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Thread: Translation of Meteor, Butterfly, Sword

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    Thanks SkyWalker, missouri.slim, and Laoren! Happy New Year!

    Here's more of Chapter 9. Finally the excitement picks up again!
    Since my winter break is approaching its end (waaahh), I will be slower with updates. I'm aiming for at least one a week though, hopefully on Fridays! Thanks for sticking with the story!

    Chapter 9 Continued

    He believed that she would definitely come, but for some unknown reason, in his heart he always felt as if there was a different omen. This feeling made his spirit groggy, even made him a little scared out of his wits.
    Even a hunting dog that has been trained for a long time can have delayed reactions when in love.
    Unexpectedly, he entirely didn’t detect that a person was continuously following him in secret.
    This person’s eyes were full of malice and envy. If looks could kill, Meng Xinghun would have died on the roadside long ago.

    Only after Meng Xinghun had walked far away did this person walk out, grit his teeth, and mutter, “You two will definitely regret it. Although I won’t kill you two, inevitably there will be a day when you regret it. Why won’t you die earlier? I will make your lives ten times more painful than death.”

    Although his tone was full of malice, he was still tranquil at this time. If a person can maintain tranquility, it means that he will definitely do what he says.


    Meng Xinghun pushed open the door, and only then did he discover that Gao Laoda was in the room.
    She was sitting on the bed, and in the dim lighting of the room she still looked so young, so beautiful. So beautiful that she could halt the breathing of most men. Meng Xinghun’s breathing seemed as if it had already halted.

    Gao Laoda gazed at his startled complexion and asked, “You didn’t think I would be here? You were frightened?”

    Meng Xinghun could only nod his head.

    Gao Laoda lowered her face and said, “In the past, even if you stood ten feet away, you would still sense that someone was in this room. Why have you suddenly become slow-witted now? What made you change?”

    Meng Xinghun lowered his head, unable to explain, and couldn’t explain.

    Gao Laoda said coldly, “Only when a fox is in love does it fall into the hunter’s trap. What about you?”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “I’m not a fox. I’m a person.”

    Gao Laoda said, “People also have times when they’re in love.”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “There’s no trap here, and you’re not a hunter.”

    Gao Laoda asked, “What if I am?”

    Meng Xinghun answered, “At present you’re already dead.”

    Gao Laoda stared at him for an extremely long time before she finally smiled with color and said, “As expected you’re the same as before; as expected you don’t disappoint me.”

    Gao Laoda suddenly also asked, “Do you know what people call you behind your back?”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “Whatever they call me doesn’t matter.”

    Gao Laoda laughed heartily and said, “They call you “nail”; no matter who strikes you, his head will be end up with a hole, and even I am not an exception.”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “Then you shouldn’t have come. I have by no means forgotten what you want me to do.”

    Gao Laoda asked, “I can’t even come see you? Don’t forget, when you were a child you couldn’t separate from me for even a day.”

    Meng Xinghun hung his head, hung it even lower, and after a long time he sighed deeply, “I won’t forget. I’ll never forget.”

    Gao Laoda said softly, “Ye Xiang already came and told me about your matters. Since I knew that you were injured, how could I not come see you? Even if I had enormous matters to take care of, I would still find the time to come see you.” She smiled and continued, “I still remember that one time you stole taros from someone’s fields. Their dog bit your legs a few times, and you had to lie in bed, unable to move, for several days.”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “I...I also remember...that time you always stayed by my side.”

    He wasn’t actually an ungrateful person, but every time he remembered past events, his heart would feel sick.

    Gao Laoda asked, “So it seems like your injury is already better?”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “It’s a lot better.”

    Gao Laoda asked, “Then when do you plan to act?” She smiled and continued, “I’m not actually rushing you, but it’s just that now is indeed a very good opportunity.”

    Meng Xinghun asked, “What opportunity?”

    Gao Laoda replied, “At present Laobo is secretly recruiting new staff again, in preparation for the last battle against Thousand Roc King. If a person such as you relies on him for help, he will definitely put you in an important position.”

    Meng Xinghun said, “He will definitely carefully investigate my background.”

    Gao Laoda replied, “Correct.”

    Meng Xinghun said, “If he discovers that I have absolutely no background, what do you think he would do to me?”

    Indeed he had no background.
    No one in Jianghu knew of his past.
    No background, compared to any kind of background, was more liable to suspicion, because a person like him absolutely couldn’t have just fallen from the sky.

    Gao Laoda answered, “If he is unable to investigate your background, maybe he will kill you.”

    Meng Xinghun asked, “You want me to kill him or him to kill me?”

    Gao Laoda laughed heartily and said, “But you’re actually not a person without a background. I’ve already arranged a background for you.”

    Meng Xinghun asked, “What background?”

    Gao Laoda replied, “Your name is Qin Zhongting, you belong to the Qin family of Lu Dong, and you are the nephew of Second Master Qin Huhua. Because you followed Second Master Qin’s subordinates since childhood to do business out at sea, you’ve never shown your face in the Central Plains, so no one recognizes you.” She smiled again and continued, “You ought to know that not only does Qin Huhua owe me, but he also always wants to win my favor, so even if I say that he is your uncle, he will not deny it.”

    Meng Xinghun asked, “Why would a junior male in the Qin family want to rely on help from Laobo?”

    Gao Laoda replied, “Because you want to be outstanding; the fight between Laobo and the Twelve Flying Roc Sect has long since been the sensation of Wulin, so if young people want to become famous, this is precisely the best opportunity.”

    Meng Xinghun looked at her, and his heart couldn’t help but admire her. Although she was a woman, although she was still very young, she was careful in her plans, and not even ten experienced people of Jianghu put together could compare to her. Gao Laoda was also in the process of looking at him, her gaze penetrating and calm. Whenever Meng Xinghun met her gaze, he would often doubt whether or not the unfeeling and realistic woman sitting in front of him was still the girl who had rescued them from the swamp, not hesitated to sacrifice everything to raise them, and spared them from cold and hunger.
    Sometimes he would even suspect why she had saved them at that time. Was it really due to pity and sympathy? Or did she have intentions to exploit them? Was her care and love for them merely an investment for her plans? He suspected, yet was never willing to think too much, too deeply.
    He didn’t want to be an ungrateful person.

    Gao Laoda took out two well-bound paper books. She said, “One of these is the Qin family tree. The Qin family of Lu Dong is the main clan and has many people. You had better memorize it all. Among them is a person named Qin Xiong, who is your father. He died when you were ten years old.”

    Meng Xinghun asked, “How did he die?”

    Gao Laoda replied, “He died of illness.” She considered for a while and said, “Reportedly it was an indecent illness, so if other people ask, you can refuse to answer.”

    Meng Xinghun asked, “What about the other book?”

    Gao Laoda answered, “This is the personal record of Qin Zhongting that he wrote while aboard. He recorded his life over the last few years, the people he met, and the places he went, so you should memorize them well.”

    Meng Xinghun said, “Those people...”

    Gao Laoda interrupted, “Those people already went out to sea. They absolutely won’t return within the next two or three years, so you don’t need to worry about them exposing this secret.”

    Meng Xinghun said, “I’m only worried about one matter.”

    Gao Laoda asked, “Are you worried that Laobo will find the real Qing Zhongting?”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “Yes.”

    Gao Laoda smiled and said, “Rest assured, he can’t be found.”

    Meng Xinghun didn’t ask why.
    He knew that if Gao Laoda wanted a person to go missing, it wouldn’t actually be difficult.

    Gao Laoda stared at him and asked, “Do you have any more questions?”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “No.”

    Gao Laoda said, “Then I’ll ask you, are you not going to strike?”

    Meng Xinghun turned around and faced the window.
    The wind blew over from far away, and the sounds from distant mountains were somber and danced in the wind.

    Meng Xinghun said slowly, “If it wasn’t for you, I couldn’t have survived. At present you know that I’m prepared to die for you at any time.”

    Gao Laoda’s gaze suddenly became very gentle and she said, “But I don’t wish for you to die for me. I only wish that you can live for me.”

    Meng Xinghun said, “I don’t have parents, don’t have relatives, don’t even have friends. I can die for you, and can also live for you, but now I...”

    Gao Laoda asked, “Now what?”

    Meng Xinghun’s hands tightly gripped the windowsill and he said slowly, “Now I hope to live for myself for some time.”

    The gentleness of Gao Laoda’s gaze suddenly changed to ice and she asked, “Do you want to leave me?”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “I don’t mean that, but it’s just that...”

    Gao Laoda suddenly interrupted him and said, “I think I already understand what you mean.” Her gaze became even colder but her voice became gentler, and she continued gently, “Do you already have a sweetheart?”

    Meng Xinghun was silent; silence is usually tacit admittance.

    Gao Laoda said, “You don’t need to conceal it from me. This is a happy matter and I am happy for you, but it’s just that girl worthy of you doing this?”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “She’s very good.”

