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Thread: Translation of Little Li's Flying Dagger(cont...)

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    Default Thank you Meh...

    Lin XianEr is number one *************** I dunno what is the best way of describing her without swearing

    Originally posted by Meh
    Ok. Last update before my vacation.

    Too bad you can't read in bulk anymore.

    Waiting for updates can be pretty annoying. Kind of like watching serials one episode per day.
    I'm happy for your vacation... not for waiting the update

    thanks for the symphaty... I go find more reading somewhere else

    Meh, take laptop if you have with your vacation, so if you bored and got nothing to do, you can translate some more just kidding... go enjoy summer while it last!!!
    Spring Summer Autumn Winter.
    Pair ducks nest fly together.
    Clemencies. Summer life, feather winter white.
    Green meadow in spring, before the autumn bite.
    Watching the red gown.
    And none else, alone.

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    Thank you Meh, enjoy your vacation. Don't worry, I can re-read your whole translation again. Just love it.

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    1. What clues that this person has the highest martial arts?
    Not totally sure. Probably his way of showing his lightness kung fu. Actually, it doesn't make much sense if you think about it, but you're just suppose to take GL's word for it.

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    hey meh.. you're back!!!! how's your vacation??

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    My vacation was pretty awesome. Hiking in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks was great. Of course, Yellowstone would've better if half of it weren't burnt down in the 1988 fire.

    Chapter 51: Peculiar Scene

    The fog disappeared.

    Jin WuMing still stood there motionless. His dead, gray eyes focused on a dew falling off the side of his hat.

    He didn’t seem to notice ShangGuan JinHong walking out the forest alone.

    ShangGuan JinHong didn’t look at him either. He just walked casually past Jin WuMing, and said leisurely, “There’s fog today. It must be a good day.”

    Jin WuMing hesitated for a moment, then said, “There’s fog today. It must be a good day.”

    He finally turned around, and walked in sync behind ShangGuan JinHong. One in the front, one in the back, both disappeared into the fog.

    * * *

    The street is very crowded, almost as much as the Sky Bridge* in the capital city. There are all sorts of things to buy here. It’s still not noon yet, but vendors have already setup booths all over the street. There are all sorts of snacks, all sorts of circus acts, and all sorts of customers.

    *Note: Sky Bridge is a location in old Beijing famous for its circus atmosphere.

    LingLing was almost blinded by the sight. She has never been this happy before.

    After all, she is still a kid.

    She never expected Li XunHuan to take her to this place.

    So there is an inner child in his heart.

    Seeing Li XunHuan holding a candy gourd*, LingLing wanted to laugh.

    *Note: This is a popular Chinese snack. I don’t know the exact process for making it, but I think gourd is first hardened, then dipped into molasses, and lastly stacked onto a stick.

    They just bought these candy gourds, quite a few sticks of them. Shiny red gourds stuck on a stick, like big, red jewels.

    All girls love jewels. LingLing bought every single one the seller had. Too bad she only has two hands, and couldn’t carry all of them.

    A girl would never feel that she has bought too much of something.

    Li XunHuan had to carry some for her.

    Actually, he has also bought candy gourds himself. But that was a long time ago. At that time, he still didn’t know about grief, about worry.

    What about now?

    He is certainly worried about something. He has been staring at a person, staring for a long time.

    This person walked in front of him. He wore a dirty robe, a pair of straw sandals. On his head is a straw hat. This person never looked up, as if he didn’t want to see anyone.

    He walked like a hunchback, but has wide shoulders. Should he straighten up, this man would look quite imposing.

    Even so, this person doesn’t look all that extraordinary. At best he’s a destitute martial arts practitioner. Possibly he’s just a beggar.

    Yet Li XunHuan noticed him with the first gaze.

    No matter where he went, Li XunHuan followed. That’s why they are now on this street.

    Oddly enough, Li XunHuan isn’t the only person following this man.

    Li XunHuan originally planned to catch up, to see this man’s face. When suddenly, he saw another person following behind the beggar.

    This person’s very skinny, very tall, and has light steps. Despite his ordinary clothing, the man’s eyes shined brightly, full of energy.

    Li XunHuan knew this man’s no ordinary person.

    He didn’t seem to notice Li XunHuan, though. He concentrated fully on the beggar. When the beggar walked faster, he would walk faster. When the beggar slowed down, he would slow down. When the beggar stopped, he would stop. And pretend to straighten his clothes, or adjust his shoes. But his eyes would never leave the beggar.

    He certainly is an expert at spying.

    So why would he spy on a beggar?

    What’s the point? What’s his relationship with the beggar?

    The beggar didn’t seem to notice that he’s being followed. He continued to walk slowly, without ever turning around.

    If someone gives him some money, he’d take it. Otherwise, he never bothered to beg for any.

    LingLing’s eyeballs moved continuously. She suddenly grabbed Li XunHuan’s sleeves and asked, “Are we following that beggar?”

    This little girl really is clever.

    Li XunHuan nodded, and whispered, “That’s why we must speak quietly.”

    LingLing said, “Who is he? Why are we following him?”

    Li XunHuan said, “This doesn’t concern you.”

    LingLing said, “That’s why I have to ask you. If you won’t tell me, I’ll ask loudly again.”

    Li XunHuan sighed, and said, “He looks like an old friend of mine.”

    LingLing was surprised. She said, “Your old friend? Is he a member of the Beggar’s Clan?”

    Li XunHuan said, “No.”

    LingLing said, “Then who is he?”

    Li XunHuan said with a sullen face, “You wouldn’t know his name even if I told you.”

