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Thread: saga of the heavenly sword and demonic saber

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    Default saga of the heavenly sword and demonic saber

    hello, this is my attempt to honor wuxia...anyhow, this is based loosely on "than kiem ma dao" and the main girl is a cross between ha ching ching and HR.

    Chapter 1

    One hundred years ago, an extraordinary pugilist, Wong Yat Wah, became the leader of mo lam since his martial skills excelled everyone else’s. The world lived in peace under his reign as the leader of mo lam, and all evil sects were wiped out under his aggressive movement to restore order to the once chaotic world. Nevertheless, an ambitious man who dreamt of being the most powerful pugilist sold his soul in order to create the Demonic Saber. This man, Kong Wah, developed an entirely new technique, Hell’s Doom on Earth, to use with the Demonic Saber which helped him defeat and kill Wong Yat Wah and his supporters as well. He returned the world to a state of chaos and allowed massive destruction to occur everywhere. Wong Yat Wah’s children who escaped dedicated the rest of their lives into creating an equally powerful weapon to combat the demonic Saber, and they sacrificed their lives to make the Heavenly Sword. The sword was given to Miu Kiu Wai who wrote the Collapsing Mountain Strokes Manual; the Heavenly Sword brought out the most deadly effect of this sword technique. Miu Kiu Wai and the group of righteous pugilist who he recruited risked their lives to bring an end to Kong Wah’s reign of terror. Although, Miu Kiu Wai defeated Kong Wah, Miu Kiu Wai failed to kill Kong Wah on the spot, for Kong Wah managed to flee from the hands of Miu Kiu Wai and his crew. Although Kong Wah escaped, he could not avoid death because he was heavily injured. Before taking his last breath, Kong Wah wrote down Hell’s Doom on Earth and stuff it into the Demonic Saber.

    Kong Wah knew that whoever possessed the sword would inherit his soul and train of thoughts. “Ha, ha, ha! This world has not seen the end of this Demonic Saber.”

    Miu Kiu Wai and his crew found the dead Kong Wah clutching onto the Demonic Saber. Everyone knew of the history of the Demonic Saber, but no one was able to find a way to destroy it. Thus, all decided to hide the Demonic Saber in a cave so that no one could ever use it for evil’s sake again. A massive earthquake caused the cave to crumble, and the Demonic Saber was buried in a pile of heavy rocks. Decades later, the Demonic Saber was long forgotten by many, and it was also lost.

    The fate of the Heavenly Sword was slightly better. After the death of Miu Kiu Wai, many greedy and selfish pugilists fought against one another for the sword, and the sword was passed on from one owner to another. None of the owners had been greater than Miu Kiu Wai. With time, the Heavenly Sword was also lost, and the Collapsing Mountain Strokes Manual also disappeared.
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    Default chapter 2

    SHSDS 2

    Another hot day fell upon Wuhan. The combination of the heat and moisture in the air created an overbearing humidity, which tired many civilians. Yet this was no reason to cease the daily lifestyle and daily routine of the civilians in Wuhan or else where.

    Tin Lok fanned himself while he waited for another customer to set foot into the Lotus Inn. “Aye-yah. Why is it so hot today?”

    He immediately stood up properly when he saw several people walking in to avoid the heat from the sun. He ran to them to attend to their needs. “Oh, please have a seat! How can I help you today?” After taking their orders, he ran back to the kitchen to give the orders to his mother.

    Seeing her perspire from the additional heat in the kitchen, Tin Lok took out a piece of cloth to wipe his mother’s forehead. His mom simply smiled at him and said, “That’s fine son. It’s nothing new for me. Why don’t you go back to the guests before they cause trouble? We do not want the owners to blame us for being unable to maintain peace.”

    Tin Lok nodded and returned to wait on more guests.

    Everything was running smoothly until he received a call from one of the kitchen staff. The inn was out of several vegetables, so Tin Lok had to go out and buy them and return as soon as possible.

    Everyone in town knew Tin Lok, the nice young man from the Lotus Inn. He had a heart of gold and his devotion to his mother was evident. His honest and simple nature made him an easy person to get along with. Many families would gladly give their daughters to him if it weren’t for the fact that he came from a poor family. Nevertheless, his lack of wealth never bothered him nor prevented him from giving to those poorer than him.

    On his way back from his errand, Tin Lok saw an old woman begging for money in the corner of the building.

    The owner of the building appeared unhappy by her presence and tried to shoo her away. “You’re contaminating my building and scaring away my prospective costumers. Go away.”

    The woman refused to budge, so the man took out a broom and threatened to abuse her if she continued to remain there.

    Tin Lok ran up to the man and stopped him in time before a disaster occurred. “Mister, have pity on this old woman!”

    The man looked at Tin Lok briefly and then spoke, “Tin Lok, have some compassion for me. I am a businessman and I need to maintain the atmosphere of this store. It’s unacceptable for her to sit there. What will my customers think?”

    Tin Lok thought about what he said and apologized, “Mister, please don’t hit her. I am sure she doesn’t mean any harm and I apologize on her behalf. Would it make you happy if I get her to leave that corner?”

    The man smiled, “That’s all I want. Alright, if you get her to leave then I will not resort to hitting her.”

    Tin Lok thanked the man and then approached the old woman. “Elder, how are you?”

    The woman did not reply and continued to sweep back and forth in her squatting position. When Tin Lok touched her, the woman flinched and began yelling at him, “Who do you think you are? Get your dirty hands off of me!”

    The loudness of her voice surprised Tin Lok because he had never heard any older person talked so clearly and audibly like this old woman.

    The woman abruptly got up and left the corner. Tin Lok saw that she left her bowl behind, and he grabbed it and chased her down the street until he caught up to her, “Elder, you’ve forgotten your bowl.” When he glanced down, he only saw a few changes in it. He dropped a bit more in.

    The woman looked at him in disgust. “Is that all you have for this old woman?”

    Tin Lok shifted his feet uncomfortably and explained his disposition, “I’m sorry, Elder. I don’t have much, and I’ve given you all I earned today from tips. It’s enough to get you several steamed buns to survive today and tomorrow.”

    The old woman merely hmphed at him. Tin Lok then left her after he noticed that she grabbed her bowl.
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    Default chapter 3

    SHSDS 3

    The old woman took a few steps forward and then looked back at the disappearing figure of Tin Lok. She smiled to herself and muttered under her breath, “Tin Lok. What a nice fellow. I wonder why Dad and Mom distrust the land people so much?” She walked down the streets and loudly screamed, “Help this old woman! Please give me money for food and shelter.”

    Everyone she passed either ignored her, looked at her with pity, or looked away with guilt. Indeed, the only person who had any sympathy for her was Tin Lok.

    When darkness began to come around, the old woman realized that what her parents said about the land people were accurate. “They really are a bunch of selfish and heartless creatures.” She took whatever money she had in the bowl and stuffed it in her raggedy shirt. She smiled and then skipped down the street, but then she sensed someone else’s presence near her. She turned around quickly, and no one was there.

    She purposely walked to a secluded spot and waited until someone showed up. A group of four men dressed up in the Wuhan traditional wear approached her.

    The leader of the group spoke, “Elder, we have an order to bring you home.”

    The woman expressed confusion and asked, “Do I know you?”

    The man replied politely, “Please don’t give us a hard time. Your parents have unnaturally bad tempers.”

    The woman laughed heartily and then said, “Look at me! I am an old woman. Don’t you think that my parents are dead by now?”

    All of the men looked at each other and nodded to one another, signaling each other to attack. None of them used weapons and were really careful to avoid hurting the woman. The old woman, on the other hand, had no qualms with hurting them. She kicked them each in the cheek and then stepped on each one’s head and somersaulted to escape from them.

