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Thread: Translation of Little Li's Flying Dagger(cont...)

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    Thumbs up Thx Meh! keep it coming! ;)

    Hiya gys,
    Thx Meh for a fusillade of updates. Smokin! Luckily its Friday and I have time to read all this Strange I dont have much comments, probably the story is pretty straightforward or few mysteries.
    To Charbydis:
    quote: I don't know if I am paranoid or something, but is he [Jin Wuming] showing homosexual tendencies?
    --- Jin Wuming is a shadow/stick-figure/puppet/etc. He's kinda machine-like in obeying ShangGuan JinHong.
    1. I finally found that FlyingDaggerLi has more than one dagger! j/k.
    --- quote: In a flash, three sharp daggers [from the ambushers] leaned on the beggar’s body. The people besides them realized what’s going on, and dispersed.
    1. How can one projectile aim at 5 pressure points?
    --- quote: The tiny silver stick shot towards the white-robed man. [...] As the light streaked, it aimed at five different pressure points in front of the white-robed man’s chest.
    1. So there is an inner child in his [FlyingDaggerLi's] heart.

    2. A girl would never feel that she has bought too much of something. [shopping. ]

    3. “But if someone is too intelligent, knows too much, then he might also slowly turn into a lunatic.” [...] “Because by that time, he might find that life is better as a lunatic. So for some people, their biggest agony is that they want to be crazy, but can’t.”

    4. Because only in front of Li XunHuan, could he [Long Xiao4Yun] feel so insignificant, so minute. That’s why Li XunHuan’s magnificent friendship not only didn’t soften his heart, but rather angered him further.
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    Chapter 54: The Deal

    Obviously, these two people are Jin WuMing and ShangGuan JinHong. One might never find a third person like them.

    To think, the richest, most famous, most powerful Golden Money Clan’s leader, would live in such a simple place. No one could possibly imagine this.

    Because in their eyes, money is just a tool. Women are also tools. Every single luxury in the world is a tool for them. They don’t care for any of that. They only care about power. Power. Other than power, they need nothing. They live for power, and just might die for power.

    It’s very quiet. Other than sounds of flipping books, there’s only silence. The candlelight shined. No one knows how long they’ve been working here, standing here. One can only see light turn into dark, and dark turn back into light. It seems as if they’re never tired, never hungry. At this moment, someone knocked by the door. It’s just one knock, and very light.

    ShangGuan JinHong’s hands did not stop moving, nor did he raise his head.

    Jin WuMing said, “Who?”

    The man outside said, “One seventy-nine.”

    Jin WuMing said, “What do you want?”

    The man outside said, “Someone wants to see the clan leader.”

    Jin WuMing said, “Who?”

    The man outside said, “He won’t say his name.”

    Jin WuMing said, “Why does he want to see the clan leader?”

    The man outside said, “He said he’ll tell the clan leader upon seeing him.”

    Jin WuMing stopped talking.

    ShangGuan JinHong suddenly said, “Where is he?”

    The man outside said, “In the front courtyard.”

    ShangGuan JinHong’s hands still turned the pages. He didn’t even raise his head when he said, “Kill him!”

    The man outside said, “Yes.”

    ShangGuan JinHong suddenly asked, “Who escorted him here?”

    The man outside said, “The eighth helmsman, Xiang Song.”

    ShangGuan JinHong said, “Kill Xiang Song too!”

    The man outside said, “Yes.”

    Jin WuMing said, “I’ll go!”

    When he spoke these words, his foot is already out the door, and left in a flash. When it comes to killing, Jin WuMing is always enthusiastic. Besides, Xiang Song’s nickname is ‘Wind and Rain Meteors’. His pair of Meteor Hammer ranks number nineteenth on the Book of Weapons. It’s not easy to kill him.

    Who did he escort to see ShangGuan JinHong? What this person’s reason for coming? Apparently, ShangGuan JinHong didn’t seem to be curious at all.

    This man really has no humanity in him.

    His head never rose. His hand never stopped moving.

    The door opened. Jin WuMing returned.

    ShangGuan JinHong didn’t ask him “Did he die?”

    Because Jin WuMing never fails when it comes to killing.

    ShangGuan JinHong only said, “Go! If Xiang Song did not retaliate, give his family ten thousand taels of gold. If he did retaliate, kill his whole family.”

    Jin WuMing said, “I didn’t kill him.”

    ShangGuan JinHong finally raised his head, and glared at Jin WuMing.

    Jin WuMing’s face is still without an expression. He said, “Because the person he escorted, I can’t kill.”

    ShangGuan JinHong yelled, “Anyone can be killed. Why not him?”

    Jin WuMing said, “I don’t kill children.”

    ShangGuan JinHong froze for a moment. He slowly lowered his brush, and said, “Are you telling me, that a child wants to see me?”

    Jin WuMing said, “Yes.”

    ShangGuan JinHong said, “What kind of a child?”

    Jin WuMing said, “A crippled child.”

    Rays shot out of ShangGuan JinHong’s eyes. He thought for a while, before he said, “Bring him in!”

    A child would dare come see ShangGuan JinHong? Not even ShangGuan JinHong himself would believe it. This child isn’t just fearless, he must be crazy.

    Yet this person really is a child.

    His face is pure white, without a hint of life.

    He didn’t carry the glow of a child either, but rather the sullenness of an adult.

    He walked very slowly, his back a bit bent.

    This child looks like an old man.

    This child is none other than Long Xiao3Yun.

    Anyone who saw Long Xiao3Yun would examine him in detail.

    ShangGuan JinHong is no exception.

    His eyes glared at Long Xiao3Yun’s face.

    Everyone ShangGuan JinHong had glared this way, either began to shake. Or at least feel their legs giving out.

    Long Xiao3Yun is an exception.

    He slowly came in, bowed courteously, and said, “My name is Long Xiao3Yun, here to pay respects to Clan Leader.”

    ShangGuan JinHong said, “Long Xiao3Yun? Who is Long Xiao4Yun to you?”

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “He’s my father.”

    ShangGuan JinHong said, “Did your father tell you to come?”

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “Yes.”

    ShangGuan JinHong said, “Why didn’t he come himself.”

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “If he had come, it’s uncertain if he’d get to meet clan leader. Instead, there’s a good chance he’d die instead.”

    ShangGuan JinHong said loudly, “You think I won’t kill you?”

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “I’m just a child. My life is already within your hands. It’s not that you won’t kill me, but rather I’m not worth your time to kill.”

    ShangGuan JinHong’s face actually turned more pleasant. He said, “You might be young, might be sick. But you are quite brave.”

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “When someone needs to ask for something, he would naturally become a lot braver.”

    ShangGuan JinHong said, “Great words.”

    He suddenly chuckled at Jin WuMing, and said, “If you only heard him speak, would you be able to tell if he’s child?”

    Although his head is facing down, Long Xiao3Yun was very observant of these two people. He found their relationship very interesting.

    ShangGuan JinHong finally said, “Your biggest strength is that you never speak. But your biggest weakness is that you never hear others speak.”

    Jin WuMing didn’t even care to respond.

    After a long time, ShangGuan JinHong finally said, “What do you want?”

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “There are many ways to say everything. I can say my request in a roundabout way. But clan leader’s time is precious. So I should speak in the most direct manner, the shortest way.”

    ShangGuan JinHong said, “Great. To those who are too wordy, I only have one way to cure their problems. That is by cutting off their throats.”

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “I came to make a deal.”

    ShangGuan JinHong said, “A deal?”

    His face turned cold again, and said, “Others have tried to make deals with me. Do you know what I did to them?”

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “I am listening.”

    ShangGuan JinHong said, “I used only one way to take care of them. That’s by killing them!”

    Long Xiao3Yun’s expression did not change. He said calmly, “But this deal is different. Or I would not dare come.”

    ShangGuan JinHong said, “A deal is a deal. What’s so different about this one?”

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “This deal can only benefit clan leader.”

    ShangGuan JinHong said, “Really?”

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “Clan leader is world-renowned. You have unlimited wealth. You can get anything you want in the world.”

    ShangGuan JinHong said, “Exactly. Which is why I don’t make deals.”

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “But there is one thing in this world, that clan leader might not be able to obtain.”

    ShangGuan JinHong said, “Really?”

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “This item isn’t really worth all that much. But his value for clan leader is different.”

    ShangGuan JinHong said, “What item are you talking about?”

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “The life of Li XunHuan!”

    ShangGuan JinHong suddenly became quite passionate. He asked, “What did you say?”

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “We have control of Li XunHuan’s life. If clan leader agrees to the deal, I can bring him anytime you wish.”

    ShangGuan JinHong began to think.