    LingLing remained silent for a while, when she suddenly said, “There’s someone else following the beggar too. Do you see him?”

    Li XunHuan chuckled, and said, “You are quite observant.”

    LingLing also chuckled, and said, “So who is he? Is he also one of your friends?”

    Li XunHuan said, “No.”

    LingLing said, “Really? So is he your friend’s enemy?”

    Li XunHuan said, “Perhaps…”

    LingLing said, “Then why don’t you warn your friend?”

    Li XunHuan sighed, and said, “My friend’s quite strange. He never likes for anyone to help him.”

    LingLing said, “But…”

    She didn’t finish this sentence.

    Because she was busy looking at something, looking very intently.

    This street is quite long. They’ve only walked about half its length.

    The beggar walked in front of a wonton seller.

    Near them, a person was selling wine carried on his shoulder-pole. Several people were drinking by the wine seller. One is a blind fortune-teller, his face quite pale.

    On the opposite end of the street stood a burly green-robed man.

    A person, carrying two cases of smelly-tofu on his shoulder-pole, walked over there.

    There’s also a very tall married-woman. She had been examining makeup and sewing items. But at this moment, she looked up. One of her eyes has been blinded.

    When the beggar walked close…

    The wine seller suddenly lowered his shoulder-pole.

    The blind fortune-teller lowered his wine cup.

    The burly green-robed man walked out from where he stood.

    The one-eyed woman turned around abruptly, almost knocking down the makeup items besides her.

    In addition to that tall, skinny follower, these people surrounded the beggar.

    The smelly-tofu seller suddenly walked in front of the beggar, blocking his path!

    There are many other people on the street. But these few people are quite noticeable. Even LingLing realized that something’s wrong. Li XunHuan’s face sank. He had long thought that the beggar was Tie ChuanJia. Now there’s no doubt.

    He must be very careful.

    He knew that these people harbored deep hatred for Tie ChuanJia. They must’ve planned this ambush in detail. Leaving no chance for Tie ChuanJia to escape. If they knew someone could help Tie ChuanJia, they might decide to kill him immediately.

    Even if it costs him his life, Li XunHuan would not let any harm come towards Tie ChuanJia. He doesn’t owe favors to many people in this world. Tie ChuanJia is one of the few.

    Li XunHuan cannot lose a friend like him.

    At this moment, those people had surrounded the beggar.

    In a flash, three sharp daggers leaned on the beggar’s body. The people besides them realized what’s going on, and dispersed.

    No one wants to get involved in these sorts of things.

    Only to hear the blind fortune-teller say coldly, “Come with us. Don’t say a single word. Understand?”

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    The burly green-robed man said, “Follow orders, and you might live a bit longer. Do something rash, and you just might die immediately.

    The beggar responded quite slowly. Only now did he nod.

    The one-eyed married-woman gave him a push from behind. She said, “Start walking. What are you waiting for?”

    With this push, the straw hat on the beggar came off, showing his face.

    The face looked quite yellow, as if he just recovered from a serious illness. His nose was red and crooked. His mouth widened, smiling foolishly at these people.

    This person is Tie ChuanJia? Of course not. He looked more like a retard.

    Li XunHuan wanted to laugh.

    The one-eyed married-woman was absolutely fuming. She yelled, “Fifth brother. How did this happen?”

    The tall, skinny man’s face turned pale. He said, “But… I was sure he’s Tie ChuanJia. I never let him out of my sight. How could… this have happened?”

    The burly green-robed man slapped the beggar across the face, and yelled, “Who are you?”

    The beggar still smiled foolishly. He said, “I’m me. You’re you. Why did you hit me?”

    The wine seller said, “Perhaps he’s Tie ChuanJia in disguise. Let’s try to peel off his mask.”

    The blind fortune-teller suddenly said, “No need. This person is not Tie ChuanJia.”

    Only this blind man’s face remained calm and cold.

    The burly green-robed man said, “Second brother, did you recognize his voice?”

    The blind man said, “Tie ChuanJia would rather die than let you slap him.”

    The tall, thin man said, “This person must’ve been in cahoots with Tie ChuanJia. They switched places somehow, so Tie ChuanJia could escape.”

    The one-eyed married-woman yelled angrily, “How could you let him get away like that?”

    The tall, thin man lowered his head, and said, “Perhaps… when he was at the restroom. After all, I can’t exactly…”

    The burly green-robed man yelled, “So you’re a buddy of Tie ChuanJia. I’m going to kill you.”

    He raised a shoulder-pole, about to strike down upon the beggar.

    At this moment, Li XunHuan absolutely has to interfere.

    This beggar may or may not be a real retard. He may or may not be Tie ChuanJia’s friend. But even so, he at least helped out Tie ChuanJia. So Li XunHuan can’t let him die.

    Besides, Li XunHuan also wanted Tie ChuanJia’s information from this man.

    Li XunHuan’s body dashed forward.

    But immediately afterward, he stopped. This start-and-stop motion was quick as a flash. No one could actually tell that he had moved.

    He no longer needed to interfere.

    With a loud crack, the green-robed man’s shoulder-pole broke in two. He almost lost his balance, and stuttered.

    No one saw what exactly broke the shoulder-pole. Everyone’s expression changed. They all yelled, “Who dares to interfere?”

    A person standing by the edge of a store said calmly, “Me.”

    Everyone turned their heads toward him, only to see a man wearing a robe white as jade. His hands together behind his back. As he examined a birdcage at the front of the store.