    Before she left, she turned around and addressed to them in a young woman’s voice, “I know that you are only doing your job so I will be lenient on you. Go home and tell my parents not to worry about me. I’ll go home when I feel like it.”

    The men looked at each other. One asked, “How can we tell Master and Mistress that we failed to bring their daughter home?”

    Another answered, “If only she didn’t love to play too much. It took us forever to recognize this disguise of hers this time. I wonder how long it’ll take us to recognize her next disguise?”

    Another one stated, “We should just go home! We do not dare to hit her so she has the advantage each time we come across her.”

    All of the men grunted in agreement and left Wuhan.

    The woman overheard their conversation and felt relieved because she could stick with one disguise from that point on.
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    hey, cool. Very nice story keep it up
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    Default chapter 4

    hello...thanks for checking out this fanfic. anyhow, just to warn you, i tried to cram most of the romance into the first few chapters so that i can develop the rest of the story and concentrate on martial arts and kung fu manuals and the core of know, all that good stuff.

    SHSDS 4

    Later that night, Tin Lok ran out the street to look for the old woman and found her begging in another corner. He hurried to her and was breathless by the time he saw her.

    The old woman looked up at him and exclaimed, “You’re that cheap boy who barely gave me enough money for steamed buns.”

    Tin Lok looked down in shame but then he remembered why he was looking for her. He presented a plate of food to her, “Take this. I know that you don’t have much to eat, so I snuck out what I could from the Lotus Inn.”

    The woman reached for the food and hungrily stuffed it down her throat. “Slow down Elder. You don’t want to choke on it.”

    The woman finished the plate quickly and immediately complained of thirst. Tin Lok handed her a bottle of water. After feeling hydrated, the woman motioned for Tin Lok to sit down. Tin Lok squatted down as told and waited for her to say something.

    The old woman frowned at him, which made him concern. Tin Lok inquired, “Are you dissatisfied with the meal?”

    The woman shook her head before saying, “You are a good person. Tell me son, are you married yet?”

    Tin Lok shook his head.

    The woman laughed before asking, “Why not?”

    By this point Tin Lok felt resentful that she would laugh at his fate, but being the polite gentleman that he was, he honestly answered, “Nobody wants their daughter to get married to this poor boy. Before my father died, he had accumulated a large debt because of his gambling addiction, and ever since, my mother and I have been trying to settle that debt.”

    The old woman looked thoughtfully at him and sighed.

    Tin Lok bluntly asked her, “Why are you living out in the streets?”

    The old woman merely returned, “It’s none of your business. Young people should not talk too much.”

    Feeling that the old woman was being unreasonable, Tin Lok had very little desire to stay with her any longer. Nevertheless, he knew that his fate was better than hers, so before he left he deposited some more change into her bowl. “This is the rest that I earn today. Please use it wisely, Elder.”

    Tin Lok left too suddenly to see the smile on the old woman.
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    Default chapter 5

    SHSDS 5

    The next couple of days, two brutal looking men set foot into the Lotus Inn and wasted no time to make chaos. “Where is that Koo family?”

    Several of the waiters stayed clear of these men, for they were very familiar with the nasty attitudes of these debt collectors.

    Tin Lok ran out to calm these men down and paid the men their monthly due. The two men sneered at Tin Lok and one spat onto the ground.

    Another crossed his eyes and said warningly, “Starting next month, you have to pay twice as much.”

    Tin Lok protested, “My mother and I cannot afford that. We don’t even make that much.”

    The man laughed and said, “We’ve been generous to let your family get away with paying that little amount each month. At this rate, we’ll never collect all of your father’s debt back before you and your mom die.”

    The other man was slightly angered by Tin Lok’s nerve to protest, so he punched Tin Lok in the stomach a few times before he felt satisfied. He then voiced, “If you are worried that you cannot pay twice the amount each month, then why not let me hire you to be my punching bag monthly? Ha, ha, ha. Since you didn’t retaliate, you can just pay the same amount next month.”

    After the two men left Lotus Inn, all of the waiters rushed to help Tin Lok.

    The two brutal debt collectors were walking back to their gambling shack when an old woman bumped into them. They were about to hit her until they noticed that it was a helpless and blind old woman. The two took a few steps before they realized that they were robbed.

    One quickly exclaimed, “It must be that old woman!”

    They both turned around to look for her and saw that she was more than three hundred footsteps away from them. The other guy wondered, “How did she manage to travel so far when she’s old and blind?”

    His friend whacked him across the head and uttered, “You nimwit! She’s obviously not blind. Now go and chase after her.”

    The two ran after the old woman and she kept on running. They finally chased her out to the forest.

    One of the men rejoiced, “Now that we’re out in this isolated area, no one will insult us for hitting an old woman.”

    The old woman smiled at them and displayed their pouches. She then threw their pouches up into a tree which angered them even further. One man vowed, “If I do not teach you a lesson then I am not a human being.”

    The two men charged at the old woman. She moved to the side, and the men missed her. She then jumped up and gave them a good kick in the face. She rapidly moved down near the ground and footswept them. As soon as they got up, she somersaulted behind them and palmed their backs. The impact pushed them forward, and they fell into a ditch.

    The old woman looked down and smiled gleefully. The men tried to crawl out but failed because the ditch was too steep.

    The two looked at her and screamed for help. “Please let us out. What have we done to harm you?”

    The old woman stared at them seriously before answering, “Leave Tin Lok and his mom alone. Remember this lesson well or else it’ll be worse next time.”

    The two men defended themselves, “His family owes us money.”

    The old woman rebuked, “I know exactly how much his family owes you. Here is a bank note for that amount. If I catch you guys come near his family or demand money from his family, then you better watch out for me.”

    The old woman threw the bank note down at the two men.

    They yelled out, “How can we get out?”

    The old woman shook her head, “There’s a rope on the ground. You guys figure it out.” The old woman then somersaulted away.

    The two men opened the bank note and saw the exact amount written on it. They looked further down and saw the last name Leung on the bank note.
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    Default chapter 6

    SHSDS 6

    As was his weekly routine, Tin Lok sought the old woman to give her whatever change he could spare.

    When he found her, he merrily greeted her, and the woman rudely responded, “Why are you so happy today?”

    Tin Lok already became accustomed to her bizarre behavior, and he had learned to grow fond of her company because he never knew what to expect from her. Tin Lok mentioned the strange incident, which recently occurred. He received a note from his debt collectors that his debt had been paid in full.

    The woman laughed and mocked him, “I wouldn’t question that if I were you! Any normal person would be glad to be rid of that debt and continue with his life.”

    Tin Lok agreed, “Of course I am glad that those men will stop bothering my family. Yet I wonder who paid all of my debts because I need to repay this person for his kind deed.”

    While Tin Lok prepared to go home, the old woman snapped at him, “Eh, now that you are no longer in debt, shouldn’t you give me more money than that petty change you always give me?”

    Tin Lok sighed, “Elder, please don’t be too greedy. Now that I am no longer in debt, I can afford to give to the other beggars as well.”

    After Tin Lok left, the woman smiled because she knew that Tin Lok had been paying her the most attention thus far.

    Once Tin Lok returned to Lotus Inn, he wasted no time to wait on the customers. Around evening, a young lady entered the restaurant with an elderly man. The other waiters competed to serve the two, for the young lady was a rare beauty. A petite frame and heart shaped face had the men swooning over her. Ultimately, the owner ordered Tin Lok to serve them because he was the only one who expressed no desire to assist them.