    Gao Laoda laughed heartily; her laughter still didn’t have the slightest amount of gentleness. She smiled and said, “I really want to see the girl who makes you topple over. Surely she’s very remarkable.”

    Meng Xinghun asked, “You don’t oppose it?”

    Gao Laoda replied, “Why would I oppose it? It’s about time you got married anyway. So long as you like the girl, I will surely like her too.”

    Meng Xinghun turned around, his gaze filled with gratitude, so much gratitude that his throat was constricted.

    Yet Gao Laoda turned around and asked, “Where do you two intend to go?”

    Meng Xinghun muttered to himself irresolutely, “At present I don’t know. I only want to find a quiet place.”

    Gao Laoda asked, “When do you two intend to leave?”

    Meng Xinghun picked up the two books on the table and said, “That depends on when this matter can be done well.”

    This was already his last chance to repay Gao Laoda’s kindness, so he couldn’t not go.

    Gao Laoda turned around to look at him, even her gaze becoming very gentle, and said, “This mission is very dangerous. Even if you don’t go, I won’t blame you.”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “I’m going. I already promised you.”

    Gao Laoda asked, “You don’t have confidence in success?”

    Meng Xinghun’s face revealed a smile and he said, “You don’t need to worry for me. The one who should be worried is Sun Yubo.”

    He had never been so confident in himself; regardless of how many difficulties and dangers, he still had confidence in completing this mission. He suddenly felt that he was more mature and more intelligent than before; this was love.
    Love can accomplish anything except for one thing: love can only change yourself; you cannot change other people.
    Gao Laoda left, left while smiling.

    To be continued...
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    Thanks for the update Xaari.

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    many thanks, ok we have a date on fridays.....

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    Thanks for reading, SkyWalker, Laoren, and sainuu!

    Chapter 9 Continued

    In the distance, a gorgeous carriage was waiting for her. Smiling, she sat down in the carriage. The driver was originally a little impatient from waiting, but now his mood was much better. “Today lady boss was definitely successful, definitely received news that made her happy.”
    He never discovered that lady boss’s smile was unexpectedly so lovely, so capable of making people happy. No matter who sees this kind of smile, his mood will improve.

    When they returned to Pleasure Forest, it wasn’t too late, so she kept customers company and drank a cup of wine with them. The smile on her face became even sweeter, and even the customers couldn’t help but ask, “Why is lady boss especially happy today?”

    Only when it was very late did she return to her own room. Her personal servant girl also felt that her temper was especially good today. Even when her bath water was running, she completely paid no attention.
    Smiling, she told her servant girl to rest early. Smiling, she closed the door of her room. Then she suddenly turned around and smashed to pieces everything in the room that could be smashed!


    Meng Xinghun continuously stood at the gate, so as soon as Xiao Die entered the woods, he would see her.
    “Sure enough she came, came with her child.”
    In his entire life, Meng Xinghun had never been happier than at this moment. He suddenly thought that the bad premonition he had felt a moment ago was absurd and ridiculous.
    The child was already asleep. Xiao Die lightly put him on the bed. She looked at the child and then looked at him.
    Her gaze was full of happiness, contentment, and tenderness, like lake water under the sunset.
    Meng Xinghun had already extended his arms, waiting for her.

    Xiao Die threw herself into his embrace and sighed contentedly, “At present I’m entirely yours. Whatever you want to do is fine.”

    Meng Xinghun’s hand slipped under her collar. Lightly caressing her warm and smooth skin, he asked, “Whatever I want to do?”

    Xiao Die closed her eyes, smiling lovably, and said, “Whatever you want...don’t tell me that you’ll eat me then?”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “I’m just about to eat you, bite by bite eating you into my stomach.” He lowered his head and lightly bit her ear and neck.

    Xiao Die laughed and dodged out of the way. Gasping for breath, she said, “The child...take care not to wake the child...”

    However, the child had already sat up and was staring at them with eyes wide open.
    Xiao Die hurriedly pushed him away and pulled up her collar. Even though it was in front of her own child, she still blushed a little.

    The child blinked, suddenly smiled, and said, “Mommy kissed uncle, uncle is surely well-behaved.”

    Meng Xinghun also couldn’t help but smile, and walked over to hug the child. He said, “Baobao is also very well-behaved, uncle will kiss Baobao.”

    The child rubbed his eyes and said, “Baobao is sleepy. Mommy, take Baobao home, all right?”

    Xiao Die took the child, put him on the bed, and said softly, “Baobao, be well-behaved and just sleep here. This is our home.”

    The child forcefully shook his head and said, “Baobao doesn’t want this home. This place is so dirty and messy; Baobao can’t sleep.”

    Xiao Die glanced at Meng Xinghun, forced a smile, and said, “Baobao, be well-behaved and first sleep here. Uncle will take us to a better place.”

    Meng Xinghun said softly, “How can uncle deceive you? Just sleep at ease.”

    The child smiled and said, “If uncle is deceitful he isn’t well-behaved, so mommy won’t kiss uncle.”

    He pulled his mother’s hand, closed his eyes, and smiled sweetly. He mumbled, “Uncle will take Baobao to a better place. That place has fragrant flowers, and Baobao will sleep on a soft and comfortable bed...” He already found that place in his dreams; he slept sweetly.

    Meng Xinghun’s heart began to feel a stab of pain again. He really wanted to let them have stable and comfortable lives, he really wanted to give them a very good home.
    But he suddenly realized that he was unable to accomplish it.
    Love couldn’t change everything; it could neither change this room into a warm home nor change the sunshine and grass into food for the child.
    Meng Xinghun’s hand involuntarily extended into his pocket, and he held tightly onto the remaining single banknote with a value in silver.
    This was all the property he had; a cold sweat seeped through his palm.

    Xiao Die stared at him, clearly already comprehending his worries. She walked over, lightly stroked his face, and said softly, “You don’t need to worry. As long as we’re together, it doesn’t matter if our days are bitter.”

    Of course she originally had some jewelry, but she didn’t bring anything with her.
    She had already decided to abandon everything from the past and start life anew.
    This was also what Meng Xinghun was most grateful for. He knew that she was willing to go through life’s joys and sorrows with him, but the child...

    Meng Xinghun suddenly shook his head and said, “No matter what, we cannot cause hardships for the child.”

    He had already decided, decided to complete that mission as soon as possible.
    After he completed the mission, Gao Laoda would definitely give him a very generous reward.

    Meng Xinghun asked, “Can you wait here for me for ten days?”

    The child asked, “Is uncle being deceitful?”

    Xiao Die said, “Wait for you for ten days? Why?”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “I still have a matter to attend to; so long as I do it well, the child can live better in the future.”

    Xiao Die said, “’re going to leave me for ten days, ten whole days.”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “Ten days isn’t long at all, and perhaps I can return sooner than planned.”

    Xiao Die hung her head and said, “In the past I also felt that ten days was very short. Even ten days seemed to pass in the blink of an eye. But now, now it’s different, because...” She suddenly tightly embraced him and said, “Because I will think of you and worry for you every moment. If you’re not by my side, I simply can’t even live through one of those days.”

    Meng Xinghun said softly, “You will definitely be able to live through them, as long as you think of the thousands of days we have in the future.”

    Xiao Die asked, “Can you tell me where you’re going?”

    Meng Xinghun hesitated, forced a smile, and said, “In the future I will definitely tell you, but now it’s best that you don’t know anything.”

    Worry arose in Xiao Die’s gaze and she asked, “Why? Is it because you’re afraid that I’ll be worried? Is what you’re going to do very dangerous?”

    Meng Xinghun smiled and replied, “You don’t need to worry for me. So long as I think of you, even if it’s dangerous, I can still cope.”

    Xiao Die asked, “ are definitely coming back?”

    Meng Xinghun answered, “Of course. No matter what, I will definitely come back.” He put on a fake smile, kissed her face, and continued, “Even if other people chop off my two legs, I will still crawl back.”

    Xiao Die looked at Meng Xinghun’s fading backside, tears flowing down her cheeks again.
    For some reason her heart suddenly felt very disordered, as if she also felt in advance that some kind of misfortune was going to happen.
    The words that Meng Xinghun had said before leaving made her especially worried and uneasy. She could seemingly see Meng Xinghun’s two legs being chopped off and him crawling back.
    She really wanted to recklessly make him stay by her side, but she didn’t do this.
    Because she knew that it was best for women to not interfere with men’s matters. If a woman frequently interferes with a man’s matters, sooner or later she will definitely regret it; by the time the man can’t stand her, it would be too late for her to do anything.
    But if Xiao Die knew what Meng Xinghun was now going to do, who he was going to kill, then she would rather be despised by him and recklessly make him stay.
    Because what he was going to do would inevitably make both of them regret it for a lifetime.


