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Thread: What is Shi PoTian like?

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    Default What is Shi PoTian like?

    I've watched both TVB and mainland version of Xia Ke Xing. The potrayal of Shi PoTian by Tony Leung and Wu Jian are very different from each other.

    Tony Leung's Shi Potian was kind, mild-mannered and mature. His demeanor was always calm and rather passive.

    Wu Jian's Shi PoTian was also very kind, but his Shi PoTian was friendly, always smiling and childlike. He is certainly not calm and passive.

    So, which one is the correct Shi PoTian?
    If both are inaccurate potrayal of the character, what is Shi PoTian really like?
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    I myself have never read Hap Hak Hung so I am not sure about real Shi Po Tian. However, I do remember that Ian Liew used to say once somewhere in this forum that Tony Leung's version of Hap Hak Hung departed a lot from the original novel so I observed that Tony's portrayal of Shi Po Tian might follow TVB version rather than in the novel.

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    I only know that SPT is a very nice guy, and also isn't very bright.
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    He's very friendly and nice, maybe too friendly and too nice, to the point of being completely silly and boring.
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    I actually find Shi Po tian very likeable guy.. well not to mention i am like ZhuZiRuo personality...

    He is very naive and sheltered.. but devoted.
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    not too outgoing either.

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    So how strong is Shi Potian really??? I mean, if u compare him to people like Xiao Feng, Xu Zhu, and Duan Yu????? Can he hope to match Tian Shan Tong Lao and Li qiu Shui?????

    wait never mind, someone on the other thread just managed to convince me that Shi Potian>>> Xiao Feng.
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