Fox Fortress.

    Kwan Si Biu stood behind his desk, thinking until the poison in his body began to react, forcing him to sit down and begin to cough.

    “Sifu, something wrong? You’ve never looked this ill before,” said Yeung Kwok Fung.

    He stood there and saw that his sifu was coughing even harder.

    “Sifu...” Kwok Fung came around to pat his teacher on his back.

    “Fung Yee, do you know why I sent you away four years ago to spy on the White Fox Clan?”

    “You wanted to know more about their clan?”

    “Yes, but there is something more I want to know. I’ve suspected that someone in our sect is a traitor sent by the leader of the White Fox Clan. The traitor found out that I sent you and that is why he’s come to poison my food in order to keep their secrets and his position safe,” said Kwan Si Biu.

    “Sifu, I’m very sorry to hear this. Perhaps I should not have left. Then the traitor wouldn’t have had felt reason to poison you.”

    “No, don’t blame yourself. I sent you away to find out who the traitor is and they’ve poisoned me because they’re afraid of us. It proves that we’re right on track! Do you understand?”

    “Yes, Sifu! You know, I bet the reason why I’ve never been able to see the new clan leader leave is because the traitor in our sect has told him!” said Kwok Fung as he finally understood. “I was such a fool to think that I could outsmart an enemy who’s in the dark while we’re standing in the light.”

    Yeung Kwok Fung looked at his sifu sadly and felt guilt for his weakening health.

    “Before, I only suspected this person as being the traitor... and... now, I’m completely sure that he is...” Kwan Si Biu paused as his throat became irritated causing him to cough uncontrollably as someone knocked on the door.

    “Come in..” Kwan Si Biu said in between coughs.

    In walked a man of average height. He was only older than Yeung Kwok Fung by two or three years. The man came before Kwan Si Biu’s desk and cupped his hands in salute.

    “Sifu, all the different mountain sect and clan leaders have arrived in time for the Mo Lam meeting tomorrow morning,” reported the young man.

    “Bing, has the Mo Dang Sect arrived yet?”

    “I was told that Leader Cheung of the Mo Dang Sect will not be attending the meeting due to his deep meditation exercises and that Fourth Mo Dang Hero, Cheung Chung Kai, and his student will be arriving late tomorrow,” said Kwok Bing (Nick Cheung).

    “Very well. Bing, make sure all the sect leaders feel welcomed.”

    “Yes, Sifu.”

    “You may leave now,” said Kwan Si Biu.

    Kwok Bing gently nodded to his sifu and glanced over at Yeung Kwok Fung. Kwok Fung acknowledged him with a respectful smile, but Bing did not return his smile and coldly left the room.

    The next morning everyone one was merrily talking among themselves as they were served some hot green tea in Wah San Sect’s great hall. Kwan Si Biu and all of his students, including his favorite, Yeung Kwok Fung, were present. Among the many sects and clans present at the meeting, there were the Ngo Mei, Tai San, and Shaolin sects.

    When Kwan Si Biu saw that the crowd was growing a bit restless waiting for the arrival of Fourth Mo Dang Hero and his student, he decided to go ahead with the meeting just as Cheung Chung Kai arrived.

    “Ah! Cheung Dai Hup! So glad to see to you,” said Kwan Si Biu.

    “I’m sorry to have kept everyone waiting,” said Cheung Chung Kai as he walk towards the center of the great hall, raised his hands together and cupped them in respectful salute. All the other sect leaders nodded in return.

    “Leader Kwan, please continue,” said Cheung Chung Kai as he found himself a seat.

    Kwan Si Biu smiled and then gestured to a student to bring some hot tea for both Cheung Chung Kai and his student, Chiu Tin Hung.

    “Everyone, I have invited all the honorable sects and clans here to raise and to discuss some important issues. It is a disgrace for me as sect leader of Wah San to know that there is indeed a traitor within my sect.”

    Shocked expressions filled the silent room. Then a man in his mid forties spoke up. “Senior martial brother, do you have any idea who this traitor is?” asked Yan Jung Kwai (Wong Wai) as he stood up from his seat directly across from Kwan Si Biu’s.

    Kwan Si Biu stared sharply at his younger martial brother before he nodded and continued.

    “The traitor is very clever. Knowing that a poison can usually be easily detected, the scoundrel has used a tasteless and colorless poison on me. I will have to give my position as leader of Wah San Sect to one of my many honest and trusted disciples. But, before I announce to whom I shall bequeath my position, I have some other things I’d like to discuss... for I do not have much time left,” said Kwan Si Biu.

    “The Shaolin Temple has many cures. I’m sure my martial brothers and I will be glad to cure the poison,” said the Head Abbot of the Shaolin Temple.

    “That would be great. Unfortunately, the poison has seeped into my internal systems and has already worked to greatly destroy and weaken me from within. I was lucky to be able to carry on as leader for the past three years,” said Kwan Si Biu.