    The birds in the cage chirped.

    This white-robed man seemed to find birds more amusing than people. He didn’t even look towards these vengeful people.

    There’s a bit of wrinkle by his eyes. But with his dashing eyebrows, his jade-white face, this man is very much a handsome gentleman. No one can tell his age.

    The burly green-robed man yelled, “So you broke my shoulder-pole?”

    This time, the white-robed man didn’t even bother to respond.

    The burly green-robed man and the one-eyed married-woman were both furious. They wanted to attack this gentleman.

    Suddenly, that blind fortune-teller said, “Stop.”

    He then picked up an ingot of silver from the ground, and said coldly, “Although this gentleman broke your shoulder-pole, his ingot can buy you hundreds of these shoulder-poles. You should thank him for his generosity, rather than get angry.”

    The burly green-robed man looked at the shoulder-pole in his hand, then at the ingot in the blind man’s hand. He didn’t seem to believe that the tiny ingot could break his shoulder-pole.

    The white-robed man suddenly began to laugh. He said, “Good. Looks like you’re wiser than those who can actually see. You can keep the silver.”

    The blind fortune-teller said coldly, “My eyes may be blind, but not my heart. I don’t take anything that’s not rightfully mine.”

    He rubbed the ingot in his hands, and said, “A penny worth of silver is enough to buy a new shoulder-pole. This ingot weighs at least ten taels. Surely you don’t need to give us this much money.”

    As he spoke, he rubbed the ingot into a tiny little stick. With a twist from his left hand, a small piece came off. The blind fortune-teller said coldly, “Thanks for this penny’s worth of silver. You can keep the rest.”

    His hand waved, a silver light streaked through the air. The tiny silver stick shot towards the white-robed man. Amazingly, this throw incorporated Wu Dang’s ‘Double-Virtue Sword Art’.

    As the light streaked, it aimed at five different pressure points in front of the white-robed man’s chest.

    Just as the silver stick reached the white-robed man’s chest, he suddenly nipped the stick with his right hand. The two fingers that caught it then calmly came together, and cut off a piece of the stick.

    The white-robed man said calmly, “Your sword art is quite good. But just a bit too slow.”

    With each word, he took another cut at the stick. After he finished this sentence, fourteen pieces of silver dropped to the ground.

    LingLing had been watching from far away. She couldn’t help but gasp, and said, “Is this man’s hand really made of meat?”

    Looking at the small piece of silver in the blind man’s hand, everyone’s face turned gray. No one could speak up.

    The white-robed man said coldly, “Once I threw out the ingot, it was yours. How come you won’t pick it up?”

    The blind fortune-teller suddenly bent down, and picked up the pieces of silver. Then without a single word, he turned around and left.

    His companions left with him.

    LingLing said with a smile, “At least they know when to leave.”

    Li XunHuan remained sullen. He suddenly said, “Do you see that dumpling restaurant?”

    LingLing said, “Of course. I’ve wanted to taste their dumplings for a while now.”

    Li XunHuan said, “Good. Wait for me over there.”

    LingLing hesitated for a moment, then said, “You’re chasing after that beggar?”

    That beggar began to walk forward again. He did not thank the white-robed man, nor looked at anyone else.

    It’s as if nothing had happened.

    Li XunHuan nodded, and said, “I need to ask him something.”

    LingLing lowered her head, and said, “I can’t come with you?”

    Li XunHuan said, “No.”

    LingLing was on the verge of tears. She said, “I know what you’re doing. You’re going to leave me here alone.”

    Li XunHuan sighed, and said tenderly, “I want to taste their dumplings too. Why would I not come back?”

    LingLing said, “Alright. I trust you. If you lie, I’ll wait for you here forever.”

    The beggar didn’t walk very fast.

    But Li XunHuan isn’t in a hurry to catch him, either. There are way too many people on this street.

    It’s never convenient to talk with so many people around. Besides, he realized that the white-robed man had been examining him. As if he’s more interesting than those birds.

    Li XunHuan also wanted to meet this white-robed man. The whole cutting of silver with his fingers really caught Li XunHuan’s attention.

    Not many people have this type of ability.

    Actually, Li XunHuan had never seen such power with any person’s hands. LingLing’s description is very apt.

    This person’s hand does not look like it’s made of meat.

    Any martial arts expert, upon meeting someone like him, would want to do two things. Either challenge him, or have a drink with him.

    On an ordinary day, Li XunHuan would be no exception.

    But not today. He has been looking for Tie ChuanJia for a while now. He cannot pass up this lead.

    The white-robed man walked toward Li XunHuan. As if wishing to block his path.

    Thankfully, the dispersed crowd came to gather around the white-robed man. They wanted to meet this amazing person. Li XunHuan took this opportunity to sneak away.

    When he looked up again, that beggar had reached the end of the street. He turned left.

    This new road has a lot less people. And is a lot shorter.

    Li XunHuan hurried forward, but couldn’t see the beggar as he turned. Li XunHuan searched the street following this one. Again, he saw no one.

    How could the beggar disappear?

    Li XunHuan slowed down, and began to search carefully.

    On this street are only back doors of households. A man seemed to be sitting in front of a door. He’s rubbing something on his chest.

    Before Li XunHuan could see the face, he saw the straw hat.

    So that’s where the beggar went.

    What’s he doing?

    Li XunHuan didn’t want to scare the beggar. So he walked over slowly.

    But that beggar was still scared. He quickly tried to hide the item in his hand.

    Too bad Li XunHuan’s eyes are faster than his hands. He saw that the beggar held a piece of silver. One of the pieces the white-robed man cut off.

