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Thread: Translation of Meteor, Butterfly, Sword

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    Quote Originally Posted by Han Solo View Post
    The most graphic of GL's death that i had read.

    Thanks for the translation.

    Han SOlo
    Thank you for reading.

    Yah, that was such a gross scene to picture.
    Because I'm somewhere in between,
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    more...more want more!

    thanks a lot jaded wener!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rati4u View Post
    more...more want more!

    thanks a lot jaded wener!
    You're welcome, glad that you like it!

    The story is starting to really pick up now. I'm working on this novel and The Sword of the Third Young Master.

    Just to let people know, I think Gu Long went on and never decided to end this chapter, so Chapter Five is incredibly long, even though it could be split into two separate chapters. I'll have the next update soon, though, probably by the end of the week or earlier.
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    Chapter Five Continued:

    * * *

    Dead silence.
    The smell of blood still lingered in the wind.
    Meng XingHun was crouching on the ground. There were his blood and his sweat on the ground.
    The cold sweat had soaked through his clothes.
    The fact that he did not die today, other than because of his correct judgments, was really also due to a bit of luck.

    “Was it really luck?”

    No! It was not because of luck, nor because of his correct judgments!
    Watching Tu DaPeng and co. kill Han Tang, it could be seen that every single one of their steps and every single one of their stances went through very strict training and very thorough planning beforehand. Their stances were not only callous and cruel, but were also very precise! Every single one of the stances was precise and exactly right!

    “Then why did Tu DaPeng’s saber stab miss by that half an inch?”

    Meng XingHun had been suspicious the whole time, and now, he suddenly understood. The reason he did not die was only because Tu DaPeng never wanted to kill him! Tu DaPeng never even listened to or believed one word of the things he said. Tu DaPeng obviously decided that he was also Han Tang’s mate and LaoBo’s subordinate.

    Therefore, Tu DaPeng wanted to keep him as the live witness in order to inform Sun YuBo that, “Lü XiangChuan is the one who betrayed Han Tang, he’s the traitor who secretly plotted with the ‘Twelve Flying Roc Sect!’”

    Therefore Lü XiangChuan was definitely not the traitor!
    Thousand Roc King wanted to use Sun YuBo’s hands to eliminate Lü XiangChuan.
    Thousand Roc King wanted Sun YuBo to eliminate his most useful subordinate!
    Because in the eyes of Thousand Roc King, the most frightening person was not Han Tang, but Lü XiangChuan.
    To kill Sun YuBo, then, one must first kill Lü XiangChuan.
    So sinister was this plan.
    Only until now did Meng XingHun realize what kind of a person Lü XiangChuan was, and realized the importance of his status.
    Now that both Sun Jian and Han Tang were killed, he was the only one left of LaoBo’s most useful subordinates. Could he triumph over Thousand Roc King’s “Twelve Flying Roc Sect” using just his own strength?
    Meng XingHun was thinking, although he was no longer able to think.
    He suddenly felt very tired, very cold.
    So tired that he would fall asleep as soon as he closed his eyes, so cold that he would freeze to death as soon as he fell asleep.
    He dared not to shut his eyes, but he did not have the strength to stand up.
    His wound was still bleeding, he had already shed too much blood. Most of his life’s strength had already flowed out with the blood, the only strength he had left was to reluctantly turn around.
    After he had turned around, he felt even more tired, and even more difficult to support himself.
    Just then, he saw Ye Xiang.

    The room was very gloomy, the air inside was moist like the cabin of a broken ship, even the wooden furniture had a smell of mildew.
    The wind did not blow in here nor did the sunlight shine in here.
    This was the place Han Tang lived in when he was alive.
    In the corner of the room was a stool that was high yet hard. No one who sat on it would feel comfortable.
    Han Tang, however, often sat on this stool. Sometimes he would just sit there for most of the day.
    He did not enjoy comfort nor did he like joy.
    Perhaps even he himself was unclear about what he was living for.

    Now, the person sitting on the stool was Ye Xiang.
    He was sitting very still. There was a blank expression in his eyes, as if he was not looking at anything nor thinking about anything.
    When Han Tang sat on this stool, he had the same expressions as him.
    Meng XingHun was lying on the bed across from the stool. He had already to him about the things that had happened, and was now waiting for his analysis.
    When he was listening, Ye Xiang did not say a single word. But now it was the time for him to speak.

    He said slowly, word for word, “You did a very stupid thing today.”

    Meng XingHun nodded and laughed bitterly, “I know. I didn’t have to take this saber stab. I should have been able to tell from Tu DaPeng’s eyes that they had absolutely no intentions of killing me.”

    Ye Xiang slowly replied, “No matter under what circumstance, you do not need to shed blood.”
    He smiled, his smile was very astringent, and he slowly continued, “There aren’t many things left on the bodies of people like us, nothing is more precious than blood.”

    Meng XingHun’s eyes stared at the ceiling.
    The ceiling also grew mildews and looked like the bottom of a pot. Did Han Tang not live his entire life as if he was underneath the bottom of a pot, continuously enduring frying and suffering?
    But he continued to endure after all.

    Meng XingHun sighed and said, “Perhaps there are things more precious than blood!”

    Ye Xiang replied, “There are?”

    Meng XingHun replied, “There is one thing.”

    Ye Xiang asked, “You mean tears?”

    Meng XingHun nodded and replied, “That’s right. Some people would rather shed blood than shed tears.”

    Ye Xiang remarked, “Those people are idiots.”

    Meng XingHun replied, “Anyone could be an idiot. Anyone could do something very stupid.”
    He suddenly smiled again and continued, “Tu DaPeng and all really didn’t have to keep me alive today.”

    Ye Xiang hesitated and said, “They really didn’t.”

    Meng XingHun said, “After Sun YuBo gets the news about Han Tang’s death, the first person he suspects must be Lü XiangChuan.”

    Ye Xiang replied, “When a person is facing great difficulties and danger, he would often turn very paranoid. He would harbour suspect for everyone, and would feel that there was not a single one in the world that he could trust.”
    He laughed bitterly and said again, “That would then be his fatal flaw. The difficulties and danger may not actually harm him, but “suspicion” would often take his life.”

    Meng XingHun replied, “If Sun YuBo really killed Lü XiangChuan, then he would be completely alone.”

    Ye Xiang said, “You’re wrong.”

    Meng XingHun replied, “Wrong?”

    Ye Xiang replied, “You underestimated him.”

    Meng XingHun said, “I also know that he’s not someone to be defeated easily. But not matter how tall the tree is, if it was isolated and had no support, it would still easily be blown down by the wind.”

    Ye Xiang replied, “If a tree could grow that tall, then surely it would have very deep roots.”

    Meng XingHun said, “You mean ….”

    Ye Xiang continued, “I mean, a tall tree’s roots are buried underneath the ground and is invisible to others.”

    Meng XingHun asked, “Could it be that Sun YuBo still has other subordinates? Subordinates that are hidden underground?”

    Ye Xiang replied, “There are still two men.”

    Meng XingHun said, “Two men are still inferior to twelve men.”

    Ye Xiang replied, “But these two men may be more frightening than a hundred and twenty thousand other men combined.”

    Meng XingHun asked, “Do you know who these two men are?”

    Ye Xiang was silent for a very long time, then he slowly replied, “One is called Lu Chong.”

    Meng XingHun frowned, “Lu Chong? Are you talking about Lu ManTian?”

    Ye Xiang replied, “Yes.”

    Meng XingHun asked, “How does he have associations with Sun YuBo?”

    Ye Xiang replied, “He not only has associations with Sun YuBo, but also has associations with Lü XiangChuan.”

    Meng XingHun asked, “Oh?”

    Ye Xiang replied, “He’s the blood uncle of Lü XiangChuan.”
    He continued, “Of the two largest forces in Sun YuBo’s hands, he’s one of them.”

    Meng XingHun asked, “Who’s the other man?”

    Ye Xiang replied, “Yi QianLong. Of course you also know this man.”

    Meng XingHun knew.
    There were few people in the martial world who did not know Yi QianLong. There were thirteen clans of bandits along the shores of the Yangtze River, some operated in the waters, some on the shores.
    Yi QianLong was the chief bandit of these thirteen clans.

    Meng XingHun hesitated, “So this means that, those thirteen clans are also command by Sun YuBo.”

    Ye Xiang slowly replied, “He does not directly command them, since in the recent years he was trying eagerly to move towards the right path and no longer want to have any associations with friends from the underworld crime scenes. But if he was in any danger, they’d still give their lives for him.”

    Meng XingHun replied, “I didn’t think that Sun YuBo’s roots would be this deep.”

    Ye Xiang said, “Therefore, even if the “Twelve Flying Roc Sect” have gained the upper hand now, it is still undetermined who will win or lose this war.”

    Meng XingHun was silent.

    Ye Xiang stared at him and suddenly said, “Do you understand the meaning behind why I am telling you these things?”

    Meng XingHun replied, “I do.”

    Ye Xiang asked, “Do you really?”

    Meng XingHun replied, “You want me to give up on this mission.”

    Ye Xiang replied, “I’m not forcing you, but I only want to advise that you continue to live well, for yourself.”

    Meng XingHun replied, “I understand.”

    He did indeed understand, therefore his heart was filled with gratitude. Ye Xiang’s life was already ruined, so he had placed all his hopes onto Meng XingHun.
    Because Meng XingHun was like his shadow.
    But there were also things that Meng XingHun did not understand.

    He suddenly said, “You seem to know a lot about Sun YuBo’s affairs.”

    Ye Xiang suddenly went quiet.

    “How do you know so much?” He did not ask, because he knew that Ye Xiang did not want to talk about it. If Ye Xiang did not want to talk about it, then he definitely had very ample reasons for it.
    Since he was six years old, Meng XingHun had been living with him. Only now did he suddenly realize that he did not understand him too deeply, nor did he know much about him.

    “It really is not easy for a person to understand another.”

    Meng XingHun sighed and said, “I understand your meaning, but now I still don’t want to give up.”

    Ye Xiang asked, “Why?”

    Meng XingHun replied, “Because I still have a chance now.”

    Ye Xiang asked, “You do?”

    Meng XingHun replied, “Yes – the fight between two parties means that the third party will benefit.”
    He smiled and continued, “Since Sun YuBo and Thousand Roc King both have such strong powers, they would both suffer casualties if the war continues. This then would be my chance, and it’ll be a very good chance. Therefore I can’t give up.”

    Ye Xiang was silent for a very long time, then he said, “Even if you could kill Sun YuBo, what then?”

    Meng XingHun replied, “I don’t know – I only feel that since the cart has already been strapped to my body, my only choice is to keep walking forward.”

    Sometimes he really felt as if he was a cart-pulling horse, maybe more like a donkey pushing the mill, whose eyes were covered by others and just walked nonstop. He thought that he had walked very far, but in reality, he still remained in the same place.

    “Keep walking until when.”

    He never thought about this and dared not to think about it. He was scared that if he thought about this too much, he would go insane.

    Ye Xiang slowly said, “Therefore, you want to wait here.”

