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Thread: Legend of Peach

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    Hello Peach,

    Welcome to SPC's Fanfic Forum,

    We all do not mean to neglect in reading your story, well I think most of the readers and writers are pretty much busy with school and other personal agendas, so don't be discouraged.

    I know I have a whole list of fanfics to read that I have not even started to read...just have no time to indulge in reading these wonderful works of fanfics.

    But I'll give you some comments when I finally do, Okay?

    I just love how you Captivate My Mind

    Self reminder - Update blog more often and continue editing/writing for TOV fanfic.

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    dont worry about this, i was not giving up because no one read it, i just didnt like my own style too much and i wanted to change it. and im starting a new one with the same storyline but different style--- a style that's more suitable to the story. and i've already finished the first chapter of the novel, and will post it up shortly.
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