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Thread: Translation of Little Li's Flying Dagger(cont...)

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    Not sure whether you realise this Meh. But its been almost a year since you started this. Your first posted translation on this was June 25 2002. 20 more days it'll be the 1st anniversary.

    Its been a full year for those of us ( i bet lots ) following this translation but i dont think we felt the time at all. I only feel the whole range of emotions that the characters have displayed so far. From viciousness to compassion, from vindictive to benovelence, from cowardice to heroism, from despair to hope, from rejection to love...and many more heart tugging emotions. You have managed to convey those superbly through your translation.

    So far 37 chapters in 12 months. What an effort!!!

    So may i have the honour to lead a round of standing ovation from all of us grateful readers in appreciation of your efforts.

    "Man is his own star; and the soul that can
    Render an honest and a perfect man,
    Commands all light, all influence, all fate;
    Nothing to him falls early or too late.
    Our acts our angels are, or good or ill,
    Our fatal shadows that walk by us still."

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    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><table border="0" width="80%" bgcolor="#dcdcdc" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1"><tr><td width="100%"><table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="10" bgcolor="#DCDCDC"><tr><td width="100%" bgcolor="#eeeeee"><font size="1">Originally posted by Athena:
    <STRONG>To Tigerwong: The wind and rain twin meteors aren't those a pair of commet hammers.
    Also like you said the pair of commet hammers only ranked 30 something in the book of arms. I vaguely remember that an eunuch (well, a castrated man)used those wind and rain twin meteors. Didn't Shangguan madman instruct him too kill Lin Xianer?</STRONG></font></td></tr></table></td></tr></table></BLOCKQUOTE>

    I don't remember too much of that. I just recall that they mentioned it's ranking in Tian Ngai Ming Yeut Dao and maybe in Round Moon, Curved Sabre as well.

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    Yes, happy anniversary, Meh. <IMG SRC="smilies/birthday.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/handball.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/rockband.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/clap.gif" border="0">

    thank you for bottom of my heart. <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">

    I think he is like LWC. They both were rather sentiment, loved to drink, and loyal to friends.
    "History's third dimension is always fiction."
    -- The Glass Bead Game, Hermann Hesse

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    Wow! It has been a year, hasn't it? Time sure does fly. <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">

    Chapter 38: Grandmother and Granddaughter

    The autumn wind blew in his face. It felt like winter already.

    One can barely feel the remnants of autumn.

    Li XunHuan’s heart is just like the autumn, withering away.

    “You’ll only increase her suffering by staying…”

    The old man’s words constantly rang in his ears.

    He also realized that not only should he not see her again, he shouldn’t even think about her.

    That old man’s not only a wise man, he’s also a mysterious man, a preeminent martial artist. He also seemed to know just about everything in the world.

    But what exactly is his identity? What’s he hiding?

    Li XunHuan admired Hunchback Sun.

    Anyone who can wipe tables for fifteen years to return a favor should be admired.

    But what’s he doing there?

    What’s he guarding?

    As for Sun XiaoHong… how could he not know her feelings?

    But he can’t accept that, he’s afraid to.

    Anyway, this whole family is just filled with mystery, so mysterious it’s scary…

    A village on the mountain.

    At the foot of the mountain lies a wine shop.

    The wine’s not great, but it’s very refreshing, obviously made from the spring water here.

    The spring came from the back of the mountain, very clear. Li XunHuan knew that by following this stream, he’d reach a forest with a wood house.

    Ah Fei and Lin XianEr live in that house.

    Li XunHuan’s face brightened as he thought about Ah Fei’s handsome face, those sharp eyes, and that proud expression on his face.

    Even more unforgettable are his rare smiles, and that fiery warmth buried inside his icy exterior.

    He doesn’t know how Ah Fei’s has changed these past two years.

    He doesn’t know how Lin XianEr has treated Ah Fei.

    Although she looks like an angel in heaven, she only takes men down to the pits of Hell.

    Is Ah Fei in Hell right now?

    Li XunHuan doesn’t want to think about it, because he understands Ah Fei. He knows that Ah Fei would not mind living in Hell for love.

    It’s dusk.

    Li XunHuan sat at the darkest corner of the shop.

    This has been his habit, because from here he can easily see those who come in, but others can’t easily see him.

    He couldn’t believe that the first person that came in is ShangGuan Fei.

    He sat at the table closest to the door; his eyes stared outside, as if waiting for someone, waiting impatiently.

    This is certainly quite different from his icy, calm expression last time.

    He must be meeting someone very important. Plus he came alone, without servants, which meant that this meeting is very secretive.

    There shouldn’t be anyone important living in this remote area.

    So who is he waiting for?

    Does it concern Ah Fei and Lin XianEr?

    Li XunHuan put his hand on his face, covering himself.

    But it wasn’t necessary, as ShangGuan Fei’s eyes never did leave the door.

    The shopkeeper finally lit up the candles.

    ShangGuan Fei became more impatient, more irritated.

    At this moment, two carriages appeared by the front door. The people carrying the carriages are several young men.

    A very attractive thirteen or fourteen year old girl came down the first carriage, wearing a red robe.

    ShangGuan Fei had just picked up his cup, but then immediately put it down.

    This young girl walked up to ShangGuan Fei and said, “Sorry to keep you waiting.”

    ShangGuan Fei’s eyes rolled, and asked, “Where is she? Can she not come?”

    The red-robed girl smiled, and said, “Don’t be so impatient. Just follow me.”

    Li XunHuan watched as ShangGuan Fei left the shop, and stepped into the second carriage. As Li XunHuan watched them leave, he found something peculiar.

    These young men carrying the carriages are all quite strong. Those who picked up the first carriage did so easily.

    But those who picked up the second one certainly labored.

    Li XunHuan paid for his wine and left immediately.

    He normally doesn’t stick his nose into other people’s businesses, but he felt a great need to follow ShangGuan Fei, to see the person he’s meeting.

    Because Li XunHuan felt that it must have something to do with Ah Fei.

    The carriage entered the maple forest.

    Suddenly laughter came from within the carriage.

    This laugh is tender and lovely. Any man who heard this laugh would be drawn to it.

    But if the person inside the carriage is ShangGuan Fei, then why is there a woman’s laugh?

    After a while, a gentle voice came from carriage, “Little Fei, don’t be like this… we can’t do it here…

    I can’t believe you’re just like all other men. You just want to bully me.”

    The sound became softer and softer, until Li XunHuan could no longer hear the words.

    The carriage reached the top of the hill.

    Li XunHun sighed.

    So there are two people in this carriage.

    One is ShangGuan Fei.

    But who is the woman?

    He’s certainly experienced when it comes to women. He knows that many women like to fret, but not many are successful in seducing men by doing so.

    He can almost yell out the name of the woman in the carriage.

    But he can’t yet, because he’s not certain.

    He never makes quick judgments, because he doesn’t want to make a bad judgment again. One wrong judgment is one too many for him.

    One wrong judgment wrecked his whole life, and another person’s life.

    The carriage stopped by a small house. The second carriage’s carriers are wiping sweat off of their faces.

    The girl in the front carriage got off, and walked up to the door of the building.

    Bang, Bang, Bang, she knocked the door three times, and it opened.

    Someone finally came out of the second carriage.

    A woman.

