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Thread: One more time: DFBB

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    Cool Comments

    1. HuangRong can intercept MadameGongsun's PitBullet and LiMoChou's poisonNeedles.
    2. Establish if ZWJ can beat DFBB and we know the greats can beat ZWJ.
    3. How did DFBB repell RWX? RYY? and the other dude [not LHC]?

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    Without the super speed advantage, DFBB would lost to any great, any condor hero and Kiu Fung in a fair match. With the super speed, the table would turn and DFBB would beat any of them in a one to one fight.

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    In terms of "pure" martial art/kungfu DFBB at least at LOCH Greats level and with she/he "demonic speed" boost him/her to XF/GJ level the same is like XLN which around HR/GSZ level in terms of real kungfu but her super sonic speed allows her to placed 2nd only Greats/Jinlun/QQR at the end of ROCH..

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