    Gao Laoda looked at the fragments all over the floor, her hands still shaking incessantly.
    She had never been so angry in her life.
    So long as she wanted something, she would demand it by fair means or foul and definitely obtain it.
    Once she obtained it, she would hold onto it tightly because she was unwilling to lose it, and even more unwilling for it to be snatched by others. Until it lost its value, she would absolutely not relinquish her grip.
    She had gotten rid of many things that had already lost their value, and gotten rid of many people who had already lost their value, just like how she got rid of nasal mucus on her hands.
    Now, the Meng Xinghun she had raised on her own wanted to leave her, leave her for another woman. How could she possibly endure this?
    Her anger was like a flame, first kindling in her heart and then burning all the way to her brain.
    She needed to vent.
    No matter how many things she smashed, it didn’t count as venting.
    She was a woman, a thirty-seven-year-old woman, and only on men could she truly vent.
    Under the light her skin looked rosy after bathing, just like a newborn baby’s face.
    Her expensive, soft, smooth silk gown revealed long and slender legs.
    Her open collar revealed that she was still sturdy and full of flexibility.
    Her abdomen was still flat, and her entire body had absolutely no sagging muscles.
    This kind of woman can certainly find many men. Every time he sees her, the drool in his gaze is just like that of a hungry dog seeing fat meat.
    She wasn’t actually underestimating her charisma, but she was unwilling to do this.
    A woman’s body is like bait; men can only look, not obtain.
    Because men are a very strange kind of fish: once he swallows the bait, he will frequently slip away.
    “A wife is not as good as a concubine, a concubine is not as good as stolen love, stealing love is not as good as failing to do so.”
    Many years ago she had already understood men’s hearts, so many years ago she had already understood how to use lust to conquer men. Many years ago on an extremely hot summer night, she was suddenly flaming with lust and unable to sleep, so she quietly carried a bucket of cold water over to the corner of the room and washed.
    She saw several pairs of shining eyes in the darkness staring at her naked body; that night it wasn’t only Meng Xinghun who saw her bathing naked.
    She didn’t prevent them, didn’t conceal herself, and instead washed more carefully, exposing her perfect naked body as much as possible under the moonlight.
    Because she suddenly discovered that she liked to be peeked at by men.
    Every time someone peeked at her, she herself would feel the same sense of secret delight.
    That night, she observed two additional matters.
    Those children had already grown up.
    To them she was no longer only a mother and friend, but also a woman. So long as she knew how to use this, they would never betray her.
    The first time she suffered failure was in Meng Xinghun’s wooden cottage.
    She didn’t expect that Meng Xinghun could still control himself at that time. When Meng Xinghun rushed out of the wooden cottage, she was so angry that she nearly couldn’t help but drag him back and chop him into mincemeat. When a woman is rejected by a man, the feeling in her heart isn’t really shame, but rather anger.
    It is very likely that this never occurs to men.
    She also controlled herself, because she was sure that she would have opportunities in the future.
    She never thought that Meng Xinghun would leave her.
    She pushed open the window; the wind was very cold.
    Lust is just like a flame; not only can cold wind not extinguish it, but instead it increases the intensity of the fire.
    She raised her collar and went out.
    Although Xiao He was now useless, he knew where Ye Xiang could be found.

    To be continued...
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    Thanks for reading, guys! As I said, I'm hoping to update on Fridays because I'm quite busy (I'm taking more credits than most people at college, and I'm also doing research).

    Chapter 9 Continued


    The wine jar was empty.
    The wine jars in Ye Xiang’s hand always seemed to be empty. He lay on the ground, forcefully pushing down on the earth, seemingly as if treating the earth as his friend.
    Although his heart was crippled, his body wasn’t crippled. Just like other men in their thirties, he suffered from lust at all times.
    Especially after drinking wine, wine always causes men to think of women.
    Can wine cause women to think of men?
    The only difference is that after a man drinks wine, he will think of all kinds of women, many different women. After a woman drinks wine, she will frequently only think of one man.
    Most of the time she will think of a man who had abandoned her.
    Ye Xiang was a man; at present he was thinking of many women, from his first woman to the last. He had had many women before, most of whom were prostitutes that he had bought with money.
    But his first woman was different; he had sold his entire life to that woman.
    Indeed she was an unusual woman.
    Suddenly someone was laughing; the laughter was like a silver bell!
    Ye Xiang turned over and saw Gao Laoda.

    With difficulty, Ye Xiang contained his rage and said coldly, “I knew long ago that you would still come find me.”

    Gao Laoda said, “Oh?”

    Ye Xiang said, “You’re just a female dog; when you don’t have a man, you’ll even go find a wild dog.”

    Gao Laoda smiled and said, “In that case you’re a wild dog.”

    She deliberately let the wind blow open her silk gown and let him see her torso, which he had long ago been familiar with.
    A burst of familiar heat arose from his abdomen. Suddenly, he pulled her delicate foot.
    She toppled over, pressed on top of his body.
    The wind was rustling in the forest.
    Ye Xiang’s gasps for breath had already gradually quieted.

    Yet Gao Laoda had already stood up, looked at him coldly, and said coldly, “I know that you’re already incapable, but I didn’t anticipate that you aren’t even capable of this.”

    Ye Xiang smiled coldly and said, “That’s because I only regard you as a female dog; there’s no need to let you enjoy.”

    Gao Laoda’s complexion was also flushed from anger. She clenched her teeth and said, “Don’t forget who let you live up until now. Since I can let you live, I can also make you die.”

    Ye Xiang replied, “I haven’t forgotten; I was always respectful and grateful to you until I discovered that you’re a female dog. Not only are you yourself a dog, but you also treat us as dogs; you raise us just so that we can bite people for you.”

    Gao Laoda stared at him, the corner of her mouth suddenly exposing a smile, and said, “No matter what your mouth says, I know that your heart still thinks of me.”

    Ye Xiang replied, “Only when thinking of this kind of matter will I think of you, because at this kind of time, I originally dared to think of her, but I didn’t dare to offend her.”

    Gao Laoda said, “Her. Who is she?”

    Ye Xiang laughed and said, “Of course she’s a woman.”

    Gao Laoda asked, “You have other women in your heart?”

    Ye Xiang replied, “No one else, only her.”

    Gao Laoda asked, “Who is she?”

    Ye Xiang laughed coldly and said, “She’s nobler than you, more beautiful than you, better than you by who knows how much.”

    After she heard this, Gao Laoda’s complexion changed.

    Ye Xiang laughed more cruelly and said, “I know that right now you definitely want to kill her, but it’s a pity that you will never know who she is.”

    Gao Laoda suddenly laughed heartily and asked, “Did you know that Sun Yubo has a daughter?”

    The smile on Ye Xiang’s face suddenly froze.

    Gao Laoda said, “If you go ask Sun Yubo, he will definitely not admit that he has a daughter, because this daughter caused him to lose face too much. Not yet married and already her belly was made big by someone.”

    Ye Xiang’s face was twisted with pain.
    He suddenly discovered that no secret could be ever concealed from Gao Laoda.

    Gao Laoda said, “What’s most wonderful is that after her belly got big, she still didn’t know who the father of her baby was.”

    Before Ye Xiang’s eyes it seemed as if a pure and beautiful shadow had appeared again; she stood under the sunset in a cluster of flowers, watching a pair of flying butterflies...
    This was the goddess in his heart, the lover in his dreams.

    Ye Xiang jumped up. Clenching his teeth, he choked, “You’re lying. She’s definitely not that kind of woman.”

    Gao Laoda asked, “You know what kind of woman she is? You understand her?”

    Ye Xiang clenched his teeth, unable to reply.
    This was the biggest secret in his heart; he intended to conceal this secret until his death.
    But of course he knew that if it wasn’t for her, Sun Yubo wouldn’t have ordered Han Tang to find him, and he wouldn’t have turned out like this.

    With a smile Gao Laoda said, “Originally Sun Yubo looked after his daughter very strictly, and absolutely didn’t allow any man to get close to her. No matter who had any desire for her, he would be immediately discovered. Sun Yubo’s hired thugs would wait for him, and in that way he would quickly go missing.”

    She laughed more cruelly than Ye Xiang had a moment ago and continued, “But Sun Yubo still forgot one thing, forgot to castrate his daughter like a man. Once he discovered that his daughter’s belly was already big, it was too late for regret. In order to protect his own reputation, he could only kick her out and never admit that he had this daughter.”

    Ye Xiang’s entire body trembled and he said, “I...I don’t believe a single word you said.”

    Gao Laoda laughed and said, “Actually, you believe every word, because you’ve not only met Sun Yubo’s daughter, but you’ve also met her child.”

    Ye Xiang retreated two steps and suddenly sat on the ground.

    Gao Laoda said, “There’s one matter that perhaps you truly don’t believe. Not only do you not believe it, but even I am a little disbelieving that a **** like her unexpectedly still has someone who dares to love her.” She blinked and continued, “Guess who is the person she fell in love with?”

    Ye Xiang clenched his teeth.

    Gao Laoda smiled and said, “Of course you can’t guess it; the person who fell in love with her is Meng Xinghun.”

    Ye Xiang’s entire body was ice cold.

    Gao Laoda said, “Even more wonderful is that she unexpectedly seems to be truly in love with him and is preparing to elope with him.”