    Li XunHuan could not see her face, but her clothing and hair are both very disorganized, her body very shapely, her movements alluring.

    Li XunHuan thought this person looked familiar.

    Only to see her walk up to the door, waved at ShangGuan Fei inside the carriage, and walked into the building.

    Li XunHuan could only see half of her face.

    He could finally be certain.

    She is indeed Lin XianEr!

    So if Lin XianEr lived here, then where’s Ah Fei?

    Li XunHuan really wanted to ask her, but he decided not to.

    He’s not a true gentleman, but he would do many things that ‘gentlemen’ would not do, nor want to do.

    His way of doing things would seem mind-boggling to many people.

    While many people in the world wish for Li XunHuan to just simply die, others would willingly give their life to save his.

    It’s now totally dark.

    Li XunHuan still waited outside.

    As he waited, he thought of many things.

    He remembered the day he first met Ah Fei.

    He wasn’t lonely at that time, because Tie ChuanJia was with him.

    He then thought of Tie ChuanJia, that loyal and kind face, and that iron armor he had on…

    Unfortunately, although his chest is strong as steel, his heart is so fragile, so easily moved. That’s why he’s more often miserable than happy.

    As he thought more and more, Li XunHuan suddenly felt like drinking again.

    He took out his wine bottle, and finished all the wine in it.

    Then he began to cough.

    At this moment, the door opened. ShangGuan Fei came out, looking happier than usual, but also a bit tired.

    A hand came out, reaching for his hand.

    Some whispers can be heard, perhaps whispers of goodbye.

    After a long time, that pair of hands slowly broke apart.

    ShangGuan Fei walked very slowly, and kept turning around to look back, as if he doesn’t want to leave yet.

    The door closed.

    ShangGuan Fei looked up into the sky, his steps suddenly became quicker, but his expression is kind of wacky, sometimes smiling, sometimes sighing.

    Is he also in Hell?

    The light in the house is very calm, turning the window-paper red.

    ShangGuan Fei finally left. Li XunHuan suddenly felt sorry for this youngster.

    Li XunHuan sighed, and walked up to the door.

    Bang. Li XunHuan knocked once. Bang, Bang. He then knocked twice in a row, just like that red-robed girl did.

    The door indeed opened.

    A person said, “You…”

    She just said one word before she saw Li XunHuan. Then she tried to quickly shut the door.

    But Li XunHuan had already blocked the door from closing.

    The person who opened the door was not Lin XianEr, nor that red-robed girl, but a white-haired old lady.

    She stared shockingly at Li XunHuan, and asked, “Who… who are you? What are you doing here?”

    Li XunHuan said, “I just came to see an old friend.”

    The old lady asked, “Old friend? Who’s your old friend?”

    Li XunHuan said with a smile, “She’ll know me when she sees me.”

    As he said this, he entered the room.

    The old lady was afraid to block his path, but she yelled, “There is no friend of yours here, just me and my granddaughter.”

    There are only three rooms in this house. Lin XianEr isn’t in any of them.

    The red-robed girl looked terrified, so terrified her face became all white. She said loudly, “Grandma? Is this a bandit?”

    The old lady looked so scared she couldn’t even respond.

    Li XunHuan doesn’t know whether to laugh for cry. He asked, “Do I look like a bandit?”

    The little girl bit her lips and said, “If you’re not a bandit, why did force yourself into this house at midnight?”

    Li XunHuan said, “I’m here to find Miss Lin.”

    After seeing him talk very nicely, the little girl became less afraid. She blinked her eyes and said, “But there’s no Miss Lin here, only Miss Zhou.”

    Is that Lin XianEr’s fake name?

    Li XunHuan immediately asked, “Where’s Miss Zhou?”

    The little girl pointed at her own nose, and said, “My surname is Zhou. So obviously I am Miss Zhou.”

    Li XunHuan smiled.

    He felt like an idiot.

    The little girl also seemed to find this quite amusing. She said, “But I don’t know you at all. So why did you come look for me?”

    Li XunHuan smiled bitterly, said, “I’m looking for a big girl, not a little girl.”

    The little girl said, “There are no big girls here.”

    Li XunHuan asked, “You mean no one came into the house recently?”

    The little girl said, “Of course, some people have came…”

    Li XunHuan cut in, “Who?”

    The little girl said, “My grandma and I. We just came back from the town.”

    She rolled her eyes, and added, “Only the two of us live here. I’m the little one, my grandma is the big one, but it’s been a long time since she was a girl. So I’m guessing you’re not looking for her, right?”

    Li XunHuan smiled again.

    He found that he smiled a lot when he felt stupid.

    He thought he saw Lin XianEr entered the house.

    Was he hallucinating?

    Was that lady in the carriage this old lady?

    The old lady suddenly kneeled on the ground, begging, “We’re a poor family, and there is nothing valuable here. If you want something, just take it and leave us be.”

    Li XunHuan said, “Fine.”

    There’s a bottle of wine on the table.

    Li XunHuan picked up the bottle and walked out the door.

    Only to hear the little girl smilingly whispered to herself, “So he wasn’t a bandit after all, just a drunkard.”

    End of Chapter 38

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    Chapter 39: Ah Fei

    The moon is still in the sky.

    The waterfall under the moonlight look like sparkling strips of silver.

    Li XunHuan followed the water, walking slowly. He doesn’t want to reach Ah Fei’s home before morning, as to not disturb his sleep.

    He never liked to disturb people.

    But no matter who disturbed him, no matter the time, he wouldn’t care.

    That old lady could not have been Lin XianEr in disguise.

    So where is Lin XianEr?

    Li XunHuan rubbed his eyes, “Was I delusional?”

    The sun finally rose, the autumn almost gone, the plum flowers beginning to blossom.

    Li XunHuan smelled a faint fragrance, looked up, and saw a plum forest.

    Deep inside the forest is a wooden house.

    Li XunHuan stared at the forest like an idiot.

    By the plum forest is the source of the spring water for the river.

    The water flowed down from the mountain, by the forest. The scenery looked like it should be a painting.

    In the painting is a person.

    Li XunHuan couldn’t see this person’s face, only that he dressed very neatly, wearing a new, green robe, and combed his hair nicely.

    He carried a water bucket across the forest, into the wooden house.

    This person’s build is similar to Ah Fei’s, but Li XunHuan was certain that he’s not Ah Fei.

    So who is he?

    Li XunHuan can’t think of anyone like this who would live with Ah Fei.

    He rushed over to the house.

    The door is open, and there’s nothing luxurious inside, but everything is sparkly clean.

    There’s an old-fashioned square table made for eight people. That youngster with the new robe took out a towel from the bucket, and began to scrub the table.

    He scrubbed even more slowly, more carefully, than Hunchback Sun, as if there can’t be a tiny speck of dirt left.

    Li XunHuan walked up from behind, and found this person’s back look like Ah Fei’s.

    But he can’t possibly be Ah Fei.

    Li XunHuan can’t even picture Ah Fei cleaning tables, but he wanted to ask this person for Ah Fei’s location.

    Li XunHuan coughed lightly, hoping this person would turn around and notice to him.

    This person does not have fast reflexes, but he did eventually turn around.

    Li XunHuan stood there in shock.

    The person who cannot possibly be Ah Fei… is Ah Fei.

