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Thread: Q' relating to HSDS and Roch

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    Default Q' relating to HSDS and Roch

    ok who is this guy named WuSe that fights with guo xiang in 10 stances....it said he delivered a present to guo xiang on her 16th birthday and he knew yang guo....i dont remember seeing this guy in the 84' serial of roch and wat did he give her...if some one rembers can u clear it up for me

    also i read that Zhang SanFeng was taught some martial arts by yang guo...did it say how they met each other?

    also at the beginning of hsds yang guo and xln was still alive rite?

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    I think WuSe was an old monk in Shaolin. He was not in the end of ROCH, but at HSDS's prequel, not commonly protrayed in adaptations. YG was the one that gave Guo Xiang her three presents. Ears of the Mongolian soldiers, burning the Mongol's camp, and some fire works.

    also i read that Zhang SanFeng was taught some martial arts by yang guo...did it say how they met each other?
    I think it was on the second Mt. Hua tournament, but I'm not sure.

    also at the beginning of hsds yang guo and xln was still alive rite?
    If they live up to 110 years old or so.
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    Reverend Wuse gave Ren Miao Zi (one of the people who visited Guo Xiang in her room when she had the 'little heroes gathering') a set of Arhat statues (which played a set of Luo Han Fist) to give to Guo Xiang as a birthday present. His name was mentioned but I don't think he appeared in ROCH in person.

    Zhang San Feng and his master was chasing after Yin Ke Xi and Xiao Xiang Zi (a couple of the Mongolian mercenaries) because they stole the Nine Yang Manual. They chased them to mount Hua where Yang Guo and the others were after visiting the graves of Hong Qi Gong and Ou Yang Feng. That's where Zhang San Feng and Yang Guo met. Zhang San Feng asked Yang Guo for help when he got the beaten up a little by Yin Ke Xi.

    If you mean the first two chapters of HSDS, they were most probably alive. Chapter three onwards; I wouldn't bet on it unless they lived around to 120-130.

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    Yang Guo and XLN were most probably alive when Guo Xiang was searching for them at the start of the novel. I think it is the first 3 chapters of the novel. No tv adaptions has ever....err....'adapted' this bit of the novel.
    But yeh, they would be dead by the time of ZWJ, hence the insinuation that the yellow robed 'Yang' girl is actually YG and XLN's GRAND daughter.
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