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Thread: "You are not subscribed to any forums at the moment."

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    Default "You are not subscribed to any forums at the moment."

    I was browsing through my user cp and I noticed this sentence:

    You are not subscribed to any forums at the moment.

    What does it mean?
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    If you are subscribed to a thread, you get an e-mail everytime someone posts a reply to the thread.

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    I think when you post a thread you automatic subscribe to that thread... unless you turn it off in your profile setting.

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    How would I go about subscribing to a thread? The subscribe option at the botom of the page seems to be turned off for the thread I would like to keep an eye on. Is there somewhere else i should be looking?

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    We used to have the option to subscribe to thread which means you would get an email notification every time there is a new post in a thread. The bounced back emails got out of hand because I would be seeing over 100 emails each day for these so I turned off the option. But you are not automatically subscribed to a thread.

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