    Ah Fei’s face did not change. His eyes are still big, his nose still straight. He still looks handsome, even more handsome than he used to be.

    But his expression changed, changed a great deal.

    He had lost his past magnetism, the pride, and the loneliness. He now looked very gentle, almost like a stiff.

    He might look much better now, cleaner now, but he had lost his charisma.

    Is this really Ah Fei?

    Li XunHuan can’t accept it, can’t accept this neatly dressed youngster with a towel is the Ah Fei he used to know!

    Ah Fei also saw Li XunHuan.

    He didn’t seem to expect Li XunHuan, and his face straightened. Gradually, he began to smile… thankfully, his smile has not changed.

    Li XunHuan also smiled.

    Although he smiled on the surface, his heart sank.

    They simply stared at each other, both smiling. Neither person moved, nor spoke, but their eyes became moist, became red… After a while, Ah Fei finally said, “It’s you.”

    Li XunHuan said, “It’s me.”

    Ah Fei said, “You finally came.”

    Li XunHuan said, “I finally came.”

    Ah Fei said, “I knew you’d come.”

    They spoke slowly, in coarse voices. When they talked to here, both closed their mouths again.

    But just at this moment, Ah Fei rushed out from the house, and Li XunHuan rushed in. The two people met at the door, almost colliding with each other, and shook hands.

    They almost stopped breathing. After a while, Li XunHuan finally said, “How have you been these past two years?”

    Ah Fei slowly nodded his head, and said, “I… I’ve been great. How about you?”

    Li XunHuan said, “Me? Still the same.”

    He picked up that bottle of wine, and said with a smile, “Look, I’m still drinking. Even my coughing problem seemed to have been washed away by my drinking. You…”

    Before he could continue, Li XunHuan began to cough again.

    Ah Fei looked at him quietly, a tiny bit of tears came out of his eyes.

    Suddenly they heard someone say, “Hey, why haven’t you offered a seat to brother Li yet? It’s rude to keep the guest at the door, you know.”

    Lin XianEr finally appeared.

    She hasn’t changed at all.

    She’s still that young, that beautiful. Her smile is still that alluring, that adorable. Her eyes still shine as brightly as the stars in the sky.

    She just stood there, looking warmly at Li XunHuan, and spoke in a gentle manner, “It’s been two years. How come you haven’t come earlier? Have you forgotten about us already?”

    Anyone who heard this sentence would’ve thought that Li XunHuan had long known about this place, that he simply haven’t had the time to visit them yet.

    Li XunHuan smiled, and said, “How can I come when you haven’t a carriage to take me here?”

    Lin XianEr blinked her eyes, and said, “Now that you’ve brought up carriages, I really would like to ride one someday, just to see how it feels.”

    Li XunHuan’s eyes brightened, and asked, “You’ve never ridden in a carriage before?”

    Lin XianEr lowered her head, and whispered, “How could a person like myself afford that type of luxury?”

    Li XunHuan said, “But I saw someone riding in a carriage last night. She looked just like you.”

    His eyes stared intently at Lin XianEr.

    But Lin XianEr did not show any signs of panic. She simply smiled, “Then that means I must’ve been sleepwalking… right?”

    That question was directed at Ah Fei.

    Ah Fei immediately said, “She always goes to sleep very early at night. She never leaves the house after dark.”

    Li XunHuan found his heart tying another knot.

    He knows that Ah Fei would never lie to him, but if Lin XianEr was at home, then who was that woman in the carriage?

    Lin XianEr went over to Ah Fei’s side, and straightened his robe. With infinite warmness she said softly, “Did you sleep well last night?”

    Ah Fei nodded.

    Lin XianEr said, “Why don’t you take brother Li for a walk, while I make some dishes.”

    She looked at Li XunHuan and said, “The plum flowers are blooming. I know plum is brother Li’s favorite type of flower, right?”

    Ah Fei’s walk has changed too.

    Before, he always stood straight, and his muscles were relaxed.

    Other people found walking to be a chore, but for him, it was rest.

    Now his body is no longer that straight, his thoughts seemingly on something else, making him nervous.

    So his muscles were obviously not relaxed.

    After walking for a long time, Li XunHuan still remained silent.

    He really doesn’t know what to say.

    He wanted to ask Ah Fei, “Why did you come here? Has Lin XianEr changed her from ways? What happened to her treasures?”

    But he did not ask any of those questions.

    He wanted to avoid bringing up Ah Fei’s past.

    After a long time, Ah Fei finally spoke, “I’m really sorry.”

    Li XunHuan sighed and said, “You pretended to the Plum Flower Bandit just to save me. You were willing to sacrifice your life for me. Why is there a need to apologize?”

    Ah Fei didn’t seem to hear these words. He continued, “I should’ve at least said goodbye when I left.”

    Li XunHuan said, “I know you had your reasons. I don’t blame you.”

    Ah Fei said, “I know I made a mistake, but I just couldn’t kill her. I… I can’t leave her.”

    Li XunHuan said with a smile, “Love is human nature. There’s nothing wrong with it. Why do you blame yourself for falling in love?”

    Ah Fei said, “But… but…”

    He suddenly became very emotional, yelling, “But I felt that I’ve wronged you, as well as all other victims of the Plum Flower Bandit.”

    Li XunHuan paused for a second, and then asked inquisitively, “But she has reformed, right?”

    Ah Fei said, “Before we left, she gave back all the stolen goods to their rightful owners.”

    Li XunHuan said, “Then what’s wrong? Everyone deserves a second chance.”

    He doesn’t want to keep talking about this so he changed the subject, “Look, the plum flowers have blossomed.”

    Ah Fei said, “Yes.”

    Li XunHuan said, “Do you know how many are on that tree?”

    Ah Fei said, “Seventeen.”

    Li XunHuan’s heart sank, as did his face.

    Because he had also counted plum flowers before.

    Only a very lonely person would count plum flowers.

    Ah Fei raised his head and said, “Look, another one’s blossoming, but why do they bloom so early? The earlier they bloom, the earlier they wither.”

    The wooden house has five rooms, a living room, a storage room, a kitchen, and two rooms with beds.

    The bigger bedroom is delicately furnished, including a large makeup counter.

    Ah Fei said, “Lin XianEr sleeps here.”

    The smaller one is also very clean, but very simple.

    Ah Fei said, “This is my room.”

    Li XunHuan disheartened.

    Now he realized that Ah Fei and Lin XianEr had been sleeping in separate rooms for the pas two years. And Ah Fei’s still a young man.

    He was quite shocked, but also found himself admiring Ah Fei.

    Ah Fei smiled, and said, “You must find it strange that I’ve been sleeping a lot the past two years.”

    Li XunHuan said, “Really?”

    Ah Fei said, “I always go to sleep before dark, and then sleep soundly until the next morning. I never wake up at night.”

    Li XunHuan said with a smile, “When your life becomes orderly, it’s quite natural to sleep well.”

    End of Chapter 39

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    Ah Fei said, “I’ve been living quite peacefully these past two years… I’ve never been so peaceful before. She… she’s very nice to me.”

    Li XunHuan said with a smile, “I’m happy to hear you say this. I’m very happy…”

    He doesn’t want Ah Fei to realize that his smile was quite unnatural, so he turned his head away while he spoke. After looking around, he asked, “Where’s your sword?”

    Ah Fei said, “I no longer use the sword.”