    Ye Xiang said in a trembling voice, “I don’t believe it; even if this kind of matter truly happened, you wouldn’t know.”

    Gao Laoda said indifferently, “Why wouldn’t I know? I know much more than you imagine.”

    Ye Xiang said, “ already know, yet you still want Meng Xinghun to kill her father.”

    Gao Laoda lowered her face and said coldly, “That’s his mission; he must do it, and moreover he doesn’t know whose daughter she is.”

    Again the corners of her mouth exposed a cruel smile, and she continued leisurely, “Once he knows, the situation will certainly be very interesting...when that time arrives, he will return.”

    She spoke the last two phrases in a lower voice because she was speaking them for herself to hear.
    Ye Xiang didn’t hear her; it seemed like he heard nothing.

    Gao Laoda asked, “What are you thinking about? Are you thinking of telling him?”

    Ye Xiang suddenly laughed and said, “I originally believed that you understand men very well; who would have thought that other than doing that sort of thing with men, you don’t understand anything else.”

    Gao Laoda stared and asked, “I don’t understand?”

    Ye Xiang replied, “If you understand men, then you ought to know that men are just like women and will also get jealous. Furthermore, when they get jealous, they are even more frightful than women.”

    Gao Laoda looked at him and her gaze exposed a smiling expression.
    Even the calmest of men will frequently go mad from jealousy and do things that even he would have never imagined, because at that time he would have already completely lost rationality and become a beast.

    Gao Laoda laughed and said, “Correct, after Sun Yubo dies, sooner or later his daughter will know who killed him. At that time you might have a chance.”

    Ye Xiang closed his eyes and said, “At present, I’m only worried about one matter.”

    Gao Laoda asked, “Worried about what?”

    Ye Xiang replied, “I’m only worried that Xiao Meng will be unable to kill Sun Yubo.”

    The smile on Gao Laoda’s face suddenly became mysterious, and she said slowly, “You don’t need to worry; his opportunity is very good, simply too good.”

    Ye Xiang frowned and asked, “Why?”

    Gao Laoda asked, “Do you know who had secretly beseeched me to assassinate Sun Yubo?”

    Ye Xiang shook his head.

    Gao Laoda smiled and said, “Of course you can’t one can guess.”

    Ye Xiang probed, “Sun Yubo has many enemies.”

    Gao Laoda replied, “It wasn’t his enemy who came to find me, but rather his friend.” She laughed again and continued slowly, “You had better remember that enemies aren’t actually frightful; your friends are the ones who are truly frightful.”

    Ye Xiang was silent for a long time and then said indifferently, “I have no friends.”

    Gao Laoda asked, “Isn’t Meng Xinghun your friend?”

    Someone had said, “Intelligent people would rather trust their enemies than their friends.”
    Indeed there are many cases of being betrayed by “friends.”
    Because you only guard against enemies, you don’t guard against friends.
    Indeed Gao Laoda was an intelligent person, but the person who had beseeched her had said one point incorrectly, “Friends aren’t actually frightful.” What is truly frightful is if you can’t distinguish who are your enemies and who are your friends.

    To be continued...

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    Chapter 9 Continued


    Meng Xinghun dug a hole in a tree, watching those two books in the hole burning into ashes. Then he buried the ashes in the earth.
    Before taking action he was always exceptionally careful. No matter what he did, he absolutely could not leave any traces, because “No matter how small the carelessness, it can still be a fatal carelessness.”
    At present he had already completely memorized all the names in the two books; he was positive that no matter under what circumstances, he would definitely not forget them.
    Now he had already prepared to begin taking action.
    Except for the first time, he maintained tranquility every time before taking action, nearly completely the same as in normal times. Even a genuine executioner prior to executions would be much more nervous than him.
    But in his heart he suddenly felt a little uneasy. Perhaps it was because in the past he killed to pay a debt of gratitude, for the purpose of following orders, for the purpose of doing his duty, so he could always find an excuse for himself. But this time he killed for the purpose of his dream.
    He couldn’t deny that this time he had selfish motives for killing. Because he was already thinking of his reward for killing, and moreover he was even thinking of using this reward to support the one he loved. He simply didn’t dare to think, because even he himself felt that his thinking was despicable and shameless.
    “Perhaps Sun Yubo deserves to be killed.”
    “But it’s one thing to kill him for justice, and it’s another thing to kill him for a reward.”
    Meng Xinghun’s heart was full of pain and contradictions, so he could only not think about it. Although escape is shameful, who in the world hasn’t escaped before? Some people escape from themselves. Some people escape from reality, some people escape from other people.
    Sometimes escape is merely a kind of rest, letting you have more courage.
    So it’s not bad to escape for a while if you feel too nervous. But do not by any means escape for too long, because the problems you escape from will definitely not resolve themselves because you escaped. You can only rest within escape, but absolutely not “die” within escape.

    Meng Xinghun stood up and sighed deeply.
    The moon and stars were scarce.
    Under the moonlight he headed for Laobo’s garden; although now it was a little late, he was determined to no longer wait.
    There was only one matter: “Knowing perfectly well that it’s wrong, still goes to do wrong,” that is, “Waiting for pain, goes to do this matter.” You will often go crazy from waiting.
    Laobo’s garden appeared even more beautiful under the moonlight, like a paradise. There were no people and no sounds, only the fragrance of flowers quietly circulating in the wind.
    There were no precautions in the garden whatsoever; the door was wide open.
    Meng Xinghun walked in.
    He had only taken one step into the “completely unguarded” garden when suddenly a ringing bell sounded. Following a strong wind, eighteen arrows shot out from the cluster of flowers.
    Meng Xinghun’s body also shot out like a cross-bow arrow.
    He fell on the chrysanthemum flowers; the chrysanthemum flowers bloomed so beautifully, seeming like it was indeed a relatively safe place.
    But immediately knives flew out from within the chrysanthemum flowers.
    There were four knives, one knife pierced his ankle, one knife chopped into his waist, one knife was waiting for him on the side, and nobody knew where it would chop down.
    Also there was actually a knife chopping down from above, cutting down on his head.
    Above the cluster of flowers there was absolutely no place to seize strength; his body was already incapable of jumping up, so it seemed that he already couldn’t avoid suffering a cut.
    At least one cut, perhaps four cuts.
    Meng Xinghun didn’t suffer a cut; his body couldn’t jump up, so he suddenly dropped down.
    “When one road is blocked, you will immediately find another road.”
    Meng Xinghun’s martial arts weren’t completely learned from his master. His master’s martial arts were dead, but his martial arts weren’t dead, or else he would have died, died long ago.
    He learned more from experience.
    His body suddenly fell into the cluster of flowers; before he fell, his feet stepped on the knife that cut down on his ankle. With a punch he sent the knife that chopped into his waist flying.
    Since his body had already dropped down, the knife that cut down on his head was naturally useless.
    When he cut down on the knife waiting on the side, his feet had already stepped down on the ground. Seizing strength from his tiptoes, his body jumped up again.
    When his body jumped up, he seized the chance to kick this person’s hand. The hand couldn’t hold onto the knife; the knife went flying.
    It seemed as if Meng Xinghun had calculated accurately where this knife would fly to, and he extended his hand to seize the special knife.
    He hadn’t actually exerted any strange or sly moves; every movement he applied was very natural, as if everything was only to be expected, and none of it was forced.
    Because his every movement matched very well, and moreover every movement seemed to happen at the same moment.
    Although now he had a knife in his hand, there were clearly more knives hidden within the cluster of flowers.
    His body hadn’t yet dropped down when the glimmer of knives flew over again.
    Suddenly he heard someone shout out, “Stop!”
    This voice seemed more effective than a spirit’s spell; the glimmer of knives only flashed, then suddenly disappeared.
    Tranquility was immediately restored in the garden; once again there were “no people, no sounds, no precautions,” only the fragrance of flowers drifting in the wind.
    But Meng Xinghun already knew that Laobo had arrived.
    Only Laobo’s command could be so effective.
    When his body dropped down, he saw Laobo.
    Although there were others behind Laobo, he only saw Laobo; no matter how many people Laobo stands with, you will always see him first.
    He wore a gray cloth gown, the expression of his hands was calm and leisurely, and only his neck shone luminously in the night.

    He looked Meng Xinghun up and down, smiled indifferently, and said, “This friend has very talented skills.”

    Meng Xinghun smiled coldly and said, “I had originally prepared to give my skills to you, but now...”

    Laobo asked, “Now what?”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “Now I know what method Laobo uses to treat his friends; I’m truly very disappointed.”

    Meng Xinghun smiled coldly and turned around, actually seeming to intend to leave.

    Laobo laughed and said, “You seem to regard this place as somewhere you can come when you want and leave when you want.”

    Meng Xinghun turned around and asked angrily, “Did I steal anything of yours?”

    Laobo replied, “No.”

    Meng Xinghun asked, “Did I kill any of your subordinates?”

    Laobo replied, “Also no.”