    After a long time, until his face turned cold again, he said, “Li XunHuan’s worth nothing. I do not care for him at all.”

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “If so, I shall take my leave.”

    He didn’t say another word, turned around, and began to walk away.

    Long Xiao3Yun slowly walked to the door. He opened it.

    ShangGuan JinHong suddenly said, “Hold on.”

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    A smug smile appeared on Long Xiao3Yun’s face. But by the time he turned around, his face only contained respect and submissiveness. He bowed and said, “What else does clan leader ask of me?”

    ShangGuan JinHong did not look at him. He only looked at the candlelight on the table, and said, “What do you want to exchange for Li XunHuan’s life?”

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “Father has long heard of clan leader’s fame. He felt sad never to have met clan leader.”

    ShangGuan JinHong said, “This is useless crap. Get to the point.”

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “Father only wishes, in front of the heroes in the world, to become your sworn brother.”

    Rage shot out of ShangGuan JinHong’s eyes, but it quickly disappeared. He said calmly, “It seems as if Long Xiao4Yun is quite a clever person. Too bad he would make such a stupid request.”

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “Maybe so, but sometimes the stupidest ways are the most effective ways.”

    ShangGuan JinHong said, “You’re certain that I will accept this deal?”

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “If I weren’t, why risk my life to come here?”

    ShangGuan JinHong said, “You’re Long Xiao4Yun’s only child, right?”

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “Yes.”

    ShangGuan JinHong said, “If so, he should not have sent you.”

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “But if he chose anyone else, that person would not have met clan leader.”

    ShangGuan JinHong said, “This was originally just a deal. But now that you’re here, the situation has changed.”

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “You think you use me to compel father to give you Li XunHuan, right?”

    ShangGuan JinHong said, “Exactly.”

    Long Xiao3Yun suddenly chuckled, and said, “Clan leader might be all-knowing, but you’re wrong about father.”

    ShangGuan JinHong snickered, and said, “You mean he’d rather see me kill you, than to give me Li XunHuan?”

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “Exactly.”

    ShangGuan JinHong said, “You mean he’s not human?”

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “He is human. But there are many different types of humans.”

    ShangGuan JinHong said, “Which type is he?”

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “The same as you. Anything can be used, be sacrificed, to achieve a goal.”

    ShangGuan JinHong closed his mouth.

    After a long time, he finally said, “For the past twenty years, no one has ever spoke to me this way.”

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “Because of this, I can speak such words in front of you. To move you with these words.”

    ShangGuan JinHong glared at him, and said, “If you don’t agree, would you actually let Li XunHuan go?”

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “Yes.”

    ShangGuan JinHong let out a cold laugh, and said, “You’re not afraid that he might seek revenge?”

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “He’s a different type of a person. He’d never do such a thing.”

    He laughed, and continued, “If he were, he’d never be in his current situation.”

    ShangGuan JinHong yelled, “Even if you let him go, do you really think I can’t kill him myself?”

    Long Xiao3Yun said calmly, “Little Li’s Flying Dagger never misses.”

    ShangGuan JinHong said, “You think I can’t dodge his dagger?”

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “At least you’re not certain, right?”

    ShangGuan JinHong let out a humph.

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “Considering clan leader’s position and achievements, why take such a needless risk?”

    ShangGuan JinHong did not respond.

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “Besides, although father’s martial arts and fame are only mediocre, he’s one of the cleverest person in the world. Clan leader will surely benefit from having such a sworn brother.”

    ShangGuan JinHong pondered for a while, when he suddenly asked, “Li XunHuan is his sworn brother, right?”

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “Yes.”

    ShangGuan JinHong said, “If he can betray Li XunHuan, why can’t he betray me?”

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “Because clan leader is not Li XunHuan.”

    ShangGuan JinHong laughed. He said, “You’re right. Even if Long Xiao4Yun has the guts to betray me, he doesn’t have the means.”

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “Does this mean that clan leader has agreed?”

    ShangGuan JinHong stopped his laughter, and said, “How do I know that you have Li XunHuan?”

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “If clan leader would just send out notices to heroes of the world, inviting them to come to watch father and clan leader become sworn brothers…”

    ShangGuan JinHong said, “You think they have the courage to come?”

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “That doesn’t matter. Just as long as everyone knows about it.”

    ShangGuan JinHong smirked, and said, “Very nice plan.”

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “I know clan leader would need more time to think. I’ll be living at the ‘Lucky Cloud Hotel’, waiting for clan leader’s response.”

    He then added, “Once the notices are sent, and are received, I’ll escort Li XunHuan here.”

    ShangGuan JinHong said, “Escort him here… Humph, you and your father probably don’t have this ability.”

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “Of course I realize this. If Shaolin’s Reverend XinMei and Seventh Master Tian can’t do something, what chance do I have? However…”

    ShangGuan JinHong said, “Keep going.”

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “If Mr. Jin could help with the escort, then there would be no problems.”

    ShangGuan JinHong did not respond.

    Jin WuMing suddenly said, “I’ll go.”

    For the first time, a smile appeared on Long Xiao3Yun’s face. He got on his knees and said, “Thank you.”

    ShangGuan JinHong remained silent for a long time, before he suddenly asked, “Is your kung fu forever destroyed? The person who did this is Li XunHuan?”

    Long Xiao3Yun’s face turned livid. He lowered his head further and said, “Yes.”

    ShangGuan JinHong looked at his face, and asked, “You hate him?”

    Long Xiao3Yun thought for a long time, before he finally answered, “Yes.”

    ShangGuan JinHong said, “Actually, not only should you not hate him, you should thank him.”

    Long Xiao3Yun raised his head a tiny bit. He said, “Thank him?”

    ShangGuan JinHong said coldly, “If he hadn’t destroyed your kung fu, you would’ve died today in this room.”

    Long Xiao3Yun’s head lowered further back down.

    ShangGuan JinHong said, “You already so devious at such a young age. In twenty years, you can actually be a match for me. How can let you live if you weren’t crippled?”

    Long Xiao3Yun bit his teeth hard. So hard his gums began to bleed.

    But his head remained lowered.

    End of Chapter 54

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    Chapter 55: ****


    In the darkness there's heavy breathing, moaning...

    Then there's simply silence.

    After a long, long time, a woman's voice can be heard. She whispered, "You know, I’ve always wanted to ask you this one question."

    This woman's voice is sweet and seductive. If a man doesn't want to be seduced by this voice, he'd have to turn deaf.

    A man spoke, "Why haven't you asked?"

    This man's voice is very peculiar. If you're near him, his voice seems to come far away. If you're far away, his voice seems to be next to you.

    The woman said, "Are you really a man? Or made out of iron?"

    The man said, "You can't tell?"

    The woman's voice became even sweeter. She said, "If you're a man, then why won't you ever get tired?"

    The man said, "You need to rest?"

    The woman couldn't help but chuckle. She said, "You think I can't keep up? Why don't we try again?"

    The man said, "Not now!"

    The woman said, "Why?"

    The man said, "Because I need you to do something for me."

    The woman said, "I'll do anything you ask."

    The man said, "Good. Now go kill Ah Fei."

    The woman seemingly froze. After a moment, she sighed, and said, "I told you already. It's not time to kill him yet."

    The man said, "Now is the time."

    The woman said, "Why? Is Li XunHuan dead?"

    The man said, "Not yet, but he will be very soon."

    The woman said, "Where... where is he?"

    The man said, "In the palms of my hands."

    The woman smiled and said, "I've been with you every single night the past nights. How did you manage to catch him? Can you split in two?"

    The man said, "If I want something, I don't have to get it myself. Someone will bring it to me."

    The woman said, "Who brought him to you? Who can possibly capture Li XunHuan?"

    The man said, "Long Xiao4Yun."

    The woman gasped, then smiled. She said, "Of course he must be Long Xiao4Yun. Only Li XunHuan's best friend can hurt him. He's seemingly impervious to all weapons, except emotion.

    The man said coldly, “You seem to understand him quite well.”

    The woman laughed, and said, “I tend to know my enemies much better than my friends. For example, I don’t understand you at all.”

    She quickly changed the subject, and continued, “I know Long Xiao4Yun. There’s no way he would give Li XunHuan to you for no reason.”

    The man said, “Really?”

    The woman said, “He doesn’t want to kill Li XunHuan himself. So he’s using you to do the deed.”

    The man said, “You think that’s his only goal?”

    The woman said, “What else would he want?”

    The man said, “He wants to be my sworn brother.”

    The woman sighed, and said, “Well, he certainly knows how to bargain. So you agreed to his request?”

    The man said, “Yes.”

    The woman said, “You haven’t figured out that he’s just using you?”

    The man snickered.

    He suddenly let out a cold laugh, and said, “Too bad his plan is too naďve.”