    The young lady smiled kindly at Tin Lok and asked him to bring her some tea. She refused to order anything else. The lady took out some pills for the elder to swallow to suppress his coughing fit.

    She gently patted his back and asked, “Father, how do you feel?”

    The man looked suspiciously at Tin Lok before he answered his daughter, “I’ll live for right now. We need to go home as soon as I can endure the journey or else…”

    The lady began to tear up, “Don’t say such things, Father. You will be fine.” She then remembered that she was out in public and stopped talking.

    Tin Lok finally spoke up, “Do you two need a room for the night?” The lady looked at her father who responded harshy, “Book us two rooms for the rest of the week!”

    The lady did not question her father’s decision to stay for the entire week. The young lady had nothing to do during the duration of the stay, so she befriended several of the waiters. Nevertheless, she immediately steered clear of them when the majority of them stared lustily after her. In the end, the only person who she felt that she could trust was Tin Lok.

    Tin Lok eventually found out that the young lady, whose name was Yang Gun Yu (Kristy Yang), had been traveling for some time with her father, Yang Dat Wah (Simon Yum), who fell ill during the trip. His condition had worsened in the last few days, and Gun Yu could not stop worrying about her father. Although Tin Lok wanted to help her and her father, he knew that he could not do much.

    Tin Lok had more errands to run than usual that week, and whenever he left the Lotus Inn, he would purposely stay away longer than necessary in order to entertain the lonely old woman. He thought to himself, “She has no family member, and I am the only person who finds her presence pleasant.”

    Oddly enough, the old woman behaved even more strangely when Tin Lok mentioned his new female friend, “Miss Yang is a very sweet girl. You can tell that she really cares for her father.”

    The old woman irrationally muttered, “Oh, how perfect. Then your mother and her father can get married and you two can wed each other as well.”

    The old woman always surprised Tin Lok, but she had never been so unreasonable.

    Tin Lok spoke out, “Elder, why did you say that? I admit that Miss Yang is beautiful, but I only think of her as a friend. Please do not spread rumors about us.”

    The old woman suddenly seemed to be in a happier mood. “I was only kidding. You shouldn’t have taken me so seriously,” the woman lied. “But one does wonder since you talk about her so much.”

    Tin Lok interjected, “I only mentioned her once!”

    The old woman pretended to cough to distract Tin Lok and get him to drop the subject. After making sure that the old woman was fine, Tin Lok pronounced, “I am concerned about Miss Yang.”

    The old woman immediately looked upset, but Tin Lok was oblivious to it. “Her father is really ill, and I’m not sure if he will make it.”

    The old woman asked, “Will you think less often about her if her father wasn’t ill?”

    Tin Lok wondered, “Elder, why do you ask such bizarre questions? Of course I will be less concerned about her if I know that her father is healthy to take care of her…”

    The old woman cut him off, “There is a way to save him. If you want to meet the person who paid all of your debts, go to Cherry Blossom Spring tonight. That person could also help you save that man’s life.”
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    hello...thanks for checking out this fanfic. anyhow, just to warn you, i tried to cram most of the romance into the first few chapters so that i can develop the rest of the story and concentrate on martial arts and kung fu manuals and the core of know, all that good stuff.
    Can't argue with that I like the name "Collapsing Mountain Strokes". Cool kung fu name. Well you have a reader in me
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    Default chapter 7

    hey, if you have any ideas for manual/technique names, let me know. i'm still in the midst of writing this, so i will soon run out of decent names....thanks for reading this

    SHSDS 7

    Later that night, Tin Lok arrived in a timely manner, but he couldn’t spot any other person in the area. He contemplated, “I forgot to ask Elder the exact location to meet this man. Cherry Blossom Spring is quite a large and spacious area.”

    Just then he heard the strum of the Chinese zither and followed the music. “What a lovely sound,” he thought.

    As if entranced by the music, Tin Lok slowly made his way towards the source of the music. However, once he set foot into a small field, the music abruptly stopped. Confused by what happened, Tin Lok eyed the empty environment and decided that he must have imagined the music before he turned around to leave. Suddenly, a delightful giggle could be heard from above, and Tin Lok immediately looked up to search for the source of the voice among the trees. A figure carrying a zither flew down swiftly and landed gracefully in front of him. Even in the dim light of the night, Tin Lok could make out her distinguishing features and took in a deep breath, for the woman was absolutely beautiful. Her large, round, dove like eyes mesmerized him on the spot. He rubbed his eyes, for he believed that a fairy had appeared right before him and wanted to make that he was not hearing or seeing things.

    After establishing his sanity, he remembered his manners and recalled his reason for coming out that night. Tin Lok whispered, “Excuse me Miss, have you seen a man here?”

    She slowly questioned, “Who is this man you are looking for? Can you describe him to me?”

    Tin Lok quickly thought, “Her voice is even more melodic than her music.”

    Tin Lok scratched his head in embarrassment because he knew that he sounded foolish when he told her the truth, “I honestly do not know much about him except that he must be a good person. He paid all of my debts for me without expecting me to return the favor.”

    The young woman stared at Tin Lok and cleverly asked, “Why are you so sure that it’s a man?”

    Tin Lok sheepishly replied, “I am not sure of anything. I was told to come here to meet someone who helped me and who could possibly help my friend.”

    The young woman responded, “You mean your friend’s dad.”

    Tin Lok looked at the young woman in disbelief and murmured, “How did you know?”

    The young woman smiled, “I made an appointment with a naïve boy by the name of Tin Lok.”

    Tin Lok stuttered, “You’re, you’re…are you the person I am suppose to meet?”

    The young woman walked towards the pagoda, sat down, and commanded him to do the same. She put the zither aside and took out a tea set and poured Tin Lok and herself each a cup of jasmine tea. Tin Lok looked at her and pondered to himself, “Why would a lovely woman like her want to pay any attention to me and help me?”

    As if reading his mind, the young lady said, “Tin Lok, you have a kind heart and give all that you can to others. I’ve never met anyone as generous as you, so I took the liberty to help you pay your debt.”

    Tin Lok hastily queried, “How did you know about my debt?”

    The young lady grinned and simply stated, “There is nothing that I do not know about you.” Tin Lok gave her a quizzical look, and she explained, “You’ve told me everything about yourself for the past few weeks every time you’ve stopped by to give me food and change.”

    Tin Lok’s eyes widened when he finally made the connection. “You’re her. Elder!”

    The young woman feigned resentment, “You still call me that?” T

    in Lok sheepishly said, “Of course you look nothing like an old woman. Why did you disguise yourself as an old woman when you have such a beautiful face?”

    Tin Lok’s simple nature allowed him to say such things, thus he failed to realize how forward his sincere compliments were at times.

    The young woman blushed and answered, “I wanted to see what the land people were really like. I knew that people would probably leave an old woman alone, and that would give me the opportunity to observe people without being bothered.”

    What she confessed puzzled Tin Lok, thus he inquired, “Elder, why do you call us land people?” T

    he young woman pouted, “Tin Lok, I have a name that’s more appropriate for me.”

    Tin Lok knew that he was in the wrong and immediately apologized, “I am sorry. I only called you Elder out of habit. What is your name?”

    The young lady responded, “Leung Siu Bing.”

    Tin Lok repeated her name out loud, “Leung Siu Bing. Little Ice. Miss Leung. That seems too distant for me. Do you mind if I call you Siu Bing?”

    Siu Bing nodded enthusiastically and declared, “I like that very much! What can I call you?”

    Tin Lok smiled, “Anything you want.”

    Siu Bing thought for a while before she found the courage to ask him, “Could I call you Brother Koo?"