    Meng XingHun’s smile was more bitter than galls, and he nodded, “The taste of waiting isn’t good, but I’ve been used to it already.”

    Waiting for what? Waiting to kill or to be killed?

    Meng XingHun suddenly said again, “You go back and tell LaoDa, tell her that maybe I won’t be able to finish the job within the deadline. But if I can’t finish the job, then I’d never go back.”

    Ye Xiang slowly nodded, “I understand your meaning. You’re prepared to live your entire life for Gao LaoDa – I understand, because I used to be the same.”

    Meng XingHun asked, “But now?”

    Ye Xiang replied, “Now? Am I still living now?” He suddenly felt his entire mouth tasting bitter, and could not help but grasp the tea pot on the table and took a sip from it.

    He had not drunk tea for a very long time. But he did not expect that the tea pot actually held wine.
    Very strong wine.

    Ye Xiang suddenly laughed again and mumbled, “I didn’t think that Han Tang actually also drank wine. For someone like him, if he didn’t have wine, then his life would have been too difficult.”

    Meng XingHun could not help but say, “You seem to know a lot about him, too.”

    He thought that Ye Xiang would surely not reply to this, however, Ye Xiang nodded and said with a low spirit, “Indeed I know him, because I know myself.”

    Meng XingHun said, “He’s different from you.”

    Ye Xiang laughed bitterly, “What’s the difference? Isn’t it that he and I were both living for other people? I don’t hope that you become like us.”
    He lifted up his head and stared at the mildewed ceiling, and slowly continued, “No matter what, a person has to live for himself for some time, even if it’s for only a year or only a day – I often feel that I have not truly lived my entire life.”

    Meng XingHun tested and asked, “Not even for a day?”

    A ray of light suddenly flashed from Ye Xiang’s gray pupils.
    A meteor-like light, short yet magnificent.
    He knew that he had indeed lived for a day. That truly was a magnificent day.
    Because his life had already burned up completely in that one day.
    He suddenly turned around and walked out.
    This was the greatest happiness in his life, and he requested to forever keep it secret and enjoy it alone.
    Because other than the memories of this one day, he had nothing else.
    Ye Xiang had left for a long time, but Meng XingHun was still thinking about him, thinking about his entire life and his secret.

    “There must definitely be a unique relationship between him and Sun YuBo and Han Tang!”

    Meng XingHun had thought of this when he had suddenly seen him appear here.
    He came here, perhaps not because of Meng XingHun, but because of Han Tang.
    Meng XingHun wanted to ask, but did not. Because he felt that each person had the right to keep some secrets for themselves, and no one else had the right to investigate.
    He sighed and decided to first get a good night’s sleep.
    By the time he woke up, Sun YuBo must surely have heard the news of Han Tang’s death and must already have some action.
    He hoped that Sun YuBo would not act too wrongly, so wrong that it would completely defeat him.
    But he also knew that, everyone would make mistakes at some time.
    Sun YuBo was no exception either.

    The road was dark, but Ye Xiang did not mind.
    He could almost walk down this section of the road with his eyes closed. He once used to repeatedly walk down this road, and would wait day after day.
    He was waiting for a person, a person who had once completely burned up his life.
    Back then, he was willing to sacrifice everything just to see this person. As long as he could see this person just once again, he could die with no regrets.
    But now, he would rather die than see this person.
    He felt that he was no longer a match.
    Now he only hoped that that person was living well, and living for herself.
    The road was dark, because there were no stars or moon in the sky.
    At the end of the road was Sun YuBo’s garden.
    That was also something familiar to him, because he had once repeatedly spied from outside of the garden.
    But the entire time, he never saw what he hoped to see.
    He only saw his own pitiful fate.

    The sound of hoof beats was suddenly heard in the wind. The hoof beats were extra loud in such a still night.
    Ye Xiang stopped and ducked into the dark woods beside the road.
    His reaction was not very slow.
    Three or four horses arrived.
    The horses were galloping very fast, and in such a dark night, no one could clearly see who the people sitting on the horses were.
    But Ye Xiang knew.
    Amidst the hoof beats was also a sound of the clashing of metal objects that was as clear as bells. It was iron spheres.
    As long as Lu ManTian was in the area, one would hear the sound of the iron spheres clashing.

    “Lu ManTian had indeed arrived!”

    Sun YuBo was obviously prepared to use all his strength.
    Lu ManTian usually handled things in an open and upright manner, no matter where he went, he would always first let others know that “Lu ManTian” had arrived. But his actions tonight were clearly different.
    They took the most remote road and chose a starless and moonless night.
    There may be two meanings behind doing so.
    Sun YuBo’s summon was very rushed, thus he had no choice but to arrive in the night.
    They did not yet want to publicize the secret association between them. They wanted Thousand Roc King to think that Sun YuBo was now isolated and had no support, only this way could they find an opportunity to strike back.

    “Because if you underestimate your enemies, then it would surely be inevitable that you yourself become negligent.”

    Their counterstrike surely would be more cruel than the attack Thousand Roc King had on them.

    The three horses had already galloped far away, but Ye Xiang was still standing silently behind the darkness of the tree.
    The darkness could often make him more calm.
    He wanted to calmly analyze through this matter once, and see what Sun YuBo’s chances of winning are.
    But he could not.
    His mind was in a mess. Just as he was about to think about something, his train of thought would break off.
    He suddenly felt a splitting headache, and suddenly both of his legs bent down and he knelt down next to the tree bough.
    Now he no longer had the strength to think. He could only pray.
    He wholeheartedly prayed to above, to not inflict harm to the one he loved.
    This was the only thing he could do.
    The rough tree bark was rubbing against his face. His tears slowly streamed down, because he no longer had the strength to help the one he loved.
    He also did not dare.
    He originally walked down this road to go see Sun YuBo. But now however he could only kneel here and shed tears.

    * * *

    To Be Continued.
    Because I'm somewhere in between,
    My love and my agony.

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    Ooh, the plot thickens! Is the girl Ye Xiang had a fling with Sun Yubo's daughter or family member? Did Sun YuBo do something for Ye Xiang before?

    Thanks for the update!
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    Quote Originally Posted by yeongwee View Post
    Ooh, the plot thickens! Is the girl Ye Xiang had a fling with Sun Yubo's daughter or family member? Did Sun YuBo do something for Ye Xiang before?

    Thanks for the update!
    Hehehe, you'll see.
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    Chapter Five Continued:

    The iron spheres were clutched inside Lu ManTian’s hands and did not even make a sound, because he held on to them very tightly.
    His knuckles were turning white from the force he applied, and each of the veins on the back of his hands was popping up.
    On the table were golden cups filled with Persian wine, and in front of the golden cups sat Sun YuBo, who looked as if he was already greatly aged.
    He originally wanted to drink to his heart’s content uninhibitedly and to indulge in vast discussions.
    But now, he no longer was in such a mood. His mood was as heavy as a hanging plumb.
    The light of dawn already painted the white window paper. There was no one else in the room, not even Lü XiangChuan, who normally would never leave a single step away from LaoBo.
    This indicated that the matter they were discussing was not only serious, but also highly secretive.

    Lu ManTian suddenly said, “Can you prove that Han Tang and Sun Jian were both killed by the ‘Twelve Flying Roc Sect?’”

    LaoBo nodded. With a “Po!” sound, the wine cup in his hand was shattered.

    Lu ManTian continued, “You didn’t go find Yi QianLong?”

    LaoBo replied, “He may be able to arrive tomorrow or the day after. I told him there was no need to hurry, because …”
    His expressions looked even more tired. Staring at the shattered wine cup, he slowly continued, “I must first talk with you.”

    Lu ManTian let out a long sigh and replied, “I understand. I should be responsible for Lü XiangChuan’s affairs.”

    A sign of pain appeared on LaoBo’s tired face again, “I had always treated him like my own son, I trusted him even more than I did my own son. But now, I have no choice but to suspect him, because it seems like some of the things, other than him, no one else could have been able to do.”

    When a person had to suspect the person closest and most trusted to him, it would indeed be a very painful thing to do!

    Lu ManTian’s face, however, was entirely expressionless, he lightly said, “I can make sure that you never suspect him again.”
    His tone of speech was flat yet relaxed, therefore very few people could understand the meaning of this sentence.
    The corners of LaoBo’s lips suddenly tightened. He understood!

    “Only a dead person could never be suspected.”

    Only after a long time did LaoBo slowly say, “His mother is your own little sister.”

    Lu ManTian replied, “I only know that this organization cannot have any suspicious person remaining, just like how there can’t be even half a grain of sand inside one’s eyes.”

    LaoBo stood up and paced slowly in measured steps.
    Whenever he felt an unsolvable worry and pain in his heart, be would stand up and pace in measured steps.
    Lu ManTian and him were battle companions since their pioneer days, and were friends for an extremely long time. Thus, he obviously knew of this habit of his, and also knew that when he was deep in thought, he would not like to be disturbed by others, and would even less like to have others influence his decisions and judgments.

    After a very, very long time, LaoBo finally stopped pacing, and asked, “What do you think is the probability that he should be suspected?”

    Although this question was asked casually, Lu ManTian, however, knew that he must not have even one word wrong in response.
    The cost of answering even one word wrong may be a few dozens of lives!

    Lu ManTian also thought for a very long time, and finally slowly replied, “On the funeral day of The Seven Warriors, did he arrange the ambush?”

    LaoBo said, “Yes!”

    Lu ManTian asked, “He had direct command over all the men there?”

    LaoBo replied, “Yes.”

    Lu ManTian asked, “What about the men sent to find Han Tang?”

    LaoBo replied, “They were also under his command.”

    Lu ManTian asked, “He was also the one who had the first negotiation with Thousand Roc King?”

    LaoBo replied, “Yes.”

    Lu ManTian asked, “Did he perhaps create this battle?” LaoBo did not reply.

    Lu ManTian also knew that this question was not asked very wisely, thus immediately asked again, “If he had arranged things better, perhaps Thousand Roc King wouldn’t have launched an attack so soon?”

    LaoBo replied, “That’s right. Although this battle is already inevitable, but if we had initiated the attack, our loss obviously would not have been this disastrous.”

    Lu ManTian suddenly stopped speaking.

    LaoBo stared at him and said, “I am waiting to hear your conclusion.”

    Although it was difficult and not to mention painful to reach a conclusion for such matter, Lu ManTian already had no other choice!
    He stood up, lowered his head, and stared at his hands, and said, “There is at least a five percent chance that he should be suspected.”

    This sentence was as good as announcing Lü XiangChuan’s death sentence.
    Even if there was only a one percent chance of suspicion, then he would have to die!

    LaoBo was silent for a very long time, and suddenly, he vigorously shook his head and said loudly, “No, never.”

    Lu ManTian asked, “Never what?”

    LaoBo replied, “I would never ask you to kill him with your own hands.”

    Lu ManTian hesitated and tested, “You want to do it yourself?”

    LaoBo replied, “I can’t either.”