    Li XunHuan became really shocked, and asked, “Why?”

    Ah Fei said, “Sword is a weapon, and will bring back memories of the old days.”

    Li XunHuan asked, “Did she persuade you to do this?”

    Ah Fei said, “She’s also willing to leave everything behind, so we can start fresh together.”

    Li XunHuan nodded, and said, “Great. Great. Great…”

    He wanted to say more, but Lin XianEr cut him off, yelling from inside the house, “Lunch is ready. Why don’t you come back in to eat?”

    There aren’t many dishes, but they’re all exquisite.

    He couldn’t believe Lin XianEr could make such great dishes.

    Other than dishes, there is also a wine bottle, but inside the bottle is tea.

    Lin XianEr said, “In such a rural place, we don’t have wine. So we can only serve you tea instead.”

    Li XunHuan said with a smile, “But thankfully, I brought my own wine…”

    He looked around, before he finally found that wine he brought. He first poured some in his cup, and then said to Ah Fei, “Here, I’ll pour you some.”

    Ah Fei did not respond.

    Ah Fei then suddenly said, “I quit drinking.”

    Li XunHuan was shocked yet again, and asked, “Quit? Why?”

    Ah Fei’s face was expressionless.

    Lin XianEr said, “Alcohol is bad for the body. Don’t you think so, brother Li?”

    Li XunHuan thought for a while before smiling, “That’s right. If you keep drinking, you’ll end up like me. If I could turn back time ten or twenty years, I’d probably quit drinking too.”

    Ah Fei lowered his head, and began to eat.

    He wasn’t focused on eating, because when he picked up a meatball, he dropped it on the table.

    Lin XianEr said to him, “Look at you, still like a little kid. So careless.”

    Ah Fei slowly picked up that meatball.

    Lin XianEr said to Ah Fei, “How can you still eat something that’s now on the table?”

    She picked up a meatball from the plate and put it in Ah Fei’s mouth.

    The dinner was even better than lunch. After that, it became dark.

    Li XunHuan slept in Ah Fei’s room, while Ah Fei slept in the living room.

    Lin XianEr personally gave Ah Fei some new, clean bed sheets, then put some clean clothing on Ah Fei’s bed.

    “I like for my Little Fei to change clothes everyday.”

    Before going to bed, she went to get some water, and watched Ah Fei clean his face. Afterwards, she took the towel and cleaned Ah Fei’s ears.

    When Ah Fei lied down to sleep, she made sure he’s covered tightly.

    “Today’s a bit cold, so make sure you don’t catch a cold.”

    She attended to Ah Fei in every single way imaginable. Even the best mothers might not be this considerate to her son.

    Ah Fei should be incredibly happy.

    But for some reason, Li XunHuan doesn’t know whether Ah Fei’s happy or miserable.

    He also doesn’t know if this whole thing is funny, or sad.

    Ah Fei really did fall asleep quickly.

    But Li XunHuan couldn’t sleep. He hasn’t gone to bed this early since three. He couldn’t sleep this early even if his life depended on it.

    Lin XianEr’s room is also quiet, as if she’s also asleep.

    Li XunHuan put on his robe and left the room.

    He wanted to chat with Ah Fei.

    But Ah Fei slept way too soundly. He can’t wake Ah Fei up even by pushing him.

    Even a pig can’t sleep this soundly, much less the vigilant Ah Fei.

    Li XunHuan stood by Ah Fei’s bed, and remembered something.

    “She goes to sleep early every night… she never leaves the house after dark.”

    “Everyday I sleep right after dark, and won’t wake up until the next morning.”

    Li XunHuan remembered that they had pork-rib soup tonight. It was very tasty, and Ah Fei had a lot of it. Lin XianEr also tried to persuade Li XunHuan to have a lot of the soup.

    Fortunately, there are bamboo shoots in the soup. Li XunHuan never eats bamboo shoots. But he’s also not someone who refuses other’s kindness.

    So although he didn’t reject Lin XianEr, he did give the soup to Ah Fei while Lin XianEr went into the kitchen to check on food.

    He remembered that when Lin XianEr came back, she smiled at Li XunHuan’s empty bowl.

    What kind of sleeping powder was in the soup?

    Obviously, Ah Fei slept soundly at night because of this sleeping powder.

    So he can’t possibly know what Lin XianEr do at night.

    But why doesn’t Lin XianEr simply put some poison in the bowl?

    Obviously because Ah Fei’s still useful to her.

    Li XunHuan became extremely angry. He turned around and knocked loudly on Lin XianEr’s door.

    There was no response.

    Li XunHuan had never kicked down someone’s door before.

    But today he made an exception.

    There was indeed no one in the room. So where did Lin XianEr went?

    Li XunHuan thought Lin XianEr must be at that other house.

    When he reached this house, he debated as to whether he should rush in or not.

    While he was thinking, the door opened.

    A person came out slowly, looking kind of like ShangGuan Fei, very happy, but a bit tired.

    The light inside the house shined on his face.

    Li XunHuan rarely gets shocked, but he felt another shock when he saw this person’s face.

    He never thought this person would be Guo SongYang!

    Only to see a hand inside held Guo SongYang’s hand.

    They seemingly were whispering goodbyes.

    After a while, Guo SongYang left.

    He left slowly, and kept looking back, as if he didn’t want to leave yet.

    The door is already closed.

    Does this door lead to Heaven, or Hell?

    Li XunHuan not only felt sad, but also angry. He’s sad because of Ah Fei, and also angry because of Ah Fei.

    He has never been so angry before in his life.

    He almost wanted to immediately appear and expose this whole sham, but he didn’t. Because Guo SongYang is his friend, and a true man.

    He doesn’t want to trouble Guo SongYang.

    Only to so see Guo SongYang stare into the sky, and sighed deeply.

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    After walking a couple of more steps, he suddenly stopped, and yelled loudly, “Who’s hiding? Show yourself!”

    Guo SongYang really is a true elite martial artist. His alertness and reflexes are much better than ShangGuan Fei’s.

    No matter where he has been, he still keeps his mind clear, but even he couldn’t guess that the person in hiding was Li XunHuan.

    It’s not far from that house to the tavern at the bottom of the mountain. The two people did not speak much on the way, nor did they say anything they really wanted to.

    But some things must be said sooner or later.

    They sat on the roof of the tavern, and began to drink.

    Li XunHuan has drunk in a lot of places, but never on a roof. He found that this really is a great place to drink.

    Now, the jugs are only half full.

    Guo SongYang suddenly said, “You… you obviously know what I went to do in that house, right?”

    Li XunHuan said, “I know you’re a man.”

    Guo SongYang said, “You also must know who’s in that house, right?”

    Li XunHuan said, “Yes.”

    Guo SongYang said, “I… don’t seek her often.”

    Li XunHuan said, “Really?”

    Guo SongYang said, “I only visit her when I’m unhappy.”

    Li XunHuan nodded.

    Guo SongYang said, “I know many women, but she’s the best.”

    Li XunHuan said, “Do you know what kind of a woman she is?”

    Guo SongYang took another sip and said, “I’ve known her for quite a while.”

    Li XunHuan said, “How does she treat you?”

    Guo SongYang said, “How does she treat me? Women like her treat every man the same. She only looks to see if that man is of value to her.”

    Li XunHuan said, “So you know she’s using you?”