    Meng Xinghun said, “Then why can’t I leave?”

    Laobo answered, “Because I still don’t know why you came.”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “I already said so just now.”

    Laobo smiled and said, “If you want to make friends with me, then it’s a bit too much to come at such a bad time. The ones who come in the middle of the night are usually all robbers and thieves, definitely not friends.”

    Meng Xinghun smiled coldly and said, “If I really want to make friends, I will never choose a time; if I want to kill you, I also don’t need to choose a time.”

    Laobo asked, “Why?”

    Meng Xinghun replied coldly, “Because any time is the same; only fools would believe that you have no precautions in the middle of the night and that they can therefore kill you.”

    Laobo laughed again, turned around, and asked, “Does this person seem like a fool?” Behind him stood Lü Xiangchuan and Lu Mantian.

    Lü Xiangchuan replied, “Doesn’t seem like it.”

    Meng Xinghun smiled coldly again and said, “I am a fool; I didn’t expect that Laobo is only willing to make friends in the daytime.”

    Laobo replied, “But you came in the daytime before; at that time why did you not make friends with me?”

    Meng Xinghun’s heart jumped; he hadn’t imagined that Laobo would remember that kind of ordinary young person in the midst of a garden full of guests.

    Although in his heart he was shocked, his face remained calm and collected, and he said indifferently, “That day I originally didn’t come to make friends.”

    Laobo said, “Don’t tell me that you had truly come to offer birthday felicitations?”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “Also no; I merely came to see who was worthy of being friends with me. Was it you? Or Thousand Roc King?”

    Laobo asked, “Why did you choose me?”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “Because I couldn’t meet Thousand Roc King at all.”

    Laobo laughed heartily, then turned around again and asked, “Have you discovered this person has a strength?”

    Lü Xiangchuan smiled and replied, “At least he’s very honest.”

    Laobo said, “I think you definitely still remember his name.”

    Lü Xiangchuan replied, “Originally I remembered, but just now I suddenly forgot.”

    Laobo frowned and asked, “How could you suddenly forget?”

    Lü Xiangchuan answered, “Since at that time he didn’t want to make friends, naturally he wouldn’t use his real name, so why is there a need to remember it?”

    Laobo nodded his head and also asked, “Do you truly believe what he said?”

    Lü Xiangchuan replied, “His reasons weren’t pleasant to listen to, but words that aren’t pleasant to listen to are usually true. Except for fools, any person who lies will always speak pleasantly.”

    Laobo asked, “You see him as not a fool?”

    Lü Xiangchuan gazed at Meng Xinghun, smiled, and answered, “Definitely not.”

    Meng Xinghun also looked at him and suddenly said, “At least I’m willing to make friends with you, willing at no matter what time.”

    Laobo laughed heartily and said, “Indeed you are not a fool; just now you chose a good friend.”

    He patted Lü Xiangchuan’s shoulder and said, “Bring him back; tonight I will leave the guest to you.”

    Lu Mantian was always staring at Meng Xinghun, and now he suddenly said, “Wait a moment, you still haven’t asked for his name.”

    Laobo smiled and replied, “The name might be fake, but the friend is not fake; since I already know he is a friend, there is no need to ask for his name.”

    Meng Xinghun looked at him and suddenly discovered that indeed he was a person who was very good at making friends.
    No matter if he was using tricks or being sincere, he could move other people both ways, make people unswerving to him.
    In front of this kind of person, very few people are able to not speak the truth.
    Meng Xinghun was able; he still said a fake name.

    To be continued...
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    Chapter 9 Continued

    Lu Mantian asked, “Qin Zhongting? Where are you from?”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “Ludong.”

    Lu Mantian’s gaze was like that of a hawk; searching his face, he also asked, “What is your relationship to Qin Huhua?”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “Nephew.”

    Lu Mantian asked, “Have you seen him recently?”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “I’ve seen him.”

    Lu Mantian asked, “Has his asthma gotten better?”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “He doesn’t have asthma.”

    Lu Mantian nodded his head, seemingly very satisfied.

    Meng Xinghun practically couldn’t help but regard this person as an idiot; anyone could realize that Qin Huhua definitely didn’t have asthma.
    Very few inner family experts had asthma.
    Using these kinds of words to probe other people was not only stupid, but also simply ridiculous.
    Indeed Meng Xinghun wanted to laugh, but when he heard the clashing sound of the iron spheres in Lu Mantian’s hands, he realized it wasn’t ridiculous at all.
    He suddenly thought of that day when he had seen this person in Pleasure Forest and heard the sound of the iron spheres squeezed in his hands. Squeezing the iron spheres, he had walked past the bridge, and everyone was absolutely respectful to him.
    At that time Meng Xinghun was already a little curious about him, and now he suddenly realized.
    The person who wanted to kill Laobo was actually him.
    That day he had gone to Pleasure Forest for the purpose of bribing Gao Laoda’s assassins.
    Now he deliberately used these kinds of ridiculous questions to probe Meng Xinghun, merely for the purpose of deepening Laobo’s trust. He clearly knew Meng Xinghun’s identity long ago.
    Not only was this not at all ridiculous, but it was also very frightful.
    The knife in a friend’s hands is much more frightful than one in an enemy’s hands, because no matter how cautious the person is, it is hard to avoid often forgetting to guard against it.


    Lü Xiangchuan’s house was exquisite and clean; every item was exactly where it ought to be, and there wasn’t a speck of dust anywhere.
    The light was bright, but the house still seemed cold and cheerless and didn’t seem like a home.
    A house without a mistress could never be a home.

    Lü Xiangchuan pushed open the small door to the hall and said, “You can sleep in this room; the bed sheet and quilt are both new.”

    Meng Xinghun said, “Thanks.”

    Lü Xiangchuan asked, “At present you’re definitely very hungry, right?”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “Very hungry and very tired, so if I don’t eat I can still fall asleep.”

    Lü Xiangchuan said, “But after eating you can sleep better.” He lifted the lantern and said, “Come with me.”

    Meng Xinghun followed him and pushed open another door; unexpectedly it was a very small kitchen.

    Lü Xiangchuan had already put down the lantern. He rolled up his sleeves and asked smilingly, “Do you like to eat sweet food? Or salty?”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “I don’t eat sweet food.”

    Lü Xiangchuan said, “Me too. There are still sausages and chicken here, and then how about eggs with fried rice, is that good?”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “Very good.”

    He really felt amazed; he never would have thought that someone with status like Lü Xiangchuan would still personally cook.

    Lü Xiangchuan apparently already saw the amazement in his gaze. Smiling, he said, “Ever since Lin Xiu left, every day I get up in the middle of the night and make something to eat. I like to help myself; perhaps only when I’m in the kitchen do I feel truly relaxed.”

    Meng Xinghun smiled and said, “I’ve never cooked before.”

    He decided that he would also frequently cook in the future.

    Lü Xiangchuan took out three eggs from a cabinet and suddenly asked, “Why haven’t you asked who Lin Xiu is?”

    Meng Xinghun said, “Should I ask?”

    Lü Xiangchuan seemed a little absent-minded, as if he simply hadn’t heard him say anything. Only after a long time did he sigh and say, “Lin Xiu was formerly my wife.”

    Meng Xinghun asked, “And now?”

    Lü Xiangchuan was silent for a long time again and said gently, “She’s already dead.”

    He cracked the three eggs in a bowl.
    Although his state of mind seemed a little disturbed, the hands that cracked the eggs were still steady.

    Meng Xinghun suddenly felt that he was also a very lonely person. It seemed as if it was very difficult for him to find someone to disclose his thoughts to.

    Lü Xiangchuan slowly whipped the eggs, suddenly smiled, and said, “You can definitely tell that I have very few friends. A person like me who reaches such a status seems to suddenly become friendless.”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “I understand.”

    Lü Xiangchuan said, “At present we are frying eggs in the kitchen and I tell you these words. We seem to be already friends, but maybe in the future that will quickly change.” He smiled again and continued, “Maybe you will become my subordinate, or maybe you will become my rival. By that time we will no longer be friends.”

    Meng Xinghun muttered, “But some things are eternal and will never change.”

    Lü Xiangchuan asked, “What things?”

    Meng Xinghun laughed and said, “For example, eggs fried together with rice will always be eggs with fried rice, and will never change into minced meat fried with noodles.”

    Lü Xiangchuan’s smile suddenly became cheerful and he said, “At first sight I knew you were worthy of befriending. I only hope we can be like eggs fried with rice, never to change into something else.”

    With a hissing sound, the eggs were dumped out of the oil pan.
    The eggs with fried rice were warm and fragrant, and the chicken and sausages were also done well.
    When Meng Xinghun was filling his bowl, Lü Xiangchuan also took out a small jar of wine from the cabinet.

    He broke the seal and asked, “Do you want to eat first? Or drink wine first?”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “I don’t drink wine.”

    Lü Xiangchuan said, “Haven’t you heard before that people who don’t drink wine are not only frightful, but also difficult to make friends with?”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “I merely don’t want to drink today.”