    Lu ManTian said, “There aren’t many people who are able to kill him, perhaps Yi QianLong could …”
    He suddenly laughed coldly and continued, “But Yi QianLong has not killed with his own hands for at least fifteen years. His hands are already as tender as a woman’s buttocks, and are only capable of touching women’s buttocks anymore.”

    LaoBo smiled.
    He had always thought the relationship between Lu ManTian and Yi QianLong to be amusing, but could never have a way of harmonizing them.
    If a person wanted to command others, then he would have to learn how to make use of the conflicts between others.

    Lu ManTian said again, “Does he now know that you are suspicious of him?”

    LaoBo replied, “Perhaps not yet.”

    Lu ManTian said, “Then we have to act fast. If he becomes alarmed, then it would be difficult.”

    LaoBo hesitated for a very long time again, and finally slowly shook his head, and said, “Now I still don’t want to act.”

    Lu ManTian asked, “Why?”

    LaoBo replied, “I still want to test him.”

    Lu ManTian asked, “How?”

    LaoBo did not immediately answer this question. He found a new wine cup and poured himself some wine. This action indicated that his mood had already gradually calmed, and that he had a well thought-out plan for the arrangement of this matter.
    He drained this cup of wine in one gulp, and then slowly replied, “The one who sent the men to find Han Tang is Feng Hao. You should know this man.”

    Lu ManTian said, “I know. He’s one of the ten men from the first group that I had brought back from outside the borders.”

    LaoBo nodded and smiled. “Looks like you still have control over wine and women these years, and therefore your memories have not yet failed.”

    Lu ManTian lifted up the wine cup in front of him, not because he wanted to drink wine, but only because he wanted to use the wine cup to cover his face, because he was afraid that his face would turn red.
    These years, his interest for wine and women did not diminish from when he was younger, but the opportunity to obtain these two things has greatly multiplied from when he was younger.
    The days of hardships and struggles were over, now was the time for enjoyment.
    He could already feel the muscles on his entire body loosen with each passing day, his memory also gradually failed. But it was very hard for him to forget a man like Feng Hao.
    The most fundamental subordinates of LaoBo all came from outside the borders, and were all fellow folks from his village.
    Although the capabilities of these men may not be very strong, their loyalty, however, was unquestionable.
    Especially Feng Hao, who was one of the most loyal of them.

    Lu ManTian coughed dryly for a couple of times and asked, “Could it be that Feng Hao is now also commanded by Lü XiangChuan?”

    LaoBo sighed and replied, “Nowadays I had already given many tasks for him to handle, and he indeed also very rarely disappointed me.”
    He suddenly smiled again and continued, “But Feng Hao is still Feng Hao. When he learned the news of Han Tang’s death, he immediately came back to report to me directly, and is now still waiting outside.”

    Lu ManTian hesitated and said, “You mean that even until now, no one else knows the news of Han Tang’s death.”

    LaoBo nodded and replied, “Except for me, those who killed him also know of course!”

    Lu ManTian asked, “What about Lü XiangChuan?”

    LaoBo replied, “If he has not schemed with the ‘Twelve Flying Roc Sect,’ then he definitely also wouldn’t know, therefore …”
    He poured another cup of wine and then continued, “Therefore I am now going to find Han Tang.”

    Lu ManTian still had not completely understood LaoBo’s intentions, and tested, “Where are you going to find him?”

    LaoBo asked, “Do you know of this man, Fang Gang?”

    Lu ManTian replied, “You mean Iron Roc from the ‘Twelve Flying Rocs?’ I heard that he had already left his sub-forum a few days ago, but his whereabouts are very secretive.”

    A sign of satisfaction appeared on LaoBo’s face. He hoped that each of his subordinates could be as well-informed as Lu ManTian.

    He poured a cup of wine for Lu ManTian and said, “He left his sub-forum three days ago. It is scheduled that he will rest tomorrow at the Natural Inn in Hangzhou, because Thousand Roc King would send someone to contact him at that time.”

    Lu ManTian asked, “Is this information correct?”

    LaoBo smiled and replied, “Seven years ago I had already sent people to be undercover in the ‘Twelve Flying Roc Sect,’ and one of them had already become Fang Gang’s trusted subordinate.”

    Lu ManTian showed admiration. LaoBo would never wait until the moment he wanted to eat pears before he would plant the tree, he would sow the seed long before. Each seed could flower and bear fruit at anytime.

    LaoBo asked, “Do you now understand my intentions?”

    Lu ManTian replied, “You want Lü XiangChuan to go find Han Tang at the Natural Inn?”

    LaoBo said, “That’s correct. If Lü XiangChuan had not schemed with Thousand Roc King, then he would neither know of Han Tang’s death nor of Fang Gang’s whereabouts, thus he would definitely go …”
    He swallowed some wine and slowly kept saying, “But he’s not going to go find Han Tang, but to go kill Han Tang.”

    * * *

    Lü XiangChuan’s expressions looked very surprised, and he could not help but say, “You want me to go kill Han Tang?”

    LaoBo’s facial expressions were harsh, and he said, “I had just clearly said so, did you perhaps not hear properly?”

    Lü XiangChuan lowered his head and dared not to speak. No one had ever questioned LaoBo’s orders.

    Only after half a day did LaoBo’s facial expressions become mild, and he said, “I want you to go kill Han Tang, because I know that be has become very dissatisfied with my in the recent years, thinking that I am giving him the cold shoulder, and therefore he wants to seek employment elsewhere.”
    This explanation was sentimental yet reasonable, anyone would find it satisfactory.

    Lü XiangChuan could not help but ask, “You mean he would dare to seek employment in the ‘Twelve Flying Roc Sect?’”

    LaoBo replied, “That’s right. He had already made an appointment to negotiate with Iron Roc Fang. Their meeting place is the Natural Inn in Hangzhou, their meeting time is tomorrow evening.”

    Lü XiangChuan asked, “Can I bring others with me?”

    LaoBo replied, “No. We already have a mole in our organization. The operation this time cannot let information leak again.”

    Lü XiangChuan did not ask again, and bowed, “I understand. I will leave immediately.”

    Since LaoBo had already given out the order, then he must carry it out thoroughly. As for whether this task was difficult or easy, and whether he could completely it alone, these are no longer in his consideration. Even if LaoBo told him to move Mount Taishan away on his own, his only choice would be to immediately go get the spade.
    Lu ManTian had been observing silently from the sides the entire time. Ever since Lü XiangChuan walked into this room, he had been carefully observing LaoBo’s expressions and actions.
    Now, he not only admired LaoBo even more, but was also rejoiced that LaoBo was not suspicious of him, and rejoiced that he himself had not done anything damaging to LaoBo.
    Anyone who deceived LaoBo would be bringing about his own destruction.
    He only hoped that Lü XiangChuan was not that stupid, and could come back this time with Iron Roc Fang’s head to see LaoBo, and could prove his loyalty. Because Lü XiangChuan after all was still his nephew. No uncle would wish his nephew to die without even a burial ground.

    {Note: I wasn’t sure how to translate “死无葬身之地,” so I translated it as “to die without even a burial ground.” If anyone has a better suggestion, please provide feedback. Thank you.}

    * * *

    The moment Lü XiangChuan pushed the door open, he saw Lin Xiu.

    At any time, whenever he pushed the door open, he would always see Lin Xiu.
    Lin Xiu was his wife. They had been married for many years, and after all these years, their affection for each other was still the same as their first married day.
    He never doubted his wife’s loyalty. No matter how long he was away from home, she would never complain. In the recent years, he had already rarely personally carried out missions. The husband and wife had even more together-time, and they felt even closer, thus, their household was filled even more with warmth and happiness.
    Their household was inside the garden of LaoBo, because LaoBo may need him at any time, and sometimes would even call him away from his wife’s side in the middle of the night.
    As for this, Lin Xiu also never complained. She respected LaoBo the same way as her husband did. Even though LaoBo used to not very much approve of their marriage, because she was from Jiang Nan, and LaoBo, however, was hoping that Lü XiangChuan’s wife would also be from his village.

    Lin Xiu stood up and greeted her husband with a smile, and said gently, “I didn’t think that you’d come back this fast. I was just worried that you won’t be able to eat breakfast again today. Today, I prepared a chicken for you. A chicken that weighs right at two kilograms. And I made it the way you like best.”
    After she had finished speaking, she turned around to prepare, as if she had not seen the expressions on Lü XiangChuan’s face. Smiling, she continued, “My mother told me that, if you have a filling breakfast, then your spirits would be good the whole day.”

    Lü XiangChuan blankly stared at her waist, as if he had not heard what she said.
    Although her waist was not as beautiful and slender as it used to be, it was still very nice for a woman who had been married for many years.
    Lü XiangChuan suddenly walked over and hugged her waist.

    Lin Xiu giggled and said, “Let go, I have to see if the chicken soup is already cold.”

    Lü XiangChuan said, “I don’t want to eat the chicken, I want to eat you.”

    A burst of warmth suddenly welled up in Lin Xiu’s heart, and she could not help but fall into her husbands arms. Biting her lips, she said, “You have to at least wait until I close the door first.”

    Lü XiangChuan said, “I can’t wait that long.” He lifted up his wife and gently placed her onto the bed.

    In other people’s eyes, Lü XiangChuan was a callous and ruthless man. Only Lin Xiu knew how warmhearted her husband was.
    She rejoiced that his warmth had not diminished after all these years.
    But today, she suddenly realized that his movements seemed a bit rigid and awkward. Their coordination was usually perfect, only when he was absent-minded would he be this way.
    Lin Xiu opened her eyes and discovered that his eyes were open, and had indeed an expression of absent-mindedness.

    Her fervour immediately subsided, and she asked quietly, “Do you have to leave again today?”

    Lü XiangChuan smiled bitterly, she really understood him too well.
    Although Lin Xiu’s fervour had already disappeared, she was filled even more with gratitude.
    She understood his intentions. Whenever he would leave for a long time, he would always try his best to please her.

    She moved close to the side of his ear and gently said, “You don’t have to do this, you don’t have to force yourself. I can wait … wait until you come back …”

    Lü XiangChuan gently caressed her smooth shoulder, and slowly got off her. Although he did not say anything, the hint of apology was very obvious in his eyes.
    Lin Xiu gently stared at him.
    She had already discovered that there was terror in his heart. The mission this time must definitely be difficult and dangerous.
    Although she felt the same terror, she did not ask, because she knew that he would tell her himself.
    Only in front of her would he tell the secrets in his heart.

    This time, she waited fairly long. After a long time, Lü XiangChuan sighed and said, “Do you still remember the Natural Inn at Hangzhou?”

    Of course Lin Xiu remembered.
    When they were newly-weds, they often lingered at the Natural Inn, because if you exited from the back door of the Natural Inn, you would not have to walk very far before you could see the picturesque, scenic West Lake.

    Lü XiangChuan said, “I have to go there again today, to kill a man. His name is Han Tang.”

    Lin Xiu frowned and replied, “Han Tang? Is he worthy of you going personally? I had never heard of this name.”