    Li XunHuan smiled, and said, “May I ask for the name of this friend?”

    The beggar stared at him for a moment, then said, “I’m not your friend. You’re not my friend. I don’t know you. You don’t know me.”

    Li XunHuan still smiled. He said, “I want to ask you about someone. I’m sure you would know him.”

    End of Chapter 51

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    Chapter 52: Trap

    That beggar shook his head and said, “I don’t know anyone. Anyone don’t know me. I don’t know a single person. Not a single person knows me.”

    This person must be a bit retarded. Otherwise, why would he make a simple response so wordy?

    Just when Li XunHuan wanted to ask him something else, the beggar suddenly ran away.

    He ran quite fast, but doesn’t look like he knows lightness kung fu. It seems that all beggars can run really fast. It’s like an innate skill for them.

    Obviously, Li XunHuan could run faster.

    As the beggar ran, he said, “What do you want? Do you want to take my silver?”

    That beggar then yelled, “Help! Help! A bandit is trying to take my money!”

    Thankfully, this is a deserted street. Or Li XunHuan would not know what to do. After all, if one would take money from a beggar, then what would he be? An eighth-rate bandit?

    Li XunHuan said, “I’m not going to take your money. But if you can answer some of my questions, you can get an even bigger ingot of silver.”

    That beggar contemplated for a while, then nodded. He said, “Fine. What do you want to know?”

    Li XunHuan said, “Do you know a person called Tie ChuanJia?”

    The beggar shook his head and said, “I don’t know anyone. Why would a beggar have friends?”

    Li XunHuan said, “If so, why did you help him?”

    The beggar shook his head again, and said, “I’ve never helped anyone. No one has ever helped me.”

    Li XunHuan said, “So you’ve never met a tall, muscular man today, with dark skin and a long beard?”

    The beggar thought for a while, then said, “I might have.”

    Li XunHuan said, “Where?”

    The beggar said, “In the restroom.”

    Li XunHuan said, “Restroom?”

    The beggar said, “The restroom is where you go take a poop. I was in the middle of a poop, when he suddenly walked in. He asked if I wanted some wine money.”

    Li XunHuan said with a smile, “Who wouldn’t want some wine money?”

    The beggar said, “But I saw that his clothing looked worse than mine. How could he have money to give me?”

    Li XunHuan said with a smile, “The richer a person is, the more he wants to act poor. Don’t you know this?”

    The beggar also smiled. He said, “You’re right. That guy really did have money. Once he showed me his ingot of silver, I asked how I could earn it.”

    Li XunHuan said, “So what did he say?”

    The beggar said, “I thought he’d ask me to do something difficult. But he only wanted to exchange clothes. Then I would lower my head and walk forward. No matter what, I’m supposed to keep my head down.”

    Li XunHuan said with a smile, “This really is an easy way to make money.”

    This time he smiled within his heart too. It’s nice to know that Tie ChuanJia could now come up with such a nice scheme.

    That beggar was even happier. He said, “I know. That’s why I figured that guy’s brain must have some problems.”

    Li XunHuan said, “My brain also has some problems. It’s even easier to get my silver.”

    The beggar said, “Really?”

    Li XunHuan took out all the silver in his robe. When he left his home, Tie ChuanJia purposely left him some money for basic needs. This is how Li XunHuan managed to live for all these years.

    The beggar’s eyes brightened considerably at the sight of the money.

    Li XunHuan said with a smile, “If you can lead me to that man with brain problems, I’ll give you all these silver.”

    The beggar immediately said, “Ok. I’ll take you to him. But you have to give me the money first.”

    Li XunHuan held out his hand to give the silver.

    He’ll give his heart to find Tie ChuanJia.

    That beggar was literally drooling at the silver. He reached out, while chuckling, “You must’ve stole these silver. Why else would you give them away so easily?”

    When he took the money, he obviously got to touch Li XunHuan’s hands.

    Just as his hands touched Li XunHuan’s, his five fingers suddenly reached out, and bent down…

    Li XunHuan felt a pair of iron hoops entangle his wrist.

    Then, he landed face up on the ground.

    This beggar’s speed is amazing. His simple movements also utilized four powerful martial arts in the process.

    Just as his fingers touched Li XunHuan’s, he used a powerful orthodox absorption inner power. Anyone caught would never leave his grasp.

    Afterwards, he used Wu Dang’s seventy-two road Hand-Snatch, snatching one of Li XunHuan’s main artery. Anyone snatched this way would lose all his strength.

    Then, he used Bone-Separation-Hand to separate Li XunHuan’s bones.

    Finally, he used a wrestling technique from China’s outer regions. Anyone who got picked up, then slammed down, would never be able to get up.

    The beggar used all four techniques flawlessly, at peak power.

    Even if Li XunHuan realized that he’s no ordinary beggar, he wouldn’t have believed that the beggar’s kung fu would be so amazing. Even if Li XunHuan could figure out that he’s a top-level fighter, Li XunHuan would never expect this man to attack without warning.

    Li XunHuan had never been this shocked before.

    Li XunHuan lied on the ground like a dead fish. He was so dizzy he almost lost consciousness. By the time he finally figured out what’s going on, the beggar came to his side. He reached out with one hand and grabbed Li XunHuan’s throat. With a big smile on his face.

    Who is he? Why did he do this to me?”

    Had he long known who I am?

    What’s his relationship with Tie ChuanJia?

    Li XunHuan had so many questions in his mind. But he asked none of them.