    The woman said, “Too naďve?”

    The man said, “He thinks that if he’s my sworn brother, then I won’t hurt him. Humph, even if he were my blood brother, it still would make no difference.”

    The woman chuckled, and said, “You’re right. If he can betray Li XunHuan, surely you can betray him.”

    The man said, “Although Long Xiao4Yun is worth nothing in my eyes. His son is quite a character.”

    The woman said, “You’ve seen that little devil?”

    The man said, “Long Xiao4Yun didn’t come to meet me. His son came.”

    The woman sighed, and said, “You’re right. His son really is mature little devil.”

    The man thought for a moment, then suddenly said, “You can go now.”

    The woman said, “You don’t want to keep my a while longer?”

    The man said, “No.”

    The woman said tenderly, “All other men hesitates when they have to part with me. They want to be with me for as long as possible. Only you. Only you would immediately send me away after we finish our task.”

    The man said coldly, “That’s because I’m not these other men. Nor am I your friend. We’re just using each other. Since we both know this, why put on the pretense of being friendly?”

    The room is very dark. But there’s light outside.

    Dim, starlight.

    Under the starlight stood a person. He stood outside the room. His dead, gray eyes looked into the distance. His body looked like a statue.

    Yet now, there’s an agony in those dead, gray eyes.

    He couldn’t tolerate standing here.

    He couldn’t tolerate the sounds in that room.

    Yet he must tolerate.

    In this life, he’s only faithful to one person… ShangGuan JinHong.

    His life, even his soul, belongs to ShangGuan JinHong.

    The door opened.

    A shadow appeared behind him.

    Starlight shined on her face. Beauty, splendor, innocence… no matter who saw her, would not believe what she had just done.

    A goddess on the outside, a devil on the inside… Who else but Lin XianEr?

    Jin WuMing did not turn around.

    Lin XianEr circled in front of him, staring at him.

    Her eyes are as tender as the light from the star.

    Jin WuMing’s gaze remained on the distant darkness, as if she doesn’t even exist.

    Lin XianEr’s hands reached up onto his shoulders, caressing his body.

    Jin WuMing did not respond. It’s as if his whole body’s numb.

    Lin XianEr smiled. She said tenderly, “Thank you for guarding the door for us. When I know that you’re outside, I feel so safe, feel so much more excited to do anything.”

    She then put her mouth next to his ear, and suddenly whispered, “I’ll also tell you a secret. He might be a bit old, but still great in bed. Perhaps this is because he has more experience than others.”

    She then walked away, with a bright smile on her face.

    Jin WuMing still did not move. But every single one of his muscles shook.

    * * *

    Lucky Cloud Hotel is the biggest hotel in the city. It’s where the rich lavishes their money.

    If a guest has enough money, he can enjoy all the luxuries he wants without ever leaving his room.

    Here, if you simply ask, someone will bring you the best dishes, the best singers and dancers, and the best prostitute to your room.

    Here, all the rooms are closed in the daytime, as if the whole place is deserted.

    But at night, all the doors open.

    First you’ll hear the sound of rinsing water. Then there’s the yelling of the busboys, the words of thanks from the waiters, the laughter of woman and tender greetings like ‘Master Zhang’, or ‘Third Master Wang’.

    Then you’d hear sounds of people’s cups clashing for toasts, girls singing and sweet laughter, sounds of bragging by men…

    This place, in the late night, you’ll hear all sorts of inappropriate sounds.

    Except one room, where there’s no sound.

    Rarely, there would be one or two short moans, painful screams.

    This room’s door is always closed.

    At every night at dusk, a girl would be sent in. These girls are all very beautiful, very young, and very tender.

    When they enter the room, they all had dressed up beautifully, cleanly. There would be big smiles on their faces. Although these smiles are artificial, they are still very stimulating.

    But when they leave the next morning, everything’s different.

    The clean and organized hair, would become shriveled, some even yanked off. The bright, shiny eyes, would become dim and expressionless.

    The dazzling, colorful faces, would crumple, with tears coming down.

    Seven days. The same thing for the past seven days.

    At first, no one noticed. But then people started to become aware of it.

    At a place where people seek happiness, they notice this sort of things.

    So people began to chatter.

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    Everyone was surprised at the answer.

    “The person in that room, is actually a not fully matured boy!”

    When asked about it, the girls would begin to shake. Tears would fall from their eyes, unwilling to give any information.

    When pressured, they would only say, “He’s not human… he’s not human.”

    It’s dusk again.

    The door for this room is still closed.

    To the opposite of the door is a window. A pale boy sat by the window, looking at the scenery outside. For a long, long time, he did not move.

    Occasionally, a venomous glow would appear in his eyes.

    Long Xiao3Yun.

    The dishes on the table are virtually untouched.

    He eats very little. He’s waiting. Waiting for bigger enjoyments. He’s never cared much for eating. He felt that if a person eats too much, his head would get stuffed.

    Finally, there’s a knock on the door.

    Long Xiao3Yun did not turn. He only said coldly, “The door’s unlocked. Come in.”

    The door opened. The footsteps are light, slow.

    Another weak, young girl, and a bit shy too.

    This is Long Xiao3Yun’s favorite type of girl.

    Because he’s so weak physically, he wants to act ‘strong’. Only in front of these girls can he act ‘strong’.

    The footstep stopped by the table.

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “Has the person who brought you here told you the price?”

    That girl answered, “Yes.”

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “This price is three times the normal price, right?”

    That girl answered, “Yes.”

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “So you’re going to listen to me. You won’t put up any resistance, right?”

    That girl said, “Right.”

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “Good. Now take off your clothes. All of them.”

    That girl did not move. After a while, she suddenly said, “You’re not going to watch me take off my clothes?”

    This voice was very sweet, surprisingly sweet.

    Long Xiao3Yun seemingly froze.

    That girl laughed sweetly, and said, “You know, it’s very enjoyable to watch girls take off their clothes. Why don’t you try it?”

    Long Xiao3Yun realized that something’s wrong. He turned around.

    Then he froze.

    This ‘girl’ is actually Lin XianEr!

    Lin XianEr carried her goddess-like smile.

    Long Xiao3Yun seemingly turned into a statue.

    But that lasted for only a moment. He then quickly laughed, and stood up, said, “So Auntie Lin’s here to joke with me.”

    Lin XianEr said seductively, “You’re still calling me auntie?”

    Long Xiao3Yun said with a smile, “Auntie is always auntie.”

    Lin XianEr said, “But you’re an adult now, right?”

    She sighed lightly, and scolded, “I just left for three years, and you’ve grown up so fast.”

    Long Xiao3Yun quickly evaded this topic, and said, “We never were able to find Auntie Lin these past three years.”

    Lin XianEr said, “But I know a lot about you. I heard… that towards girls, you’re much better than even those much older than you.”

    Long Xiao3Yun shyly lowered his head and said, “But in front of Auntie Lin, I’m still a kid.”

    Lin XianEr raised her eyebrows. She pouted, “You still call me auntie? Am I really that old?”

    Lin XianEr stood right in front of him, very leisurely. But that grace, that expression, that unspeakable seductiveness, you won’t find in any other woman.

    Long Xiao3Yun’s eyes glowed.

    Lin XianEr bit her lips, and said, “I heard you like little girls. But I… I’m just an old hag.”

    Long Xiao3Yun felt his heart beating rapidly. He couldn’t help but say, “You’re not old at all.”

    Lin XianEr said, “Really?’

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “If someone said you’re old, he must be an idiot, or blind.”

    Lin XianEr chuckled, and said, “Are you an idiot? Are you blind?”

    Long Xiao3Yun’s obviously not an idiot, nor blind.

    When Lin XianEr left him, she felt quite painful.

    This ‘child’ is neither a child, nor an idiot, because he’s a lunatic!

    A scary lunatic.

    Even Lin XianEr had never seen such a lunatic.

    Yet in her eyes, one can see a satisfied glow.

    She finally got the information she’s seeking.

    When it comes to men, she has never failed. Whether that man’s an idiot, a gentleman, or a lunatic!

    Although it’s nearly dawn, there are still people drinking.

    A man was yelling, “If you’re going to drink, drink until dawn, until you fall on the ground…” It seems that before he could finish this sentence, he already fell to the ground.

    Upon hearing these words, Lin XianEr suddenly remembered a person.

    She could almost hear his cough.

    When she thinks about this person, she’d be filled with rage.

    Because she knew that she could conquer all the man in the world, but never him.

    Because she could not have him, she must destroy him!

    If she can’t have someone, no one else can.

    She bit her teeth, and thought, “Although I want you dead, I can’t let you die now. Especially can’t let you die in ShangGuan JinHong’s hands. Otherwise, there’s nothing in this world that can stop him.