    “Lastly, this is what I know about the traitor. He holds a very high position within the evil White Fox Clan and he...” Kwan Si Biu did not get to finish his sentence when he was interrupted by the sound of a zither and flute coming from outside the Wah San Sect manor. The two instruments were played harmoniously together. The sweet melody was broken by the painful cry of Kwan Si Biu as he tried to cover his ears to keep from listening any further to the music. As eloquent and harmonious as the music was, a silent yet strong beam of energy was sent straight at Kwan Si Biu, and in seconds, he began to vomit scarlet red blood and collapsed onto the floor before him.

    Yeung Kwok Fung, Kwok Bing and Yan Jung Kwai, among the others, rushed forward. Kwok Bing was fastest and held placed his sifu sit upright against a chair. Yeung Kwok Fung came to his sifu’s side. Kwan Si Biu opened his eyes once more and raised his limp hand to gesture Kwok Fung to come closer.

    “Fung Yee, you are my favorite student. Be good,” Kwan Si Biu whispered as he patted Kwok Fung on his shoulder with his left hand.

    “No! Sifu! You can not die so soon!”

    “Everyone! This is my successor! My last wish is to bequeath that my precious disciple, Yeung Kwok Fung, become the new leader of the Wah San Sect. Please, do not wait three years in respect for me, for a sect cannot go a day without a leader,” said Kwan Si Biu as he felt his breath shortening and his ability to speak weakening.

    All were quiet for they did not know whether to feel sorrow at witnessing the death before them of a fellow member of Mo Lam or be happy for Yeung Kwok Fung as Kwan Si Biu’s chosen successor to head Wah San.

    With his last breath, Kwan Si Biu pointed his shaking finger at his younger martial brother, Yan Jung Kwai, and said, “Tra... Tra... Trai...” Then all blackened for Kwan Si Biu as his arm fell down slowly as though time was slow to accept his death. Throughout the great hall, all the disciples knelt down in respect for their late sect leader. The other members of Mo Lam lowered their heads in respect.

    Later that night...

    What was supposed to be a joyous return to his true home had instead turned into a final farewell to his sifu for him. Yeung Kwok Fung only wished now that he could find out who the person responsible for his sifu's death was. As he entered his old bedroom and started to undress, a letter slipped out from his shirt and fell lightly to the floor. When Kwok Fung recognized his sifu’s handwriting on the letter, he immediately picked it up and jumped into bed, just in case the traitor was even then spying in his room.

    “Dear Fung Yee,

    When you read this letter, Sifu would have left this world. Don’t be surprised that I’ve chosen you to be my successor. You’ve always been my most favorite disciple. I trust you to be a good and wise leader to our sect. Promise me you will take care of the sect and never let the position of leader get into the wrong hands, especially from the person I’ve suspected all this time as being the traitor. Watch out for Yan Jung Kwai.”

    After reading the letter Yeung Kwok Fung folded the letter up, hid it in his small dagger for safekeeping and immediately went to bed. He tried his best to fall asleep, but all his efforts to do so failed due to reoccurring memories of him and his sifu flashing before him in sequences: the moment he first met his sifu and was welcomed into the Wah San, the first time his sifu personally taught him kung fu and the mornings when they would hike high in the mountains together to see the sunrise and to meditate.

    His sifu had been married once before, but his wife had died after only two years of marriage. Every morning, his sifu would hike up into the mountains only to get a better view of the sunrise, because it would remind him of his beloved wife. As if her death weren’t already enough, sadly his only son had also died from pnemonia at the young age of four. Perhaps loss for his son was the reason why his sifu cared and loved him as a real son. Yeung Kwok Fung himself was a orphan after famine had swept through his village. It was his sifu that took him in and raised him.

    Seven days after the funeral for the late Wah San leader, the ceremony for the new Wah San leader was held. Although it was a grand ceremony, feelings of mourning still weighed heavily within nearly everyone’s heart.

    Author's Note:
    Sorry guys! For the late update, sometimes my homework load is very heavy and takes up the time I have for writing the next chapter so please understand for me...^_~
    To help you all keep track and remember who is who in my fanfic...I've made a visual character list for you all. But you have to wait for all the pictures to load.
    Here's the link...
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    Thanks for posting despite your loads of homework. <IMG SRC="smilies/touched.gif" border="0"> Nice to know that new characters have been introduced. Who's son is Bai Yim Lin's cousin, Bak Hung Tin or Bak Ying Pui??? <IMG SRC="smilies/confused.gif" border="0">
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    Bak Hung Tin is the big brother, Bak Ying Pui never married. Does that give you any clue Charbie? hehehe <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">
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    <IMG SRC="smilies/shocked.gif" border="0"> Wow, that's pretty long, Krane. Great work though. "Charbie" Hahaha! <IMG SRC="smilies/smokin.gif " border="0">
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    I know that! But Bak Ying Pui and his sister-in-law used to go out, so there is just that suspicion. <IMG SRC="smilies/rolleyes.gif" border="0">
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    heheheh i already read this story in winglin, i also leave you a message remember. i would never miss a story with Vivian in it heheheheh.
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