    Lü Xiangchuan stared at him and asked, “Why? Is it because you’re afraid of telling the truth after drinking?”

    Meng Xinghun laughed and said, “Some people don’t necessarily tell the truth after drinking wine.”

    He began to eat.

    Lü Xiangchuan gazed at him and said, “It seems that once you make up your mind, it will be very difficult for other people to change your mind.”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “Very difficult.”

    Lü Xiangchuan laughed and said, “Why did you decide to come here?”

    Meng Xinghun didn’t reply, seemingly as if he felt this question simply didn’t need to be replied to.

    Lü Xiangchuan asked, “You definitely know that recently our luck hasn’t actually been good?”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “My luck is very good.”

    Lü Xiangchuan asked, “You believe in luck?”

    Meng Xinghun answered, “I’m a gambler. All gamblers believe in luck.”

    Lü Xiangchuan asked, “There are several kinds of gamblers; which kind are you?”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “Usually there are only two kinds of gamblers: one kind are winners, one kind are losers.”

    Lü Xiangchuan said, “You’re a winner.”

    Meng Xinghun smiled and replied, “When I lay down my bet, I’m always very accurate.”

    Lü Xiangchuan also smiled and said, “I also hope that you don’t lay down the wrong bet.”

    He also didn’t drink any wine, and slowly ate most of his bowl of rice.

    Meng Xinghun laughed and said, “I’ve never eaten such fragrant eggs with fried rice; if you change professions, you would definitely be a good cook.”

    Lü Xiangchuan asked, “What if I change professions to be a gambler?”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “You’re already a gambler, and up until now, it seems that you are also always a winner.”

    Lü Xiangchuan laughed heartily and said, “No one wants to be a loser, unless his luck suddenly becomes bad.”

    Meng Xinghun sighed and said, “It’s a pity that there will be a time when every person’s luck will turn bad; perhaps this is precisely a gambler’s greatest vexation.”

    Lü Xiangchuan said, “Therefore we should take advantage of when the wind is favorable and win a bit more, so that even when we our luck turns bad, we will lose other people’s money.” He stood up, patted Meng Xinghun’s shoulder, smiled again, and asked, “Do you want anything else?”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “At present I only want a bed.”

    Lü Xiangchuan said, “Men like you, when they think of a bed, they will usually all associate it with something else.”

    Meng Xinghun asked, “What?”

    Lü Xiangchuan answered, “Women.” He pointed to a nearby door and said, “If you want a woman, you only need to push open this door.”

    Meng Xinghun shook his head.

    Lü Xiangchuan said, “You absolutely don’t need to be polite and even more don’t need to be embarrassed. This is a very normal matter, just as normal as eating when hungry.”

    Meng Xinghun shook his head again.

    Lü Xiangchuan seemed to feel a little amazed, frowned, and asked, “You don’t like women?”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “I do, but I don’t like other people’s women.”

    Lü Xiangchuan’s gaze flashed and he asked, “You have your own woman?”

    Meng Xinghun smiled and nodded his head.

    Lü Xiangchuan asked, “You’re very loyal to her?”

    Meng Xinghun nodded his head again.

    Lü Xiangchuan asked, “Is she worth it?”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “In my heart, there definitely isn’t a woman worthier than her in the world.”

    He was originally unwilling to discuss his personal matters in the presence of other people.
    But this matter was what he was most proud of.
    Men usually all cannot help but tell these matters to their friends, just like how women definitely will not hide their beautiful new clothes in the bottom of a trunk.
    Yet Lü Xiangchuan’s complexion changed slightly, as if someone had touched the secret suffering in his heart.
    Was this because he had previously been deceived by women?

    After a very long time, he said slowly, “In this world there are simply very few women who are worthy of you sacrificing for; gamblers who trust women too much are definitely losers.” Suddenly he laughed again, patted Meng Xinghun’s shoulder, and said, “I only hope that you didn’t lay down the wrong bet.”

    The window paper was already white.

    End of Chapter 9.
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    Ah, I'm so glad! Thank you, everyone, and Happy New Year!! I spent too much of my free time watching the New Year's Gala and a new drama, so I haven't had much of a chance to translate. Sorry for its short length, but I'd rather have shorter, more frequent updates than occasional long ones!

    Chapter 10

    Meng Xinghun still hadn’t fallen asleep. He felt excitement and dread, and was filled with many emotions.
    He discovered that Laobo was not at all as hard to approach as he had imagined, or as intelligent as he had imagined.
    Laobo was still a human, not an eternally invincible god.
    Throughout his life he used kindness to make friends, yet he didn’t know that his closest friend had betrayed him. Meng Xinghun even felt somewhat grieved for him.
    Lü Xiangchuan was also a very strange person; on the surface he seemed extremely unfeeling and calm, but actually he also seemed to have many unspeakable sufferings and secrets inside his heart.
    The strangest thing was that he unexpectedly truly seemed to regard Meng Xinghun as his friend. Not only did he not investigate Meng Xinghun’s background, but on the contrary he divulged some of what was on his mind in Meng Xinghun’s presence.
    He didn’t like to betray a person who regarded him as a friend, but he had to betray him.
    When he thought of Xiao Die, his heart began to feel very happy and warm.
    What was she doing now?
    Had she already fallen asleep with the child in her arms? Or was she thinking of him?
    When he thought of her all alone, watching over a damaged and cold cottage, waiting for him and thinking of him, Meng Xinghun’s heart couldn’t help but feel some stabs of pain and some aches.
    He vowed, so long as he finished this task, that he would immediately return to her side.
    He vowed that in the future he would treat her wholeheartedly, and no matter what, he would never leave her again.
    He thought of Lü Xiangchuan’s words.
    “In this world there are simply very few women who are worthy of sacrificing for.”
    He didn’t mind at all, because he knew that Lü Xiangchuan didn’t understand her at all. He believed that by the time Lü Xiangchuan got to know her, his opinion of her would change.
    But it was a pity that Lü Xiangchuan would never get to know her.
    Meng Xinghun sighed, and his heart suddenly became tranquil. Because he finally had someone worth being faithful to, and moreover he believed that she was equally faithful to him.
    “For a man to have such a woman, it is truly a happy occasion.”
    He was tranquil because he was no longer lonely.
    The gradually turning white window paper suddenly made a light sound.
    Meng Xinghun immediately leaped up like a cat and went over to the window. He pushed open the window and saw within the milky white morning fog, behind the yellow flowers and leaves, a person beckoning to him.
    Lu Mantian.
    Lu Mantian finally appeared in the flesh.
    Meng Xinghun leapt behind the chrysanthemums and stood barefoot on the dry soil. The dew on the ground was very cold.

    Lu Mantian’s gaze was even colder, staring at him. He stared at him for a long time before asking in a low voice, “Do you already know who I am?”

    Meng Xinghun nodded his head.

    Lu Mantian asked, “Who are you?”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “You should also know who I am.”

    Lu Mantian stared at him for a long time again. Finally he nodded his head and said, “Why didn’t you show up until now? You should’ve been here half a month ago.”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “In that case perhaps I might now be in a coffin.”

    Lu Mantian suddenly laughed and said, “You’re very careful.”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “I never take chances, so I’m still alive.”

    Lu Mantian said, “Actually you don’t need to be so careful. With me looking after you here, what’s there for you to be afraid of?”

    Within the fog his face seemed just like that of a dead person. When he laughed, he was even uglier than when he wasn’t laughing.

    A kind of loathing suddenly bubbled forth in Meng Xinghun’s heart. He said coldly, “You’re originally Laobo’s good friend; I really didn’t think that you would betray him.”

    Unexpectedly, Lu Mantian’s expression didn’t change, and he said indifferently, “You still don’t understand some matters. This is just life; if a person wants to climb higher, sometimes he has to step on the heads of others.”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “Indeed I don’t understand, and I don’t want to understand.”

    Lu Mantian asked, “Didn’t Gao Laoda tell you?”

    Meng Xinghun shook his head.

    Lu Mantian asked, “Do you know what you’re here to do?”

    Meng Xinghun nodded his head.

    Lu Mantian said, “Very good. When do you plan to take action?”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “When the opportunity arrives.”

    Lu Mantian said, “There is no opportunity, and there never will be. Laobo will absolutely not give anyone an opportunity. Even if you wait ten years, it will be in vain.”

    He smiled and said, “Therefore you need to decide to create an opportunity yourself.”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “Therefore...”

    Lu Mantian said, “Therefore you absolutely don’t need to wait. You can create an opportunity at any time.”

    Meng Xinghun asked, “When do you want me to take action?”

    Lu Mantian answered, “Today.”

    Meng Xinghun was startled and asked, “Today?”

    Lu Mantian replied, “Today at dusk.”

    He turned around to leave and continued slowly, “Some matters not only cannot wait, but also must be done quickly, the faster the better. This is called ‘a sudden peal of thunder leaves no time for covering the ears.’”