    In this situation, he figured that it would be better to stay quiet.

    But the beggar spoke. He said with a smile, “Why don’t you speak?”

    Li XunHuan also smiled, and said, “If your neck was grabbed, what could you possibly say?”

    The beggar said, “If someone ambushed me like this, then grabbed my neck like this, I’d curse eighteen generations of his ancestors.”

    Li XunHuan said, “My eyes are not blind, yet could not see that your martial arts are incredible. Even if I were to curse, I’d first curse myself.”

    That beggar chuckled, shook his head, and said, “You really are an odd fellow. I’ve never seen anyone like you. If you speak some more, I’d probably blush!”

    He suddenly yelled, “This person’s not only honorable, but also good person. This type of person annoys me the most. If don’t scram out here now, I’m going to leave.”

    So he had helpers.

    Li XunHuan couldn’t figure out who his helpers are. Then, the door besides them opened. Seven people came out. Li XunHuan was really shocked to see who they were.

    He never thought these people are actually the beggar’s helpers.

    The first person was the blind fortune-teller.

    Then, the one-eyed woman, the burly green-robed man, the guy selling smelly-tofu…

    Li XunHuan sighed, and said, “Great plan, great plan. I’m very impressed.”

    The blind man said coldly, “You’re too kind.”

    Li XunHuan said, “So this had absolutely nothing to do with Tie ChuanJia.”

    The blind man said, “That’s not totally true, except…”

    The beggar cut in, “Except I never saw Tie ChuanJia, nor know who he is. That show we just put up was for you.”

    Li XunHuan smiled bitterly, and said, “And an excellent show it was.”

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    The blind man said, “Otherwise, how could we have fooled Li Tan Hua?”

    Li XunHuan said, “Oh, so you knew who I am, and knew that I came into this city.”

    The blind man said, “Someone saw you even before you entered this city.”

    Li XunHuan said, “But how come you would recognize me?”

    The blind man said, “We might not recognize you, but someone else did.”

    Li XunHuan said, “If you all don’t know me, then why put on this show for me?”

    The blind man said, “Because of Tie ChuanJia!”

    His expression suddenly turned very venomous, as he continued, “We’ve been searching him for a while now. But we couldn’t find him. However, if he knew that Li Tan Hua is with us, he’ll come looking for us.”

    Li XunHuan said with a smile, “What if he doesn’t come?”

    The blind man said coldly, “You’ll never ignore him in time of need, just as he won’t ignore you in time of need. We’re certain that he’ll arrive, or we wouldn’t have used this plan.”

    Li XunHuan said, “I must applaud you for this brilliant plan.”

    The blind man said, “If I were clever enough to come up with this plan, then perhaps I wouldn’t be blind today.”

    Li XunHuan said, “You didn’t come up with this plan?”

    The blind man said, “No.”

    The beggar said, “I didn’t come up with this plan either. I have a strange problem. Every time I think about hurting others, my head starts to hurt.”

    Li XunHuan said, “So someone else is behind all this…”

    The blind man said, “You don’t have to ask for his name. Because you’ll see him soon enough.”

    He sealed Li XunHuan’s pressure point with his staff, and added coldly, “Once you see him, you might feel that living in this world is pointless, and that death might be a better alternative.”

    * * *

    The door is quite small. The wall is quite high.

    No sound came from inside the courtyard.

    Then came a hearty laugh, as someone said, “So have you already managed to invite my brother here?”

    Li XunHuan froze upon hearing this voice.

    This is Long Xiao4Yun’s voice.

    So he was the mastermind.

    The blind man said coldly, “Yes, we’ve managed to invite Li Tan Hua here.”

    Before he finished, a man stepped through the door. He is none other than Long Xiao4Yun.

    When he came out, he immediately grabbed Li XunHuan’s hands, and said, “It has been two years, brother. I’ve been thinking of you everyday.”

    Li XunHuan said with a smile, “If big brother wants to see me, why didn’t you just say so? No need to go through this hassle.”

    The beggar suddenly began to laugh. He said, “Great! Great! I am awed by your composure. I can’t believe you can still keep calm in this situation.”

    Long Xiao4Yun seemingly turned deaf, as if he didn’t hear anything these people said. Long Xiao4Yun still held on to Li XunHuan’s hands, and said, “I knew you were going to come. So I prepared some excellent wine for you.”

    He helped Li XunHuan up, then said to the others, “Come, please join us in this reunion of sworn brothers.”

    The blind man did not move.

    None of his brothers moved either.

    Long Xiao4Yun said with a smile, “Oh, so you can’t join us?” The blind man said, “We only did all this for Tie ChuanJia. Now we’ve now done our part. When Tie ChuanJia shows up, be sure to tell us.”

    His face then sank, and said coldly, “As for Fourth Master Long’s wine, I would not dare touch. After all, I’m certainly not worthy to be Fourth Master Long’s friend.”

    Without further words, he walked away.

    The table in the courtyard is full of wine.

    The wine-dishes are exquisite. The wines are all famous brands.

    That beggar didn’t seem to care for courtesy. He immediately sat in a chair and said, “To be honest, I wanted to leave too. But I can’t let these good food and wine go to waste.”

    He raised a cup of wine towards Li XunHuan and said, “You should drink some too. No point in not drinking this guy’s wine. Of course, not much point in drinking his wine either.”

    Long Xiao4Yun said, “This is Hero Hu. Brother, I do not believe you have met…”

    Li XunHuan said, “Hero Hu? Is your given name ‘BuGui’?”

