I like reading some of her reviews back then (being a contributor of E-buzz myself ages ago), but her latest review is seriously something I agree a lot with.

No, not about the movie, which I didn't even bother to watch (surprising that a junk like that is from one half of the team that brought us Infernal Affairs), but rather, at some of her rants, especially this.

Before I proceed with my very personal thoughts about this movie, I have often read in SPCNET Forums about the definition of a review. It doesn't matter whether the review is good or bad, but what is a review? Is it a retelling of the plot, scene by scene, or a summary of the plot which will take up 90% of the so-called review and then the rest filled with OOHs and AHHs about favourite this or favourite that? I have often received emails which said my reviews are like critical analyses, and the way I described the series or movies sounded like people dying at a critical stage because of lack of good performances, good script, etc. I will take that as a compliment and I feel a review is actually an analysis, with some background, and then your opinion based on your perception of that background. No plot of a series or a movie is the same since everybody sees things differently, and so emphasis when writing a review is different. If you prefer the positive things, you will of course write about your favourite stars' performance. If you, like me, would rather focus on the negative, then of course nothing seems right with the movie or series. A review is all about analysis of an emphasised point of thought consisting of personal opinions built upon biased but never prejudiced perception of the point. That perception can be of a fan, of a sceptic, of a viewer, a professional reviewer, of any racial and social background. That is why sometimes 10 people will have the same verdict built upon 10 different opinions. In the end I am very sure there is a consensus somewhere in the verdict.
Some of the reviews are SOOOOO dominated by the summaries that in the end, it's impossible not to feel ticked off when the reviewer merely write 3-4 lines about what he or she really thought about the series.

Actually, for me, I would rather read what the person thinks about a certain movie or series, and after watching the movie and series, I prefer seeing how the reviewer analyses it to see whether I agree or disagree with him or her.

Of course, one other thing she lamented was the fact that people just CAN'T SEEM to accept the opinions of another.

In one of my old reviews for E-Buzz, I mentioned Detective Investigation Files (or was it Jdrama It Started With A Kiss?) as a Piece of Crap (WHILE SUPPLYING MORE THAN ENOUGH POINTS ON WHY I THOUGHT SO) and I would still receive numerous mails whining to me about why I would insult their dearest Louis like that.