    Guo SongYang said, “Of course. But I don’t mind, because I’m using her at the same time. So what if I have to pay a price for pleasure?”

    Li XunHuan said, “That is indeed quite fair. But… do you know that this might hurt someone else?”

    Guo SongYang asked, “Who?”

    Li XunHuan said, “Obviously the man who loves her.”

    Guo SongYang sighed, and said, “Sometimes I really don’t understand, why do women always hurt the one who loves them the most?”

    Li XunHuan said, “Probably because she can only hurt the man who loves her. If he didn’t love her, then he wouldn’t care no matter what she did.”

    Guo SongYang said with a smile, “You seem to know a lot about women.”

    Li XunHuan said, “No man really knows about women. If someone thinks that, than that person is bound to suffer more than others.

    Guo SongYang stayed silent for a long time before asking, “Ah Fei really loves her?”

    Li XunHuan said, “Yes.”

    Guo SongYang said, “I know she’s Ah Fei’s friend, and that you are Ah Fei’s friend.”

    Li XunHuan did not respond.

    Guo SongYang said, “But I am not Ah Fei’s friend. I have never met him.”

    Li XunHuan said, “You don’t have to explain. This isn’t your fault.”

    Guo SongYang became silent again for a while, before asking, “Is Ah Fei still with her?”

    Li XunHuan said, “Yes.”

    Li XunHuan sighed and added, “Although he loves her a lot more than you do, her relationship with him is actually less intimate than with you.”

    Guo SongYang said with surprise, “You mean they never…”

    Li XunHuan smiled bitterly, “She can do such a thing with any man, except for him.”

    Guo SongYang asked, “Why?”

    Li XunHuan said, “Because he respects her, and never push her. She is a goddess to him. Lin XianEr obviously wishes to keep this image in his mind.”

    He added, “But women are born to be loved, not respected. If a man respects a woman who deserves no respect, than he will only receive pain and suffering.”

    Guo SongYang said, “So does this mean that Ah Fei has no idea what she’s doing?”

    Li XunHuan said, “Absolutely no idea.”

    Guo SongYang asked, “Why don’t you tell him?”

    Li XunHuan said, “Even if I tell him, he won’t believe me. When a man falls in love, his ears will become deaf, his eyes will become blind, and even a smart man would turn stupid.”

    Guo SongYang said, “You want me to tell him?”

    Li XunHuan said, “He’s a great youngster, and my friend. I don’t want him to throw away his life for a woman like her.”

    Guo SongYang did not respond.

    Li XunHuan said, “I have never asked anyone for a favor before, but this time…”

    Guo SongYang cut him off, and said, “But… will he believe me?”

    Li XunHuan said, “At least she can’t totally deny her relationship with you.”

    Guo SongYang stood up, and said, “Fine. I’ll go with you.”

    Li XunHuan shook his hands tightly, and said, “Thank you. I believe you will also become great friends with Ah Fei.”

    Guo SongYang said, “I only need one friend. I’m already very grateful to have a friend like you.”

    The wooden house is empty!

    Ah Fei’s bed last night is still in the living room. There are still leftover teas from last night. But the soup cauldron is now empty, and very clean.

    Lin XianEr’s room is still the same as last night, with wind blowing through the door Li XunHuan knocked down last night.

    End of Chapter 40

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    Hm... I wonder what Happened to Ah Fei, I feel really bad for him, in a way he doesn't seem very happy, I used to look forward to reading his parts becuase he was so cool. Great Updates! Keep up the good work!!

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    I forgot, who is shangguan fei???
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    He's a good fighter, strong enough to block one attack from Guo SongYang (something the #8 guy on Bao's weaponlist couldn't do). Also
    the son of ShangGuan JinHong.

    Nice job with the translation Meh. Good spelling and easy to comprehend. Thanks!

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    thanks, I went back to read earlier chapters to refresh my memory. <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">

    one question if not too spoiler - what sect is the iron clutch man and other yellow robe men belong to? It seemed so powerful yet they really fell short when faced the #3 and #4. <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">
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    To Goofy :
    I think the belong to the Golden Money Clan just like the Shangguan Jin Hong.

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    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><table border="0" width="80%" bgcolor="#dcdcdc" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1"><tr><td width="100%"><table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="10" bgcolor="#DCDCDC"><tr><td width="100%" bgcolor="#eeeeee"><font size="1">Originally posted by divine_comedy:
    <STRONG>To Goofy :
    I think the belong to the Golden Money Clan just like the Shangguan Jin Hong.</STRONG></font></td></tr></table></td></tr></table></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Yep. They are all cronies of ShangGuan JinHong. Just goes to show you just how powerful ShangGuan JinHong is.

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    Thanks for the translation.
    I had read this novel for 4 times though still get the excitement.

    keep going your work Meh, I am waiting for the story.

    kind regards

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    Wow! 4 times. Glad to know you really enjoyed this book.

    Chapter 41: The Devilish Little Girl

    Ah Fei’s room looked just as it did last night, even that robe is still on his bed.

    But his person is gone, in a hurry too.

    Li XunHuan could not believe that Ah Fei would leave without saying goodbye to him. He coughed as he examined the surroundings.

    Guo SongYang held his hands behind his back, and looked at him quietly. He then said calmly, “You said that Ah Fei’s your friend.”

    Li XunHuan said, “Yes.”

    Guo SongYang said, “But you don’t even know that he had already left.”

    Li XunHuan paused for a moment before forcing a smile. He said, “Perhaps he was in some sort of trouble. Perhaps…”

    Guo SongYang said, “Perhaps, he’s just very good at following the orders of a woman.”

    He didn’t give Li XunHuan a chance to respond, and followed up with another question, “Did he live here for a long time?’

    Li XunHuan said, “Almost two years.”

    Guo SongYang said, “But I have been meeting her in that small building for more than two years. This might be her old home.”

    Li XunHuan laughed bitterly, and said, “A devious person like her should have more than one hiding place.”

    Guo SongYang sighed, and said, “But unfortunately, I know of no other hiding place.”

    Li XunHuan did not respond. He simply walked into Lin XianEr’s room.

    In the room are a bed, a closet, and a table.

    There aren’t many clothes in the closet. The ones in there are rather plain. There’s a small makeup counter on the table, without any makeup powder on it.

    Obviously, she used the other house to dress herself up at night.

    Guo SongYang said, “When I came out, she was still in that other house. But she has certainly been here to take Ah Fei away, yet we saw no trail leading to this house on our way here.”

    Li XunHuan said solemnly, “That’s because she used another path.”

    Guo SongYang said, “Another path? But mountains surround this area. What other routes are there?”

    Li XunHuan suddenly flipped over the bed.

    There’s a secret path under the bed.

    Li XunHuan already knew where the path would lead.

    Guo SongYang asked, “Where do think this path lead to?”

    Li XunHuan said, “Under the bed in her other little building.”

    Guo SongYang said, “My thoughts exactly.”

    He snickered, “From one bed to the other. She really doesn’t waste any time.”

    Li XunHuan said casually, “She has a lot of appointments, so her time is obviously very precious.”

    Guo SongYang’s face changed… Although he had always known what she does, he still felt unsettled when it’s brought up.”

    Men always mock women for being petty, but men are usually just as petty, and probably a lot more selfish.

