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Thread: More LSF, Book 1 Questions

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    Default More LSF, Book 1 Questions

    Some more GOLDEN ROC KINGDOM'S TREASURE questions.

    Luk Siu Fung vs. Fok Teen Ching: what would have *really* happened if a fight between these two had come to pass? Twice in GOLDEN ROC KINGDOM'S TREASURE, a one-on-one fight between these two was set. Both times, the fight was aborted. We know about Luk Siu Fung's incredible martial arts skills, but Fok Teen Ching managed to drain Dook Goo 1 Hok's inner power so severely that Sai Mun Chui Sheut could kill him in fewer than 30 moves. If the fight had actually happened, could Luk Siu Fung definitely win?

    Fok Yau's "inescapable" trap: Fok Yau claimed that his inescapable cage (which he ended up getting himself locked in, thanks to the Red Shoe Society) was so well-designed that even Chu Ting's teacher, Old Master Lo, couldn't have escaped from it. Chu Ting was able to bust Luk Siu Fung and Fa Mun Lau out of the compound, but what about the cage? Was it really as inescapable as Fok Yau claimed, or could Chu Ting have opened that too?

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    I don't think we know enough about Fok Tin Ching's abilities to know how he'd stack up against LSF. Hell, we barely know enough about LSF's kungfu.

    What we do know: He had that inner power-draining palm, he had 'air-splitting palms', and he was able to carry Yan Tieshan's body despite using lightness kungfu to leave the Diamond Pavilion. Oh, and he was able to reduce 'Dragon Among the Clouds' Ma Xing Kong, Head Escort of Allied Escort down to 50% of his strength and skills.

    As to whether LSF would beat him... presumably LSF would be familiar with the Heavenly Hunter Sect's kungfu due to his friendship with Shan XiYan. Given that, he may be able to dodge or avoid matching that inner-power leeching palm Fok Tin Ching has.

    This one is really too close to call. Both have excellent lightness kungfu, so FTC might be able to dodge LSF's attacks, too. As long as LSF doesn't get his inner power leeched, he should be okay for enough moves to determine his plan of attack. Still FTC is not stupid, either...

    Still, I'd put my money on LSF. He seems to be the more experienced of the two.

    As for Fok Yau's cell... possibly, given time and enough strong men and equipment, Zhu Ting could find a way to break Fok Yau out. I mean, sure, the bars were super strong, but possibly breaking the stone around them would work.
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