    Lü XiangChuan said, “He’s not very famous, but terrifying people don’t always have to be famous.”

    Lin Xiu asked, “Is he very terrifying?”

    Lü XiangChuan sighed and replied, “He may be the most terrifying of all the men we’ve seen.”

    Lin Xiu already realized that when he mentioned this man’s name, the terror in his eyes intensified.
    She knew that he did not want to do, and she also did not want him to go, but she did not stop him.
    Because she knew that he had to go.

    After a long time, she finally quietly said, “Can’t you leave after you had some chicken soup?”

    Lü XiangChuan replied, “No, not that I can eat anyway.” He had already dressed and suddenly walked out the door, he could not bear to look again at his wife’s caring glance.

    This kind of glance most easily made a man lose his courage.

    After he walked out the door, she suddenly rushed out wearing only her coat. She rushed over and said, “Is it possible for you to come back the day after tomorrow? It’s my birthday the day after tomorrow.”

    Lü XiangChuan did not reply, but suddenly turned around and tightly embracedhis wife.
    He held on so tightly, as if this was their last embrace.
    Her heart was crushed by his embrace, but she still managed to endure it, and did not dare to shed tears in front of her husband.

    After a very long time Lü XiangChuan let go. He suddenly said, “Oh right, don’t forget to give two of the doves to Feng Hao. I promised him before.”

    * * *

    Lin Xiu’s hands held the dove cage, her tears still have not yet dried.
    The doves were her favourite pets, but she loved her husband more. Although she was unwilling to give the doves, which she had worked hard to raise, to someone else, the words of her husband were more effective than even LaoBo’s orders to her.

    Feng Hao took the doves, and a sincere grateful smile appeared on his face, he said, “How can I accept such troubles, why need the lady rush and personally bring them?”

    Lin Xiu forced a smile and said, “He asked me to right before he left. You know that I’m a very impatient person.”

    Feng Hao said, “Told you to before he left? Is the master leaving for a long time?”

    Lin Xiu said, “He just left.”

    Feng Hao frowned and muttered, “Strange! Why was master in such a hurry to leave?”

    Lin Xiu said, “Do you have business with him?”

    Feng Hao hesitated, “This time I went to find someone under the master’s orders. He should have waited and heard my reply before he left.”

    Lin Xiu said, “Who was he looking for?”

    Feng Hao hesitated for a very long time, and said, “A man with the last name Han …”

    Lin Xiu’s expressions changed, and she said, “Last name Han? Is it Han Tang?”

    Feng Hao said, “The lady knows him too?”

    Lin Xiu shook her head. Feng Hao continued with a bitter smile, “When I got there, he was already dead!”

    Their mission originally was extremely secretive. But since it is now completed, it did not matter to talk about it.
    Besides, Lü XiangChuan’s wife was not an outsider. But Feng Hao would never imagine that after Lin Xiu had heard this sentence, her facial expressions suddenly became miserable, and her entire body was shaking, as if she was suddenly possessed by the devil.

    Feng Hao asked in shock, “Lady, are you alright?”

    It was as if Lin Xiu could not longer hear anyone else talk. She muttered to herself, “If Han Tang’s already dead, why would LaoBo still ask him to go kill Han Tang … why?”

    She suddenly turned around and ran, as if she was a wild beast pierced by an arrow.
    Feng Hao stared at her in shock and was already motionless, and did not even discover that LaoBo had already walked over from the midst of the flower bushes.
    Now was just the time for LaoBo’s stroll.

    LaoBo looked at the dove cage in his hands and smiled, “You want to have oil-drenched doves to go with your wine tonight?”

    Feng Hao finally came to himself, and immediately bowed and smiled, and replied, “I can’t eat this pair of doves.”

    LaoBo asked, “Can’t eat? Why not?”

    Feng Hao smiled, “These are carrier doves raised by Mrs. Lü XiangChuan. If I eat them, Mrs. Lü might kill me.”

    LaoBo’s pupils seemed to contract, but his face was still expressionless, and he smiled, “I didn’t know that she liked to raise doves.”

    Feng Hao replied, “That was also only recently. The first pair of doves was specially brought back by Master Lü from Jiang Bei.”

    An expression of deep thought appeared in LaoBo’s eyes, and he muttered, “How do you think the couple’s affections for each other are recently?”

    Whether or not another couple’s affections for each other were good or bad, it was really hard to tell for an outsider.
    But LaoBo’s question must be answered.

    Feng Hao replied, “Very good, it is as if they’re newly-weds.”

    LaoBo said, “Affectionate couples usually tell each other everything, right?”

    Feng Hao could only say yes. He had no wife.

    LaoBo also did not pay attention to his reply at all, and asked again, “Do you think that Lü XiangChuan would tell his whereabouts to his wife?”

    This question was no longer engaged in domestic chitchat. Feng Hao already realized that if his answers had even the slightest negligence, it may lead to extremely severe consequences.

    He thought for a very long time, and finally slowly replied, “I don’t think so … definitely not. Master Lü should know that each one of our operations is extremely secretive, and would never leak it to outsiders.”

    LaoBo nodded, and a satisfactory expression appeared in his eyes, he was already prepared to end this conversation.

    Feng Hao suddenly smiled again and said, “Even if Master Lü told her, he would never tell her the truth – Mrs. Lü still thinks that he’s leaving this time to go kill Han Tang.”

    LaoBo’s entire body suddenly felt ice cold. He had not had such feeling for a very long time, because he had not made any mistakes in a very long time.
    This mistake could however be a fatal mistake.
    LaoBo could already feel the cold sweat in his palms, and snapped, “Where is she?”

    Feng Hao said, “She left in a hurry, it seems that she has already returned.”

    LaoBo suddenly lifted up his sleeves, leapt up and rushed away, and shouted in a low voice, “Come with me!”

    He had already disappeared after he finished this sentence. Feng Hao did not follow immediately, it seems that he was already in shock. Even for him, this was the first time that he saw LaoBo display his martial arts. He had never imagined that there was anyone in the world who could cover thirteen meters in one leap.
    This looked like a miracle.
    If there were truly miracles happening in the world, then surely they were made by LaoBo.

    End of Chapter Five.
    Because I'm somewhere in between,
    My love and my agony.

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    Firstly, sorry about the delay. I was really sick over the weekend and couldn't translate, and I usually translate on weekends.

    Secondly, the chapter contains certain parts that may not be suitable for younger readers. So please read at your own discretion.


    Chapter Six

    Lü XiangChuang’s living place was exactly like the way he dressed – tidy, simple, and plain. He loathed superfluousness.
    He never did anything superfluous, never used superfluous decorations, and also never said superfluous things. Because superfluousness was wasteful. Only foolish people would be wasteful.
    Foolish people would certainly be defeated and perish.

    It was very quiet inside the room. Lin Xiu was nowhere to be seen. There were only two young maids sewing clothes in the corner of the room.
    When they saw LaoBo, both their faces showed signs of surprise.

    LaoBo struck into this room like lightning, and fiercely asked, “Where’s your mistress?”

    The maids’ lips were trembling, and they were only able to reply after a very long time, “The sta … stable.”

    Heroes all loved great horses.
    LaoBo, however, was an exception. He never treated horses as his toys, horses were merely his tools.
    He rarely visited the stable.
    But those working in the stable dared not to be negligent because of this, thus every horse was raised to be very healthy and strong.

    “Did Lü XiangChuang’s wife come here?”

    “Mistress Lü had just chosen a fast horse and left through the side door.”

    LaoBo’s face still did not contain any expressions.

    LaoBo suddenly said, “Feng Hao!”

    Although he did not look back, he knew that at this moment Feng Hao must have already caught up and was following behind him.

    Sure enough, Feng Hao immediately replied, “Yes.”

    LaoBo ordered, “Go after! Bring her back!”

    Feng Hao asked nothing more and already leapt up onto a horse.
    The horse has not yet been equipped with a saddle, he grabbed onto the horse’s mane and shot out like an arrow.
    He already understood LaoBo’s meaning. LaoBo said, “Bring her back,” which meant, “Bring her back dead or alive!”

    A simple piece of paper, on which was written:
    “Lin Xiu, from Hangzhou, single daughter.
    Father: Lin ZhongYan, has one brother Lin ZhongHe. Under the Southern Clan of Shaolin, expert in fist fighting. Addicted to gambling, has a mistress.
    Mother: Li Qi, deceased.”

    Lu ManTian slowly gave the piece of paper back to LaoBo, and watched as LaoBo placed it back into the records.
    It is unknown just how many records like this he had. Lu ManTian always felt that, as long as it was a living person, LaoBo would have his records here.

    Then LaoBo took out another piece of paper:
    “Lin ZhongHe, both parents deceased, has one older brother Lin ZhongYan. Under the Southern Clan of Shaolin, expert in fist fighting. Addicted to gambling, heavily in debt up to 300 000 silver taels. Two years ago, he suddenly paid all of it off, the one who helped him pay his debt was the sub-forum leader JinPeng from the ‘Twelve Flying Roc Sect.’”

    Lu ManTian’s hand was holding onto the piece of paper, and he suddenly felt his fingertips gradually turning cold, as if he was holding onto a piece of ice. LaoBo was staring at him and waiting for him to express his opinions.

    Lu ManTian coughed dryly a couple of times and said, “You think that she’s the real spy?”

    LaoBo replied, “Using doves to deliver secret messages is probably better than using them to go with wine.”

    Lu ManTian asked, “Does Lü XiangChuang know of this?”

    LaoBo did not immediately reply. He was silent for a long time, and then finally said, “If he was also involved in this affair, then he wouldn’t let Lin Xiu reveal his intentions. A cunning and greedy woman is not necessarily smart.”

    Lu ManTian sighed, and replied, “So this means that we treated him unjustly.”

    LaoBo also sighed, and replied, “I never knew that he actually trusted women this much.”

    Lu ManTian said, “Fortunately, he can still handle Fang TieGang.”

    LaoBo replied, “Unfortunately though, other than Fang TieGang, there must also be many other people waiting for him at the Natural Inn. Maybe Thousand Roc King had long ago set up the bait, and was just waiting for me to put Lü XiangChuang onto the hook.”

    Lu ManTian’s facial expressions changed a bit, suddenly he stood up and said, “I’ll hurry there. We can’t let him die.”

    LaoBo replied, “This time, I’ll go myself.”

    Lu ManTian’s expressions changed, and he cried out involuntarily, “You’ll go yourself? How can you personally go into danger?”

    LaoBo replied, “Every single person can, why can’t I?”

    Lu ManTian said, “But this trap that Thousand Roc King set up, its target may not actually be Lü XiangChuang, but you.”

    LaoBo replied, “Then let them target me. I was just wanting to show them that, Sun YuBo is not an easy target!”

    Lin Xiu’s body was glued to the horse’s saddle, as if her body had already become one with the horse.

