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Thread: The Driving Power - Ong Bo Vo Phong Luu

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    Default The Driving Power - Ong Bo Vo Phong Luu

    Adam Cheng ... Ding Guai Mui (Quy Muoi)
    Cecilia Yip ... Lok Fu Yung (Phu Dung)
    Joyce Tang ... Hung Min
    Michelle Yip ... Ding Ming Zu (Minh Chau)
    Kenneth Ma ... Ko Wai Lei
    Wayne Lai ... Lok Kao Kei (Ku Ky)
    Angela Tong ... Wong Lai Sa (Le Sa - Lisa)
    Lau Siu Lok ... Ding Ha
    Lai Suen ... Lei Lan
    Bak Yan ... Fung Wong
    Akina Hong ... Seung Shee
    Sherming Yiu ... Dao Kuin
    Li Sing Cheung ... Bao Fook Hing
    Mark Kwok ... Mak Bo Tak
    Koo Ming Wa ... Ngao Dai Lik
    Lau Wing Gin ... Dai Yan
    Ju Gin Kwan ... Dai Mei

    Guest Stars:
    Victoria Jolly (Episodes 17-18)
    Sonija Kwok (Episode 20)

    Credit: LittleAngel (at TVseriesfans)
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    Episode 1:

    Hong Kong in the 60s, a prosperous place with plenty of jobs for anyone who is willing to work. There lived Ding Guai Mui, owner of all the business places for three consecutive streets, a married man who is not so happy with his situation. His wish is to be surrounded by beautiful women but was restrained by the vow he was force to make to his wife when they first got married. Beside playing soccer on the weekends with his team, he spent his days managing the nightclub and collecting rent from tenants.

    One day while waiting for a late tenant to turn in the rent money, a commotion happened as a woman chased after her husband with the intention to butcher him up. As the chase went out, people found out that he cheated on her with another woman. Mui decided to step in when he saw that she only wanted to scare her spouse and asked whether or not her husband brought his ladybird home. As she said no, Mui pointed out that her husband was a good man. Yeah, he played the field a bit but at least he's faithful to her as in no second wife. Then he gave her some money (turned out she worked for the family) to buy some durians for Mui's wife. Mui then took off to Macau to spend money and boasted his heroic intervention to his cronies and all the girls at the club. Before he went, his brother-in-law (Kao Kei) warned him to be careful not to let his wife found out.

    Minutes before Mui walked back to the house, Fu Yung was watching a show on TV featured the cruelties of step-mother with tears streaming down her face. Her daughter, Ming Zu, teased her mother as an emotional woman since she watched that showed over 10 times already. Then Ming Zu asked whether she needed to complain about evil stepmothers when her father, Mui, gets home as it was a lesson well-taught by her mother.

    Mui walked into the house and immediately covered his nose. The smell of durian almost suffocated him. Fu Yung told him not to buy that fruit anymore since he cannot stand it, but Mui assured her that as long as she liked the fruit, he's more than happy to cover his nose for her. The couple had dinner and teased each other like a pair of newlyweds. The phone suddenly rang and it was a male caller for Ming Zu. Mui instantly on his guard, asked Ming Zu about this guy when she finished her call. Her request to have that boy tutored her in bicycling, boat rowing and a picnic were refused. In the end, Mui gave in with a condition that she had to let him accompanied her.

    At the picnic, Ming Zu wanted to take off on a small boat with her friend when Mui decided he needed to have a one-on-one talk with that guy. Mui told the guy that he's too poor for his daughter, when at wit's end, the guy turned on Mui and called him "Old Man."

    The next day, Mui went to buy some skincares for his wife and flirted with the clerk then gave her a big tip as she complimented his look (like a Hollywood actor and had skin of a young man). As he walked away, Mui realized he forgot his sunglasses and went back to retrieve when he found out the clerk's opinion of him was in reverse and laughed at his stupidity and vanity with her friends. Angrily walked out of the store, he bumped into a woman (Angela Tong). Some of her stuff mixed up with his and in the process, she found out that he's a rich man (without him aware of the fact).
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    "It's great to have a private jet. Anyone that tells you that having your own private jet isn't great is lying to you." - Oprah

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