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Thread: Do You Believe Rebecca Loos? (About her affair with David Beckham)

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    Question Do You Believe Rebecca Loos? (About her affair with David Beckham)

    I just finished watching the Sky One interview they did with her. She is really quite a stunner (compared to Posh Becks). What do you think? I heard that becos of her story, she has made more money this year than Posh did last year! She was also on a realty show to pick a new man in her life! She is apparently dating a National Rugby player now!

    So do you believe her? Or was it for the $$$$ ?

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    how dare she steal beckham away from me?
    nvm, there's still his son
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    i believe her!! and didn't bekam admit it newayz?
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    she looks like an old woman.. i was suprised when i saw her pics on the internet, i was expecting a really pretty woman but i saw a woman that looks like around 40 years old.

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    This remind me of the story of Hugh Grant when she got caught having sex with that hooker... who doesn't even look hot at all. And everyone of us was wonder what the... when you have a hot girlfriend like Liz Hurley... why would you want to fool around.

    I wish I knew what Beckham was thinking when he did the bam bam with her... but she is able to capatialzie this opportunity and make some $$$ from it.

    So is all $$$
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    Verdict : She is one lucky woman! David and $$, jackpot!

    way better than going into a casino.
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    well, i expected her to be absolutely stunning but when i look into her photo in the newspaper i was just dissappointed, yeah victoria isn't all tat beautiful but rebecca??? david wat were you thinking??!! if you're gonna get caught at least let it be in style

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    yea me too.. i thought i searched for the wrong pics and i searched again, second time i thought i spelled wrong and searched again.. then i was really suprised... she's not bad looking but looks too old. like over 40....

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