    This was one of the three fastest horses from the stable. Lin Xiu had begun horseback riding when she was five or six. Back then, her father and uncle did not yet lose too badly. At the beginning, they even won for a period of time, therefore, Lin Xiu was still able to live very well.
    But afterwards things turned wrong. Gambling was like a bottomless swamp, if you become trapped, then you would never be able to pull yourself out.
    In the end, their stable no longer had horses, and the child’s face no longer contained smiles.
    All they had left was only debt which pushed down on her father so, that he became hunchbacked. But being hunchbacked did not affect his gambling, instead, it was even more suitable for playing cards and throwing dice. And so for a generous betrothal gift, Lin Xiu was married to Lü XiangChuang.
    She had never regretted this matter.
    Lü XiangChuang not only was the best husband, but also the best friend, and the gentlest lover.
    His tenderness and sweetness to her made her feel that she was unable to repay him her entire life.

    Her sleeves slowly became moist.
    Her tears flowed down, and flowed onto her sleeves. Because she suddenly felt a burst of terror in her heart. An indescribable terror, as if she already felt that some sort of disaster was arriving. Just then, the horse suddenly collapsed.
    It collapsed for no reason at all, as if an invisible iron drill had suddenly struck from midair.
    Lin Xiu fell forward from the horse’s saddle and fell onto the ground. After a moment of daze and shock, she felt saltiness in the corner of her lips, a saltiness containing a shred of raw sweetness.
    That was the taste of blood.
    Struggling, she scrambled up and suddenly immediately cried out in alarm.
    She stole a white horse, but now the horse’s body was pitch-black, the blood flowing from the horse’s mouth was also pitch-black, but no wound could be seen on its body. The poison had been placed long ago, but it only showed effect until now.
    Who placed the poison? Why did they want to poison this horse? Could it be that all this had long been part of someone else’s plan?
    Had someone long ago planned that she would hurry out riding this horse?
    Lin Xiu’s entire body was icy cold, and she turned around and rushed out wildly. She had just rushed out a few steps when she bumped into another man.
    This man’s body was hard like iron casting, and she fell down.
    Only after she fell down did she see this man, and saw clearly that malicious grin on this mans’ face.
    In her mind, Feng Hao was always the most loyal friend, the most loyal subordinate. She would never think that Feng Hao would also be able to laugh so frighteningly.
    Now she already understood that all this was a trap. She also already understood who had poisoned that horse, but she still did not understand why Feng Hao would set this trap to harm her.
    Perhaps most women were excellent actresses by nature, by the time she stood up, not a single shred of anger could be seen on her face. Instead, it showed a grateful smile, and she said, “Looks like my luck isn’t bad. I didn’t think that I’d actually meet you here!”

    Feng Hao stared at her, slowly shook his head, and replied, “Your luck isn’t that good.”

    Lin Xiu sighed and replied, “I really shouldn’t have chosen this horse.”

    Feng Hao asked, “At that time, this was the only horse equipped with a saddle in the stable, wasn’t it?”

    Lin Xiu sighed and replied, “Then I still thought that my luck was great, I know that this is a fast horse.”
    Her gaze shifted towards the saddle-less horse standing at the side of the road, and she said again, “You also rode on a fast horse?”

    Feng Hao replied, “Only a fast horse can catch another fast horse.”

    Lin Xiu’s face purposely showed signs of surprise, and she asked, “You came here especially to catch me?”

    Feng Hao nodded.

    Lin Xiu said, “Why?”

    Feng Hao said, “LaoBo wanted you to go back.”

    Lin Xiu smiled, and said, “I was originally going to go back soon. The last couple of days I was feeling very low spirited, so I wanted to go for a ride on horseback. You know that I always really liked horses.”
    She patted the dust on her body, and said again, “How are we going to go back? Two people riding one horse together?”

    Feng Hao said, “Looks like that’s the only way.”

    Lin Xiu slowly walked over and glanced sideways at him in the corner of her eyes, and said with a smile, “I used to often ride on one horse with XiangChuang, but never rode with others. Aren’t you worried that XiangChuang would be unhappy when he finds out?”
    She suddenly rushed past Feng Hao’s side, and said, “I think it’s better to let me ride the horse back first, and you rush back after.”

    Before she finished saying this sentence, she already leapt onto the horse’s back and was prepared to beat the horse with her backhand.
    Her hand was suddenly caught.
    Her body was immediately pulled from the horse’s back and landed hard on the ground.
    Feng Hao’s strike was also much faster than she imagined.

    Lin Xiu yelled out in surprised, and said, “How … how dare you to be so rude to me?”

    Feng Hao coldly stared at her, and said, “I just don’t want to put on a show anymore.”

    Lin Xiu asked, “Put on a show? What show?”

    Feng Hao replied, “You know why I came here, I also know where you want to go.”

    Lin Xiu bit her lips and suddenly lifted her head, a sign of pity appeared in her eyes, and she asked, “Then why won’t you let me go there? XiangChuan always treated you well. I only want to go tell him, so that he wouldn’t do anything stupid!”

    Feng Hao coldly replied, “The task that LaoBo asks him to do would never be something stupid!”

    Lin Xiu said, “But … this time it’s different. Han Tang obviously is already dead, why would LaoBo still ask him to go kill Han Tang?”

    Feng Hao replied, “I only know to follow LaoBo’s orders, and never ask why. This time LaoBo’s order for me is to ask me to bring you back!”

    Tears again flowed from Lin Xiu’s eyes, and she said, “But you can go back and say that you couldn’t catch up to me.”

    Feng Hao coldly asked, “Why would I say that?”

    Lin Xiu replied, “Because … because I will surely repay you.”

    Feng Hao asked, “How are you going to repay me?”

    Lin Xiu straightened up her chest, and replied, “However you like. As long as you let me go see XiangChuan just once, I’ll promise you anything.”

    A malicious smile suddenly crept up from the corner of Feng Hao’s lips, he squinted at her snow white neck and her full chest, and asked word for word, “You’d really promise me anything?”

    Although Lin Xiu’s figure was not as slender as before she was married, it was more mature and plentiful.
    She also always felt very proud in regards to this, because she knew that she could make her husband satisfied and pleased. Although in the recent years, her husband’s needs were not as much as before, but each time it was still filled with passion.
    She herself, however, was more capable of enjoying the pleasures of this, and also understood better how to enjoy it.
    Sometimes, she would even initiate and ask, and would even feel that her husband’s physical strength was not as good as before.
    But she never complained, and even less thought of seeking satisfaction with other men. Other than her husband, she would never let anyone else’s hand touch her in this life.
    But now however, the obscene smile in Feng Hao’s eyes could not but make her think of this.
    If a woman sacrificed her virtue in order to save her husband, was she worthy to be forgiven?
    More importantly, after her husband found out, would he forgive her?
    Feng Hao silently looked at her, as if waiting for her reply.

    Lin Xiu forcefully bit her lips, and replied, “If I promised you, you’d let me go?”

    Feng Hao nodded.

    The wound on Lin Xiu’s mouth began to bleed again, she swallowed the blood, and asked, “When do you want it?”

    Feng Hao replied, “Now.”

    Lin Xiu forcefully clenched both her fists and slowly followed behind him.

    This road only led towards LaoBo’s garden/ Other than LaoBo’s guests, there were usually very few pedestrians here.
    The woods next to the side of the road were gloomy and close. Feng Hao stopped in front of a large tree, and turned around and waited.
    Lin Xiu slowly walked over, her face was completely expressionless. She was determined to pretend that this man was a dog. Anybody had the possibility be bitten by a dog.

    Feng Hao’s breath suddenly turned coarse, and he panted, “Is this place good? I assure you that you had never tasted this flavour before.”

    Lin Xiu replied, “I’m not a dog.”

    Feng Hao said, “You’d gradually understand that sometimes, being a dog is much more fun than being a human.” He panted and pulled her in front of him.

    Lin Xiu’s body was as hard as a piece of log, gritting her teeth, she said, “You best hurry up a bit. I’m still in a hurry with my journey.”

    Feng Hao’s hand already reached inside the front of her shirt and touched her warm, soft chest.
    His fingers began to apply force, and his hand was moist and shaking. Lin Xiu’s stiff body suddenly also began to tremble, trembled so that the bitter water in her stomach had rushed towards her throat.
    She originally thought that she could endure, only now did she know that she could not, no matter what.
    Her hand suddenly struck out and slapped his face hard.
    The slap shocked Feng Hao.

    Lin Xiu forcefully pushed him away, and drew back staggering. She drew back in front of another tree, both her hands tightly hugging her chest, and said, “I’d rather go back, take me back to see LaoBo.”

    Feng Hao looked at her, a murderous light suddenly appeared in his eyes, and he suddenly grinned and said, “Go back, you think you can still go back?”

    Lin Xiu was shocked and replied, “Didn’t LaoBo ask you to come take me back?”

    Feng Hao coldly said, “To tell you the truth, it’s long been destined that you can’t go anywhere anymore.”

    Lin Xiu asked, “You … you’re going to kill me?”

    Feng Hao replied, “You’ve long been destined to die.”

    In Xiu asked, “Why?”

    Feng Hao replied, “Because you’re destined to be the scapegoat.”

    Lin Xiu’s entire body was icy cold, her face, however, was hot like fire.
    It was as if all the blood from her body rushed to her head, and she asked, “Then why did you still ask me to promise you?”

    Feng Hao replied, “Because I’m a man. When given such an opportunity, no one would miss it.”

    Lin Xiu suddenly plunged over with a roar and wanted to strangle this mans’ throat. Normally she did not even dare to kill a chicken, but now, however, she wanted to strangle this man with her own hands.
    Unfortunately, Feng Hao’s strike was much faster than hers, and his iron-like fist had already hit the bridge of her nose.
    She already collapsed before she could even feel the pain. Only after a very, very long time could she vaguely feel an intermittent assault and pain.
    But now, she no longer could feel anger and shame, and only shouted nonstop, shouting her husband’s name.
    She no longer placed anything in her mind, and only hoped that she could die quickly, the quicker the better.
    But she still could not forget her husband.
    As long as Lü XiangChuang could know the affection and concern she had for him, could know all the pain and torture she suffered for him, then she could die without regret.
    Could Lü XiangChuang know?

    Lü XiangChuang was facing a plate of chestnut grilled chicken that had not completely cooled yet.
    He liked to eat chicken, liked to eat chicken soup that was cooked with winter mushrooms and ham, and liked even more to eat chestnut grilled chicken.
    These two were exactly her expert dishes. Each time, when she sensed that he had difficulties at work or had worries in his heart, she would personally go into the kitchen and make chestnut chicken for dinner. Each time, after they had satisfied each other at night, the breakfast on the second day would surely be ham-cooked chicken soup.
    After all these years, this seemed to have become an unchanging rule, because it seemed that he also would never grow tired of these two dishes. Although her culinary skills were not as great as she herself imagined to be, but each time, as long as these two dishes were put onto the table, he would always eat them all.