    Even if a man has thousands of women, he still wants every single one of them to just be with him. Even if he no longer loves a woman, he still wants that woman to be in love with him.

    The path can’t be too long.

    The exit is indeed the bed of that small building.

    This bed is much better than the one they crawled under; it’s very soft, furnished with very extravagant sheets and pillows.

    Obviously, Lin XianEr isn’t here, only that red-robed girl.

    She sat by the makeup counter, sewing a pillow with a picture of swans swimming on water.

    She did not look shocked upon seeing the two men coming out from under the bed.

    Looks like she knew they were going to appear.

    She looked at them out of the corner of her eyes, and said, “So you knew each other already.”

    Guo SongYang, with a stern look, said loudly, “Are the only person here?”

    The little girl said, “Why are you so mean to me? I made the bed and the sheets every time you came here. Did you forget those things?”

    Guo SongYang could not respond.

    She then switched her attention onto Li XunHuan, and said, “So you’re Li Tan Hua?”

    Li XunHuan said, “Yes.”

    The little girl said, “Everyone else say that Li XunHuan not only has incredible kung fu, he’s also very smart and very knowledgeable. I am quite shocked that even you can be fooled.”

    She then said sweetly, “I’m terribly sorry to have lied to you on your last visit.”

    Li XunHuan said, “No problem. It’s actually fun to be deceived by a kid once in a while. Since you fooled me last time, I felt a lot younger.”

    The little girl kept staring at him. From her look, she must be thinking that this man is quite interesting. Of course, it’s obviously rare for anyone meet someone like Li XunHuan.

    She said with a smile, “I think that you look quite young even if I hadn’t fooled you. If you get fooled a few more time, you’d probably turn into a kid.”

    Li XunHuan said, “But I must be more careful in the future. Otherwise, don’t you think a forty year old kid would be quite bizarre?”

    The little girl laughed, and said, “Don’t worry, I only lied to you last time because you were a stranger. My grandmother always told me to never tell the truth in front of a stranger, or I might get spirited away by them.”

    Li XunHuan said, “What about now?”

    The little girl said, “Now that I know you, I obviously won’t lie to you again.”

    Li XunHuan said, “In that case, let me ask you this. Have you seen anyone coming out of this bed recently?”

    The little girl said, “No.”

    She blinked her eyes, and added, “But I have seen someone passing by outside.”

    Li XunHuan asked, “Who?”

    The little girl said, “A man. I don’t know him.”

    She smiled brightly and added, “Other than you, I don’t know many man.”

    Li XunHuan pretended not have heard that last sentence, and asked, “What did he want?”

    The little girl said, “That man looked scary, with a thick beard and a large knife scar on his face. He asked as he came in, ‘Do you know Li XunHuan? Is he going to be here?”

    Li XunHuan said, “What did you say?”

    The little girl said, “Since I don’t know him, I simply lied. I said that I know you, and that you’ll be here soon.”

    Li XunHuan asked, “Then what did he say?”

    The little girl said, “Then he gave me a letter, asking me to give it to you.”

    Li XunHuan said, “So you accepted the letter?”

    The little girl said, “Of course I did. Otherwise, wouldn’t it show that I was lying? This person was scary. If he knew that I had lied, he’d likely break my head.”

    She smiled, and added, “A little girl with her head broken would be in a lot pain, don’t you think?”

    Li XunHuan also smiled, and said, “A little boy with his head broken would also be in a lot pain.”

    This little girl has a special skill; she can make all her words sound like the truth.

    Anyone else would have asked her things like, “Where’s the man who delivered the letter? Why did he leave the letter here?”

    But Li XunHuan did not ask these questions.

    He also has a special skill. No matter what someone else says, he can always look as if he believes every single word. That’s why people always tend to think that they have fooled him.

    The little girl took out the letter, and it does indeed have his name written on the envelope. The letter is sealed, which meant that the girl did not know it’s content.

    The letter said, “I have always admired Mr. Li XunHuan. Let’s meet at the foot of this spring on the first day of the tenth month. Do not disappoint me.”

    The person who signed the letter was none other than ShangGuan JinHong!

    This letter is quite simple, and quite polite. But anyone who receives this letter would most likely start writing his will, or at least be scared to death.

    If ShangGuan JinHong challenged someone, then how long can that person live?

    Li XunHuan slowly put the letter back into the envelope, and put it in his robe.

    He’s still smiling.

    The little girl had been examining him this whole time. She couldn’t help asking, “What did the letter say?”

    Li XunHuan said, “Nothing important.”

    The little girl said, “Based on that big smile on your face, I bet it’s a woman who wrote you that letter.”

    Li XunHuan said, “You guessed right.”

    The little girl rolled her eyes, and said, “Does the letter say that she wants to meet you?’

    Li XunHuan said, “Right again.”

    The little girl smirked, “If I had known that a woman wrote it, I would have never told you about the letter.”

    Li XunHuan said, “But if you hadn’t given me the letter, she would be heartbroken.”

    The little girl glared at him, and asked, “What kind of a person is she? Is she beautiful?”

    Li XunHuan said, “Of course she is, or I’d have thrown this letter away. An ugly woman is even scarier than a stupid man.”

    The little girl said, “How old is she?”

    Li XunHuan said, “She’s not old.”

    The little girl forcibly stuck her sewing needle to the wooden edge of her embroidery hoop, and said angrily, “Since you have such a beautiful lady waiting to meet you, why aren’t you rushing out to meet her? Why are you still here?”

    Li XunHuan said, “You know, it’s not proper for the host to drive away the guests.”

    The little girl said coldly, “Even if I don’t ask you to go, you’d still leave.”

    Li XunHuan said, “What if I want to stay?”

    The little girl said, “If you want to stay, I’d obviously treat you as an honored guest.”

    Li XunHuan said, “Really?”

    The little girl said, “Of course. I might not be very generous, but I’m not stingy either. If you stay for ten days, then I’ll take care of you for ten days. If you want to stay forever, I’ll… I’ll still let you.”

    As she spoke, her face became red.

    If a girl’s face could become red, it meant that she’s no longer little.

    Li XunHuan said, “Fine. Then I’ll stay…”

    Before he could finish, the little girl had already jumped up. She quickly asked, “You’re not lying?”

    Li XunHuan said with a smile, “Of course I’m not lying. How could I leave when I have found such a good host like you?”

    The little girl said with a bright smile, “I know you like to drink. I’ll get you some wine. There might not be much of anything else here, but there are wines, enough to drown you.”

    Li XunHuan said, “Other than wine, I’d also like some pieces of wood, the harder, the better.

    The little girl asked with a puzzled look on her face, “Wood? What do you need wood for? Do you actually eat wood while drinking wine? Your teeth must be amazing.”

    As she talked, she began to laugh, and then said, “But since you asked for wood, I’ll give you some. I can give you anything. Even if you want to grab the moon in the sky, I’ll give you a ladder.”

    Guo SongYang had been examining Li XunHuan’s face this whole time. He suddenly said, “I don’t eat wood. I eat eggs. Any kind of eggs, chicken eggs, duck eggs, sparrow eggs, salted eggs… as long as it’s eggs, it’s fine. The more, the better.”

    The little girl frowned. She glared at him and said, “You’re going to stay too?”

    Guo SongYang said, “With a host like you, how can I possibly leave?”