    “But one day, you’ll die in my hands. Die slowly… oh very slowly…”

    End of Chapter 55

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    Chapter 56: Sword out of the Sheath


    A very thin sword. Very light. Even the handle is made out of the lightest wood.

    Any weapon can easily break this sword.

    Yet when he attacks with this sword, no one can block it.

    This is a very unique sword. Perhaps only one person in the world can use this sword, dare to use this sword.

    Sword, rested right by the table, with some clean clothing.

    When Ah Fei woke up, the first thing he noticed is this sword.

    His eyes shined.

    When he sees this sword, it’s like seeing a long-lost lover, an old best friend. Blood surged from his heart.

    He slowly reached out with his hand, and grabbed the sword.

    His hand began to shake. But once it held the sword’s handle, the hand calmed.

    He held the sword, but his eyes gazed far… far… away…

    His mind wandered into the distance.

    He remembered when he first used a sword. The first time blood dripped off the point. All those people who died under his sword… those terrible people.

    His blood began to boil.

    That was a time of much grief and disaster, but also much splendor and excitement!

    But that time has passed, passed for a long time now.

    He already promised the woman he love, to forget all about the past!

    Although he now lives a peaceful life, it’s also a lonely life. But what’s wrong with that? Isn’t it most people’s wish to live a serene life?

    No footstep could be heard. Lin XianEr is already at the front door.

    Although she looks a bit tired, her smile remained just as alluring.

    No matter what he gave up, that smile could fully compensate.

    Ah Fei immediately let go of the sword, and said with a smile, “You woke up earlier than me today. Looks like I’m getting lazier.”

    Lin XianEr did not answer his question. She instead asked, “Do you like this sword?”

    Ah Fei did not answer her question either. Because he doesn’t want to say the truth, but can’t lie.

    Lin XianEr said, “Do you know where this sword came from?”

    Ah Fei said, “No.”

    Lin XianEr slowly walked up to him, and sat by his side. She said, “I asked someone to forge it last night.”

    Ah Fei was shocked, and said, “You?”

    Lin XianEr lifted the sword, and said, “Is this sword like the one you used to have?”

    Ah Fei did not respond.

    Lin XianEr said, “You don’t like it?”

    Ah Fei thought for a long time, before he asked, “Why did you make this sword for me?”

    Lin XianEr said, “Because you’ll need to use it.”

    Ah Fei froze. He said, “You… you want me to kill?”

    Lin XianEr said, “No. I want you to save someone.”

    Ah Fei said, “Save someone? Who?”

    Lin XianEr said, “Your best friend…”

    Before she finished this sentence, Ah Fei jumped up and yelled, “Li XunHuan?”

    Lin XianEr nodded. Ah Fei’s faced turned pure red, and said, “Where is he? What happened?”

    Lin XianEr grabbed his hand, and said tenderly, “Sit down first. You have to be patient. Let me tell you the whole story.”

    Ah Fei took several deep breaths, and finally sat down.

    Lin XianEr said, “Other than you, there are four top level fighters in the world today. Do you know who they are?”

    Ah Fei said, “Tell me.”

    Lin XianEr said, “Number one is obviously the ‘Mysterious Old Man’, number two is ShangGuan JinHong. Of course, Li XunHuan, brother Li, is also at their level.”

    Ah Fei said, “And the last person?”

    Lin XianEr sighed, and said, “This one is called Jin WuMing. He’s the youngest, but also the scariest.”

    Ah Fei said, “Scariest?”

    Lin XianEr said, “Because he’s not human. He has no humanity. His biggest goal in life is to kill. His biggest pleasure comes from killing. Other than killing, he knows nothing, cares nothing.

    There’s a glow in Ah Fei’s eyes. He said, “What weapon does he use?”

    Lin XianEr put down that sword and said, “Sword!”

    Ah Fei’s hand unconsciously picked up that sword, squeezing it tightly.

    Lin XianEr said, “I heard that his sword art is as ruthless as yours, and also as fast.”

    Ah Fei said, “I don’t know any sword art. I just know how to use the sword to strike my enemy’s throat.”

    Lin XianEr said, “This is your type of sword art. The point of any sword art is the same.”

    Ah Fei said, “So what you mean is… Li XunHuan’s in this person’s hand?”

    Lin XianEr said, “Not just him, but also ShangGuan JinHong… But ShangGuan JinHong might not be there, just him.”

    She won’t let Ah Fei respond, and quickly continued, “If you had never seen this man, you’d never know how scary he is! Your sword might be faster, but your person…”

    Ah Fei bit his teeth, and said, “I just want to know where he is.”

    Lin XianEr gently held his hand, and said, “I didn’t want you using a sword again, killing again, getting into danger again. But for brother Li… I… I have to let you go. I can’t be so selfish.”

    Ah Fei looked at her. His face full of gratitude.

    Tears poured down Lin XianEr’s face. She said, “I can tell you where he is. But you… you have to promise me one thing.”

    Ah Fei said, “Promise what?”

    Lin XianEr squeezed his hand, and said with tears, “You must promise me, that you’ll come back. I’ll wait for you forever…”

    * * *

    The carriage is very big.

    Long Xiao3Yun sat in the corner, looking at the person before him.

    This person stood.

    Even while inside a carriage, this person stood.

    No matter how bumpy the road is, he remained straight as a statue.

    Long Xiao3Yun had never seen such a person. He couldn’t even imagine such a person.

    He felt that most people in the world are idiots, people he can play around with.

    But for someone reason, in front of this person, he felt a little scared.

    As long as this person is here, he would fell a killing aura surrounding him.

    But he’s also very pleased.

    ShangGuan JinHong agreed to everything he asked.

    The notice has been sent. Most people have seen them. The ceremony is set for next month.

    Now, with Jin WuMing with him, Li XunHuan is certainly dead.

    He can’t think of a single reason how Li XunHuan could survive.

    He took a deep breath, and closed his eyes. A beautiful face appeared in his mind, lying in his lap, telling him sweetly, “You really aren’t a kid anymore. You know so much more than most people. I really can’t figure out where you learn these things.”

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    Long Xiao3Yun couldn’t help but smile at this point.

    “Some things don’t have to be learnt. You just know when you’re ready.”

    He felt that he’s already an adult.

    This feeling is bound to make most young boys feel delighted.

    Young boys do their best to be like adults. Old men do their best to be like little kids… This is certainly one of the oddities of life.

    Anyone else, at this point, would stop thinking.

    But Long Xiao3Yun thought deeper, “Why did she come to me?”

    “Does she want to know about Li XunHuan’s location?”

    When he thought of this, Long Xiao3Yun became more awake. “Why would she want to know where Li XunHuan is?”

    “Does she want to save Li XunHuan?”

    Of course this can’t be the case. Long Xiao3Yun knew how much Lin XianEr hates Li XunHuan. He also knew that she once tried to use ShangGuan JinHong to kill Li XunHuan.

    “Then why?”

    He couldn’t think further, because he can’t come up with a reason.

    He didn’t know that the situation has changed. At that time, Lin XianEr did want ShangGuan JinHong to kill Li XunHuan. But now, it’s very different.

    If she wants to keep a deadlocked situation with ShangGuan JinHong, then she must not let Li XunHuan and Ah Fei die!

    Or ShangGuan JinHong would crush her, because ShangGuan JinHong had already let slip, “I am me. I’m neither Ah Fei, nor Jin WuMing. We’re just using each other. When we no longer need each other, we can say goodbye!”

    The directions of winds in the martial world, changes no less than the heart of a woman. No one can guess which way it will blow.

    The carriage stopped at busiest spot in the city, in front of a very large and showy silk store.

    Is Li XunHuan hidden here?

    Long Xiao4Yun and his son really are geniuses. They know that crowded places make for the best hiding places.

    Long Xiao3Yun stood up, and said, “After you.”

    Jin WuMing said, “You go first.”

    This is the first time he ever spoke to Long Xiao3Yun.

    He doesn’t want to walk in front of anyone. Wants even less to have someone walk behind him.

    They walked across the store.

    In the back is the storage room.

    Is Li XunHuan hidden here? This is certainly a good spot.

    But Long Xiao3Yun kept going, past the storage room.

    They went past the back door.

    There’s a horse carriage past the back door.

    Long Xiao3Yun didn’t say anything this time. He bowed courteously towards Jin WuMing, and got on the carriage.

    So Li XunHuan’s not here.

    Long Xiao3Yun only came here to escape potential followers.

    This father and son pair really is quite sneaky.

    The horse carriage headed out the city.

    Then they stopped at a rice storage house outside the city. But this isn’t where Li XunHuan’s hidden either.