    “Of course, Siu Bing.”

    Siu Bing smiled, and Tin Lok observed how she glowed as she began to share her childhood’s story to explain why she called him a land person. As for his part, Tin Lok felt the strong chemistry between the two and understood that he has never felt this way about anyone before.
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    Default chapter 8

    SHSDS 8

    Leung Siu Bing was the only child of Leung Ka Yan and Cheng Yu Ling (Dodo). Her parents were two temperamental figures who were well respected in mo lam although the two claimed to have retired from mo lam the day Siu Bing was born. They said they no longer desired to interfere in mo lam’s business because they wanted to avoid making enemies for the sake of their daughter. Nevertheless, they could not completely tear themselves away from mo lam. Since their love for adventure continued to run in their blood, they compromised between retirement and satisfying their thirst for an active life by choosing the water lifestyle.

    The Leung couple had a handful of faithful and highly competent servants who wanted to journey with the couple as they traveled around China on their ship, which was also their permanent home. The couples frequently docked their ship to buy necessities on land and explore various cities, and they always brought Siu Bing with them.

    When Siu Bing reached an appropriate age, they taught her martial arts so that she could defend herself. They also taught her acupuncture and other medical arts in the event that she was harmed. Siu Bing loved to roam the cities and observe others’ cultures since young, but her parents never let her leave their sight. She grew up in a sheltered environment and was highly ignorant of the happenings in the commoner’s world and mo lam.

    Outside of teaching her about the major martial techniques, skills, and manuals, her parents never spoke of mo lam because they did not want to ignite any potential for adventure within their daughter. Nevertheless, Siu Bing overheard her servants talk about occurrences in mo lam whenever they returned to the ship, and she quickly developed a yearning to meet the heroes of mo lam. She also secretly dreamed of being one of the heroes, which others would mention in the future.

    Despite being pampered and spoiled by her parents, Siu Bing had a grain of righteousness in her due to the teachings of many of her servants. Nevertheless, her parents’ influence on her was great. They severely punished those who betrayed them and emphasized the importance of “an eye for an eye.” Consequently, Siu Bing was irrational, unpredictable, and temperamental.

    If others pointed out her mistakes, she would be quick to deny them, but she would eventually come to see the light and find ways to make amends. Nonetheless, she would rarely make verbal apologies.

    As much as she loved her parents, she itched to see what mo lam had to offer her. One night, she ran away. Not wishing to be found by her parents and their servants, she brought along with her many disguises to change into each time someone recognized her. Additionally, her parents always warned her to trust no one, especially men because she was a young woman who others might take advantage of.

    Siu Bing revealed as much as she could about herself to Tin Lok because she wanted him to know as much about her as she knew about him, but she purposely left out the part where Tin Lok was the only good person she met during her trip away from home.

    After listening to her story, Tin Lok chuckled, “Siu Bing, everything you said about yourself is true. I saw those traits in you when I knew you as an old woman.”

    Siu Bing hesistantly asked, “Are you bothered that I am like that?”

    Tin Lok quickly commented, “No. You’re blunt and honest. Although I cannot understand your irrationality at times, I find everything about you endearing. Otherwise, why would I want to hang out with you so often when I thought that you were an old woman?”

    Knowing that she paid his debt, he promised, “I still remember that I owe you money, and I will pay you back.”

    Siu Bing looked at him disapprovingly, “Brother Koo, what I gave you is not worth much to me. Whereas what you’ve given me in the past few weeks is worth a larger percentage of what you own.”

    Tin Lok could not see her point of view and without thinking beforehand, “Siu Bing, I cannot allow others to say that I am using you. And I want others to say that I am worthy of you.”

    Siu Bing grabbed onto his hands and happily questioned, “Brother Koo, do you really mean that?”

    Seeing him nod, she continued, “No one has to know that I settled your debt. Besides, who cares what others say? All that matters is how we feel, right?”

    Tin Lok couldn’t quite believe his luck and doubted his ability to get such an amazing woman to like him. He asked her, “Do you look down on me for being a poor waiter?”

    Siu Bing zealously shook her head to indicate “no”. Tin Lok naturally let his arms wrap around her and pulled her into a light and innocent embrace. In his mind, he swore to make himself worthy of the first and only woman that he loved.

    Instantaneously, he remembered his other reason for meeting her. “Siu Bing, do you think you can help Miss Yang’s dad?”

    Siu Bing shrugged and said, “I will need to see him first.”
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    Default chapter 9

    SHSDS 9

    In the Lotus Inn, the tables had been cleaned and the chairs were already put away. All of the wine containers were resealed for the night, for the restaurant had already closed. The manager who usually sat behind the counter had already gone to bed because Gun Yu (Kristy) insisted on keeping watch for the rest of the evening.

    Tin Lok informed Gun Yu that he was going out to meet up with a person who could potentially save her dad, thus she wanted to wait for Tin Lok’s return. All of the employees were done for the rest of the night, and Gun Yu was the only person left in the restaurant. One candle lit the room adequately, and it’s hypnotizing flicker made Gun Yu drowsy. She was unaware that she had fallen asleep until several footsteps woke her up.

    When she opened her eyes, she blinked several times to make sure that she was seeing right. She was somewhat baffled by the two people standing in front of her. “Brother Koo, didn’t you say that you went out to meet a man to help my father? Why are you back with this young lady?” she asked.

    Both women observed each other and noted that the other was extremely attractive. Gun Yu possessed a delicate beauty that made men desire to take care of her and protect her. On the other hand, Siu Bing exuded a breathtaking air of innocence combined with mischievous that would make men spend countless hours contemplating on her true nature.

    Tin Lok introduced the two and then easily corrected his mistake, “I did not know who I had to meet, so I assumed that I had to meet a man. Can Siu Bing take a look at your father right now?”

    Gun Yu felt a hint of pain in her heart. How many times had she insisted that he call her by Gun Yu, yet he stubbornly called her Miss Yang? And with this young lady, he freely called her Siu Bing. She imagined what it would sound like and feel like to have him call her Gun Yu.

    Gun Yu vaguely nodded and led the two to her father’s room. Siu Bing checked Yang Dat Wah’s (Simon) pulse and his eyes.

    She turned around and asked Gun Yu, “For how long has he been injured?”

    Gun Yu replied, “For about two weeks now.”

    Siu Bing further inquired, “Has he been experiencing massive coughing fits where he occasionally spits out dark purple blood and green mucus?”

    Without delay, Gun Yu asked with hope, “Can you save him?”

    Siu Bing stood up unexpectedly and said, “No.”

    Astonished by her reply, Gun Yu questioned, “Why not? You described his symptoms perfectly. You must know what he has.”

    Siu Bing honestly replied, “That is true, but I will not save him.”

    Even though Tin Lok loved Siu Bing, he sided with Gun Yu, “Siu Bing, why do you refuse to help them?”

    Siu Bing retorted, “Brother Koo, please stay out of this because it’s none of your business.”

    Tin Lok responded, “Miss Yang is my friend, and I should help her in any way that I can. And you promised to help me.”

    Siu Bing crossed her arms and faced the wall instead of staring in their direction. She stated, “I never promised you that.”

    Not wanting to argue with him, Siu Bing decided to leave.

    She barely took four steps when Gun Yu placed a sword on her neck and demanded, “You will help him whether or not you want to.”

    Tin Lok looked at Gun Yu in confusion because he did not realize that she knew martial arts, “Miss Yang, what are you doing?”

    Gun Yu couldn’t bear to face him, and she replied with determination, “Sorry, Koo Huynh. I will save my father at all cost.”

