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Thread: What did Luk Siu Fung say to Yip Goo Hung before the latter died?

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    Default What did Luk Siu Fung say to Yip Goo Hung before the latter died?

    Just before Yip Goo Hung (Yip Goo Sing's cousin) died (suicide) near the beginning of LUK SIU FUNG, BOOK 5: THE HAUNTED MANSION, Luk Siu Fung whispered something into Yip Goo Hung's ear. Does anybody know what Luk Siu Fung said to Yip Goo Hung?

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    I'm guessing LSF said that this whole thing was a plot to take down Old Knife Leader and that SMCX wasn't really out to kill him. Sort of.
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