    Here, they got off the carriage, and went on a cow-cart for carrying rice.

    This new cart took them back into the city. It’s quite crowded to hide inside. Long Xiao3Yun said, “Sorry about this.”

    Jin WuMing did not say anything.

    Their plan was flawless. Their movements were quick, the change in direction was sharp, and sudden.

    Even the best followers would not be able to keep up.

    Long Xiao3Yun knew Jin WuMing won’t praise him. He just hoped Jin WuMing would show some sort of smile on the face.

    If someone does something he’s very proud of, but doesn’t get praised. It’s like a woman wearing her sexiest dress to see her lover, and her lover doesn’t even look at her dress.

    Besides, Long Xiao3Yun is still, after all, a kid.

    Kids and women’s minds work in similar ways.

    Yet Jin WuMing was expressionless.

    The carriage entered a quiet street. This street only has seven households.

    All seven households are either royal relatives or big officials.

    Suddenly, one of the doors opened.

    The carriage entered the door.

    Everyone knew that this is mayor Fan LinQuan’s house.

    How could people in the martial world get involved with someone like him?

    No one would believe this.

    But waiting in the main hall, is none other than Long Xiao4Yun.

    When Jin WuMing exited the carriage, Long Xiao4Yun walked toward him, and said with a smile, “I’ve long heard of Mr. Jin’s name. It’s amazing that I got to see you today.”

    Jin WuMing just gazed at his own sword. He didn’t even look at Long Xiao4Yun.

    Long Xiao4Yun still kept his smile, said, “I’ve already prepared food and wine. Please help yourself.”

    Jin WuMing still stood there motionless. He said coldly, “Li XunHuan is here?”

    Long Xiao4Yun said, “This is Official Fan’s home. Official Fan wanted a vacation a few days back. The Emperor allowed him a three-month break.”

    When he got here, a smug expression appeared on Long Xiao4Yun’s face. He continued, “Elder Fan does not have any relatives. And his governor is a good friend of mine. So after he left, I borrowed it for a while.”

    Actually, the way he got this place is quite simple, because money can get one in into many places. Yet most people would never think of this trick.

    No wonder Long Xiao4Yun would feel smug.

    Jin WuMing still stared at his own hand. He suddenly said, “You think no one could possibly follow us here?”

    Long Xiao4Yun’s expression changed, but he still smiled, “If someone can follow you here, I’ll kowtow to him, in admiration.”

    Jin WuMing said coldly, “Then be prepared to kowtow.”

    Long Xiao4Yun said with a smile, “But if…”

    After these two words, he stopped speaking. His smile quickly disappeared.

    Long Xiao3Yun followed his father’s gaze. His white face turned green.

    A person stood in the corner of the room.

    No one knew when he came, or how.

    End of Chapter 56

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    Chapter 57: Fireworks

    He wore an ordinary green robe. It was very clean when he first put it on, but now it’s filled with mud and sweat. The pants are torn at the knees.

    His body is quite dirty, his hair messed up.

    But while this person stood there, Long Xiao4Yun could feel a killing aura bearing down on him.

    This person looked just like the sword on his waist.

    A sword without a sheath!

    Ah Fei!

    Ah Fei did come after all.

    Perhaps only Ah Fei could follow them here!

    The trickiest, most evasive animal is the fox.

    Even the smartest, best-trained dog might not be able to catch a fox.

    But Ah Fei caught a fox with his bear hands at the age of eleven.

    It was a grueling task to follow them, which is why he’s so dirty.

    But this is the real Ah Fei.

    Only like this, can he exude his courage, his coldness, and his intimidating savageness!

    A calm type of savageness! An extraordinary type of savageness!

    Long Xiao4Yun quickly regained his composure. He said, “So it’s brother Ah Fei. Nice to meet you.”

    Ah Fei glared at him coldly.

    Long Xiao4Yun said, “I really admire you for making it here.”

    Ah Fei still glared at him coldly. His eyes were bright and sharp. After two days of following, his eyes regained part of its original intensity.

    An intensity that rivaled Jin WuMing’s.

    Long Xiao4Yun smiled, and said, “Although you are a great tracker, Mr. Jin was still able to discover you.”

    Ah Fei looked at Jin WuMing.

    Their eyes met, like a sharp sword striking a cold, dark hard rock.

    No one knows if the sword is sharper? Or the stone is harder?

    Although neither person spoke, sparks came out of their gazes.

    Long Xiao4Yun looked at Jin WuMing, then at Ah Fei. He said, “Although Mr. Jin discovered you, he never said anything. Do you know why?”

    Ah Fei was seemingly drawn to Jin WuMing. His head never turned.

    Long Xiao4Yun chuckled, and said, “Because Mr. Jin wants you to be here.”

    He then turned towards Jin WuMing and said, “Am I right, Mr. Jin?”

    Jin WuMing’s also seemingly drawn to Ah Fei’s gaze. He didn’t move either.

    After a long time, Long Xiao4Yun began to laugh, and said, “There’s only one reason why Mr. Jin wanted you here. Because he wants to kill you!”

    Finally, Ah Fei’s gaze moved toward Jin WuMing’s sword.

    Jin WuMing’s gaze seemingly also moved towards Ah Fei’s sword.

    These might be the most similar swords in the world!

    Neither sword could be considered incredible weapons, made by top weapon smiths.

    Although both swords are sharp, they are too thin, too fragile! Too easily broken.

    Although the swords are similar, they are positioned differently.

    Ah Fei’s sword is located at the front of his waist, the handle tilted towards the right.

    Jin WuMing’s sword is located on the right side, the handle tilted towards the left.

    But in between these two swords, there seems to an unusual magnetic attraction.

    The two men’s eyes gazed intently at each other’s sword. They walked toward each other, but their eyes never left the swords.

    By the time they’re about two meters from each other, both suddenly stopped!

    Then, both stood as still as statues.

    Jin WuMing wore a simple and short yellow robe. The robe only goes to his knees. His cuffs are very tight. His fingers thin and long, but the bones stick out, showing incredible strength.

    Ah Fei’s robe is even shorter. His fingers are also very thin and long, but they are very strong, as if made of stone.

    Neither grooms much, but their nails are both very short.

    They don’t want anything to affect their speed of pulling out swords.

    These might be the two most similar people in the world!

    Now they’ve finally met.

    Only when the two are standing together, and you get to examine them closely, can you see beyond their superficial similarities, and see their differences.

    Jin WuMing’s face looks like a mask. His expression never changes.

    Although Ah Fei’s face is also serious, cold. But at any time, a fire could burn from within those eyes at any time, so much fire it could even burn his own body and soul.

    But Jin WuMing’s whole body is dead.

    Perhaps before his life even begun, his body had died.

    Ah Fei is amazingly patient, can wait, yet will not endure anyone.

    Jin WuMing can kill someone for a single word, perhaps even a single glance. Yet when necessary, he could endure anything.

    Both are unusual, but very scary.

    No one knew why Heaven would make such two people, why make them meet.

    It’s late autumn.

    The leaves are withered.

    The wind is not blowing heavily, but yellow leaves continuously float down. Could it be because of the killing auras?

    An unspeakable chill rose into the air.

    Although the two swords are still at their waists. Although the two people have not even moved their hands. But Long Xiao4Yun and his son are already gasping for air.

    Suddenly, cold lights shined!

    Ten flashes of light streaked across the air, towards Ah Fei!

    Long Xiao4Yun had attacked.

    Obviously, he didn’t expect these darts to actually hit Ah Fei. But if Ah Fei has to deal with these darts, Jin WuMing’s sword can penetrate his throat!

    The sword flashed in the air!

    A streak of ‘ding ding’ sounds could be heard. The cold flashes fell to the ground.

    Jin WuMing’s sword came out. The point of his sword streaked by Ah Fei’s ear.

    Ah Fei’s hand had held his sword, but the sword remained in his waist.

    The darts were cut down by Jin WuMing.

    The Long father and son’s faces sank.

    Jin WuMing and Ah Fei stared at each other. No expressions appeared on their faces.

    Then, Jin WuMing slowly put his sword back into his sheath.

    Ah Fei’s hand loosened the grip on his sword.

    After a long time, Jin WuMing suddenly said, “You realized that my sword aimed at those darts, and not at you?”

    Ah Fei said, “Yes.”

    When the darts came, Jin WuMing’s sword came out. Other than reaching for his sword, Ah Fei showed no movement.

    Before Ah Fei could respond, Jin WuMing added, “But your reactionary speed has slowed dpwm.”

    Ah Fei thought for a long time. A gloomy expression appeared on his face, as he said, “You’re right!”

    Jin WuMing said, “I can kill you!”

