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    Default Wu Lin Wai Shi

    Does anyone know the viet name of the this novel? I really like it, but i can't wait for the translation any longer. I can read viet so if you can give me the title or even better an online viet translation, that would be super.

    And can anyone recommend any other good gu long novels (besides Little Li's flying Dagger) with the viet titles?


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    the title is Vo Lam Tuyet Dia or Vo Lam Ngoai Su

    here is the link

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    Have u the whole series of the Dagger Lee? Which include Jiu yue fei ying, tian ya ming yue dao & Bian cheng lang zi? If u have read all that, u should try LEGENDARY SIBLINGS(JDSJ), Da Qi Ying Xiong Zhuan(Legend of the Big Flag Hero) or Hu Hua Ling(very good story line with very bad spoiler, the usual GL)

    The Seven Weapons(Qi zhong wu qi) is very short n sweet too.
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    I read the book "Wu Lin Wai Shi" but I didn't understand the end. At the end, does Shen Lang love Zhu Qi Qi? Or Bai Fei Fei? Or both (Qi Qi and Fei Fei)? And who does he love the most? Can somebody please explain it to me? Thank you very much.
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    Hi Anna! After so many years, I am still interested in knowing who Shen Lang loves too LOL!

    Here is a very hilarious answer (and his funny expressions) from Huang Haibing (actor who played as our beloved Shen Lang):

    I don't speak 100% Chinese, I think he was saying after many years people still ask him the same question as well. Yeah, that's just how good this drama is, Huang Haibing is forever the hottest Shen Lang and so is Wang Yan, the most beautiful Bai Fei Fei.
    Somebody did translated the book half way, wish they would continue to the end as I cannot read Chinese and google translate is not very clear. But I think what Huang Haibing said was, Shen Lang definitely loved Bai Fei Fei. However, because she was too revengeful, by the time she realized she wanted him back, he was already with Qi Qi. He couldn't seem to choose either girl as well, it sort of sound like he choose Qi Qi and the interviewer was quite funny too, she seems to prefer Fei Fei.

    Any fans of Huang Haibing? Somebody recently uploaded 英雄黄海冰版 that's how I found his interview. The old drama was quite nice too, stars Ning Jing in it, love it!!!

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