    The little girl scowled as she turned around and walked out. She muttered to herself, “Why are there so many people who can’t get a clue. Do they have nothing better to do than sticking their nose into places they don’t belong?”

    End of Chapter 41
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    Thanks Meh!

    I think Li Xun-Huan is easily the most attractive man in Gu-Long universe. He has got such magnetism without even trying. While Chu LiuXiang & Lu XiaoFeng have their ways with women, Li TanHua is way above those two.
    "Man is his own star; and the soul that can
    Render an honest and a perfect man,
    Commands all light, all influence, all fate;
    Nothing to him falls early or too late.
    Our acts our angels are, or good or ill,
    Our fatal shadows that walk by us still."

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    I learned these words through my new hobby, crossstitching. <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">

    the frame could be called embroidery hoop or stretcher bar.

    hope this is what you meant. <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">
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    Wow that little girl sounds really amazing, she is quite smart, but I can't believe that she liked Li XunHuan ! He sure does have charm!!

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    Thumbs up Thks

    Hiya gys,
    Thks Meh for a highly readable translation of this novel. Dang, finished the chapter quick.
    Didnt notice this until the end. Dont know why... must be the interesting characters and especially the villains and side characters are treated with such respect -- they have their own agendas, smarts [none are dumb. ], and surprises.
    I didnt like the Taiwan production of this movie because it drags and is too sentimental when I saw it, and thought this novel is not as interesting. Glad I was proven wrong. The novel is much MUCH better.
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    the frame could be called embroidery hoop or stretcher bar.
    That sounds about right. Thanks.

    Chapter 42: Malice

    The room was big, the bed sheets were newly changed, very clean. The teapot wasn’t broken in any way, while the teacups were very clean.

    Lin XianEr sat on the bed, patching up a tear in a man’s robe. She’s not as good with the needle as she is with the sword, so she sometimes pricked her own hand.

    Ah Fei stood by the window, looking at the moon outside, thinking about something.

    Lin XianEr sewed a button unto the robe and shook her head. She said, “I really can’t get used to living in a hotel. Even the best hotel room seems like a cage to me. When I enter, I become queasy.”

    Ah Fei said, “Yeah.”

    Lin XianEr said, “I’ve always heard that there’s no place like home. Don’t you think so?”

    Ah Fei said, “Yeah.”

    Lin XianEr rolled her eyes and said, “You’re unhappy that I forced you to leave our home, right?”

    Ah Fei said, “No.”

    Lin XianEr sighed, and said, “I know Li XunHuan’s your friend. I also like for you to have a friend like him. But we have already decided to start over, so we must leave him. A person like him spreads trouble and misery to wherever he goes.”

    She then added tenderly, “We promised to never to get into these troubles again, didn’t we?”

    Ah Fei said, “Yes.”

    Lin XianEr said, “Besides, although he’s a dependable friend, he’s still a drunkard. All drunkards have annoying problems, problems that they themselves may not even realize.”

    She sighed again and said, “That’s why he would break down my door, to try and make me…”

    Ah Fei suddenly turned around and stared at her. He said, “Please do not talk about this again, ok?”

    Lin XianEr smiled tenderly, and said, “I’ve already forgiven him, because he’s your friend.”

    Ah Fei’s face turned pale and miserable. He said, “I don’t have any friends… just you.”

    Lin XianEr stood up and put her hands on his, then pulled him to her side. She said tenderly, “You’re the only person in my life too.”

    Her face touched Ah Fei’s, and said, “I only need you. Other than you, I don’t need anything else.”

    Ah Fei opened his hands and arms, and grabbed her tightly.

    Lin XianEr said, “Why won’t you marry me openly, so everyone will know that I’m your wife? What are you afraid of? Can you not forgive me for my past? Do you not truly love me?”

    Agony appeared on Ah Fei’s face. His released his hands from her body.

    But Lin XianEr still held on to him tightly.

    Ah Fei now lied on the bed, about to fall apart.

    His heart filled with hatred, but also pain.

    He hated himself, because he should not be doing this, but he couldn’t help it. Sometimes he simply wished to die, but he just couldn’t leave her.

    Lin XianEr combed her hair in front of the mirror. He cheeks bright red, her big, shiny eyes looked blissful.

    She can do it with everyone else, but not with Ah Fei.

    A little smile appeared on the side of Lin XianEr’s lips. Her smile was very beautiful, but also very cruel. She absolutely loved to torture men, nothing else in the world could make her happier.

    At this moment, someone knocked loudly on the door.

    A voice yelled, “Open the door. I know you’re in there. I saw you.”

    Ah Fei quickly got up, and yelled, “Who is it?”

    Before he finished asking, someone broke into the room.

    He pointed to Lin XianEr, and said while laughing wildly, “Although you pretended to not see me, I did see you. Do you still think you can leave me behind?”

    No expression appeared on Lin XianEr’s face. She simply said, “Who are you? I don’t recognize you!”

    This youngster laughed, “You don’t recognize me? You really don’t recognize me? You mean you forgot that night? That’s just great, I spent all that time to send all those letters for you, yet now you don’t even know me?”

    He suddenly rushed towards Lin XianEr, wanting to grab Lin XianEr, and said, “But I still know you. I will never forget you…”

    Lin XianEr obviously won’t let herself be seized by this youngster, quickly evading to the side. She yelled in shock, “This person’s drunk. He’s mad.”

    He wanted to grab her again, but Ah Fei had already blocked his path. He said loudly, “Get out!”

    That youngster said, “Who are you? What right do you have to tell me to leave? You want to please her, don’t you. I’ll tell you something. One day she’s going to forget you too, just like she forgot about me.”

    He suddenly began to laugh loudly, and said, “Anyone who thinks that she could love him is an idiot, and idiot… She’s been with hundreds of men…”

    Before he could finish, Ah Fei’s fist shot out!

    ‘Bam’, the youngster flew out the window, and landed face up in the courtyard.

    Lin XianEr suddenly covered her face and began to cry. She said with tears, “What did I do wrong? Why would these people wrong me like this? Trying to hurt me so…”

    Ah Fei sighed, held her tightly and said, “You don’t have to be afraid as long as I’m by your side.”

    After a long time, Lin XianEr finally stopped crying. She whispered, “Thankfully, you’re still by my side. As long as you’re by my side, I don’t care how anyone else think of me.”

    Ah Fei, with fire burning in his eyes, said as he bit his teeth, “I won’t let anyone hurt you in the future!”

    Lin XianEr said, “Anyone?”

    Ah Fei said, “That’s right. Anyone.”

    Lin XianEr smiled, and grabbed him even more tightly.

    But her eyes are looking at someone else. There’s no pain in her eyes, but rather happiness.

    That person is also looking back at her.

    He stood right by the fallen youngster.

    He’s very tall, very thin, on his waist is a sword!

    Although there’s light in the courtyard, it’s dim. One could only see three scars on his face.

    Of course, the scariest part was his eyes.

    His eyes were gray, lacking any feelings, any life.

    He stared coldly at Lin XianEr and slowly nodded. Then he turned around and walked away, toward a set of rooms in the south.

    After a while, two people came by and took the youngster away.

    Lin XianEr finally stopped crying totally.

    It’s now later in the night.

    Ah Fei slept soundly on the bed. He fell asleep right after he drank the tea Lin XianEr gave him.