    Tin Lok clearly said, “I will not let you harm her.”

    Gun Yu understood that she would have to harm Tin Lok before she could hurt Siu Bing, so she angrily threw her sword down. Siu Bing took this opportunity to leave the restaurant.

    Tin Lok expressed his appreciation, “Thank you, Miss Yang. I will try my best to convince her to help your father.” He then quickly left the room to follow Siu Bing.
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    Default chapter 10

    SHSDS 10

    Siu Bing casually walked down the street and slowed down her pace a bit in case Tin Lok decided to pursue her. She occasionally turned around and didn’t see him, so she cursed him, “Stupid Tin Lok.”

    Tin Lok was busy closing the main doors so that no one could burglarize the inn while he was out. So he was delayed a bit before he went out to look for Siu Bing. As much as he hated to disturb the peace, he still called out her name, “Siu Bing! Where are you, Siu Bing?”

    Siu Bing heard the echo and waited until the noise grew louder to indicate that he was closer to her before she quickened her pace to deceive him into thinking that she was upset at him.

    Tin Lok ran along the street until he saw her in front of him, and he eventually caught up to her. He grabbed onto her arm, “Siu Bing. Why didn’t you stop when you heard me?”

    Siu Bing hmphed him and turned her back against him.

    Tin Lok walked around her until he faced her again and asked her naively, “Are you upset at me?”

    Siu Bing replied, “You obviously place more value on Miss Yang than you do on me since you sided with her.”

    Tin Lok reasoned, “Siu Bing, I sided with whomever I thought was being rational.”

    Siu Bing pouted and fumed, “Then why are you out here?”

    Tin Lok answered, “I don’t know. I…I like being with you.”

    His statement calmed her a bit, and she finally smiled.

    Tin Lok gulped before asking her, “Why did you refuse to save Mr. Yang?”

    Siu Bing pushed him away. She wasn’t really upset at him; afterall, he went to search for her. However, she was used to getting her way without being questioned most of the times. Remembering that he stood up against Kristy for her, she mellowed a bit and told him the truth, “Mr. Yang suffers from Scorpion Invades Body Palm. Very few people are capable of learning this technique because it calls for decades of cultivation. And only my parents have completed learning this skill in its entirety. The symptoms that Mr. Yang experiences are the result of the highest level of Scorpion Invades Body Palm.”

    Despite his intelligence, Tin Lok had minimum exposure to martial arts, so he understood very little of what Siu Bing said.

    Siu Bing saw the blank look on his face and filled him in, “He must have fought against my parents. There’s no other explanation for his injury. So if I help him then I will a disobedient daughter.”

    Tin Lok challenged her, “Are you absolutely certain about that? What if he was accidentally injured by them?”

    Siu Bing murmured, “There are no such things as accidents where Scorpion Invades Body Palm is concerned. The technique is very exact. And in the slight chance that it was an accident, my parents would have cured him. Furthermore, my parents have no interest in mo lam; they would never inflict harm on another unless it was in self-defense.”

    Tin Lok remained silent because he knew that he would be asking Siu Bing to turn against her parents by requesting that she helped Mr. Yang.

    Even if she was temperamental like her parents, she was also unpredictable like her parents.

    Siu Bing couldn’t endure seeing Tin Lok looking so torn and lost, thus she declared almost unwillingly, “An eye for an eye. You saved my life, and I will save your friend’s.”

    Tin Lok looked at her with awe and rejoiced, “I knew from the beginning that you have a soft heart.”

    Siu Bing joked in a serious tone, “Only this time, Brother Koo. There won’t be a next time.”
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    Default chapter 11

    SHSDS 11

    The healing process alone would take several months, but the procedure to purge Mr. Yang’s (Simon Yam) body of the scorpion toxin required two weeks. Siu Bing spent each afternoon using acupuncture to relax Mr. Yang’s muscles. The strength of Scorpion Invades Body Palm lied within the active movement of the victim’s muscles. The more frequently the victim moved, the more rapidly the poison spread throughout the body. Siu Bing prepared a special blend of various herbs to improve Mr. Yang’s health, and it had to be taken exactly four days apart for two weeks. Exactly one week into the healing process, she introduced another poison into Mr. Yang’s system.

    Mr. Yang’s body consequently experienced harsh convulsions, thus he would shake rigorously sporadically throughout the day.

    Gun Yu (Kristy) could not help but doubt Siu Bing’s good intention when she witnessed the pain her father experienced, so she screamed at her, “What are you doing to my father?”

    Siu Bing stared at her coolly and ignored her. When Mr. Yang began to vomit and drool uncontrollably, Gun Yu took out her sword again, but Tin Lok stood between the two women.

    He looked at Gun Yu and said, “I trust Siu Bing. Just give her more time.”

    Gun Yu would not let her feelings for Tin Lok stand in the way of her duty as a filial daughter, and she hastily rebuked, “Of course you’re going to defend your love.”

    Siu Bing looked over Tin Lok’s shoulder to talk to Gun Yu reluctantly. If it wasn’t because of Tin Lok, Siu Bing would again act as though she didn’t hear Gun Yu and let the young lady worry ceaselessly about her father. Siu Bing resented those who threaten her, and she would have gladly pitted against Gun Yu to give the girl a lesson.

    Nevertheless, she did not wish to put her Tin Lok in an awkward position; hence, she explained, “I am not out to kill your father. I had to feed him another poisonous substance to nullify the effects of the venom inside your father’s body. The vomiting is necessary for him to get rid of both poisons.”

    Gun Yu reconsidered what she heard and finally consented to allow Siu Bing to continue with the procedure because her explanation was logical.

    The town quickly and inevitably found out about Tin Lok and Siu Bing, a strangely matched couple. Everyone respected Tin Lok; he had dignity, integrity, and intelligence. Additionally, he was handsome and cheerful and pleasant to talk to. Siu Bing captured the attention of many men. She was clearly a beautiful young lady, but several men found her attitude somewhat difficult to get along with while others where intrigued by her robust and unconventional personality.

    When men stared at her for too long, Siu Bing would surprise the men by snapping at them in an irritated tone, “Stare! Stare! Stare! What are you staring at! Would you believe that I’ll rip your eyeballs out of their sockets if you stare at me for another second longer?”

    Most men would look embarrassingly away because they were caught admiring her for too long. Some took the hint that she was not interested and gave up hope. And others regretted taking her warning seriously. These fools would let their linger gaze on her for too long and eye her up and down, and before they were done with their sightseeing, Siu Bing would throw a soft object at their eyes. Nevertheless, she applied enough force to cause the men to be in severe pain for a good hour or two.

    Tin Look reprimanded her on this behavior, but she would state, “It makes me uncomfortable when others stare at me. And I warned them too. If anything, they should thank me for not ripping their eyes out. Hmph!”

    Tin Lok spent his afternoonss with Siu Bing as he showed her around Wuhan. He tried to be chivalrous and surprised her with little thoughtful gifts every once in a while. And then he would take her out to the uninhabited forest where the two would spend the afternoons picking fruit and wild berries and climbing trees to get a better view of the sunset. The afternoons passed away quickly as their laughters echoed throughout the forest.

    Gun Yu tagged along at times, but seeing the happy couple depressed her because she began to develop strong feelings for Tin Lok. She considered him as the hero who helped saved her father even though Siu Bing clearly did all of the work. Nevertheless, she argued that if it weren’t for Tin Lok, Siu Bing would never had agreed to help her father.