    Lu Mantian continued, “Laobo likes flowers, and every day at dusk he will slip away to the garden. Looking at flowers is his habit; in several decades he has never stopped for a day.”

    Meng Xinghun asked, “Is he alone?”

    Lu Mantian replied, “He never wants anyone to accompany him, because he always uses this time to calmly reflect by himself. He made many major decisions here.”

    Meng Xinghun said, “But there must still be hidden ambushes in the garden.”

    Lu Mantian nodded his head, suddenly stopped in front of a cluster of chrysanthemums, and said, “Every day he will stroll to this place before turning around.”

    Meng Xinghun asked, “There is a hidden ambush here?”

    Lu Mantian replied, “There is, but I can make it go away.”

    He suddenly crouched down and extended his hand to pluck a chrysanthemum.
    This chrysanthemum was alive, but when it was pulled out by him, it came out by the root.
    Below it there was actually a very small cave.

    To be continued...
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    Thanks for the update Xaari and Happy New Year!

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    Thanks for reading! Here's the rest of Chapter 10. The next chapters will be monstrously long again.

    Chapter 10 Continued

    Lu Mantian said, “Try to go down.”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “I don’t need to try. I can go down.”

    Lu Mantian said, “Good. Today at dusk, hide here and bring your weapons.” He suddenly also asked, “What do you use to kill people?”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “It depends on the situation.”

    Lu Mantian asked, “What about this kind of situation?”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “I’ll use concealed weapons.”

    Lu Mantian asked, “What concealed weapons?”

    Meng Xinghun answered, “Concealed weapons that are fast enough, accurate enough, and fierce enough.”

    Lu Mantian’s face showed satisfaction and he said, “Good. When Laobo looks at the flowers, he is usually very engrossed, and moreover since this is his own territory, he absolutely will not expect that anyone will plot against him.”

    Meng Xinghun asked, “How big is my chance of success?”

    Lu Mantian replied, “You have at least a seventy percent chance, unless you...”

    Meng Xinghun interrupted him and said, “A seventy percent chance is sufficient; usually when I have a fifty percent chance, I can already take action.”

    Lu Mantian said, “I’ve heard that you’ve never failed before.”

    Meng Xinghun smiled indifferently and said, “The problem lies not in what percent chance, but in whether or not you can seize the chance. If you can really seize the chance completely, then even a ten percent chance is sufficient.”

    Lu Mantian took a long breath, smiled, and said, “It seems that I haven’t found the wrong person.”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “You haven’t.”

    Lu Mantian asked, “Do you have any more questions?”

    Meng Xinghun asked, “When should I come? When I come, will there be absolutely no one watching?”

    Lu Mantian laughed and said, “You asked well.” He buried the chrysanthemum that had been pulled out and continued, “Dinner starts very early here, and when it’s served, a bell will sound. At that time, no matter where you are, when you hear the bell sound, immediately rush over here.”

    Meng Xinghun asked, “Immediately?”

    Lu Mantian said, “Immediately, not even a second of delay. I can only take responsibility for that period of time, when there will be absolutely no one watching you.” He continued word for word, “If you delay, not only will you ruin the major event, but you will also die.”


    Meng Xinghun wiped clean the dirt on his legs and lay back down on the bed.
    Now everything had already been decided. He only had to wait for the last strike, just as if he had already finished painting a dragon and only needed to dot in the eyes.
    Not only did the matter develop far faster than he had imagined, but it was also far easier than he had imagined. He should have been very satisfied.
    But for some reason his heart felt uneasy, and he always felt as if something was amiss.
    What was actually amiss? He couldn’t figure it out.
    Everything had been arranged appropriately and thoroughly; perhaps it was only because it had been arranged to be too easy. Moreover other people had arranged it for him.
    Previously, he had always arranged and decided everything himself; no one ever handled anything for him.
    He was never willing to hand over his own fate to others. He was even more unwilling to trust Lu Mantian too much.
    But this matter’s mastermind was him, the one who wanted to kill Laobo was also him; he has no reason to betray me, and even more I have no reason to suspect him.
    Meng Xinghun could only make himself at ease as much as possible, because he simply had nothing else to do. He could only wait, wait until dusk.


    When eating lunch, Laobo always liked to find a few people to chat with. He believed that amidst this kind of noisy conversation, not only could he discover many things, but he could also decide many things.
    The people who could eat with Laobo were certainly his closest, most trusted friends.
    But today there was an exception.
    Unexpectedly, Meng Xinghun had also been invited by him to the lunch table.
    Laobo ate simply; usually lunch only consisted of four dishes, and moreover they were light dishes.
    He believed that old people could not eat food that was too greasy.
    But today was also an exception.
    Unexpectedly, today there was a chicken, a bowl of meat.

    Laobo smiled and said, “Young people all like to eat meat. When I was young, I also liked to eat meat. Only after eating meat did I have energy; if I hadn’t eaten meat for two days, I always felt as if I couldn’t raise my spirits when I worked.”

    Meng Xinghun ate the meat; he was absolutely not polite.

    Laobo watched him, his gaze carrying a smiling expression. Suddenly he also said, “When you were aboard in the past, how were the communal meals?”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “They weren’t bad.”

    Laobo said, “Surely the cooks were also southern people; I always felt that southern dishes are finer than northern dishes.”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “On our ship there were three cooks. Only one of them, named Wu, was from Minnan. The other two were actually Guangdong men, through and through, so we ate both southern and northern dishes.”

    Although he remained calm and collected on the surface, his heart contained cold sweat.
    He discovered that in this short half day, Laobo had definitely already thoroughly investigated into the background of “Qing Zhongting.” If Gao Laoda hadn’t given him such exceedingly complete information, he would have already given himself away by now.
    Although Laobo asked fairly mild questions, so long as he said one wrong word, he wouldn’t live to finish eating this meal.
    Meng Xinghun didn’t answer with a single wrong word.
    He finished eating this meal. But he didn’t actually eat this meal comfortably. He simply didn’t know what he had eaten, but only felt that his pants were cold, as if already drenched in cold sweat.

    Lü Xiangchuan had sat by his side the entire time and said very little. Only after they had gone out the door and walked onto the lane by the chrysanthemum clusters did he smile and say, “Just now, Laobo asked me to take you to look around. Do you understand his meaning?”

    Meng Xinghun shook his head. Recently it seemed as if he frequently shook his head; he had already learned to act stupid.

    Lü Xiangchuan said, “His meaning is, from now on you’re almost one of us.”

    Meng Xinghun asked, “Almost?”

    Lü Xiangchuan replied, “Only lacking one bit.”

    Meng Xinghun asked, “Which bit?”

    Lü Xiangchuan answered, “You still haven’t killed for him.” He laughed and continued, “But you don’t need to worry; this kind of opportunity can appear at any time.”

    Meng Xinghun also laughed and asked, “But what kind of opportunity is comparatively greater? Killing people? Or being killed?”

    Lü Xiangchuan was silent for a long time, his smile somewhat bitter, and said slowly, “If it’s not killing people, it’s being killed. Some people originally believe that they can never die, but all of a sudden, they are killed by other people. Only at that time will you realize that the chances of killing and being killed are actually the same.”

    Meng Xinghun said, “Did you originally never anticipate that Sun Jian would also be killed?”

    Lü Xiangchuan’s complexion changed. He asked, “You know him?”

    Meng Xinghun replied, “Sun Jian being killed has long since not been a secret in Jianghu.”

    Lü Xiangchuan sighed deeply, smiled bitterly, and said, “Correct. This is the most glorious battle accomplishment of the ‘Twelve Flying Roc Sect.’ Of course they would fear that other people do not know of it.”

    Meng Xinghun’s eyes flashed and he said, “Yi Qianlong’s betrayal is also not a secret.”

    Lü Xiangchuan was silent for a long time and said coldly, “He didn’t betray; he isn’t a traitor.”

    Meng Xinghun asked, “He’s not?”

    Lü Xiangchuan laughed coldly and said, “He doesn’t deserve to be a traitor. Traitors must have courage; he’s merely a coward, a scoundrel.”

    Meng Xinghun asked, “Scoundrel?”

    Lü Xiangchuan replied, “He was originally Laobo’s most trusted friend, but when he knew that Laobo was in danger, he immediately slipped away, slipped away with the millions of riches that Laobo had given him.”

    Meng Xinghun asked, “Why didn’t you search for him?”

    Lü Xiangchuan replied, “We searched, but couldn’t find him. It is said that he already slipped away to Fusang Island; his wife is originally a Fusang ronin’s daughter.”

    End of Chapter 10.

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    Thanks for the update Xaari.

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    Hi guys! Sorry for being gone for a month! I've just been so busy lately, and I used up all my spare time finishing Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei (which I started last year...goodness I am slow) and writing my novel.

    Also, I use the online text of 流星.蝴蝶.剑, and often times sentences are unfinished and words are wrong. I think it's because the hard copy was scanned and converted to text, but in this chapter there was an entire chunk repeated and probably a chunk missing, plus lots of little problems. I tried my best! Here's the first part of Chapter 11.