    The reason for this perhaps only he himself knew.
    Just ten years ago, it was still a very difficult thing if he wanted to eat a plate of chestnut chicken. Back then, if he could just get filling meals each day, he would already feel very fortunate.
    He did not have parents since he was very little. He grew up always being with Lu ManTian, but within a year, it was rare to be able to meet his uncle once.
    He remembered that every time Lu ManTian returned, he was either in a hurry or he had suffered severe wounds. He never knew what kinds of things Lu ManTian was really doing outside.
    Only until he was two or three years old, after Lu ManTian had sent him to be a book boy for LaoBo, did he gradually learn what they were doing. He himself also quickly joined in their line of work.
    It was not because he thought that this line of work was new and exciting, rather because he was confident that he would surely stand out above others in this line of work. He learned very fast, moreover, he really worked himself to the bone.
    It was not easy for him to be able to eat chestnut chicken every day, and it was inseparable from the hardships and suffering of this period of his development. He was never wiling to tell anyone about it.

    But now the chestnut chicken was placed in front of him, yet all this time, he did not lift his chopsticks. Why is that?
    Was it because his heart also had an inauspicious premonition, and felt that his status was already beginning to unsettle? Felt that danger was imminent? Felt that it would be very hard to see his wife again?
    It was now already dusk, Fang Gang and Han Tang both still have not yet shown their faces!
    Why have they not yet shown their faces, could it be that their plans have already changed, could it be that they knew that Lü XiangChuang was waiting here?
    Lü XiangChuang was certain that Han Tang would never be able to recognize him again, because he had already used a Persian potion to dye his face into a waxy yellow colour, and had additionally cleverly dotted a beard.
    This made him appear to have aged by at least twenty years, moreover, it looked as he had been ill long and still had not recovered.
    When he arrived, there were already two tables of guests here. Now it gradually increased by three or four more tables.
    Looking out from where he was sitting, every person who entered and exited the Natural Inn would never escape his eyes. The lanterns at the gates have already been lit.
    Lü XiangChuang asked for another bottle of wine. He knew that no matter how long he had to wait, he had to keep waiting.
    He did not like to drink wine, he asked for wine only because he had no choice but to ask. A person who did not drink wine would never sit here by himself for so long.
    He liked even less to wait for someone, however he had no choice but to wait.

    The horse carriage was light yet strong.
    The horses pulling the carriage were first class horses, the driver was a first class driver.
    The carriage was rushing down the road, so fast that it caused others to look askance.
    Lu ManTian was leaning tilted inside the carriage, and was slowly sniffing nasal tobacco. He appeared to look very carefree, but the pair of iron spheres in his hands kept making “Ding Dang” sounds nonstop.

    LaoBo stared at him and suddenly asked, “What are you thinking about?”

    He knew that whenever Lu ManTian was squeezing the iron spheres very quickly, it must be because something was heavily weighing down on his mind.
    Lu ManTian only smiled and did not say anything.

    After another long while, LaoBo also smiled and said, “I know what you’re thinking about.”

    Lu ManTian said, “Oh?”

    LaoBo asked, “Are you again remembering those days of very harsh times we had before?”

    Lu ManTian let out a sigh and nodded.
    LaoBo was right, those days from before were indeed harsh.
    In those days, they had life-threatening danger almost at anytime. No matter what they were doing, an arrow could fly out from the dark at anytime and pierce through their throats. Because they themselves had often dealt with others in this fashion as well.

    LaoBo’s eyes shone, and he asked again, “Do you still remember that time we went to Chenzhou to deal with Yan LaoDa?”

    Of course Lu ManTian remembered. There were many things that he would never forget until he died.

    Yan LaoDao was the master of the “Pai Sect,” who had almost completely monopolized the rafting business on the upper and lower reaches of the Yangtze River.
    The rafting business was a good business, because anyone who wanted to transport lumber from the upper reach of the Yangtze River to the lower reach would have to first receive approval from Yan LaoDa.
    Any kind of good business would surely make others envious.
    Although many people were envious, no one dared to strike the whole time.
    Yan LaoDa not only was the big boss for the “Pai Sect,” but was also the headmaster for the Yan Family Fist of Chenzhou.
    The Yan Family Fist was the Corpse Fist.
    In the martial world, the legends regarding the “Corpse Fist” and the “Pai Sect” were not only mysterious, but also frightening. Many people believed that it was not a martial art, but rather, a mysterious magic.
    No one was willing to use his own body of flesh and blood to confront magic.
    LaoBo, however, was determined to go give it a try.
    They first made an appointment to meet with Yan LaoDa eight miles away from a certain place, and convinced Yan LaoDa that they were there. Then, they hurried to Chenzhou that very night, rushed into the Yan House, pulled Yan LaoDa out from his bed naked, and used four one foot long nails to nail him onto the gate of the Yan House.
    Until his death, Yan LaoDa only said one sentence. Six words, “You guys had come really fast!”
    So fast that it was beyond one’s expectations, so fast that one was caught unprepared and incapable to resist!
    This was the secret of success for LaoBo’s actions.
    “Fast!” This word was easy to say, but from what Lu ManTian had witnessed in his life, the only person who was able to act out this word was LaoBo.
    It was only that this was affair from many years ago, was he able to still be that fast now?
    Lu ManTian’s gaze clearly contained a few hints of sternness.

    LaoBo, however, was smiling, and said with a smile, “Although those days were harsh, they’re very fun when you think about them now.”

    Lu ManTian suddenly said, “Do you still remember that time we went to Hanyang to deal with Big Beard Zhou?”

    That time, their actions were also fast.
    The used the fastest speed to rush into Big Beard Zhou’s ambush.
    That time, when they went they had a total of thirteen men, when they came back there were only two men left.
    When Lu ManTian came back, he had to rest in bed for an entire two months, before he was able to eat sitting up.

    LaoBo slowly said, “Of course I remember. Because ever since that time, I was determined to never make the same mistake again.”

    Lu ManTian said, “What about this time?”

    LaoBo was still smiling, but his facial expressions seemed to look somewhat stiff.

    End of Chapter Six.
    Because I'm somewhere in between,
    My love and my agony.

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    Hi Jade,

    Thank you very much for the awesome translation. Just wondering when you're gonna pick it up again?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeren of all Trades View Post
    Hi Jade,

    Thank you very much for the awesome translation. Just wondering when you're gonna pick it up again?
    Hi, thank you for reading the translations.
    I have recently started my new job and it's been very hectic there. Also, there were certain personal things I had to deal with.
    The translation is still going on, but just at a slower pace. I'm hoping to use this weekend to catch up. So hopefully, I'll update sometime this weekend.
    Because I'm somewhere in between,
    My love and my agony.

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    more more i want more..thanx a lottt

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    Sorry for the delay, but here is the first half of chapter seven.


    Chapter Seven

    Lü XiangChuan does not know Fang Gang, he had never seen Fang Gang.
    But as soon as Fang Gang walked in the doors of the Natural Inn, Lü XiangChuan immediately recognized him.
    Fang Gang. Iron Roc Fang, this man indeed seemed to be cast from iron.
    His body was entirely covered with snow white clothing, each parts of his body not covered by the clothing was black as iron, and was shining glisteningly under the light of the lamp.
    His gaze was sharp, his lips were tightly closed, his walking posture was unique, his entire body was filled with power. Each time he took a step forward, the entire building seemed as if it could not support his weight.
    Other than Sun Jian, Lü XiangChuan had never seen such a vigorous and strong man. As soon as he walked in, everyone in the room seemed to have already stopped breathing.
    Eight men followed behind him. One could tell without asking that they as well were all warriors who were chosen from one in a million.
    But everyone’s eyes could only see him. As long as he was there, another person’s brilliance could never be present.
    He sat down, and these eight men just stood behind him. When he was sitting, others usually could only stand. In this world, it was almost rare to have someone who dared to sit as equals with him.
    Lü XiangChuan, however, secretly relaxed!

    “A steamed bun has meat, but not outside on its wrap, although raw iron is hard, it breaks easily.”

    Lü XiangChuan thought of Sun Jian.
    When he drank wine, he held his head up and his sharp gaze still swept over in all directions nonstop.

    When Lü XiangChuan drank wine, his head was lowered, as if he only saw the wine cup in his hands. But the first person to see Lin ZhongHe walking in was him.
    The outsider disciples of Shaolin mostly had strong and healthy physiques, and Lin ZhongHe was no exception either. Except that in the recent years, he had paid off the debts and his life gradually became more affluent, thus his stomach was already wider than his chest.
    He glanced around in every direction a couple of times, and walked directly in front of Fang Gang, and bowed in salute.

    Fang Gang said, “Your name is Lin?”

    Lin ZhongHe said with a smile, “I am Lin ZhongHe.”

    Fang Gang raised his cup and asked, “You drink wine too?”

    Lin ZhongHe smiled and said, “I can still drink a couple of cups.”

    He pulled out the chair, sat down, and grasped the bottle to pour wine.
    Fang Gang suddenly waved his hands, and splashed a cup of wine over his face, and fiercely said, “Who do you think you are? Think you’re worthy enough to sit together with me to drink wine?”

    Lin ZhongHe was stunned, his face immediately swelled to be blood red.

    Sun Jian was even stronger than Fang Gang, thus he died even faster than Fang Gang.
    What about Han Tang?
    Lü XiangChuan slowly lifted the cup and drank wine, he slowly drank. Fang Gang was also drinking wine, each gulp being exactly one large cup, ten gulps being exactly ten large cups.

    In Hangzhou city, he was still considered to be a celebrity. Even when he was carrying heavy debts, he was still not subjected to such humiliation by others.

    Fang Gang shouted, “Beat it! Beat it now!”

    Lin ZhongHe suddenly slapped the table, jumped up, and said angrily, “Who do you think you are? Why do you tell me to beat it?”

    He had not yet finished speaking, when Fang Gang’s fist had already hit his stomach through the table.
    The fist was hard like iron and steel, the stomach, however, was already limp and soft. Lin ZhongHe bent over in pain.
    Fang Gang already flipped over the table and the table crashed onto his head with a “Ping!” sound. A bowl of steaming hot soup just by chance spilled onto his head.
    The eight men who came with Fang Gang laughed loudly.
    Lü XiangChuan’s eyes, however, had expressions of anger. No matter what, Lin ZhongHe was still his wife’s uncle.

    Fang Gang coldly said, “Lift this man out and stick him into the sewer, don’t let him go before dawn.”
    Immediately, two men walked out from behind him and lifted Lin ZhongHe up.

    Lin ZhongHe suddenly roared madly, and forcefully struggled. Although his stomach was already softened, his two arms still had at least three to five hundred kilos of strength. After all, the disciples of Shaolin did have some skills. Although the two men lifting him up also looked very valiant, but after he forcefully struggled, they could no longer grab onto him. One of them staggered and moved backwards, and almost fell down.

    Lin ZhongHe backhandedly hit the other man on the chest with his elbow and fist, and suddenly rushed towards Lü XiangChuan, threw himself on the table, and panted, “Let’s go, let’s go quickly. The one they want to tackle this time is you.”

    Relatives were after all still relatives - he actually recognized Lü XiangChuan.

    Although Lü XiangChuan was also surprised, his face stayed calm and collected, and he said, “I don’t know you.”