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    Ah Fei didn’t even have to think, “Yes.”

    Long Xiao4Yun and his son looked at each other. Both let out a sigh of relief.

    Jin WuMing suddenly said, “But I won’t kill you!”

    The Long father and son’s expression changed again.

    Ah Fei examined Jin WuMing’s dead, gray eyes carefully. After a long time, he said, “You won’t kill me?”

    Jin WuMing said, “I won’t kill you, because you are Ah Fei!”

    His eyes let out an indescribable painful expression. His eyes are even gloomier than Ah Fei’s.

    His mind wandered into the distance, and saw a person.

    A mixture of a goddess and a devil.

    After a long time, he continued, “If I were you, you could kill me today.”

    Perhaps not even Ah Fei could understand this. Only Jin WuMing would know.

    Anyone who lived two years like Ah Fei, would have worse reactionary speed. Besides, he had been taking sleeping drugs every night for the past two years.

    These drugs can certainly make anyone react more slowly.

    The reason Jin WuMing isn’t going to kill Ah Fei, is obviously not because of sympathy. It’s just that he understands Ah Fei’s pain, because he’s also experiencing that type of pain.

    Perhaps he wants Ah Fei to live, so someone could share his pain.

    When a lovesick person knew that someone else has also been discarded, his pain would lessen. When a man who lost money sees others losing even more money, he’d feel better.

    Ah Fei just stood there, as if trying to absorb Jin WuMing’s words.

    Jin WuMing said, “You can go now.”

    Ah Fei raised his head, and said emphatically, “I’m not leaving.”

    Jin WuMing said, “You won’t leave? You want me to kill you?”

    Ah Fei said, “Yes!”

    Long Xiao3Yun suddenly yelled, “What about Lin XianEr? You’re willing to leave her behind?”

    These words struck Ah Fei like needles sticking into his heart. His body slumped.

    Jin WuMing turned toward Long Xiao4Yun, and said slowly, “I like to kill people. I like to kill them myself. Understand?”

    Long Xiao4Yun forced a smile, and said, “I understand.”

    Jin WuMing said, “You better understand, or I will kill you.”

    He looked away from Long Xiao4Yun, and said, “Where’s Li XunHuan? Take me to him.”

    Long Xiao4Yun glanced at Ah Fei, and said, “What about him…”

    Jin WuMing said coldly, “I can kill him anytime I want to!”

    Ah Fei only felt his stomach churning. He suddenly bent down and began to vomit.

    He vomited bitter saliva, only bitter saliva.

    Because he hadn’t eaten anything the past two days.

    “You must promise me, that you’ll come back. I’ll wait for you forever…”

    These are the words of the woman he loves.

    For these words, he can’t die.

    But Li XunHuan…

    Li XunHuan’s not just his best friend, but also the his idol. How could he stand here, watching someone else kill Li XunHuan?

    He continued to vomit.

    Now, he’s coughing out blood.

    * * *

    Li XunHuan doesn’t know where he is. He doesn’t care.

    He can’t tell night from day.

    He can’t even move, because all his main pressure points are sealed.

    No food, no water.

    He’s been here for over ten days.

    Even if his pressure points weren’t sealed, the hunger was enough to immobilize him.

    Jin WuMing glared at him

    He lied at the corner of the room.

    The room is quite dim. No one could see his expression. They could only see his dirty, ragged shirt, thin, weak face, and those miserable eyes.

    Jin WuMing suddenly said, “So this is Li XunHuan?”

    Long Xiao4Yun said, “Yes!”

    Jin WuMing looked seemingly disappointed, and doesn’t quite believe Long Xiao4Yun. He said, “This is the famous Little Li Tan Hua?”

    Long Xiao4Yun sighed, and said, “I didn’t want to do this to him. But… ‘Men may not want to hurt tigers, but tigers want to hurt men.’ Circumstances dictated that I must do this.”

    Jin WuMing remained silent for a while, then said, “Where’s his dagger?”

    Long Xiao4Yun thought for a moment, and then said, “Does Mr. Jin wants to see his dagger?”

    Jin WuMing did not respond, because this question is pointless.

    Long Xiao4Yun finally took out a dagger.

    The dagger is very light, very short, very thin, like a piece of leaf.

    Jin WuMing held the dagger tightly, as if he doesn’t want to let it go.

    Long Xiao4Yun said with a smile, “Actually, this is a very ordinary dagger. It’s hardly a piercing weapon.”

    Jin WuMing said, “Piercing weapon? Are you even qualified to say what a piercing weapon is?”

    His eyes suddenly glanced at Long Xiao4Yun, and said, “Do you even know what a piercing weapon is?”

    His eyes are still the dead, gray color they always were. But there’s something insidious about them, as if they are the devil’s eyes in your nightmares. So frightening you feel scared even after waking up.”

    Long Xiao4Yun found that he began to have trouble breathing. He forced a smile, and said, “Please enlighten me.”

    Jin WuMing’s eyes returned to the dagger. He said, “If it can kill, then it’s a piercing weapon. Otherwise, even the most prized and the sharpest weapons, when they fall into the hands of people like you, are just junk.”

    Long Xiao4Yun said, “Yes, yes. Mr. Jin is quite correct. I understand…”

    Jin WuMing didn’t even listen to him. He suddenly said, “Do you know how many people died under this type of dagger?”

    Long Xiao4Yun said, “Probably… probably too many to count.”

    Jin WuMing said, “It’s countable!”

    Although the Golden Money Clan has only been around for two years, they’ve already done vast amounts of research on all the details of the martial world. ShangGuan JinHong’s mottos are

    “Every detail is important. Don’t overlook anything.”

    “A piece of tillage, a piece of harvest.’

    It’s not luck that the Golden Money Clan has become so dominant.

    Long Xiao4Yun had also heard, that even before the clan appeared, ShangGuan JinHong had already studied every single famous person in the martial world.

    How much effort did it take to do this?

    Long Xiao4Yun doesn’t seem to believe him, and couldn’t help asking, “If so, how many?”

    Jin WuMing said, “Sixty-seven.”

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    He then added coldly, “Among these sixty-seven, none of them had lower kung fu than you.”

    Long Xiao4Yun could only smile along. His gaze turned toward Li XunHuan, as if asking him to confirm this.

    But Li XunHuan doesn’t seem to have the energy to do anything.

    Long Xiao3Yun suddenly said with a smile, “If Li XunHuan died from this type of dagger, hehe. Wouldn’t that be something?”

    Before he finished speaking, the dagger shined, streaking towards Li XunHuan.

    Long Xiao3Yun almost jumped in excitement.

    But the dagger did not land in Li XunHuan’s throat, but rather in a stone besides Li XunHuan.

    So Jin WuMing is an expert on hidden weapons too.

    Jin WuMing suddenly said, “Unseal his pressure points.”

    Long Xiao4Yun said, “But…”

    Jin WuMing didn’t give him a chance to respond. He said coldly, “I said, unseal his pressure points.”

    Long Xiao4Yun and his son looked at each other. They realized Jin WuMing’s intentions.

    Long Xiao4Yun said, “Clan Leader ShangGuan only wants Li XunHuan’s person. He doesn’t have to be alive.”

    Long Xaio3Yun said, “Old Uncle ShangGuan doesn’t drink. So he obviously hates drunkards. Only a dead drunkard is a drunkard that can’t drink, and won’t look so loathsome.”

    Long Xiao4Yun said, “Besides, it’s certainly easier to escort a dead person than a live one.”

    Long Xiao3Yun said, “Of course, Mr. Jin would surely not kill a person who can’t defend himself. So…”

    Jin WuMing said coldly, “You are talking way too much.”

    Long Xiao4Yun said, “Yes, yes. I’ll go unseal his pressure points now.”

    He was the one who sealed Li XunHuan’s pressure points. So this wasn’t a difficult task for him.

    Long Xiao4Yun patted Li XunHuan on the shoulders, and said tenderly, “Brother, looks like Mr. Jin wants to duel with you. Mr. Jin’s swordsmanship is world-renowned. You should be very careful.”

    At this moment, he could actually call Li XunHuan ‘brother’. And say it in a caring manner.

    How could you not be in awe of him?

    Li XunHuan did not say anything.

    There’s nothing else to say. He just smiled weakly, and slowly pulled out the dagger by his side.

    He stared at the dagger. Tears seemingly came down his eyes.

    This is the world-famous dagger that has never missed.

    Now, the dagger is in his hand.

    But does he have the energy to still release it?

    A woman losing her beauty, a hero reaching the end of the road. Both are tragedies of life.

    One can’t help but pity them.

    But at this moment, no one pitied him.