    Many gentlemen also approached her to get to know her, but she never expressed interest in them. The men in town constantly talked about this rare beauty and compared her to Siu Bing endlessly. These two women’s presence took the town by storm and got the men to dream about them non-stop. While some found Siu Bing more attractive and adorable, others found Gun Yu more stunning. Her aura of kindness and grace deemed her accessible and desirable; nonetheless, her heart had already belonged to someone.

    Fortunately, Tin Lok was too dense to recognize her love for him, and Siu Bing was too inexperienced to see Gun Yu’s feelings. Hence, the couple never felt uncomfortable around Gun Yu, and they allowed her to go out with them whenever she felt like it.

    After two weeks, Siu Bing assured everyone that Mr. Yang survived the critical point and was free of the poisons. The following week, Mr. Yang began to practice his martial arts in his room and pretended to be ill when others were present. He rested ceaselessly in bed whenever someone entered the room and faked having total body weakness. Two weeks later, he felt much better, yet no one knew, not even Gun Yu, for he continued to keep up with his act.

    One evening, Siu Bing brought in the last bowl of the herbal blend that he needed to drink. He quickly drank the bowl and dropped it. He was experiencing a seizure. Surprised by his reaction to the last bowl of medicine, Siu Bing ran to check his pulse, and to everyone’s surprise, Mr. Yang grabbed her and moved her into a fatal position. He had his fingers locked around her neck and his other hand tied both of her hands behind her back. Tin Lok ran to help her and got kicked back by Mr. Yang.

    Mr. Yang ordered, “Gun Yu, immobilize him! Siu Bing, you better stop moving or I will choke you.”

    Siu Bing harshly asked him, “What do you want?”

    Mr. Yang laughed ruthlessly, “Only people who are closely connected to Leung Ka Yan and Cheng Yu Ling could cure Scorpion Invades Body Palm. If I am not wrong, you must be their daughter.”

    Siu Bing repeated her question, “What do you want?”

    Mr. Yang answered, “To use you as bait.”
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    Default chapter 12

    SHSDS 12

    At the other end of the room, Yang Gun Yu (Kristy) looked guiltily at Koo Tin Lok (Louis) as he eyed her with disappointment and said, “To think that I considered you as a friend.”

    While staring at Tin Lok, many thoughts crossed Gun Yu’s mind. If only he knew how much she cared for him; she considered him much more than just a friend. Nonetheless, all her hopes vanished in this unexpected situation. Although she did not want things to turn out like this, she had no control over the situation, and duty called before romance.

    Without any further hesitation, Tin Lok yelled out to Yang Dat Wah (Simon Yam), “You ungrateful person. Bing Nhi worked diligently to cure you, and this is how you repay her? You really are not a human being.”

    Yang Dat Wah merely glanced at Tin Lok and smirked while tightening his hold on Siu Bing, “What do you know you useless chap? If it weren’t for her father, I would not have needed her help at all!”

    All this time, Siu Bing concentrated on escaping from Dat Wah’s grip, but after hearing him admit that her father was the one who injured him, Siu Bing smiled and started to laugh, much to everyone’s surprise.

    No one in the room saw any humor in that situation. Any normal hostage would be frightened when threatened in such a fatal position and would try his best to please his predator, so a reaction such as Siu Bing’s was quite unanticipated.

    Siu Bing’s laughter baffled Dat Wah and angered him; nevertheless, it also provoked Dat Wah’s curiosity.

    Dat Wah inquired, “Why are you laughing?”

    Siu Bing condescendingly replied, “I was right all this time. I suspected that my father was involved in this matter. Do you think that I would be foolish enough to cure you completely?”

    Tin Lok smiled from across the room and complimented her, “Siu Bing, you are very intelligent!”

    Siu Bing returned his smile and sweetly said, “Thank you, Brother Koo.”

    Meanwhile, Dat Wah mentally struggled to determine how much of what Siu Bing said was true. Was she fabricating to scare him into letting her go? If she spoke the truth, how much of the scorpion toxin was still circulating in his body? Should he trust her?

    Simon angrilily insisted, “You are lying! You’re only lying so that I would have to release you.”

    Siu Bing haughtily tilted her head and looked up the ceiling, “Don’t be too shocked when you fall ill and drop dead nine months from now.”

    Dat Wah tightened his grip on Siu Bing’s neck even more, “You’re bluffing!”

    Siu Bing choked out the words, “It’s your life, not mine. What do I care if you die?”

    Losing all respect for Yang Dat Wah after witnessing his treatment towards Siu Bing, Tin Lok shouted, “Yang Dat Wah, don’t you dare hurt her!”

    Yang Dat Wah ignored Tin Lok because he was only a miserable waiter who was powerless against him. Killing Tin Lok would be as easy as killing an ant for a man like Yang Dat Wah, a person who possessed martial skills. However, Tin Lok helped Dat Wah convince Siu Bing to cure him, thus he decided to let this irritating, lovesick waiter off.

    Dat Wah loosened his grip on Siu Bing and asked, “How do I know if you’re telling the truth?”

    Feeling relieved after Dat Wah relaxed his grip, Siu Bing stopped choking. She responded, “Try to reverse your qi circulation…”

    Before she finished her sentence, Dat Wah cut in, “Who doesn’t know that reversing your qi circulation would be hazardous to your inner energy flow. Do you take me for an idiot?”

    “You are an idiot.” Seeing his angered face, Siu Bing quickly continued, “But you didn’t let me finish what I wanted to say. I was about to say that when you reverse your qi circulation, you will feel a coolness running throughout your extremities. This coolness will interfere with your blood flow, and when your blood returns to your heart, you will feel it gurgling due to the strange additive pressure of the qi. As a martial fighter, you should know that this phenomenon is abnormal in a healthy body.”

    Yang Dat Wah still eyed Siu Bing with doubt, yet he felt the urge to find out if she spoke the truth. He quickly immobilized her and began to meditate. He reversed his qi circulation and felt a pain shake through his heart.

    He gasped and looked at Siu Bing in disbelief because she was telling the truth the entire time. He uttered, “You sly girl.”
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    Thumbs up

    You have a reader in me. Keep up the good work!

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    Default Hey!

    Hi FoN,

    So glad you are still writing your stories. I was starting to wonder if you were ever going to update again. Can you pleeease update that other wuxia fanfic of yours? Sorry, I can't remember the title but it's the one with Barbara as Vivian's sifu. Really want to find out the secret behind Vivian's piece of jade and why Julian was so surprise when he saw it.

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    Default chapter 13

    hi zoey-thanks for checking this out...
    comet-yup yup, i am for closure, i'm it shouldn't be too hard for me to complete since i already have the entire story laid out. it's just that i didn't like the writing style i used so i decided to wait for a day to re-write it before finishing it. unless, you don't mind that i change the writing style in the middle of the story and write it in the future.

    SHSDS 13

    While Yang Dat Wah (Simon Yam) was meditating, an object unnoticeably flew into the room and struck Leung Siu Bing’s pressure point to unseal it. She wondered who released her pressure point but chose not to move freely because she wanted to pretend to be immobilized to give Yang Dat Wah another surprise.

    After Dat Wah finished his meditation process and discovered that he was only partially healed, he decided to torture Siu Bing until she complied and cured him completely. Sensing his thirst for malice, Siu Bing attacked him first and caught him off-guard. She maneuvered her arms and used her fingers to launch Scorpion Pinch Prey. Each time her fingers touched him, Dat Wah felt as though someone was tearing his flesh off while extreme heat pressed against the area. To an observer, Scorpion Pinch Prey looked harmless because it appeared no different than having someone grab onto his victim; hence, Tin Lok and Gun Yu (Kristy) did not understand why Dat Wah backed away every time Siu Bing came close to him.