    Lin ZhongHe stomped his feet in worry and replied, “You don’t have to hide the truth from me. The second you arrived here they already knew …”

    He did not finish speaking this sentence.
    The two men who were knocked down by him already rushed over, one grabbed his collar from behind and pulled backwards, the other picked up a bench and forcefully smashed it towards his waist.

    Fang Gang also struck the table and got up, and fiercely said, “Disable him first!”
    Then he shouted, “Lü, come out and we’ll have a fight!”

    Although his lips were saying “come out,” his body already rushed towards Lü XiangChuan like a ferocious tiger.
    That truly was a surprising transformation, and was so fast that it was unpredictable.
    Lü XiangChuan also seemed to be unprepared to deal with such a transformation. He continuously sat there and did not even move.
    Yet when Fang Gang rushed over, his body suddenly slid down underneath the table, and passed through the bottom of the table like a swimming fish. His hand already grasped someone’s ankle.
    This man had just smashed the bench into Lin ZhongHe’s waist when his ankle was suddenly grasped. When his ankle began to shatter, his body was already swung up in midair.
    Lü XiangChuan swung him. His right food kicked back and kicked onto another man’s kneecap.
    This man cried out madly and knelt down on both legs. Cold sweat flowed down along with tears, he knew that in this life it would be very difficult for him to stand up straight again.

    Lü XiangChuan pulled Lin ZhongHe up, who had fallen on the ground, and said in a low voice, “Quickly, go out and find LaoBo.”

    Lin ZhongHe gritted his teeth and nodded, turned around and began to rush away, but already there were three men in front of him who had blocked his way, and the iron sabers in their hands shined like white silk.
    Ling ZhongHe drew back step by step, and suddenly saw seven or eight dark rays pass by his side. Two of the three men across from him fell immediately.
    He knew that Lü XiangChuan’s hidden weapons had already left his hands.

    Fang Gang shouted loudly, “Watch out for his hidden weapons!”

    Waving his fist, he hit back at the man that Lü XiangChuan had swung over, and grabbed a bench with his hand. Using the bench as a shield, he again rushed over towards Lü XiangChuan.
    Lü XiangChuan stood there, waiting.

    When he moved, his accuracy and speed were like a venomous scorpion. When he was motionless, his looks immediately changed to be gentle and polite, his face even wore a trace of a smile. He looked at Fang Gang and said, “Boy, you’re the one who should also watch out for my hidden weapons.”

    Fang Gang shouted madly, and suddenly leapt up into the air.
    Three dark rays suddenly bounced off of the ground and shot directly towards his lower body.
    He never actually even saw Lü XiangChuan make any movements. It was as if these three dark rays shot off the ground by themselves. If it was not for his quick reflexes, at this moment he would already be on the ground, unable to get up.

    Lü XiangChuan smiled and said, “I have warned you that you should watch out, didn’t I?”

    He became very calm, because he knew that he had already gained the upper hand.
    At this moment, Fang Gang’s body was in midair and was just like a flying target. Given such a big target, he certainly understood the principle that it would be impossible for him to miss.
    He had already prepared four different kinds of hidden weapons, three of each kind. These twelve pieces of hidden weapons had already shot out simultaneously in this instant.
    But just now, the smile on his face suddenly froze.
    He could already feel a hand grabbing him around the waist. This hand had at least a few hundreds of kilos of strength. He knew that it would be impossible for him to break away from it.
    As long as he was just a bit cautious, there was no one who could grab him around the waist from behind, no one could ambush him.
    But at this moment, it was as if he had become fish that had fallen into the net, because he would never imagine that this man would ambush him – even in his dreams he could not imagine that Lin ZhongHe would attack him.
    His body had already been pulled down by Lin ZhongHe.

    Fang Gang flipped in midair and landed. He landed on his body, one foot stepping on his chest, the other foot stepping on his stomach, as if he was a hunter stepping on a mountain goat that was hit by an arrow. His dark face showed signs of triumph, the corner of his lips had the smile of a conqueror, and he said with a loud laugh, “Mr. Lü, others all say that you are wise and full of strategies, but even you could not imagine this move, right?”

    Lü XiangChuan’s eyes seemed to have turned into two black stones. He coldly stared at him and replied coldly, “You really should thank me.”

    Fang Gang asked, “Thank you?”

    Lü XiangChuan said, “If I didn’t have a nice relative to help you, how could you have succeeded?”

    Fang Gang laughed loudly and said, “You’re right. You indeed have a nice relative. You really should have been careful when you found a wife.”

    Lin ZhongHe stood up panting, his eyes contained a sign of shame. He looked at Lü XiangChuan and muttered, “You can’t blame me. I was following orders.”

    Lü XiangChuan said lightly, “I understand. If it was me, I may have done the same.”
    He suddenly said again, “There is just one thing I don’t understand!”

    Lin ZhongHe asked, “What is it?”

    Lü XiangChuan said, “There are at least several highly skilled masters in the Twelve Flying Roc Sect, why did you have to choose a stupid donkey to be your partner, and subject yourself to his humiliation?”

    Fang Gang said angrily, “Who are you talking about?”

    Lü XiangChuan said, “Besides you, there doesn’t seem to be a second donkey here.”

    Fang Gang looked down still stepping on him, anger appearing in his eyes. Suddenly he lifted his foot and stepped down between his hips.
    Lü XiangChuan’s trembled for a bit, each and every one of the muscles on his face contorted! But he grinded his teeth and refused to let out a groan!

    Fang Gang said fiercely, “How does this feel?”

    Lü XiangChuan looked at him and suddenly slowly laughed, and said, “You look like a man, but how come when you strike like a woman?”

    Fang Gang leapt up shouting and kicked towards his ribs.
    Lü XiangChuan simply closed his eyes.
    Fang Gang kicked nonstop. Although he was in such pain that cold sweat was flowing down, he refused to let out any groans. Lin ZhongHe turned around as if he could no longer bear to watch.

    Fang Gang suddenly stopped, and suddenly laughed. He said, “I understand your intentions.”

    Lü XiangChuan gritted his teeth and said, “A stupid donkey can also understand human intentions?”

    Fang Gang’s facial expressions changed a little, but he still smiled, “You just want to die a bit faster, don’t you?”

    Lü XiangChuan’s teeth gritted even tighter.

    Fang Gang said in a carefree manner, “Don’t you worry, I definitely won’t let you off so easily. I’m going to make you regret why you’re still alive!”

    Lü XiangChuan said, “If you keep me alive, then sooner or later you’d also regret it.”

    Fang Gang said, “Do you still want to wait for someone to rescue you?”
    He smiled coldly and continued, “I’m actually hoping that someone would come rescue you. No matter who comes, I’m going to make sure he turns into a hedgehog.”

    He quickly glanced towards the walls on both sides, and from the corner of his eye glanced at the men who came with him.
    There were only four left out of the eight men who could still stand. These four men’s faces were entirely expressionless.

    Lü XiangChuan’s heart suddenly skipped a beat. He could already tell that the eyes of these four men had a unique temperament. Someone with such temperament definitely could not be someone’s servant.
    He suddenly understood that these four men were truly the ones who will be difficult to deal with. As well, there certainly was an ambush set up between the two walls in this place, all waiting for the one who will come to rescue him.
    He could only hope that LaoBo would not come rescue him.

    Fang Gang already sat down on a chair and said in a carefree manner, “I’ll wait another two hours for you to see …”

    He no longer needed to wait.
    All of a sudden, a black carriage pulled by two horses charged straight in from outside the gates.
    The driver waved the whips at the horses. The strong horses neighed furiously.
    The carriage had already charged into the dining hall.

    Fang Gang suddenly flew up and shouted, “They’re here!”

    Amongst his shouts was a “Hong” sound!

    Twenty or thirty large holes had simultaneously barged through the walls on either side, and from each hole a crossbow set was revealed.
    Countless of arrows shot out suddenly.
    The driver first let out an angry shout. The arrows hit him right in the chest and he fell off of the seat.
    The two horses were also entirely doused in blood and neighing furiously, charged straight over, crashed into the wall and collapsed. The carriage fell over sideways.
    Fang Gang waved his hands.
    Another countless number of arrows shot out and nailed onto the carriage and suddenly burst into fire.
    The fire burned very rapidly, and in the blink of an eye, the entire carriage was lit on fire. If the people in the carriage did not get out, they would be soon burnt to ashes along with the carriage. If they did get out, the third array of arrows would immediately greet their bodies. Even if they were extremely skilled masters, they would still be unable to dodge this rainstorm of arrows.

    Fang Gang tilted his head back and laughed loudly, he said, “Sun YuBo, let’s see where you’ll escape to this time!”

    His laugh did not last long.
    Suddenly, endless miserable cries came from the walls on either side. The crossbows were thrown out one after another. Then, the men also fled out.
    As soon as they fled out, they fell with a miserable cry.
    Only now did Lü XiangChuan know that the walls on either side were hollow, and that these men were hiding in between the walls long ago.
    But why did they suddenly flee and why did they fall?
    The expressions on Fang Gang’s face also changed. He pulled up one of the men and saw that this man’s face was already pitch-black, fresh blood was flowing nonstop from the corner of his lips, but his breathing had already stopped.
    His body, however, had no hint of wounds. Clearly, he was hit with an extremely severe technique, and just one strike was fatal.
    There were originally forty-eight crossbow archers hidden in between the walls. Now, over thirty of them were already down, and the ten or so left had ran out screaming and fought to escape out of the door.
    Fang Gang lifted up a table and threw it towards the burning carriage. The carriage was immediately shattered, but inside it was completely empty.

    He suddenly understood that he himself had also fallen for the strategy of “making a feint in the east and attacking the west.” His expressions changed, “Sun YuBo, since you’re already here, why dare you not to come out?”

    It seemed as if a cold laugh came from inside the shattered walls.
    Fang Gang rushed over, but still could not see anyone.
    He could only hear a series of “Dang” sounds coming from outside the door, like the sound of metals hitting each other.

    Lü XiangChuan’s heart skipped another beat.
    “These were Lu ManTian’s iron spheres.”

    Holding the iron spheres in his hands, Lu ManTian calmly walked in from the gate. Judging by the peacefulness of his expressions, he appeared to be like a guest who was walking into a very familiar restaurant for dinner.

    Fang Gang suddenly turned around and shouted, “Who are you?”

    Smiling, Lu ManTian spread out his palms, and the iron spheres glowed among the flames.

    Fang Gang asked, “Lu ManTian?”

    Lu ManTian smiled, “You had indeed mingled for a couple of days in the martial world, and actually recognized me.”

    Fang Gang asked, “Where’s Sun YuBo?”

    Lu ManTian replied, “You want to see him?”

    Fang Gang said, “I wanted to get to know him for a very long time.”

    Lu ManTian asked, “You’re not afraid?”

    Fan Gang replied, “Afraid of what?”

    Lu ManTian said in a carefree manner, “Then why don’t you turn around and look.”

    To Be Continued.
    Because I'm somewhere in between,
    My love and my agony.