    Chapter 11

    Meng Xinghun said, “If that’s so, then it seems that now Laobo’s friends no longer have any enemies.”

    Lü Xiangchuan said mildly, “Now do you already think that you placed the wrong bet?”

    Meng Xinghun smiled and said, “The problem lies not in how many friends, but in whether or not those friends are true friends.” He gazed into the distance. He continued slowly, “Sometimes, having one less friend is better than having one more friend.”

    He gazed at a small bridge in the distance. Lu Mantian walked past the bridge.
    Lü Xiangchuan didn’t see it.
    It was one o’clock, not too long until dusk.


    Clouds covered the moonlight, and the sky darkened.
    The wind was also colder.
    A person in gray clothes, pulling up his lapel and lowering the brim of his hat, hurriedly walked past the small bridge with his head lowered. There were three open carriages by the bamboo forest at the end of the bridge.
    The window was open; Lu Mantian sat right by the window. A writing brush was in his hand yet he didn’t write anything; he merely stared blankly out the window.
    The person in gray clothes entered without knocking; the window fell immediately.
    Only after the window fell did the person in gray clothes expose an ordinary, plain face.
    Based on only this face, no one could tell that he was a traitor.
    So no one would think that Feng Hao was a traitor.

    Lu Mantian turned around to look at him and said, “Everything has already been arranged as planned; he has already decided to take action today at dusk.”

    Although Feng Hao appeared satisfied, he still questioned closely, “Do you think he will change his mind at the last minute?”

    (Missing text here...does anyone have a flawless copy of the novel? All the online versions repeat a chunk of text and probably miss out on something.)


    Because he didn’t actually want to kill Laobo, he didn’t have any anger or hatred in his heart.
    The opportunity to kill often followed anger.
    Meng Xinghun’s heart was very calm, so his complexion was also very calm.

    Laobo suddenly laughed again and said, “Of course, right now you can’t hear these kinds of matters. But after a few years, by the time many people want to kill you, when you may be killed anytime and anywhere, you will be able to hear it.” There was bitterness in his smile and he continued slowly, “To hear these kinds of matters you need to use not only your ears, but also your experiences. Only experiences gained from danger and suffering are truly valuable.”

    These kinds of experiences are discipline, and can not only make people become more intelligent, but also make them live longer.

    As Meng Xinghun gazed at the traces of painful experiences engraved on Laobo’s face, a feeling of respect unconsciously welled up in his heart. He couldn’t help saying, “I will remember these words eternally.”

    Laobo’s smile gradually became warm and cheerful. Smiling, he said, “I always treated Lü Xiangchuan as my own son; I hope for the same with you.”

    Meng Xinghun lowered his head, not daring to look up.
    He suddenly felt that standing in front of him was an eminent and unapproachable giant, while he was no more than three chi tall.
    He suddenly felt that he was vile and despicable.
    Just then, Lü Xiangchuan returned with a person in gray behind him who was carrying a medicine box and holding a string of bells.
    All of Meng Xinghun’s muscles suddenly tensed.
    He never would have thought that the medicine seller would be Ye Xiang.
    Recently very few people saw Ye Xiang, and now he was actually very clear-headed.
    He was clear-headed and unperturbed. When he saw Meng Xinghun, he neither avoided him nor showed any expression.
    He seemed as if he had never seen Meng Xinghun before.
    Meng Xinghun waited for a long time before he could relax. It was the first time he truly felt that in many aspects he was inferior to Ye Xiang.
    He couldn’t think of any reason why Ye Xiang would come here.

    Laobo was clearly also unsure, so he smiled and said, “You came just in time; we need a medicine man right now.”

    Ye Xiang was also smiling and asked, “There are sick people here?”

    Laobo replied, “There are no sick people, only wounded people and some dead people.”

    Ye Xiang said, “I cannot treat dead people.”

    Laobo asked, “What about wounded people? In all likelihood you have medicine for wounds.”

    Ye Xiang replied, “I don’t have any.”

    Laobo asked, “What kind of illnesses can you treat?”

    Ye Xiang replied, “I don’t know how to treat any illnesses.”

    Laobo asked, “Then what medicine are you selling?”

    Ye Xiang answered, “I’m also not selling any medicine; inside the medicine box there is only a jug of wine and a knife.” His face was completely expressionless and he continued indifferently, “I don’t know how to treat people’s illnesses; I only know how to take people’s lives.”

    After those words were uttered, Meng Xinghun’s heart nearly jumped out of his throat.

    Laobo instead laughed and said, “So actually you’re here to kill people. That’s great, we have many people here who are good for killing, but I don’t know which of them you want to kill.”

    Ye Xiang replied, “I’m also not here to kill people.”

    Laobo asked, “You’re not?”

    Ye Xiang said, “Although I never choose who to kill, so long as the conditions are decent, I will kill. However, you are an exception.”

    Laobo asked, “Why?” His face maintained a smile, as if he found what he heard to be amusing.

    Ye Xiang replied, “I won’t kill you because I know that I absolutely cannot kill you, absolutely am not able to kill you.” He smiled mildly and continued, “Out of everyone alive in the world, perhaps not a single one of them can kill you. Anyone who comes wanting to kill you is definitely a madman, but I am not a madman.”

    Laobo laughed heartily and said, “Although you are not a madman, you overestimate me too much.”

    Ye Xiang replied, “I am not estimating, because I know.”

    Laobo said, “As long as a person is alive, he may be killed by others. I am also a person, a living person.”

    Ye Xiang replied, “Of course there will be a day when you are killed by someone, but that day has not yet arrived.”

    Laobo asked, “When will it arrive?”

    Ye Xiang answered, “When you are old.”

    Laobo asked, “Am I not old enough right now?”

    Ye Xiang replied, “Right now you don’t count as old because you have not become very slow-witted, very stubborn. You have not yet become bald and petty like other old men.” He continued coldly, “But sooner or later you will be like that one day; everyone will be like that one day.”

    Laobo laughed heartily again, but a shadow flitted across his gaze. He said, “Since you are not here to kill people, then why are you here?”

    Ye Xiang muttered irresolutely to himself and then said, “Do you want me to say the truth?”

    Laobo smiled and said, “It’s best if not even one word is false.”

    Ye Xiang muttered irresolutely to himself for a long time again and finally said, “I came to look for your daughter.”

    Laobo’s complexion suddenly changed and he said sternly, “I don’t have a daughter.”

    Ye Xiang said, “Then even if I am looking for someone else, the one I am looking for is named Sun Die. I know that you already don’t acknowledge her as your daughter, so I came here to take her away.”

    Laobo asked, “Take her away?”

    Ye Xiang said, “You don’t want her, but I want her.”

    Laobo asked sternly, “Where do you want to take her?”

    Ye Xiang said, “Since you already don’t want her, then why should you care about where I am taking her?”

    Laobo’s sharp and clear eyes suddenly turned red and each strand of his facial hair stood on end.

    But he still forcefully controlled himself and stared at Ye Xiang for a long time. He said word by word, “It seems that I’ve met you before.”

    Ye Xiang replied, “Indeed you’ve met me before.”

    Laobo said, “I met you a few years ago, and also...”

    Ye Xiang said, “And also you ordered Han Tang to drive me away, to a place that I could never return from.”

    Laobo asked, “You didn’t die?”

    Ye Xiang only smiled. He hadn’t opened his mouth when Laobo suddenly pounced over, grabbed his lapel, lifted him up entirely, and said sternly, “Is Xiao Die’s child yours?”

    Ye Xiang said nothing.

    Laobo asked angrily, “Are you going to tell me or not? Are you or not?” He shook Ye Xiang with all his might, seemingly as if he wanted to break all the bones in Ye Xiang’s body.

    Ye Xiang’s face was still completely expressionless and he said indifferently, “When my clothes are being grabbed by someone, I never like to speak.”

    Laobo stared at him angrily, his eyeballs seemingly protruding out. The blue veins on his forehead were exposed. Lü Xiangchuan seemed to be already scared witless. He had never seen Laobo in such a rage, never would have thought that Laobo would also be unable to control himself.
    Meng Xinghun was also scared witless. When heard the name Sun Die, he was already scared witless.
    He would have never even dreamed that the person he came to kill was actually his beloved’s father.
    But he already knew Ye Xiang’s purpose in coming; Ye Xiang came just to tell him this matter, so that he could avoid making a huge mistake that he could never make up for.
    Ye Xiang risked his life to tell him this matter. He did this not only for Meng Xinghun, but also for Xiao Die; so actually the only person he had ever truly loved was Xiao Die.
    “Why?” “Why?”
    Could it be that the father of Xiao Die’s child was really Ye Xiang? Meng Xinghun only felt his head spinning, the entire world seemingly crumbling in front of him.
    His entire person also seemed to have crumbled; he was nearly unable to support himself, nearly about to collapse.
    Laobo stood in front of Ye Xiang, trembling, his entire body trembling.

    To be continued...
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