    That beggar said with a smile, “That’s right. Hu BuGui is I! You might call me a hero, but in your heart, I’m sure you must be thinking, ‘So this is Crazy Hu. No wonder he acts like a lunatic.’ Am I right?”

    Li XunHuan chuckled, and said, “You’re right.”

    Hu BuGui laughed, and said, “You really are an odd person, probably a lunatic too. If you weren’t crazy, how could you become friends with someone like Long Xiao4Yun?”

    Li XunHuan just smiled.

    Hu BuGui said, “But don’t think I’m his friend too. I only helped him because I owe him a favor. After this task, I’ll never have anything to do with him again.”

    He suddenly slapped the table, and added, “But this task was way too devious, really lacks virtue. So embarrassing, so shameful, so not right, so despicable…”

    As he spoke, he slapped himself on the cheek seventeen or eighteen times. Then he began to cry on the table. Long Xiao4Yun seemed to be familiar with his antics, and wasn’t bothered.

    But Li XunHuan felt a bit remorseful. He said, “No matter what, even if I were fully alert, I couldn’t have dodged Brother Hu’s last move.”

    Hu BuGui slapped the table again, and said angrily, “That’s a bunch of crap! Without any tricks, how could I manage to touch you? I harmed you, yet you try to comfort me. What’s this all about?”

    Li XunHuan didn’t know how to respond.

    Hu BuGui said, “I have lots of mood swings, get angry for no reason, doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong, always doing things backward, cry when I want, laugh when I want… I’m really just a load of crap.”

    He suddenly glared at Long Xiao4Yun and said, “But you’re a bigger piece of crap than I am. And your son is an even bigger piece of crap than you. He has two feet, yet has to act like a dog, crawling under a table. Does he want to pick bones down there?”

    Long Xiao4Yun blushed. He looked down, only to find Long Xiao3Yun crawling by the table. He held a dagger, and had crawled next to Li XunHuan.

    Long Xiao4Yun grabbed him and held him up. Then said with a sullen face, “What do you think you’re doing?”

    Long Xiao3Yun’s face was very calm. He said, “You’ve once said that a man should know who his friends and enemies are, right?”

    Long Xiao4Yun said, “Yes.”

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “Isn’t it also true in the martial world, that one must try to obtain revenge, and must repay gratitude? He destroyed my kung fu, so I’m forever crippled. Asking for his two legs is certainly not too much.”

    Long Xiao4Yun’s face turned pale. He said, “So you want revenge?”

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “Yes.”

    Long Xiao4Yun said loudly, “Do you know who he is?”

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “I just know that he is my enemy…”

    Before he could finish this sentence, Long Xiao4Yun gave him a slap on the face, and yelled angrily, “But do you know that he’s also your dad’s sworn brother? He has the right to teach you a lesson. How could you even think about revenge? How could you be so discourteous to him?”

    After getting scolded, Long Xiao3Yun suddenly got on his knees in front of Li XunHuan. He said, “I’m sorry. I’ve learned my lesson. Uncle Li, please forgive your nephew.”

    Li XunHuan didn’t know what to say. But Hu BuGui had already jumped up, yelling, “Oh lord, I can’t stand these two. Oh, how I wish to vomit right now.”

    As he yelled, he ran out the door.

    End of Chapter 52

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    Thanx Meh.

    I went to Yellowstone in 1991 shortly after the fire. It looked really bad at that time. On our 10 mile hike, all I saw in many areas were burnt trees left standing like skeletons and the hard black ground. There were absolutely no signs of life. I hope it's better now after a decade.

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    Cool Welcome back!

    Hiya gys,
    Welcome back Meh! Thx for your reply. Thx Thx for the another two chapters of FlyingDaggerLi. Will be reading them when I have time. Thx.

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    A warm hug to you!

    Thanks for the update - it is such a blessing after a depressive week.
    "History's third dimension is always fiction."
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    Thanks for the update. Wow, pretty devious plot. Reminds of the Sword and the Exquisiteness

    I think it's cool that Lin Xun Huan is powerful and smart, yet there are those that can still best him, although the "bad" guys usually bait him by playing on his biggest flaw, his strong sense of friendship. I also liked reading the part about Lady Buddha, someone that could have beaten Li fair and square.

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    I'm glad you have a good vacation, can tell from the amount of translation you drop

    Spring Summer Autumn Winter.
    Pair ducks nest fly together.
    Clemencies. Summer life, feather winter white.
    Green meadow in spring, before the autumn bite.
    Watching the red gown.
    And none else, alone.

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    Heheh. Yeah. I'll be updating a bit more in the next few days. To make up for some lost time.

    I think it's cool that Lin Xun Huan is powerful and smart, yet there are those that can still best him, although the "bad" guys usually bait him by playing on his biggest flaw, his strong sense of friendship. I also liked reading the part about Lady Buddha, someone that could have beaten Li fair and square.
    Actually, GL heroes are quite prone to getting tricked, despite their tendency to be super-smart. The reasoning being, the villains are also super-smart. In GL's world, you're either very intelligent, or you're an idiot.


    Chapter 53: Deceit

    Long Xiao4Yun forced a chuckle, and said, “A person might have a wrong name, but never a wrong nickname. A person might be dumb as an ox, but have a name called ‘bright’. But if a person’s nickname is ‘crazy’, then he must be crazy.”

    Li XunHuan originally didn’t want to say anything. But he couldn’t help but comment, “But if someone is too intelligent, knows too much, then he might also slowly turn into a lunatic.”

    Long Xiao4Yun said, “Really?”