    Long Xiao3Yun’s eyes glowed. He said with a smile, “Little Li’s Flying Dagger never misses. But I wonder if it will still work this time.”

    Li XunHuan raised his head and looked at Long Xiao3Yun. Then he lowered it back down again.

    Jin WuMing said, “When I’m about to kill someone, I have to give my opponent a chance. This is your last chance, understand?”

    Li XunHuan smiled, a very pitiful smile.

    Jin WuMing said, “Ok. You can get up now.”

    Li XunHuan began to cough.

    Long Xiao3Yun said tenderly, “If Uncle Li can’t get up, I can help you.”

    He blinked his eyes, and quickly continued with a smile, “But I don’t think that’ll be necessary. I heard that Uncle Li could release his dagger even while lying down.”

    Li XunHuan sighed, and seemingly wanted to speak.

    But before he could do so, a person came in.

    Ah Fei!

    There’s seemingly no blood on Ah Fei’s face. But there is a bit on the side of his mouth.

    At this moment, he looked a lot older.

    He flew in at lightning speed. But once he entered the room, he became still as a statue.

    Jin WuMing said, “You still won’t give up?”

    Li XunHuan raised his head. Tears came out the side of his eyes.

    Ah Fei only glanced at him, just a glance. Then he turned toward Jin WuMing, and said, “Before killing him, you must kill me!”

    He said this very calmly, very seriously. There’s no sign of excitement in his voice.

    This showed his resolve.

    Jin WuMing’s eyes changed into a different type of expression. He said, “You don’t care about her anymore?”

    Ah Fei said, “Even if I die, she can still live on.”

    He said this calmly. But a hint of sadness appeared on his face. His breathing quickened.

    Jin WuMing saw this.

    He seemingly became more content upon hearing these words, and said, “You don’t care that she’ll be sad?”

    Ah Fei said, “If I can’t live contently, then it’s better to die. If I don’t die, she will be sadder.”

    Jin WuMing said, “You think she’s that kind of a person?”

    Ah Fei said, “Of course!”

    In Ah Fei’s mind, Lin XianEr’s not just a goddess, but also a saint.

    A faint smile appeared on the side of Jin WuMing’s mouth.

    No one had ever seen him smile. Even he himself doesn’t remember when he first smiled.

    He smiled very awkwardly, because his muscles don’t seem to know how to smile.

    He has never wanted to smile, because a smile and soften a person’s heart.

    But this is a different type of a smile… this smile is sharp as a sword. Except swords hurt people’s body, this smile hurts their feelings.

    Ah Fei doesn’t understand this smile at all. He said coldly, “You don’t have to smile. Although there’s an eight percent chance that you’ll kill me, there’s also a twenty percent chance that I’ll kill you.”

    Jin WuMing’s smile disappeared. He said, “Since I told you that I won’t kill you, I’m not going to spare your life.”

    Ah Fei said, “No need.”

    Jin WuMing said, “I want to see you alive, so I can see…”

    Before he finished this sentence, swords flashed.

    The sword lights shined past each other, streaking fast as lightening.

    But another flash streaked even faster than the swords. What is it?

    In the next moment, all the flashes disappeared.

    All movements stopped.

    End of Chapter 57

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    Yes! Another update. Thank you! I been bored outta my mind these last few days...
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    Is Lian Xian Er turning paedophilic now? Hope Li Xun Huan survives this! Ten days without food! Nice to know that Ah Fei choses Li Xun Huan over Lin Xian Er!

    And to Meh: Thank you the huge updates. Hope you enjoyed your holidays! I want one too!
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    Thanks Meh for chunky updates.

    Finally, the dagger is released...

    Jin Wu Ming is really errie, isn't he?

    I prefer Ah Fei.

    And Lin Xianer - She deserves to be the mistress of enchanted palace.
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    Wow, I just woke up and I find this huge update. Nice way to start a week-end

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    Wow tht was great, an excellent ending 2 an excellent chapter

    Thank you Meh
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    thank you meh!! wonder how many chapters more..
    yay.. ah fei's back!!

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    Kinda funny how you actually _SEE_ the flash of the dagger this time. LXH must be REALLY weak at this point.

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    Well, there's always a shine every time LXH uses the dagger. But this certainly is the first time GL actually cared to compare the dagger's speed to something else. Of course, both Ah Fei and Jin WuMing's sword speed are also too fast for the eyes. So the dagger still has pretty sick speed.

    Chapter 58: Hero

    Jin WuMing’s sword had penetrated Ah Fei’s right shoulder. But the sword only went in an inch.

    Ah Fei’s sword is still a few inches from Jin WuMing’s throat.

    Blood flowed down Ah Fei’s shoulder, turning his shirt red.

    Why did Jin WuMing’s sword stop?

    On the back of Jin WuMing’s shoulder, sticks a dagger!

    Little Li’s Flying Dagger!

    What kind of force allowed Li XunHuan to release this dagger?

    Long Xiao4Yun and Long Xiao3Yun’s faces turned white. Their hands shook, as they slowly backed off. Both wondered where Li XunHuan got his energy.

    Li XunHuan got up!

    Jin WuMing turned around, and examined Li XunHuan. There’s still no expression on his face. After a long time, he finally said, “Great dagger!”

    Li XunHuan chuckled, and said, “Not really. It’s just that you took me too lightly. Or I might not have been able to hurt you!”

    Jin WuMing said coldly, “By being able to trick me, you’ve shown to be superior.”

    Li XunHuan said, “I didn’t trick you, nor said that I have no power to release the dagger. You simply thought this way. Your eyes lied to you.”

    Jin WuMing thought for a moment, then said, “You’re right. I made the mistake. It had nothing to do with you.”

    Li XunHuan said, “Good. You might be a killer, but at least not a conniving person.”

    Jin WuMing glanced at Long Xiao4Yun and his son, then said coldly, “Conniving people aren’t qualified to be killers.”

    Li XunHuan said, “You can go now.”

    Jin WuMing said, “Why didn’t you kill me?”

    Li XunHuan said, “Because you didn’t plan on killing my friend.”

    Jin WuMing lowered his head, and looked at the dagger on his shoulder. He said, “But I wanted to cripple his arm with my strike.”

    Li XunHuan said, “I know.”

    Jin WuMing said, “But my dagger wound is very light.”

    Li XunHuan said, “ ‘Someone grants me one penny, I repay him three pennies back.’ ”

    Jin WuMing raised his head, and looked at Li XunHuan closely. Although he spoke no words, a strange change occurred in Jin WuMing’s eyes. He looked at Li XunHuan similar to how he looked at ShangGuan JinHong.

    Li XunHuan said, “I also want to tell you two more things.”

    Jin WuMing said, “What?”

    Li XunHuan said, “Although I’ve injured sixty-seven people, twenty-eight of them did not die. Those who died deserved it.”

    Jin WuMing did not speak.

    Li XunHuan coughed a few times lightly, then continued, “I’ve never wrongly killed anyone in my life! That’s why… I hope that you’ll think twice before you kill.”

    Jin WuMing thought for a long time, then said, “I also want to tell you something.”

    Li XunHuan said, “I’m listening.”

    Jin WuMing said, “I never accept anyone’s kindness, nor accept anyone’s lecture!”

    At this moment, he suddenly slapped the dagger down with his hand.

    The dagger pierced through his body, coming out on the other side.

    Blood came out!

    ‘Dang’, the sword also dropped to the ground.

    Jin WuMing’s body shook for a moment, but his face remained expressionless. He showed no signs of pain, neither on his face, nor his body.

    He didn’t say a single word, nor looked at anyone. He simply walked out the room!

    Hero? … What’s a hero like? Is he a hero?

    A hero usually represents: Coldness! Brutality! Loneliness! Ruthless!

    Someone has said this about heroes:

    Kill people as if they were grass, gamble like there’s no tomorrow, always drink good wine, and a lecher with no regret!

    Of course, not all heroes are like this. Some are different.

    But how many heroes are there like Li XunHuan?

    There might be only one thing in common among heroes. That is, all heroes lead depressing lives.

    Ah Fei sighed deeply, and said, “He probably can never use a sword again in his life.”

    Li XunHuan said, “He still has his right hand.”

    Ah Fei said, “But he’s used to using the left hand. His right hand would be much slower.”

    He sighed again, and continued, “For a swordsman, ‘slow’ means ‘death’.”

    He almost never sighs.

    But now, he not only sighed for Jin WuMing, but also himself.

    Li XunHuan examined him, and then said, “If a person has the willpower, even if he has no hand, he would still be able to use a fast sword held by his mouth. If one’s dejected, even if he has the use of both hands, would still find both hands useless.”

    He chuckled, and continued, “Many people in the world has two perfectly healthy hands. But how many of those hands have blazing speed?”