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    more....wanna more....

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    Love this story. Looking forward to the continuation.

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    thanks for the translation. keep going.

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    Thanks Jaded WenEr for giving us this very enjoyable translation. No wonder there were so many members who praised this story, it certainly lives up to the hype.

    I am still in the early parts, and while I liked Sun YuBo's character and the way he was presented, the punishments he mets do not seem fair to me.

    The Jiang brothers brutally raped a young woman and they get away with getting beat up. In some way that does seem fair in the eyes of a merciful person, but Mao Wei who merely seduced a consenting wife gets the death penalty? And the wife gets off scot free?

    That does not sound fair to me. Still, this is a very interesting story and I look forward to reading more.
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    After reading more chapters, I change my perception about Sun Yubo's plans. He is indeed a fair man.

    One thing that I greatly enjoy about this story is that many characters get some on-screen time, so secondary characters are well-developed.
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    Somehow, my perception of Sun Yubo is coloured by Vito Corleone from The Godfather. Even though I know Sun Yubo is a different person, what happened in the earlier parts really caused me to think of the two of them as one and the same. So my verdict is: there's no real "fairness" in Sun Yubo's methods, its all calculated to gain himself and his clan greater power and influence. Here, as in The Godfather, the beheading of the horse was totally disproportional to anything the antagonists might have done to the Don or Yubo's "protectees"... in fact, one might argue that the actions were unprovoked. There's no justice to be found here, just gangsters and their modus operandi. I shudder to think of living in that kind of environment... but then again, its just a story So enjoy....
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    Sorry about the wait, everyone. I was pretty busy the last few months. But I am definitely still translating.

    It is also really nice to see people discussing the novel!

    Anyway, here is the rest of Chapter Seven.


    Chapter Seven Continued:

    Fang Gang was startled and turned around. A man was silently standing amidst the broken walls, his face entirely expressionless. Judging from his attire, he looked just like an unrefined old man from a village, but his looks naturally revealed an indescribable dignity.

    Fang Gang could not help but to retreat back a few steps, “Sun YuBo?”

    LaoBo nodded.

    Fang Gang suddenly jumped backwards and landed right next to Lü XiangChuan’s body and shouted, “Do you want his life?”

    LaoBo replied, “Yes!”

    Fang Gang said, “If you want his life, then you better behave yourself.”

    LaoBo replied, “If you dare to harm a single hair on his body, I’ll take your life!”

    Fang Gang grinned viciously, “Why won’t I dare!”

    Just as he wanted to kick Lü XiangChuan again, he suddenly realized that LaoBo was already in front of him.

    In his entire life, he had never seen anyone’s movements being this fast, he had never even been able to imagine this. LaoBo looked at him coldly and said, “Don’t you dare!”

    Fang Gang suddenly felt his entire mouth tasting bitter, cold sweat had already flowed down his forehead. He began to retreat backwards again.
    It seemed that he wanted to retreat next to those four men.
    These four men appeared as if they were dumbstruck with fear. They held their heads low and were completely silent.

    Fang Gang finally retreated next to them and shouted again, “Sun, do you dare to come over and have a one-on-one dual to the death?”

    LaoBo did not say anything, and slowly walked over. The man, who a moment ago was violently hitting Lin ZhongHe with the bench, who was then lifted up by Lü XiangChuan, and who was then beat down by Fang Gang, had now suddenly jumped up from the ground and pointed to those four men, “Watch out for them, they’re the real targets!”

    When this sentence was spoken, every single person was shocked.
    Lü XiangChuan had already figured that there certainly must be one of LaoBo’s spies among these eight men Fang Gang brought, which is why LaoBo would know of Fang Gang’s itinerary like the back of his hands.
    But not even Lü XiangChuan could ever think that this man would be LaoBo’s spy. Fang Gang was even more apprehensive, and shouted angrily, “So you’re actually a spy?”

    The four men standing beside him suddenly all made moves, and impressively, each one of them already had a weapon in hand.
    The weapons were: a pair of daggers, a pair of judging pens, a pair of iron rings, and a soft whip.
    These four types of weapons were either extremely short or extremely long, the short ones were extremely vicious and the long ones extremely strong.
    Irregardless of long or short, they all were foreign weapons that were very difficult to master.
    Just looking at their weapons, one could tell that their martial arts were definitely not below the level of Fang Gang.
    But although their weapons were already drawn out, they barely had any opportunities to make use of them.
    The motion of LaoBo’s body suddenly extended.
    The long whip had just lashed out when LaoBo had already fallen into his chest and cut backwards with his hands.
    This man threw down the whip, his hands clutched his throat and fell down.
    He did not even let out a cry of misery.
    His neck was already drooping down softly like noodles.
    The tiger and dragon iron rings shook and shot cold rays into all directions.
    Suddenly, an iron sphere flew over and the iron rings were dropped. This man covered his face with his hands, but fresh blood flooded outwards from between his fingers.
    He also did not let out a cry of misery.
    His face already turned to look like a mashed persimmon.
    These were the martial arts of LaoBo and Lu ManTian.
    No other words could be used to describe their martial arts.
    Except for one word:
    So fast that it was inconceivable, so fast that it was impossible to defend against, and so fast that others could not even perceive the changes in their movements. Lu ManTian was fast, and LaoBo was even faster.
    From the beginning until the end there was only one cry of misery. The cry was let out as Fang Gang fell into the burning carriage.
    After he fell, he never came out again. The second LaoBo’s hands grasped him, he disappeared from the world.

    “If you want to burn me to death, then I’ll burn you to death.”

    This was the principle with which LaoBo handled his affairs. This was indeed “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth!”

    Lü XiangChuan was only able to walk again after resting in bed for three whole days.
    He immediately went to see LaoBo.
    He knelt down.
    The first time that Lü XiangChuan knelt down in front of LaoBo was seventeen years ago. Since these past seventeen years, he did not ever kneel down a second time.
    Because LaoBo did not like it when others knelt down in front of him.
    LaoBo believed that kneeling down loses a man his dignity. He did not wish his subordinates to lose their dignities.
    Only those who have made mistakes would kneel down in front of LaoBo.

    But now, LaoBo pulled him up, with kindness and consolation appearing in his gaze, and he gently spoke, “You didn’t make a mistake.”

    Lü XiangChuan’s head drooped down, “I was too careless, and therefore wasn’t able to execute Han Tang.”

    LaoBo smiled and said, “Han Tang is already dead.”

    Lü XiangChuan’s face showed expressions of surprise. But he restrained himself and did not ask.

    LaoBo clearly also did not wish to explain, and immediately continued, “Although you were injured this time, with all things considered, we still had great gains.”

    Lü XiangChuan replied, “Yes.”

    LaoBo said, “Now the Twelve Flying Rocs are only left with seven.”

    Lü XiangChuan stirred, “You mean that those four men were also forum leaders of the Twelve Flying Roc Sect?”

    LaoBo nodded.
    Lü XiangChuan’s eyes could not help but show signs of admiration. Each and every one of the Twelve Flying Rocs was a highly skilled master in the martial world. But in front of LaoBo, they were unable to even take a single blow.

    LaoBo said, “We have at least taught Thousand Roc King a lesson. From now on, he probably won’t dare to act recklessly.”

    Lü XiangChuan remained silent for a while, and then asked, “What about us?”

    LaoBo stood up and slowly walked around in a circle, and slowly said, “For now, we won’t act either.”

    After a huge victory, why instead of following up with it and attack, is he taking no action? This was not like LaoBo’s usual style.

    Although Lü XiangChuan did not ask this, the expression of suspicion on his face was very obvious.

    LaoBo explained, “Because our loss was also quite heavy, now would be the time for us to conserve our strengths and restore our energy, and to newly reorganize.”

    Lü XiangChuan could not help but to lift up his head and stare at LaoBo. He already could tell that LaoBo’s words were somewhat convoluted, as if he was hiding something.
    LaoBo turned around and stared at a parasol tree outside the window.
    The parasol was shivering in the autumn wind.

    LaoBo suddenly sighed and muttered, “Autumn is slowly getting darker, and winter has almost arrived?”

    Lü XiangChuan was silent for a long time again, and finally, he could not help but ask, “Yi QianLong did not come?”

    LaoBo slowly nodded, “He didn’t come.”

    For the first time, a look of fear appeared on Lü XiangChuan’s face. He knew just how important Yi QianLong’s status is in the organization. If Yi QianLong had the thought of desertion, it is without doubt that the mansion has been stripped of a very important pillar.

    LaoBo slowly continued, “I already told your uncle to ask him why he didn’t respond. I believe he surely has a very good reason.”

    Lü XiangChuan hesitated, “What if he doesn’t say?”

    LaoBo did not turn around. Lü XiangChuan could not see his face, but only saw that both of his fists tightened.

    Only after a very long time did his fists slowly loosen, and he said, “Your injuries have not yet completely healed. Rest well at home for the next couple of days, and no need to come see me!”

    Lü XiangChuan replied, “Yes.”

    LaoBo said, “Your mission now is to take very good care of yourself, because in the future, the number of missions I assign you will surely become more and more.”

    This sentence practically indicated that Lü XiangChuan’s status in this organization will become even more important in the future, and also indicated that LaoBo’s trust for him has also grown increasingly.

    Lü XiangChuan’s heart was filled with gratitude, “I’ll take good care of myself, you elder …”

    LaoBo suddenly turned around and laughed, “Who said that I’m elder? Did you think that I looked like an elderly man when I dealt with Fang Gang and such?”

    Lü XiangChuan also laughed.

    Some elderly would never grow old – they may die, but would never grow old.
    LaoBo was one of them.

    Lü XiangChuan continued, “I also hope that Yi QianLong would have a very good reason, otherwise …”

    LaoBo asked, “Otherwise what?”

    Lü XiangChuan sighed and said, “He treated me quite well in the past. I’d like to arrange his funeral for him.”

    LaoBo laughed, but his laughter contained some dejection. After a very long time, he waved his hand and said, “You should go rest!”

    Lü XiangChuan replied, “Yes.”

    He turned around, but he did not even walk out the door when LaoBo suddenly said, “Wait a moment.”

    Lü XiangChuan’s steps stopped.

    LaoBo continued, “It seems like you still haven’t asked me about one thing.”

    Lü XiangChuan drooped down his head, “I have nothing to ask.”

    LaoBo asked, “You don’t want to know where Lin Xiu has gone?”

    Lü XiangChuan was silent for a very long time again, and then said flatly, “I don’t want to know. No matter where she went, there must be a very good reason.”

    LaoBo looked at the view of his back and his smile gradually brightened. He said, “You are finally a man. You indeed did not disappoint me!”

    A man. The best praise LaoBo has for someone are these two words.
    Lü XiangChuan knew. Therefore, when he walked out of the door, the corners of his lips could not help but smile.
    When he walked out, Feng Hao was waiting.
    They had arranged to meet tonight to drink wine.
    And to have oil-drenched doves to go with their wine.

    End of Chapter Seven.
    Because I'm somewhere in between,
    My love and my agony.

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