    Li XunHuan said, “Because by that time, he might find that life is better as a lunatic. So for some people, their biggest agony is that they want to be crazy, but can’t.”

    Long Xiao4Yun smiled. He said, “Thankfully, I’m not that smart. So I’ll never have this sort of agony.”

    Of course he’ll never have this type of agony. He’d never agonize over anything.

    Because he’d give his agony to others.

    Li XunHuan thought for a long time. Then he lowered his head, sipping the wine slowly.

    Long Xiao4Yun watched, waiting.

    He knew that when Li XunHuan drank slowly, he must have something important to say.

    After a long time, Li XunHuan raised his head again, and said, “Big brother…”

    Long Xiao4Yun said, “Yes?”

    Li XunHuan said, “There’s something in my heart, that I want to say. But I don’t know if I should say it.”

    Long Xiao4Yun said, “Go ahead.”

    Li XunHuan said, “No matter what, we’ve been friends for many years.”

    Long Xiao4Yun said, “Not friends, sworn brothers.”

    Li XunHuan said, “I’m sure you know what type of a person I am.”

    Long Xiao4Yun said, “Yes…”

    Although he only said a single word, Long Xiao4Yun said it very slowly. The word also carried a hint of shame.

    He is, after all, still a person.

    Any person would at least have some humanity in him.

    Li XunHuan said, “Therefore, if you wanted me to do something, you should simply tell me. If its something I can do, I’ll certainly do it.”

    Long Xiao4Yun slowly raised his wine cup, as if wishing to block his own face.

    Li XunHuan has done way too much for him.

    After a long time, he let out a deep sigh, and said, “I know what you mean. But… time can change many things.”

    Li XunHuan’s face looked more and more gloomy. He said, “I know there’s some misunderstanding between us…”

    Long Xiao4Yun said, “Misunderstanding?”

    Li XunHuan said, “Right, misunderstanding. But on some matters, big brother, you should not have misunderstood me.”

    Long Xiao4Yun’s face turned incredibly pale. After a long time, he finally said, “But on one single matter, there’s absolutely no misunderstanding involved.”

    Li XunHuan asked, “Which matter?”

    Right after he spoke, Li XunHuan already regretted these words.

    He should already know the answer. Even worse, Long Xiao3Yun seemed to know that his father’s about to speak something important. He quietly left.

    Long Xiao4Yun stayed silent for a long time, before he said, “I know you’ve been in agony these past years.”

    Li XunHuan said, “Most people lives in agony.”

    Long Xiao4Yun said, “But your agony is worse than most people’s.”

    Li XunHuan said, “Huh?”

    Long Xiao4Yun said, “Because you gave away the woman you love the most. To another man, to be his wife.”

    Some wine spilled out, because Li XunHuan’s hands were shaking.

    Long Xiao4Yun said, “But your agony isn’t deep enough. Because when someone felt that he has sacrificed himself for another, he would feel very bighearted. This will lessen his agony.”

    These words are very sharp, but also sort of reasonable.

    Of course, this doesn’t apply to every situation.

    Long Xiao4Yun’s hands are also shaking. He said, “Perhaps, you still don’t know the real meaning of agony.”

    Li XunHuan said, “Perhaps…”

    Long Xiao4Yun said, “When a man finds out that his wife was given to him by someone else, and his wife still loves that person… That is the most painful agony in the world!”

    This is true.

    Not only is this great agony, but it’s also great humiliation.

    Normally, men would rather die than say something like this. Because it’s too painful to say such a thing!

    No one would want to hurt himself, humiliate himself, this badly.

    Yet Long Xiao4Yun just said it. He said it to Li XunHuan.

    Li XunHuan’s heart sunk.

    He realized two things from these words. First: Long Xiao4Yun is also in a great deal of agony. That’s why he changed, changed so dramatically. Put someone else in his shoes, and that person would probably also change.

    Li XunHuan suddenly felt pity for Long Xiao4Yun.

    Second: Since Long Xiao4Yun said these to him, he’s not likely going to live long!

    Li XunHuan had never cared much about life and death.

    But can he afford to die now?

    They did not speak much.

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    But each word had come out slowly, after much thinking, much pause.

    It’s a cloudy day. It’s getting late.

    So although it’s not night yet, the sky is already very dark.

    Long Xiao4Yun’s expression is darker than the sky.

    He lifted the wine cup, then up it down. Lifted it up again, and then put it down…

    It’s not that he can’t drink wine. Rather, he doesn’t want to drink the wine. Because he found that when a person drinks, he becomes more impulsive. Even the calmest person, when he becomes impulsive, would make decisions based on feelings.

    After a long time, Long Xiao4Yun finally said, “I should not have said these words today.”

    Li XunHuan said with a smile, “Everyone has said things they did not want to say. It’s part of being human.”

    Long Xiao4Yun said, “I didn’t invite you here to say these things.”

    Li XunHuan said, “I know.”

    Long Xiao4Yun said, “Do you know why I invited you here?”

    Li XunHuan said, “Yes.”

    For the first time, Long Xiao4Yun was surprised. He said, “You really know?”

    Li XunHuan said, “I do.”

    Li XunHuan didn’t wait for Long Xiao4Yun to ask again, and continued, “Do you really think there’s treasure in Happy Cloud Manor?”

    Long Xiao4Yun thought for a long time, before responding, “Yes.”

    Li XunHuan said, “Where do you think it’s at?”

    Long Xiao4Yun said, “You should know the place.”

    Li XunHuan said, “I’ve always had this odd problem.”