    The courtyard is very quiet, with only sounds of the wind.

    Then, the door opened.

    She left the room quietly, and made her way through the courtyard, towards the set of rooms in the south.

    There’s only one room here where the light’s still on.

    Lin XianEr knocked on that room’s door.

    A low, coarse voice said from the inside, “The door’s unlocked.”

    Lin XianEr gently pushed the door, and opened it.

    That person who stared at her earlier sat in the room, still as a statue.

    Lin XianEr saw his eyes clearly as she moved closer.

    His pupils were very big, so when he’s looking at you, he’s seemingly looking elsewhere. But when he’s looking elsewhere, he’s seemingly looking at you.

    These eyes were not bright, nor were they penetrating, but there’s some devilish attraction about them. Even Lin XianEr couldn’t help but shudder inside as she saw them.

    But on the outside, she still smiled innocently.

    The scarier the person she meets, the more innocently she smiles. This is her first weapon against men. She had perfected this art.

    She said with a smile, “So are you Mr. Jin?”

    Jin WuMing stared at her intently. He neither responded nor made any gesture.

    Lin XianEr smiled even more sweetly, and said, “I’ve heard about the famous Mr. Jin for a long time now.”

    Jin WuMing continued to stare at her coldly. In his eyes, the most beautiful woman in the world looked no different from a block of wood.

    Jin WuMing suddenly interrupted her, and said coldly, “You need to remember one rule when speaking with me.”

    Lin XianEr said, “Just tell me the rule, Mr. Jin. I’ll follow it.”

    Jin WuMing said, “I only ask questions, not answer them. Understand?”

    Lin XianEr said, “I understand.”

    Jin WuMing said, “But if I ask a question, then there must be an answer. A very clear and simple answer, as I don’t want to hear any junk.”

    Lin XianEr said, “I understand.”

    Jin WuMing asked, “So you are Lin XianEr?”

    Lin XianEr said, “Yes.”

    Jin WuMing asked, “You asked to meet me here?”

    Lin XianEr said, “Yes.”

    Jin WuMing asked, “You already found Li XunHuan for us?”

    Lin XianEr said, “Yes.”

    Jin WuMing asked, “Why are you doing this?”

    Lin XianEr said, “I know Clan Leader ShangGuan wants to find Li XunHuan, because Li XunHuan likes to mind other people’s businesses too much.”

    Jin WuMing asked, “You want to help us?”

    Lin XianEr said, “Yes.”

    Jin WuMing’s eyes narrowed, and asked loudly, “Why do you want to help us?”

    Lin XianEr said, “Because I hate Li XunHuan. I want him to die!”

    Jin WuMing asked, “Why don’t you kill him yourself?”

    Lin XianEr sighed, and said, “Because I can’t. I can’t even think about it when I’m standing in front of him, because his eyes can see into other’s minds. His one dagger can take others’ lives.”

    Jin WuMing asked, “Is his dagger really that powerful?”

    Lin XianEr sighed again, and said, “His dagger is even scarier than the legend. Everyone who had wanted to kill him had died in his hands. Other than Mr. Jin and Clan Leader ShangGuan, there’s no one on this Earth who can kill him!”

    She raised her head and said gently, “Although I’ve never seen Mr. Jin’s sword art, I can imagine its power.”

    Jin WuMing asked, “How can you imagine such a thing?”

    Lin XianEr said, “By your composure and calm. Although I’m not a swordsman, I do know that when experts fight, speed and variations aren’t the most important factor in the battle. The most important factor is their composure.”

    Jin WuMing asked, “Why?”

    Lin XianEr said, “Because there really isn’t really that much diversity between the different sword moves in the world. Nor is there much difference between the speeds of expert fighters. So the most important issue is who can remain calm during the battle, to see the weakness of the opponent. That is who the winner will be.”

    Lin XianEr really is amazing.

    This is her third weapon against men.

    She knows that all men like to be praised, especially praised by women. Praises can be incredibly useful in getting a man’s heart.

    Jin WuMing still did not show any expression on his face. He asked, “You set the appointment date on the first day of the tenth month?”

    Lin XianEr said, “Yes, because I know Mr. Jin and Clan Leader ShangGuan will be there by that date.”

    Jin WuMing said, “But how can you be sure that Li XunHuan will also be there?”

    Lin XianEr said, “Because I know he has seen the letter. If he saw the letter, then he’ll be there.”

    Jin WuMing said, “You are certain?”

    Lin XianEr said, “He’s not afraid of death, because he can’t live for much longer anyway.”

    Her smiled disappeared, and added, “But because he’s about to die, Li XunHuan’s very dangerous. Although your kung fu might be better, you still have to watch out. He might fight as if he doesn’t care for his life.”

    Her gaze was filled with much compassion, her fourth weapon against men.

    If a beautiful woman can use these four weapons well, then she can make at least ninety-nine percent of men grovel at her feet.

    Unfortunately, this man proved to be an exception to the rule. Because not only is he not a man, he’s not even human!

    But thankfully, she has her most useful weapon left.

    This is her last one, and the most primitive one which women have. Sometimes this weapon is the only way to control a man.

    But would it work on Jin WuMing?”

    Lin XianEr hesitated.

    Unless she’s absolutely certain, she would never use this weapon.

    Jin WuMing said calmly, “Are you done speaking?”

    Lin XianEr said, “Yes.”

    Jin WuMing slowly got up, walked to the side of the table, his face away from her.

    Lin XianEr let out a bitter smile, and said, “If Mr. Jin has no further orders, I shall leave now.”

    Jin WuMing ignored her. He took out a pill, and swallowed it with a cup of tea.

    Lin XianEr doesn’t see what else she can do here. She can only leave.

    But before she reached the door, Jin WuMing suddenly said, “You like to seduce men, don’t you.”

    Lin XianEr froze. Jin WuMing added, “You’ve been trying to seduce me ever since you came to this room, right?”

    Lin XianEr’s eyes brightened. She said with her head lowered, “I like men who have a lot of self control.”

    Jin WuMing turned around and said, “Then why did you give up?”

    Her cheeks fully flushed. Lin XianEr said, “Your heart seemed to be made of steel. I… I can’t…”

    Jin WuMing said, “But my body’s not made of steel.”

    He added, “If you want to seduce me, there’s only one method, the most direct method.”

    Lin XianEr said with her face all red, “Why don’t you teach me that method?”

    Jin WuMing slowly walked up to her, and said in a chilling voice, “You actually need me to teach you this method?”

    He raised his hand and slapped her on the face.

    Lin XianEr’s body flew up, and landed on the bed. While her body still suffered from the pain afflicted by the slap, fire of desire burnt in her eyes.

    By the time Lin XianEr walked out of the room, it’s nearly dawn.

    She looked very flustered, very tired, and her legs were so weak she almost couldn’t walk. But her heart felt very fulfilled, very calm.

    Every time she lit up the fire in Ah Fei’s heart, she’d also have a fire burnt within her own heart. That’s why she must find someone to release this desire, to put out the fire.

    She liked to be tortured, and liked to torture others.

    Lin XianEr looked up into the sky and said, “Today’s already the twenty-fifth. Five more days… Only five more days…”

    She smiled.

    Oh, Li XunHuan. You only have five more days to live!

    End of Chapter 42

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