    Fortunately for Dat Wah, Siu Bing never had the opportunity to use Scorpion Pinch Prey. Living on the ship for the most part of her life and living under the supervision and protection of her parents and their servants, Siu Bing never had a chance to fully utilize her martial skills. This was her first time away from home and her first time to confront a nemesis, thus, her movements and techniques were still raw and needed much improvement.

    On the other hand, Yang Dat Wah had not fully recovered from his injury, so he could not resist Siu Bing’s attack and had little strength to counterattack to his full potential. Siu Bing recognized that her skills intimidated Dat Wah only because he was weak, and she wanted to take full advantage of this knowledge. Nevertheless, she feared that Gun Yu would jump in. Although she never pitted against Gun Yu to measure her martial skills, Siu Bing did not wish to take the risk and fight the father and daughter duo. Consequently, Siu Bing cunningly planned to scare the both of them by launching into Scorpion Invades Body Palm. She knew that the two could identify this martial technique and would try to avoid her. Even though her mastery of this skill was lacking, Dat Wah and Gun Yu did not know this.

    When Siu Bing began to mimic a scorpion gliding towards its prey, Dat Wah and Gun Yu had flashbacks of Leung Ka Yan (Siu Bing’s father) defeating Yang Dat Wah with the same exact move. Since he already experienced the fatal effects of this skill, he was quick to retreat from Siu Bing.

    While jumping away from her, he called out to Gun Yu, “Use Tin Lok to blackmail her.”

    Gun Yu quickly obeyed her father and held the blade of her sword against Tin Lok and whispered to him, “I’m sorry Brother Koo.”

    Dat Wah landed next to his daughter and threatened Siu Bing, “If you want your love to live then you better listen to me.”

    Siu Bing responded, “Yang Dat Wah, if you want to me to cure you then you better release him!”

    “Funny! You are in no condition to bargain with me,” argued Dat Wah.

    Clank. Gun Yu felt a sharp pain in her hand and released her sword. When she looked down, she saw a rock and thought, “Someone must have thrown this rock in my direction.” The very next second, a figure swiftly flew by and took Tin Lok’s body with him. When she looked up, she saw another person in the room who stood near Siu Bing.

    Siu Bing clapped her hands happily and ran to a bearded man in his late forties, “Elder Lau! I’ve missed you so much.”

    The man who she spoke to was one of her parents’ top four fighters, Lau Dan. Leung Ka Yan saved his life over twenty years ago, and the man decided to repay this debt by serving Leung Ka Yan for the rest of his life.

    Lau Dan smiled at Siu Bing, the young woman who he loved as a daughter, “Siu Bing, you naughty girl. Do you know how much trouble you’ve put me through?”

    He was referring to the night she escaped. She had tricked him into having a wine-drinking contest with her while he was on duty. Lau Dan guarded the boat entrance that night; he allowed and prohibed certain members of the ship, especially Siu Bing, from leaving. Siu Bing had never attempted escape before; therefore, Lau Dan did not suspect anything when Siu Bing brought out one big calabash of wine and begged him to drink with her. Being a wine addict, Lau Dan had a difficult time stopping himself from getting drunk, especially when his favorite person on the ship insisted on having a wine-drinking contest and promised to take over his duty if he passed out. The next morning when he woke up, Siu Bing’s parents told him that she disappeared. He felt responsible for her disappearance and promised to find her or else he would quit drinking until he brought her back. This was the trouble he was referring to. He had a massive craving for wine for the last few weeks and suffered tremendously while others drank and he couldn’t.

    Siu Bing could not suppress her laughter when Lau Dan revealed the promise he made to her parents. She mustered through her laughter, “I’m sorry Elder Lau. I promise to serve you a big container of wine in the near future.”

    Lau Dan’s eyes widened at the wonderful prospect of drinking again. He then turned to Yang Dat Wah and said, “Aren’t you the rascal who snuck into our ship? And now you’re picking on a helpless boy with no martial skills?”

    Yang Dat Wah knew that both he and Gun Yu could not defeat this person. He motioned for Gun Yu to take off, and the father and daughter ranaway.
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    Default chapter 14

    SHSDS 14

    Siu Bing tugged Lau Dan’s sleeve and asked, “Elder Lau, aren’t you going to chase them?”

    Lau Dan patted Siu Bing’s little hand and questioned, “What for? My goal is to bring you back, not to bring them back. Besides, that man will die because he suffered a blow of your father’s Scorpion Invades Body Palm.”

    Siu Bing made a face, which Lau Dan had seem many times whenever she did something wrong, “Siu Bing, what did you do now?”

    Siu Bing smiled, “Elder Lau, you are really good. You always know when I’ve made a terrible mistake.”

    Lau Dan shook his head and waited for her to explain her newest mischief.

    Siu Bing looked at Tin Lok first and then said, “Elder Lau, this man here stood up for me while that Gun Yu (Kristy Yang) girl threatened me with her sword. So I owed him a favor and decided to save Yang Dat Wah’s (Simon Yam) life because Anh Lok asked me to.”

    With a confused expression on his face, Lau Dan inquired, “Why would he ask you to save that man’s life when his daughter threatened you?”

    Siu Bing answered his question and told him all that she knew from the beginning to the end, leaving out everything about her relationship with Tin Lok.

    Lau Dan grinned, slapped his hand on the table, and declared, “Very smart, Siu Bing!!!”

    Tin Lok did not quite understand the entire conversation between Lau Dan and Leung Siu Bing, thus he questioned, “Siu Bing, why did you tell Mr. Lau that Yang Dat Wah is completely cured? I thought that you only cured him partially.”

    Lau Dan finally paid more attention to Tin Lok and seemed displeased with what he saw.

    Siu Bing correctly interpreted Lau Dan’s impression of Tin Lok and defended him, “Elder Lau, please do not scrutinize someone you do not know.”

    Lau Dan immediately looked at Siu Bing and exclaimed, “I did not say anything about this lad, and you’re already yelling at me?” He chuckled and continued, “I understand now. There’s more going on between you two than you revealed." He laughed harder and commented, “Young people nowadays…”

    Both Tin Lok and Siu Bing became flushed with embarrassment. Lau Dan looked at Tin Lok again and saw an ordinary man with an honest and sincere face. He looked at Siu Bing and saw a lovely and adorable little girl who could have any man better than Tin Lok. Thinking of her as a daughter, he wanted nothing but the best for her and could not understand why Siu Bing chose to settle for this ordinary waiter.

    Siu Bing tugged onto his shirt and whined, “Elder Lau!”

    Lau Dan quickly behaved himself and said, “I promise to stop teasing you now.”

    Siu Bing turned to Tin Lok and explained, “Brother Koo, I honestly cured Yang Dat Wah to completion. I know that you are confused. I managed to convince everyone that I withheld from curing Yang Dat Wah completely because I suspected him of wishing harm on my father. When he admitted that he was injured by my father, I had to think quickly and I remembered that the medical herbs that I had given every four days caused the body to react strangely. The herbs do not harm the body at all, but it will cause a temporary gurgling blood flow when the patient tries to reverse his qi circulation. Fortunately for me, Yang Dat Wah did not know this so he fell for the trick.”

    Tin Lok looked at Siu Bing in awe and thought to himself, “If I knew a bit of martial arts then I would be able to save her instead of having her worry about me!”

    Outside, darkness had already settled to announce the arrival of the night. Lau Dan noticed this and stood up and Siu Bing asked, “Elder Lau, are you already tired?”

    Elder Lau shook his head and said, “No! But it’s nighttime. Your parents wish to leave this area in two days and sail to another city.”