    Long Xiao4Yun said, “What problem?”

    Li XunHuan said, “My problem is, I know all the things I shouldn’t know. Yet I don’t know anything that I should know.”

    Long Xiao4Yun’s mouth closed.

    Li XunHuan said, “Actually, you should’ve already figured it out. That this whole treasure thing is a charade…”

    Long Xiao4Yun cut him off, and said, “I trust you. Because you would not lie to me.”

    He looked at Li XunHuan intently, and added, “If there’s one person I can trust in this world, it’s you. If I still have one friend left in this world, it’s you! Everything else I’ve said might be a lie. But this time, I’m definitely speaking the truth.”

    Li XunHuan also looked at Long Xiao4Yun intently. He sighed deeply, and said, “I believe you, because…”

    He stopped talking, because he began to cough.

    When he stopped coughing, Long Xiao4Yun continued his sentence, said, “You believe me, because you realize that you are no longer useful to me. So I have no reason to mislead you. Right?”

    Li XunHuan answered this question with his silence.

    Long Xiao4Yun stood up, and paced around the table.

    There’s no other sound in the courtyard. His footsteps became heavier and heavier. As if he felt uneasy… Or perhaps he only wants Li XunHuan to think this.

    Then, he stopped. He stopped in front of Li XunHuan, and said, “You must think that I’m going to kill you.”

    Li XunHuan’s expression is still of total calm, unbelievable calm. He said calmly, “No matter what you do to me, I won’t blame you.”

    Long Xiao4Yun said, “But I won’t kill you.”

    Li XunHuan, “I know.”

    Long Xiao4Yun said, “Of course you do. You understand me quite well.”

    He suddenly became very excited, as he continued, “Because even if I kill you, I still cannot capture her heart. I can only make her hate me more.”

    Li XunHuan took a deep breath, and said, “There are many things in life that’s beyond one’s control.”

    Beyond one’s control.

    Such a simple phrase. Yet it’s one of the most painful things in life.

    When you meet it, you can’t fight it, can’t struggle against it. No matter what you do, what you try, it’s still beyond your control.

    Long Xiao4Yun tightened his fist, and said, “I can’t kill you, but that doesn’t mean I’m letting you go.”

    Li XunHuan nodded.

    Because I’m still useful to you alive.

    But he didn’t say these words.

    No matter how Long Xiao4Yun hurt him, betray him, he still would not say a single word that would hurt Long Xiao4Yun.

    Long Xiao4Yun tightened his fists even more. Because only in front of Li XunHuan, could he feel so insignificant, so minute.

    That’s why Li XunHuan’s magnificent friendship not only didn’t soften his heart, but rather angered him further.

    He glared at Li XunHuan, and said, “I’m taking you to see someone. This person had wanted to see you for some time now. Perhaps… you would like to see him too.

    * * *

    It’s a big room.

    Despite its size, the room has only one window. A very small window, very high up.

    The window is open. Yet you cannot see the scenery outside.

    The door is small. If a person has wide shoulders, then he had to walk through the door sideways.

    The door is also open.

    There’s white paint on the wall. The paint is very thick. As if so no one could see if this is a stone wall, a dirt wall, or an iron wall.

    There are two beds in the corner.

    Wooden beds.

    The bed sheets are very clean, but very simple.

    In addition to the beds, there’s only a big table in the room.

    The table is filled with different account books, files, dossiers.

    One person stood in front of the table. Occasionally, he’d make some marks on the account books with his brush. Sometimes, a smile would appear on the corner of his mouth.

    He’s standing!

    He felt that if someone sits down, he’d become relaxed. If a person becomes relaxed, then he would be too prone to error.

    He’s never relaxed.

    He’s never made an error.

    He had never lost.

    There’s someone else behind him.

    This person stood even straighter, like a spear.

    He just stood there. No one knew for how long. He didn’t so much as lift a finger.

    A mosquito came in somehow. It flew around.

    His eyes didn’t even blink.

    The mosquito landed on his nose, and began to suck blood.

    He still didn’t move.

    It’s as if he has no feelings. He feels no pain, no joy.

    He might not even know why he’s alive.

    End of Chapter 53

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    cool!!! so many chapters to read, duo xie meh jie!!

    glad you enjoyed ur vacation, wish I could have one too

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    Originally posted by siryu
    cool!!! so many chapters to read, duo xie meh jie!!

    glad you enjoyed ur vacation, wish I could have one too
    I think meh is a man, why u call him jie2 ?
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    Originally posted by ToOn99
    I think meh is a man, why u call him jie2 ?
    really???? ooopppsss.... sorry, my mistake!

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    Thanks Meh, for satisfying my cravings. Nice to know you enjoyed yoru holidays and here a big welcome back hug for you!

    I think the man with the mosquito is Jin Wu Ming, but I don't know if I am paranoid or something, but is he showing homosexual tendencies? Why are they sleeping in the same room or something (two beds ????)?
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    Originally posted by Meh
    Too bad you can't read in bulk anymore.

    Waiting for updates can be pretty annoying. Kind of like watching serials one episode per day.
    Actually I still can read in bulk if you update 2 chapter everyday I just patiently wait until it become 8 or 10 chapters before I read them all.... he,he,he.. thanks so much. I prefer the novel than the film... although Vincent Jiao is very handsome potraying LXH
    Spring Summer Autumn Winter.
    Pair ducks nest fly together.
    Clemencies. Summer life, feather winter white.
    Green meadow in spring, before the autumn bite.
    Watching the red gown.
    And none else, alone.

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