    Ah Fei listened carefully. After a while, a bright glow appeared in his eyes.

    He suddenly rushed over to Li XunHuan’s side, grabbed his arms, and said, “I understand what you mean.”

    Li XunHuan said, “I knew you’d understand.”

    When he finished these words, tears came down both of their faces. If a third person could watch this, he’d certainly be moved.

    Too bad Long Xiao4Yun and his son are not this type of people. They were quietly trying to get away.

    Li XunHuan’s back was toward them. He didn’t seem to notice.

    Ah Fei seemingly glanced at them, but didn’t say anything.

    Only after till they were out the door, did Ah Fei sigh, and said, “I knew you were going to let them go.”

    Li XunHuan chuckled, and said, “He once saved me.”

    Ah Fei said, “He saved you once, but he had hurt you many times.”

    Li XunHuan chuckled, and said, “It’s not that I forgot about them. But rather, I never remember these things, because he has his worries too.”

    Ah Fei thought for a while, then suddenly smiled. He said, “I finally realized, that there are many things in this world which are not fair.”

    Li XunHuan said, “Not fair?”

    Ah Fei said, “Not fair. For example, some people might be virtuous their whole life, but only made one mistake. Yet this one mistake would follow them their whole lives. Not only could others not forgive them, not even they could forgive themselves.”

    Li XunHuan did not respond.

    He realized that Ah Fei’s words are true.

    Ah Fei continued, “Yet there are people like Long Xiao4Yun. He might’ve done only one good thing in life, and that is by saving you. So you’d never think that he’s too bad a person.”

    Li XunHuan suddenly realized why Ah Fei’s saying all this.

    He’s trying to argue for Lin XianEr.

    He feels that Lin XianEr has only done one thing wrong in life, yet Li XunHuan would never forgive her.

    ‘Love’ really is amazing. Sometimes it’s sweet, sometimes it’s bitter, sometimes it’s very scary… It can turn people into idiots, and turn people’s eyes blind.

    When Long Xiao4Yun and his son escaped, both felt very pleased with themselves.

    Long Xiao4Yun couldn’t help but smile and said, “Remember. All take advantage of other people’s weaknesses. If you can take advantage of your opponents, you’ll never lose.”

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    Long Xiao3Yun said, “I now know all of Li XunHuan’s weaknesses.”

    Long Xiao4Yun said, “So we’re bound to get him sooner or later.”

    He suddenly heard someone laugh.

    Li XunHuan laughed quite strangely. He said, “Some memories are forgotten quickly, but others will stay with you forever.”

    Ah Fei sighed, and said, “That’s because you refuse to remember some memories.”

    He might be only a young man, but his views on certain things in life are deeper than most grown man.

    Li XunHuan said, “While you may refuse to remember certain things, your mind can’t help but think about them. A person can never choose what he remembers. Perhaps this is one of the sadness of life.”

    Ah Fei said, “What about you? Can you honestly just remember that he had once saved you? That you had forgotten about everything else?”

    The laughter came from the opposite rooftop.

    A person sat on the rooftop, eating a piece of chicken. He’s none other than Crazy Hu.

    His eyes looked only at the chicken, and not at Long Xiao4Yun or his son. He seemingly finds the chicken much more pleasing to the eyes.

    He said, “You don’t have to run away so quickly. Li XunHuan won’t come after you. Or he wouldn’t have let you out the door in the first place.”

    Long Xiao4Yun’s face suddenly turned very nasty.

    He just realized where Li XunHuan got his strength.

    But he can’t offend Crazy Hu.

    Long Xiao4Yun suddenly chuckled, and said, “I’m quite apologetic that you have to take care of my brother these past days.”

    Crazy Hu said, “It’s not a big deal. Li XunHuan doesn’t eat much. He only needs two chicken legs and a piece of bread a day. Besides, you have an idiot guarding the door. I just sealed his sleeping pressure points twice a day, and he actually thought that he naturally dozed off.”

    Long Xiao4Yun grinded his teeth. He wished to see that guard sleep forever right now.

    Crazy Hu continued, “Obviously, I repay all my debts. But now we’re even. And I never care to speak to the likes of you anyway.”

    Long Xiao4Yun could only pretend to smile along.

    Crazy Hu said, “But I do have to tell you one last thing before I leave.”

    Long Xiao4Yun said, “I’m listening.”

    Crazy Hu said, “You might be a load of crap, but ShangGuan JinHong is a bigger load of crap. If you want to be his sworn brother, I suggest you find a rope to hang yourself instead.”

    This really is the last thing he said. When he finished talking, he left in a flash.

    Long Xiao4Yun smiled, and said, “Never thought so many people would know about ShangGuan JinHong and I becoming sworn brothers.”

    * * *

    They walked slowly.

    Li XunHuan and Ah Fei did not talk.

    They knew that silence can sometimes be more precious than words.


    A person is blowing a flute. The music also carried a rustle of the autumn air.

    This type of music tends to bring back one’s memories, and make them think of loved ones.

    Ah Fei suddenly said, “I need to get back.”

    Li XunHuan said, “She’s waiting for you?”

    Ah Fei said, “Yes.”

    Li XunHuan did not respond. After a while, he couldn’t help but ask, “You’re certain that she’s going to wait for you?”

    Ah Fei’s face turned white. After a long time, he finally said, “She asked me to come rescue you.”

    Li XunHuan’s at a loss for words.

    He understood Lin XianEr’s mind quiet well. But can’t figure out why she would do this.

    Ah Fei said, “There are two most important people in my life. I hope… you can become friends.”

    He spoke this very slowly, in fragments, very painfully.

    Upon seeing his pain, Li XunHuan couldn’t help but feel for him.

    Only someone who has loved, knows just how powerful and scary love is.

    Li XunHuan suddenly said, “I want to see her too.”

    Ah Fei’s lips closed tightly.

    Li XunHuan said, “If it’s inconvenient, you can just tell her that I said thanks.”

    Ah Fei finally said, “I… I just hope that you won’t hurt her.”

    Ah Fei really shouldn’t have said these words. Because he knew that Li XunHuan never hurts anyone else… just himself.

    He only said this because of Lin XianEr.

    Raising their heads, a sea of candlelight greeted their eyes.

    For some reason, they’ve managed to return to that busy street.

    This street is livelier at night than the day. There are all kinds of little shops here, each with many bright candles lighting up the merchandises.

    A row of candy gourds sparkled under the lights.

    Li XunHuan suddenly stopped.

    A face seemingly appeared on the surface of each candy gourd.

    A face of a young girl wearing a red dress, with big eyes and a bright smile.

    Then, he saw that dumpling restaurant.

    “Is LingLing still there?”

    Li XunHuan felt very ashamed, because he totally forgot about her.

    He saw that Ah Fei has the same expression LingLing had when she came… Ah Fei had never been to this type of place before.

    Li XunHuan laughed.

    He’s happy that his friend hasn’t lost touch with his inner child.

    Ah Fei suddenly said, “It’s been a long time since we last drank together.”

    Li XunHuan said, “You want a drink?”

    Ah Fei said, “For some reason, only when I’m with you, do I feel like drinking.”

    Then Ah Fei also laughed.

    Li XunHuan’s mood also brightened up. He said, “How about we go to that dumpling house over there?”

    Ah Fei said with a smile, “Sure. I can’t afford anything more expensive anyway.”

    Some things in life really are strange.

    For example:

    The uglier the woman, the more likely she is to do strange things. The poorer the person, the more he is to treat others to meals.

    It really is quite enjoyable to treat others to a meal. Too bad not many people know how to enjoy such a thing.

    In a corner table, sat a white-robed man.

    Li XunHuan saw him immediately upon entering.

    Anyone would be attracted by this man.

    Although this place is filled with smoke and oil, his clothing looked bright and clean. The robe looked seemingly just washed.

    The robe looks very simple, but also very luxurious.

    But the most striking part about him is his mannerism.

    He has an indescribable charisma about him.

    All the tables around him are empty. Because everyone would feel unworthy of sitting next to him.

    He is the same person who used a silver nugget to break the green-robed burly man’s pole. The same person who broke the silver nugget into pieces with his hand.

    Why is he still here? Is he waiting for someone?

    He just picked up his cup. But when Li XunHuan came in, he stopped. His eyes moved towards Li XunHuan’s face.

    To the opposite of him sat another person. She’s a young girl in a red dress, with long ponytails.

    End of Chapter 58

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    My favorite girl is appearing.

    Just wonder if Xiner had ever tried to seduce Long 4 at all?

    If not, then he, Ah Fei, and Li seemed to be the only three men that never been with her....

    She surely beat any women in GL's cannon.
    "History's third dimension is always fiction."
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