    Siu Bing wondered, “In two days? Would they leave in two days if you didn’t find me?”

    Elder Lau shook his head again and revealed, “Last week, I discovered that you were staying here and decided to let you have your fun. Your parents want to leave as soon as possible, and I guaranteed them that I would bring you home by tomorrow. So they plan to undock the ship in two days.”

    Siu Bing did not know how to react. She looked at Tin Lok, hoping that he would find a way to get her to stay, but she knew that she had no choice but to go. If her parents planned to take off then she would have to go with them as much as she liked living on land. She sighed and began to get teary, “Brother Koo, I…I don’t want to leave Wuhan.”

    Tin Lok held onto her hands and Lau Dan slapped his hands off of Siu Bing’s and shouted, “Not in front of me! Show your respect for Siu Bing.”

    Siu Bing requested, “Elder Lau, can you give me some time alone with Brother Koo? I promise not to runaway.”

    Lau Dan reconsidered her request and stated, “I will leave briefly, but if you attempt to escape, I will harm this boy here!” Before Siu Bing had time to react, Lau Dan forced Tin Lok to swallow a pill and said, “If you escape again, Siu Bing, this boy will die within an hour without the antidote.” And he left the room.

    Siu Bing bursted into tears. “Brother Koo, I do not know if we will ever meet again.”

    Tin Lok allowed Siu Bing to cry against his chest and held onto her, “Siu Bing, I will go with you.”

    Siu Bing pushed away from him a bit to see his face through her watery eyes.

    Tin Lok thought, “She looks so beautiful and fragile!”

    She said, “Brother Koo, please do not be naïve. My parents are strict about who they let on board. In order to live on my ship, you have to know martial arts or else my parents will deem you useless and unfit for our lifestyle.”

    Tin Lok declared, “Then give me a few years and then I shall go look for you. I will learn martial arts and when I think that I am good enough…”

    Siu Bing happily interjected, “I will wait for you! My parents are traveling east up the Chang Jiang River, and I’ll write to you if there’s a change in their traveling destination.”

    When Lau Dan walked back into the room, he gave Tin Lok the antidote and took Siu Bing back to the ship with him. Siu Bing constantly turned around to take a look at him and memorize every detail about him until he was but a speck from a distance.

    After they left, Tin Lok promised, “Wait for me Siu Bing. I will not disappoint you.”
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    Default chapter 15

    SHSDS 15

    The large, elaborately designed ship peacefully rocked back and forth on the Chang Jiang River this quiet night. One strong rope securely tied the entire boat to the biggest post of the pier as the mellow wind provided a slight breeze too weak to do much to the ship.

    Siu Bing sulkily walked to the deck, but her thoughts of Tin Lok vaporized momentarily when a group of five surrounded her and merrily greeted her. The two women in the group hurriedly hugged Siu Bing, and the three men nodded satisfactorily upon seeing her return safely. Siu Bing looked at their faces and exclaimed, “Greetings to Elder Tse, Elder Chin, Elder Sek, Elder Au Peung, and Elder Chan! How have you been?” Siu Bing smiled brilliantly at the five elders who pampered and helped raised her since she was young. Each of these five began to serve her parents at different times and for different reasons, but the many years of traveling together established a strong bond between these five elders and Lau Dan.

    Tse Ying, Chin Pei, Sek Sau, and Lau Dan were the four top fighters who served the Leung family. Each had his own flaws and strengths, and very few could defeat any one of them. And even fewer could handle two of these men at once.

    Au Peung Pai San and Chan Sau Sau had served as Siu Bing’s nannies for as long as Siu Bing could remember. Although these two women’s martial skills were inferior to the top four fighters, these two women could not easily be harmed and possessed great martial skills of their own.

    The six elders acquired special privileges to distinguish them from the rest of the servants on board.

    The Leung couple thought of these six as their own family; hence, they refer to these six as “Brother” and “Sister.” Likewise, the six called the Leung couple Brother Leung and Sister Leung whereas the rest of the servants on deck had to call the Leung couple Master and Mistress Leung. Furthermore, these six had rights to punish Siu Bing should she break any of the rules set by the Leung couple, but since all of them loved her, none ever had the heart to punish her. Consequently, Siu Bing was more spoiled than any of them could imagine, but even if they could turn back time, all of them would repeat the same mistake and leave her unpunished when her crime called for a harsher punishment than being sent and locked in her room.

    Because of the six’s special relationship with the Leung couple, all other servants on board respected them and carried out their orders as though they were secondary masters on board.

    Au Peung Pai San, the more beautiful and graceful of the two women, snapped out of her reverie and scowled Siu Bing, “Bing Bing, what took you so long to return? You caused all of us to be worried sick about you.”

    Siu Bing swallowed her guilt. She looked at Au Peung Pai San, a woman who she loved like an aunt but she knew very little about this woman’s history. Neither of her parents ever fully explained how Au Peung Pai San came to settle on this ship nor did they explain why Au Peung Pai San’s picture was posted all over the kingdom ten years ago. At that time, Siu Bing was only eight years old, but her parents took her to explore the kingdom and Siu Bing saw pictures of Au Peung Pai San plastered on every wall. When she pointed out the pictures, her parents quickly covered her mouth and signaled for her to keep quiet, yet they refused to explain anything to Siu Bing. All of the servants on board accepted Au Peung Pai San presence, and none dared to question her past. One of the major rules of the ship states, “If one has been accepted by Master Leung and Mistress Leung to enter the ship lifestyle, then his past must be left behind and unquestioned by all.” Of the six elders, only Au Peung Pai San had not yet shared her past with Siu Bing.

    Chan Sau Sau, Leung Ka Yan’s junior apprentice sister, shook her head when she saw Siu Bing’s guilty expression and defended Siu Bing, “Sister Au, our Bing Bing just returned and must be tired. We should perhaps wait until she rests fully before we ask about her adventure on land.”

    “Junior apprentice sister, it’s exactly that kind of behavior that encourages Siu Bing to misbehave!” a booming voice vibrated over the deck.

    All turned to the source of the voice and saw a middle age couple approaching the group.

    Siu Bing skipped to the two and exclaimed, “Father! Mother!”

    The man, in his mid forties, raised one of his eyebrows and objected, “You still remember these parents of yours?”

    His wife, a beautiful woman even in her late thirties, reproached her daughter, “Really, Siu Bing, what made you run away and neglect your parents for so long?”

    Sek Sau had been silent this entire time and had already predicted the outcome of this conversation. When Sek Sau first served the Leung couple, he had much to do to prove his utmost loyalty. Most had doubts about him because of his unusual bet with Leung Ka Yan. Twenty-two years ago, he challenged to spar with Leung Ka Yan. If he won, Leung would have to hand over the Ten Dances of the Scorpion Manual, and if he lost, Sek Sau would serve Leung for the rest of his life. Ironically, Leung Ka Yan defeated Sek Sau with one of the moves from the Ten Dances of the Scorpion Manual. Nevertheless, Leung Ka Yan’s decision to teach Sek Sau some of the techniques from the manual earned him Sek Sau’s lifetime friendship and loyalty.

    Knowing what the consequences would be for Siu Bing, Sek Sau wanted to help Siu Bing before her parents decide to punish their daughter more severely than any of the six elders had the heart to.

    He hastily interjected, “Siu Bing, go to your room and reflect on your irrational decision to leave the ship against your parents wish.”

    Siu Bing understood that he was trying to save her from her parents’ infamous temper and nodded before going to her room, where she daydreamed about Tin Lok and when they would meet again.
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    thanx for the update, still reading
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